Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for September 2020


I did CL 287 Cardio Kickbox, low impact Hiit and Abs this morning. Pretty standard Cathe stuff - nothing too interesting or different in the combos, standard LI Hiit intervals and then some abs.

Good job everyone on your workouts and dealing with the crazy of life!!


Debbie, I wish the sound was better in that Kelly outdoor workout. She did much better with the other one, but I do like the boxing and lower body weights on the one in the park. So far with live I am kind of missing the fun of Kelly's Raw workouts. I would like to do her Live one again with the lower body and boxing, although that hour of boxing with dumbbells cause me some neck and shoulder pain last time. Maybe I should stick to 1#.

Jolie, I did Les Mills streaming for a month when they had a special free. I was on the fence with going longer. Their music is always pretty good and they had started some spin bike ride workouts that was rather fun as it was like you were up and down hills in a video game or something. I imagine I would have gotten bored though after awhile. Many of the workouts are bits of different ones put together. You do get lots of various types of workouts, but I mainly liked the step and the pump ones. I have all of the pump dvds and combat dvds along with the bonus ones when they came out.

Doreen, nice work today. I looked at that workout. So far I have not found anything really different. I hate that move with the stability ball back and forth over head and down. I have always hated that move. I think she did that in one of her older dvds that was drills of some sort. Part of it is on the Fusion dvd. Maybe it is because that move always caused me neck and shoulder discomfort even years ago.

Belinda, praying you can go home soon.


Quick update:
I couldn't check in, I had a rough 2 day's. I had diarrhea for 12 hours long. Once that stopped started getting severe stomach cramping. The worst you can imagine. I was in tears at this point. I never experienced stomach cramping in my life. I couldn't eat or drink anything without cramping up.The gave me pain medications through the IV/oral nothing seemed to helped. Yesterday a team of doctors (ENT's/ Infectious Disease Specialist they brought in Rheumatology specialist) The Rheumatology looked at my ear and said a rare autoimmune disease called Relapsing polychondritis (RP). They took me off the antibiotics (I took for 14 day's didn't do anything anyway) and started me on the meds for RP. The Rheumatology doctors said we will becoming good friends when they left, lol. I will be seeing them regularly once they release me from the hospital. If all goes well with my blood tests and I have no side effects from the meds for RP, I should get released this afternoon. At least, I know what's is causing the swelling in my ear. Not happy I have a rare autoimmune problem. My stomach is feeling a lot better.
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This morning I did RAW Strength Day 1 - Back and Biceps and I had a great workout. I went heavy and changed some exercises because as you all know, I HATE concentration curls and frog legs. :) I wish Kelly would do more of a warmup in these, I paused and did my own.

This is not a superset workout, you do the exercises one at a time doing 5 sets of 10 or 8 reps. Anyways, this is what I did:

One Arm Row:
30# - 5 sets/10 reps
Single Arm Reverse Fly: 12# for 1 set/15# for all others - 5 sets/10 reps
Frog Leg Lifts off Bench: (I did Pullovers- 25# - 10/10/8/8/8 reps

Seated Alternate Hammer Curls
: 16's - 5 sets/8 reps
Preacher Curls: 15# - 5 set/8 reps (I did hammers w/twist)
My right elbow still hurts a great deal. Not sure what to do about it? It only hurts when I do dumbbell curls

Hip Lifts:
5 sets/10 reps, last set was 20 reps

Workout was 45 minutes, burned 227 calories, did 788 steps and HR was 96/160.

Jolie - Your workout yesterday sounds amazing, I'll have to check it out. Just not sure I would like those high reps, but maybe for something different. I can't keep lifting this heavy or I will end up hurt again. So maybe next week I'll try those workouts. Nice job!!

Diane - I am hearing about so many problems with schools and the online training and the year just got started. I sure hope things return to normal. I am planning all my events to be done virtually, it is a challenge, let me tell you. Hopefully for this year it will work out ok. The workout you did yesterday is a good one, glad you tried it. I will have to do it again soon. Do you not have the subscription to Kelly's Raw anymore?

