Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for September 2020

YIKES!! Belinda, I hope you are ok. OMG!!

Today I did RAW All About Glutes. Honestly the beginning started out promising but then it ended up being eternal floor work. I really hate floor work. She did three weight based exercises then went to the floor. Probably won't do this one again. When I seen she was using a barbell I really thought it would be a great leg workout. No offense to Kelly, her workouts are all awesome. I just didn't care for this one.

45 seconds each exercise/10 second rest - 2 sets

Deadlift Squats: 30# barbell
Bulgarian Split Squats: 12's
Frog Legs: Did off my treadmill (I hate this exercise)
Barbell Squats: 30#
Bridges on Foam Roller
Clamshells w/Band
Butt Blasters (hate these)
Adductor w/band
Adductor Bridges
Adductor Bridges w/3 pulses
One Legged Bridge
Deadlift Squats:
superset w/
Barbell Squats
: 30#

Workout was 42 LONG minutes, burned only 183 calories, HR was 107/156.

Also walked on my treadmill for 10 minutes to get some steps in.

Diane - I actually didn't know you could pay for 6 months of Cathe Live, I've always done it monthly, which I like. I didn't care for All About Glutes, I hate all that floor work. Floor work was never my thing. Oh well, my legs are feeling it none the less.

Doreen - Nice workout yesterday, hope it got the grumpy out of you! LOL!

Roselyn - Great job with Chest and Tris!

Jolie - Hope you have a great workout today if you are doing one.

Roxie - Hope you are doing well.

Belinda - Check in with us as soon as you can. Prayers your way girl!!

Have a great Friday and weekend everyone!!
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Belinda- prayer your way!! Hope the IV can get you some relief!

This morning was dragging again - did not sleep well. Actually I haven't slept a complete night in a couple weeks - not sure why!? Something different every night - last night I heard my son up at 1am and then I couldn't fall back asleep for forever!!

I hit post too soon!! I did Step Sync this morning - just something easy to move around and get some steps. I'd really just like to skip work and start the weekend early but too much to do to justify that!
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Quick check in. I had to help with school and do zoom. Supposed to do Math if it works around 10. I managed to fit in Cathe Live Cardio Play Date #297, 38 minutes, 204 calories,heart rate 127/157, 4,034 steps. I then did Kelly Coffey Body Design yoga and cool down, 16 minutes, 37 calories, 149 steps, heart rate 96/123.
Total time 54 minutes, 241 calories, 4,183 steps. BBL

Jolie Fit

Belinda, I hope everything is OK! My Achilles Tendon on the right foot hurts as well along with my knee pain. My PT says that this is due to tight IT Band and Hamstrings. I believe it. I hope you are feeling better today.

Today was another day of Cardio, I know, but I am loving it right now so that's what I am doing. I need to take a break from lifting for a week because I was dreading my workouts lately. I haven't taken any sort of rest time from them in a long time so Cardio is what I am doing. Today's workout was TM for 50 minutes uphill, traveled 2.6 miles, 3.2 speed, 6.5 incline and burned 495 calories. Next I ran on my elliptical for 20 minutes, Interval Mode again, traveled 2.1 miles and burned 238 calories. For Cool Down, I walked on the TM for 5 minutes because I was completely out of breath and needed it. Total workout time was 75 minutes and I burned a total of 776 calories :)

Oh, yesterday was a rest day.

Debbie, great job on the workout! I hate floor workouts too, they are boring. I just started taking Collagen and hope it will take away my aches and pains as well :) I might start STS Meso 2 again and incorporate my rowing machine in on the breaks, I really liked doing it that way and I got great calorie burns too! I need to find something that is exciting to do again, I am sick of all of my workouts.

Diane Sue, good for you getting your workouts in with all of the other responsibilities you have going on at the same time. I don't listen to doctors much when it comes to physical fitness, most doctors are so out of shape themselves and don't practice what they preach and have no idea about supplements and how they support the structure and function of the body.

Doreen, I haven't been sleeping well lately either, I think it is the full moon! I am a Gemini and the moon effects me a lot!