Doreen - Great job with your workout! Love Cathe's KB workouts.

Roselyn - Good job with shoulders! What workouts are you doing now?

Belinda - Dang girl, so sorry to hear about your stomach issues. What was causing that? Good Lord. I sure hope the new meds help you, that is ridiculous that it is taking them so long to figure out what is going on. Take care girl, sending you hugs.

Have a great day everyone!
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Today I was having internet problems right away and CL wouldn't load on the Roku. So I did Boxfit weights WO2(boy that one moves!!) and then finished with 2 rounds of 305 Burn Sets Legs. That one is going to be a good one!! I need to get fully rested up and tackle it in its entirety. I'm trying to think if Cathe has a DVD of legs like that? Heavy weight - Squat, Lunge, DL each round for 6 rounds. I may buy that one.
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Today I did Cathe Live Ready Set Step, 44 minutes, heart rate 124/158, 227 calories, 4,395 steps. I then did Raw abs and stretch from the virtual road trip, 22 minutes, heart rate 89/158, 375 steps, 39 calories. Total time was 66 minutes, 266 calories, 4,770 steps.
Lots of school work today. I never saw a zoom meeting put up this morning :rolleyes: I stopped the step workout to run down stairs at nine and kept trying and got nothing. I don't know if it is not working for me or there is no zoom meeting today. Maybe they changed the time as we have done it 9 or 9:30 since we started. Anyway, I came back up and finished the step workout and added the abs while we recited the pledge of allegencience so I can film him telling it to someone.

Belinda, I am so sorry it is an autoimmune problem. I am glad they are getting to the problem now. No wonder the antibiotics were not working. I will keep praying for you.

Debbie, nice work today. I still have the Raw subscription. I have no plans for cancelling it. Trying to make activities fun and virtual would be a challenge. I am sure hoping classes begin soon in the classroom. It is funny how we all have those certain moves that we do not like. I don't mind concentration curls. Frog legs are okay sometimes. I have to put lots of padding under me as I do them using the step. Otherwise it hurts.

Doreen, that workout for legs is on my list to try. I love Kelly's Raw Box Fit workout.:) It really does move.

Jolie Fit

Today is my rest day, I am sore and tired. It is amazing by switching your workouts up just a little how your body reacts! I will probably be moving the week of Oct. 12th so I am going to hit it hard and then take a few days off for the move. My new gym room will be in one part of the garage and I will be carpeting the floor. I can raise the garage door and it will be like workout out outside, I think I will like that a lot. We will have a 3 car garage so there will be plenty of space for my workout equipment.

Debbie, nice job again on the weight workout!!! Yes, be careful so you don't hurt yourself, but I know you are super careful. I put on quite a bit of mass this summer so now I have to cut the fat so I can look leaner, that is why I am doing more cardio and high rep workouts. It is amazing what you can find for workouts on YouTube and they are free. I am enjoying my break from Cathe, but I know I will be missing those workouts after a while.

Belinda, holy smokes on what you are going through with your health!!! Prayers for you and I hope you are home and comfortable.

Diane Sue, I feel so sorry for all of the families with this distance learning. Everyone is having problems technically and it sure makes everything difficult! Congrats on getting workouts in while being a teacher too!

Doreen, way to go on the workout today and I hope your kids are doing well with their school work!

Roselyn, how is work going for you, are you on the floor doing hair yet?

Make it a great day, I am off to get my dog groomed and to look for some new furniture. :)
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I am going to bed early and let things go. I am just tired and need to be on top of things tomorrow. I keep learning more with the system, but then more gets thrown at us. That includes the teachers. Why in the world do we have to do PE and Music? I have to do three zoom classes during the week for my grandson and add two more non zoom during the week along with everything else we are working through. I am not sure how the star testing is done, but we are signing up for that, maybe tomorrow. Zoom seems to be a problem for me. I understand it, have read how to join meetings, but their links do not always work or are not there, or it just says waiting for host.

Jolie, nice work today. It is nice having a large garage. Ours is not that big here. Our last house had a huge garage that could have fit 4 vehicles in. It was detached and the attic was over the garage and huge where you could stand up. We put a storm shelter in the center of the garage floor. That will be nice for you there. It wouldn't here though. Not without heat and air.
Today I did Kelly's Cardio Pump #1, the kickboxing workout. Loved it. I know it quite well because I've done it several times and knew all the moves so that helps with intensity when you know the workout. Fun stuff.

Workout was 31 minutes, burned 230 calories, did 3253 steps and HR was 136/188.

Then I did a Max Trainer workout - Max Ascent 7 w/Marc and this was a pretty tough workout but short, only 7 minutes. It was very steep with the resistance so that makes it really hard.

Workout was 11 minutes, burned only 52 calories but it was only 11 minutes, went .39 miles, did 514 steps and HR was 107/147.

Doreen - Hope your internet problems are solved, I hate when that happens.

Diane - That is terrible what you are going through with the schooling. This crap has got to stop. Most of our schools are back in, but some are doing hybrid, some full weeks and some only online. Sick of it. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about my grandkids as my daughter is home most of time. I couldn't help anyways since I work every day. They are doing all online right now. I'm sure she is having the same issues you are. I don't know what parents are doing that have to work. You have music because the music teachers need to work, too. I was really worried for my music and art teachers but they are still getting lessons out and keeping their jobs. I know it's hard on parents and grandparents, though. You know, I used to LOVE concentration curls, but since my elbows constantly hurt, that exercise really hurts. I think that's why I don't like to do it anymore. I'm not sure why my elbows are giving me such issues, I wish it would go away.

Jolie - Hope you had a good rest day. Yes, the body needs changes sometimes. I feel like I am doing many different types of workouts lately and honestly, my body is liking it. I am really cut with my upper body right now. My abs need a little work, but they always seem to need work. Hope you have a great workout today.

Belinda - Hope you are home and getting better!!

Roxie - Where are you?

Have great workouts everyone!!
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Good morning,

Yesterday I got released from the hospital. My ear is still swollen. I am just glad I am off the IV's with antibiotics. They sure took a toll on my stomach. It feels great to be home after 6 day's in the hospital. My body still feels like crap/very tired/beat up. I will allow my body to heal, I will take a week or 2 to recover. I always push myself with workouts, I will not do it this time. I am very scared with the rare diagnosis especially reading up on it. I already have a autoimmune problem with my thyroid and now I have another one with RP. I wonder if my knee swelling has something to do with RP? The doctors are fully aware of my knees swelling too. Next week I have already appointments lined up with a team of doctors (ENT's, infectious disease and Rheumatology) at Walter Reeds. The disease is so rare they all keeping on eye on me. I will be seeing them a lot. I have to follow a diet for RP. Some of the food they want me to eat are high in histamine which I can't or should avoid for my thyroid. It will contact the hospital to see if I can see a dietician can help me figure out what I should eat.

I did walked one mile yesterday.

Debbie - the autoimmune disease I have is so rare I think there are only 1000 people reported having this disease. I was told in the hospital they only seen one other patient with the same disease. I also have a sinus infection on top of my swollen ear. They realized I wasn't responding to antibiotics for infections, my ear been on a hold for the last few day's. They think what took the inflammation down a little in my ear was the cortisone I took a little while ago. The ENT's, infectious disease doctor and Rheumatology doctors are trying to figure out a plan to help me. I have seen so many doctors from Walter Reed Medical Center. I am not kidding every time someone entered my room at the hospital I had a team of 15- 20 doctors in my room. I am very confident they doing everything they can. My primary doctor at Fort Dietrich is also involved and knows what's it's going on.

Jolie - thank you. My body is going through a lot right now. It's like a slap in the face.

Diane - thank you so much. I appreciate the prayers. They also wondered why the antibiotic didn't work after 14 day's. Not happy with the outcome but glad I know what is causing the swelling in my ear.