Roselyn, Nice workout on the Chest and Tris.

Make it a great day. I have burned and additional 100 calories in my After Burn just typing my post!
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It was a busy day. The headache of trying to make technology are work well. I guess it would help if the teachers had it all working for them on their end. I wonder at those that know very little for getting this to work. The links do not work a lot of the time. For me I had to find stuff which was not easy. The links for the assignments kept sending me to links to submit the work when I needed the lesson pages. One zoom meeting went fine, but I ended up getting it on my cell because it was not working on the tablet. I think it worked on the cell phone because my daughter texted me the link and I just had to type in my grandson's name. Second one I could not get to work at all. I spent so much of my day trying to make it work and get his work done. I am learning, I guess:confused: My neck really hurts tonight. I have not clue why other than maybe having my head down a lot working on the tablet and helping my grandson. It has been doing well since I got the laptop desk thing to use. I have to get around and go shopping for groceries this weekend. I hate shopping on weekends. And this is a holiday weekend.
I am curious about the Live Bootcamp 2 Fit Tower workout. Wondering if it is more advanced than what the dvds are?

Belinda, I am terribly sorry. Praying for you!!

Debbie, when I did the All About Glutes workout the first time, I felt the same way. The second time I contemplated stopping at the floor work and going on to another lower body short workout to add. I don't hate floor work though and it really is effective, but it does not burn calories much. It sure shapes the upper thighs and glutes though. Both times I was sore. The second time I upped the weight from the first time since I knew that it was short on the standing weight work. You can buy 6 months or 12 months of Cathe Live or On demand or both. They do not renew when they run out. You have to sign up again. I checked and the last time I signed up was August of 2018, so there are a lot more workouts that I have not tried. Today's was nothing like the Lite Cardio Party which is what I was hoping for. It had a lot of impact in it, but it kept my heart rate up and I got a decent burn for the time spent. She had an odd outfit on. I thought at first she was working out with a shirt tied around her or sweater or something as it was flopping around.

Doreen, I actually slept 6 hours last night. Sleep has been terrible the last couple of weeks for me too. I never could sleep when my children were up and around or out somewhere. Even when they were older and out working jobs, I was awake till I heard them come in and go to bed.

Jolie, you really burned the calories today. Yes, many doctors just do what they learned medically which is treat the cause with meds, and not find and help fix what caused the problem to begin with. I think there are doctors out there that realize there is more to it, but those big companies that buy up the medical practices are more into making money, not really helping people attain wellness. Just my opinion. It is not all of them, but in general they kind of have their hands tied as to what they can do and caring, compassion, and healing are kind of put aside.


Today I did Cathe Live Express Your Step that included ab stacker at the end, 44 minutes, heart rate 113/151, 189 calories, 3,277 steps. I followed this with Kelly Coffey Body Fit Dvd premix Pull, back biceps, shoulders and abs. These do include the lower segments between upper rounds. This was 29 minutes, heart rate 97/133, 74 calories, 410 steps. Total time was 73 minutes, 263 calories, 3,687 steps.
Pulll Body FIt
lawnmower 20# 13 reps
double arm row to stand 20# dumbbells 12 reps
plie 1 1/2 20# dbs 12 reps
alternating hammer curl 20# dbs 10 reps
supination curl double arm 15# dbs 10 reps
front curl 15# dbs 10 reps
deadlift squat up 20# dbs 10 reps
bent over lateral raise 8# dbs 10# dbs second time
bent arm lateral raise 10# dbs
upright row up 1 down 3 count 10# dbs 10 reps
forward back lunge 10# dbs
crunches 15#
full sit up 15#
russian twist 15#
no weight explosive sit up
Great workout, Diane!! How is your neck today? Hope it was just sore from looking at that tablet.