I will try to be back later.
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Jolie Fit

I cant believe that I am doing this right now, but I need another rest day! I am so sore all over I cant imagine working out. I did so many squats, kicks and punches with the weighted gloves and the next day a total body high rep workout that kicked my butt. My muscles are screaming today. I was going to walk but I decided to just give my self one more day off. I really cant believe how sore I am today. Today the smoke is not as bad, yesterday it was dark from all of the ash in the air from the fires, the air quality was very unhealthy. Did you all see San Francisco's air yesterday on the news!!!

Debbie, nice workout today and good for you for getting on the Max Trainer. I want to use my elliptical tomorrow if all goes well with this soreness. I am not cut at all, I put on some muscle over the summer but I have too much fat to see it. I really need to make a change with my diet I guess, I am not sure what is up with me. I have never had to work so hard to get rid of fat since I went into Menopause, it has really done a number on my body, I went from a younger looking body to and older looking body overnight.

Diane Sue, wow on all of the school issues you are having!!!! Maybe you could get a tutor, a lot of teachers are doing it on the side, to come to your house and get the kids all set up and going on their school work. That way, you don't have to do it. Maybe they can get everything figured out for you, I would call the school and see if they can help you out.

Doreen, I see that it snowed in Colorado the other day! We have had the worst heat wave ever and you all are getting snow.

Belinda, I cant believe this is happening to you!!! I do think that your knee swelling has to do with this immune disorder. How can I help you? I would look into some vitamins that support Auto Immune Disorders to boost your immune system. Maybe get a drip with a lot of vitamins to boost your system? Take care of yourself, we are all here for you if you need us.

Make it a great day, I am going to start some serious packing. Our Escrow is supposed to close Oct. 12th. We just got the house appraised and it appraised for 40K more than we are paying for it so that makes me happy!


Jolie - thank you! I am trying to learn as much as I can about diet with both problems online. I am so confused I am suppose to eat an inflammatory diet to help for the RP and also eat one for my thyroid (low in histamine) Spinach and avocados are high in histamine which will mess up my thyroid but is good for inflammatory. I can't eat beans, citrus, walnut's with RP. The food that are good for RP I can't eat for my thyroid. I have to avoid food high in histamine. I will take all the help I can get to get both problems under control. I just can back from Wegmann's bought fresh caught wild salmon and other fish high in omega, lots of berries. I can eat complex carbs, but no high in fiber. WTH, should I eat? No dairy. I switched to plant based a long time ago. My diet will change for sure. No more red meat until I have this under control. I was thinking eating a vegan diet, but I can't eat beans, soya or progressed foods (animal or vegan). I can't have any extra iron which most vitamin have? My head is spinning. I do believe my knees has something to do with RP. I been having problems way too long.

Yeah, on closing on Oct 12 :) So happy for you.
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Bad headache and neck pain tonight again. I did get in my workout though after we did most of my grandson's work and his zoom. I left him to write his numbers. I did Coffey Fit Raw Box and Sculpt outdoors, 37 minutes, 168 calories, 3,010 steps, heart rate 113/153. I then did Cathe Live Burn Sets Express legs: Heavy, 40 minutes, 117 calories, 1,041 steps, heart rate 98/140. Total time was 77 minutes, 285 calories, 4,051 steps.
I could have used some extra stretching, but did not manage it. Tomorrow, I am not sure whether I will work out or not. I have an eye field vision test in the afternoon so am having my son in law pick them up a little early as I want my husband to be able to drive me home since my eyes will be dilated. So, I want to get my grandson's work all done and caught up. We tried to do the Star reading test with zoom and some other app on Chrome and it did not work. The teacher set up a second appointment time and it still didn't work. We were on Zoom, but the Renaissance app did not work it said oops. So, that did not get accomplished. Wasted a lot of the afternoon. I did not expect all of that and I do not use Google Chrome on my newest computer. I don't like how Google follows me around.
Workout weights today
Cathe Live Burn Set Express Legs: heavy weights
5 rnds approx 12 reps each exercise 3 exercises each round
warm up uses 12 and 15#
Rnd 1 Squat 25# dbs 12 reps
Static Lunge 20# dbs 12 reps
deadlift 30# dbs 12 reps
Rnd 2 elevated squats 25# dbs 12 reps
Lunge 20# dbs 12 reps(Cathe messes up and does static and adds more reps to correct)
Deadlift wide stance 30# dbs 12 reps
Rnd 3 sumo squat 45# db 12 reps
side lunge 20# dumbbell 12 reps
deadlift single leg 30# db 12 reps
Rnd 4 Squat plie 45# db 12 reps(Cathe uses two 20's)
Cross back lunges 20# dbs 12 reps
stiff legged deadlift 25# dbs 12 reps
Rnd 5 pick up squats 45# db 16 reps(Cathe does a few bonus reps)
front lunge 25# db all right then all left 12 reps
elevated toes dead lift 30# dumbbells 12 reps

Debbie, nice work today. It really does help to up the intensity workouts when we know them. We did music today and it was mostly me listening as it was a vid of the teacher talking about music and then we listened to 5 songs about America and he picked his favorite. Star Spangled Banner :D
It is just that in school I am sure the day runs much more smoothly than a parent or grandparent getting some type of routine going. No art mentioned though. They got more of the apps up and running. My confusion was when I am submitting his work, she said the Gat lessons to send to her dojo. Now, I had no idea what she was talking about. I texted my daughter pictures of his Gat work which was pictures he drew and she said she would send them to her. I hope this doesn't last too long this way though.
You know, I had a time quite a few issues with my elbows hurting. One doctor called it tennis elbow, another said it was the ulner (sp) nerve which did not make sense since it was both elbows. I got over it over it over a couple of years. That is probably like I feel about anything that affects my shoulders and neck. I used to love doing overhead presses and went quite heavy. Close grip bench press seemed easy, but over the last 8 years it has bothered the front of my shoulders. My body has seemed to be doing pretty well with all of the different stuff I have been doing with Kelly. Now, I will see how adding back in some Cathe as well.

Belinda, I am glad you are home. It will take some work to get the diet and everything right. I am so sorry the diagnosis was so negative. A lot of things that I have read makes me think that one auto immune condition can cause another or the body can have multiple diseases because of it, if that makes sense. I feel so bad for you having all of this and being hospitalized with something rare. I will continue to pray that they can make things better for you. That is terrible that your ear is still swollen. I have tried to track histamine producing foods. It is quite difficult. Even certain probiotics in stuff can either degrade histamine and make it worse. I try to remember which types when I buy probiotic beverages and yogurts etc.. Yes, take it easy so that your body can mend. I always buy vitamins that have no iron in them too. I understand because with my allergies and stuff, then the RA, trying to do anti inflammatory and low histamine is very difficult. It does require special shopping and a lot of the time I cannot get what I need from Walmart. I make a lot of things myself to avoid ingredients that I should not eat. I have been off of my eating somewhat lately though. I didn't get to Sprouts so ended up with silk cashew milk. I usually by milkadamia nut milk and cashewgurt. I eat lots of berries too. I still eat walnuts though. A lot of diets tell you to avoid chocolate for some things like that and coffee! I still drink my coffee, but usually decaf. I had a doctor tell me to not eat spinach before. I think there is a problem with zucchini and histamine too. I hope you find what works for you.

Jolie, I keep hearing about the fires and the air out there. It was actually cold today and for the first time my grandson and I put on jackets to go outside to explore things for the 5 senses. You must have really worked hard. Hope you can do the cardio that you want to tomorrow :) You have been doing some different workouts and your body is reacting to it. I am struggling with keeping my weight on again lately. Not as much time to eat. According to my scale I have gained some muscle mass and bmi was down to 18. something. My Fitness Pal was warning me about the calories being to low yesterday. I was too tired to eat more and just went to bed. I need to stock up on some good nutrition bars or something.
My daughter teaches at my grandson's school. Even she is having a hard time with some of the stuff. She is working with her children and their parents and then trying to help me out. I am trying to alleviate the stress for her as much as possible.
There is a nurse practitioner that does medical stuff up the street from me and I have looked at her stuff and education because a woman in Sprouts was telling me how much she had helped her and her husband. I find it interesting as they do infusions and drips, wellness checks, immunizations and all of that in her clinic. I just figure medicare would not pay for much of it. This woman said the nurse practitioner was the one who recommended that she use the Vibrant Health products.