I wish Belinda would check in. I wonder if her husband was able to give her her laptop? I'm thinking not since she hasn't checked in. Hope she is ok. Praying for her.
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Debbie, my neck is much better today. I took some Advil last night and adjusted my laptop desk up a bit. I think I need to see if I can set his tablet up elevated like I do mine next time I should be okay. I kept thinking I was just going to get on his lesson and that would be it, but I swear I spent hours on it and he was tired of sitting there waiting or watching stuff he already knew. I found myself sitting at the kitchen table watching his schoolwork videos and trying to print up and upload and download work when I could get links to work. Hopefully it gets better, but I need to remember to keep my head up. If I keep my spine straight and head up the pain stops.
I am worried about Belinda since we are not hearing anything and she was in the hospital getting iv. Wish we would hear something.

Jolie Fit

Saturday and Sunday are Forced rest days because the weather is so hot and the air quality is horrible from all of the fires burning in CA. It got to 105 degrees at the beach yesterday and a low of 78 degrees last night! Today my gym room is just to hot from all of the large windows to workout :( I will be working out tomorrow because I hate taking this many days off in a row.

Belinda, tell us how you are doing and what is going on, I am praying for you!

Happy Labor Day weekend.
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Sorry I couldn't log on the hospital internet.

Thursday I saw my husbands Orthopedic surgeon. He found nothing by X-ray relating to the pain in my knees. He has scheduled me for an MRI to determine the issue.

Following that appointment I had to return to the ER to see what could be done as the second round of Antibiotic they put me on had caused a nasty side affect which could result in an Achilles rupture. While trying to determine what was next they admitted me for 5 days to fight the infection (this has been the story of my life) as they did not yet know what they were fighting. It is day three in the Hospital and they still are not sure what they are fighting. I am on mega antibiotics delivered through an IV for four hours, every four hours. They have to give me meds through the IV for nauseous and stomach cramping. The doctors and nurses are all very caring and super nice. Good news, I am allowed to walk to prevent getting blood clots. This morning I walked 1 mile around the hospital ward pushing my IV, lol. I probably will be released Tuesday if the infection clears completely up. The swelling in my ear been stalling for the last 3 day's. Fingers crossed!!!

Thanks everyone for your prayers and concern. For the live of me I couldn't log on to the hospital internet. I am using hotpot on my phone. I am all set. I will try to catch up on personals later, if not tomorrow. I am not getting much sleep with every 4 hours getting an IV, getting your vital signs taking and taking blood every day. My arm and hand look like a pin cushion.


Belinda, I am so sorry that you are going through all of that. I had to smile at you getting an hour walk in :). I will keep praying for you. I hope you get well and can go home soon. Do they let your husband come in the hospital to spend time with you?

Jolie, that is too hot to work out if you don't have fans and air conditioning. We have had some over 100 temps, but I have the air running and a fan in my workout room. Trying to do it in that heat would be absolutely draining.

Today was a rest day. I watched church and did my own Bible study and then got busy and cleaned the whole house top to bottom. I just realized I probably will not have the grandchildren and do school till Tuesday. I tried to spend time on my grandson's school, but could not get the next lessons. I have to wait till the last minute is what it looks like. It would be so much easier if I could print up what we need and get things together to plan the weeks work ahead. I did get his lessons that are due by tomorrow uploaded. I tried to look up zoom meetings and see if I could figure out why I was having problems getting on to all of them. I still don't get it. On one I just typed in my grandson's first name and used the link from the teacher's app. The second it would not work. The next day I couldn't get on and clicked a link my daughter sent and used my phone, then the afternoon that link would not work for the next and I couldn't get on on the tablet :rolleyes: I want to be ready when we try this this week.


Diane - thank you so much! I am at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. They do allow my husband and daughter in the hospital. Only one visitor in my room. I don't have to wear a mask in my room. I do have to wear a mask walking around the hospital. If a team of doctors enter my room my husband has to put on his mask. In the ER I got a COVID 19 test. I do have hospital privilege, I am allowed to walk inside the hospital, I can't leave the hospital. They keep the hospital so cold, I am constantly freezing. They have a beautiful outdoor garden, in the afternoon I go there to warm up and get vitamin D.
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Today I did RAW Strength Day 2 - Chest & Triceps. I haven't done this since April. I went really heavy with the chest work and really felt it. Great workout.

5 sets of each exercise:

Incline Dumbbell Flies:
25's - 5 sets/10 reps
Flat Dumbbell Press: 30's - 5 sets/8 reps

Single Arm Kickbacks:
10# - 5 sets/10 reps
Seated Overhead Single Arm Extensions: 10's - 5 sets/10 reps (I did lying extensions instead)

Ab work on the bench - 5 sets/10 reps each exercise

Workout was 39 minutes, burned 227 calories, HR was 122/171.

Then I did a Max Trainer workout - Max Mix Cardio 9 w/Sydney, I have never done this one. It was fun, short and tough.

Workout was 14 minutes, burned 61 calories (MT said 96), went .31 miles, did 788 steps and HR was 101/147.

Belinda - So glad to hear you are on the mend, OMG how scary! Girl, when you get sick, you get sick. Hope you can come home. You should take the entire week as a rest week (except for maybe walking) to let your body recover. So is it a sinus infection issue or something else? Scary that antibiotics hardly work anymore. Take care girl, glad you check in.

Diane - Glad your neck is better. I've been pretty good lately, every now and again the knot comes back but only lasts a day. Right now my issues are my right elbow and left tricep. Why can't I just have a day when nothing hurts? LOL!! I took my mom to church for the first time since the shut down in March. It was weird. No singing, everyone wearing masks. When will this be over? So ridiculous.

Jolie - Hope you can workout today. I can't believe it's that hot there. We are back down in the 70's with no humidity so it's really nice. We are having thunderstorms right now, I hope we don't lose power.

Roselyn - Great job on your HiiT workout!!

Have a great day everyone. Spending some time with my mom and brother late. My DH had to work.

Jolie Fit

Damn it has been hot here!!! Yesterday it reached 115 degrees at the beach!!! Today is a lot cooler, probably going to be around 90 degrees today. Thank God I have air conditioning, some people don't have it here at the beach or inland. Where my parents live in the desert is was 121 degrees, they are up in the mountains where it is much cooler.

Today I had a fantastic workout, I picked a Les Mills Body Combat workout off YouTube and really liked it. The girl that taught the class from her garage during covid talked too much but other than that it was awesome. Very little high impact which I modified and it was mostly punching and kicking with some ABS thrown in. I ended the workout with 100 Body weight squats because I feel like my legs need some love. Workout was 1 hour and I burned 602 calories. My heart rate was 133/176. I like these workouts so much more than Cathe's kickboxing workouts because she just jumps way too much for me and these classes are more Karate type classes which I love.

Debbie, nice workout today and those are some impressive weights. I am going to try a Les Mills Body Pump workout maybe tomorrow and see if I like those for weights. It is a total body BB workout and I have heard that a lot of people really like them if you want high reps and lighter weights. Diane used to do them back in the day.

Belinda, girl, please take care of yourself and i am glad you are doing better. Take some time to get better and rest.

Diane Sue, I hope you have a great workout today if you get one in since it is a holiday and i know you like to spend it with family.

BBL to read your posts after me. Happy Labor Day.


Today I did Cathe Live Fit Tower Boot Camp #2, 64 minutes, 206 calories, heart rate 106/152 ( I tightened my watch way into it and my heart rate picked up:rolleyes: ) 2,070 steps. This used a med band and 10# dumbbells. I then did Coffey Fit Raw Cardio Finisher, 13 minutes, heart rate 122/156, 1,276 steps. Total time was 77 minutes, 274 calories, 3,346 steps.

Belinda, it sounds like they are treating you well. It always seemed to me that hospitals were kept freezing cold. Maybe there is a reason for that. That is nice that they have a garden area that you can go out to. I did grin when you said you got in a mile walk :) We are such a dedicated to our fitness women.

Debbie, nice work today. I do like Kelly's weight workouts. Nice that you got a good short workout in on the Max Trainer. I think it is age with me as I only have rare times when absolutely nothing hurts at least a bit. I remember one of those days recently, when I hopped out of my car as was going into Sprouts and it hit me that nothing hurt and I was not tired. Wish that was all of the time. I bet that was weird having no singing in church. Ours has singing. That being said, they sent out a text and there was 3 positive people tested at church and them and their spouses were staying home. Then yesterday some texted and said they were not feeling well. They decided not to have any church activities this week and see how things were next Sunday. I did not go last week because of my allergies being so bad, then when they texted this Sunday night, it was a stay at home day again. Our pastor and his wife and daughter went and got tested and he put out a text today that they all tested positive, but none of them have been sick. He said he had felt mild symptoms for one day a week ago. I am glad they are okay as they are in their 70's and pastor had a heart attack a couple of years ago. He and his wife are dedicated gym goers and he plays golf all of the time. This is crazy. I am thinking despite all of the precautions, this is going to go around like the flu virus. I bet many get it and have no clue. My ladies group have been texting. I am guessing game day is canceled next week. I was not going to be able to go anyway as I will be having he grandchildren.


Jolie, your post just popped up. Nice work today. I love doing Les Mills combat workouts. Les Mill Pump is pretty much high rep weights. A lot of the time you will do 4-5 minutes straight of one body part series at a time. The music is always pretty motivating. 121 degrees is way too hot. I remember temps like that when I lived in Arizona. Hot enough that the asphalt would get squishy.
This morning I did RAW Box & Sculpt and had a great workout, I love that one, its so fun. I just with you could hear Kelly a little better, but it's easy to follow anyways.

Workout was 37 minutes, burned 264 calories, did 3506 steps and HR was 134/170.

Then I walked on my treadmill for 11 minutes and burned menial calories. I just wanted to get more steps in.

No time for personals but hope you all have a great workout!!
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Jolie Fit

I am running really late today so I will come back later to read your posts. Today I had the BEST workout, I loved it! I did a Les Mills Body Pump workout for the first time and boy did it kick my butt, really high reps and you work every muscle to failure if your weight is correct for each exercise. I did Body Pump #110 from You Tube, the same trainer that I watched yesterday, Mary Fultin Fit, and used both BB and DB's. I cant wait to try another one. I may sign up for Les Mills On Demand for a month or so just to try something new. Workout was 1 hour and I burned 451 Calories. Heart Rate was 122/168. I probably wont be able to walk tomorrow, I did so many squats, deadlifts, and other torturous exercises:)

Belinda, I hope you are feeling better today.

I am off to finally get my hair colored, I look horrible. The temps are down today but the smoke is horrible, the sky is brown.
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I finally got a weight workout in. Problems with school stuff again :mad: I did Cathe Live Push Pull Total Body: Heavy Weight #309 50 minutes(44 actual), 120 calories, heart rate 96/146. 873 steps Lousy calorie burn. I don't have time for anymore. It is lunch time and I think there may be another zoom in a bit.

Weights for Cathe Live Push Pull #309 Push Pull Heavy
warm up
deadlifts 15# dumbbells (part of warm up)
squat 25# dumbbells 12 reps
deadlift 30# dumbbells 12 reps
bench press (Cathe 25) me 15# dumbbells 12 reps
1 arm row 30# dumbbell 12 reps
close grip sumo 40# dumbbell 12 reps
wide stance deadlift 30# dumbbells 12 reps
close grip bench press 15# dumbbells 12 reps (Cathe goes way heavier here just worried about the front of my shoulders)
double arm row 25# dumbbells 12 reps
close stance squat 25# dumbbells
chest fly Cathy 25 me 15# 12 reps
band posture pulls
side to side lunge 15# dumbbell (could use 20#)
band standing outer thighs
overhead press 15# dumbbells 12 reps
upright rows 15# dumbbells 12 reps
banded read delt fly 10# dumbbells and band 12 reps
front raise 15# dumbbell 12 reps (could have used a 20)
overhead triceps extension 25# dumbbell 12 reps
biceps curls 15# dumbbells (could have done 20 but did not have my bowflex weights adjusted for it)12rep
kickbacks 15# dumbbells 12 reps
8 point drop curls done twice 15# dumbbells
push ups 16 reps
kneeling leg raise with delt raise 5# 12 reps
plank under out under alternating sides
V up boat pose 12 reps
banded superman 12 reps
banana holds 8 reps

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