I had better finish up hear and head to bed. I got 6 hours sleep last night. Pretty good!


Diane - yesterday I called the nurse from Rheumatology about what I can eat since I have issue with my thyroid. I can't eat foods on the list they gave me they are high in histamine. She was like their isn't a diet I should/or have to follow, WTH? I was getting really frustrated with her. What does she think? I watch YT videos? I ask her to let to have my doctor from Rheumatology call me. He did and changed my meds since there wasn't much improvement (ear looked a little more swollen than the day before) with the meds they gave me in the hospital. After talking to the Rheumatology on what I should and can't eat, he put in a referral with a nutritionist at Walter Reeds. They can figure it out faster and give me a list of food I can/or shouldn't eat instead of me surging the internet. I will call the nutritionist first thing this morning. I do eat mostly plant based products. Once in a while I eat a little greek yogurt. I will cut all the saturated products out of my eating. I do eat a lot of vegan food but I need to read labels. I have to stay away from beans, peppers. Funny you mention zucchini and histamine too. I cramp up eating zucchini. That is the only vegetable that has an affect like this on my stomach. I was told not to eat spinach, walnuts or iodized food. No wonder my stomach is always upset. When I got diagnosed with Thyroid (hashimoto) nobody told me to watch out for food high in histamine. I eat avocados, chocolate, I eat a lot of spinach, citrus and walnuts just to name a few which I shouldn't have eating in the first place since it lessen the affect of my thyroid medicine. Yesterday the infections disease doctor called me as well, he keeps on top of what is going on with me from the first day 1 I went to the ER. It will take some time to figure out everything out. What vitamins are you taking if you don't mind me asking? Thanks for all your prayers and help.

Roselyn - thank you.
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I am remembering 911 today and wearing my red, white and blue. God Bless America!!

Today I did RAW Strength Day 3 - Shoulders and Legs. Great workout, I changed up the exercises a bit but for the most part followed along with Kelly and Noelle.

Everything was 5 sets/10 reps

Pinkies Up Lateral Raise:
12's - These are tough
Butterfly/Overhead Press: 12's for 1 set then dropped to 10's for the rest (these are hard for me)

Low Plank (knee in/hip drop)
- I did the plank work for 3 sets and then did hip lifts for 1 set and bicycle for 1 set

Deadlifts: 30# BB (Did a variety of deads) (Kelly does bridges, I don't like those)

Great workout!! Total time was 36 minutes, burned 210 calories, did 1217 steps and HR was 119/156.

Also walked on my treadmill for half a mile just to get some steps in.

Belinda - So glad you are finally home and glad to hear you have so many wonderful doctors taking care of you. I can't believe you have this autoimmune disorder, wow. I hope they can keep it under control, at least now you will know what is happening if it happens again. The faster you can attack it the better. I can't believe the role food plays in our health. I think seeing a dietician is your best bet, especially due to your two contradicting issues. I try so hard to eat vegetarian style. Most of the time I can do it, but there are times where I eat chicken and grill burgers. Praying you continue to recover and I think it's a great idea to give your body a break for a couple weeks. You will not lose your fitness stamina or muscle. The body needs rest periodically.

Jolie - Luckily menopause has not impacted my weight. I still have a fairly easy time to trim up when I need to and I don't see excess fat on my body like I thought I would. Hope you can workout today, I was that sore this past weekend after I did the All About Glutes workout Friday. OMG, I could hardly walk. I still hate floor work, but it is effective.

Diane - Sorry you are still having issues with the online work, I don't envy you at all, I would hate having to do that. You are a good grandmother, though!! They are lucky to have you. I hope this elbow will heal soon, so frustrating. I'm sorry your neck and shoulders are hurting again, I bet its all that classroom work online doing it to you. I hope it doesn't get worse.

Roselyn - Great job with the BEAST!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!
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I did the new CL 313 Cardio Step Bootcamp. Really fun bootcamp workout. If I do it again I will bump up my weights. I wish she would announce the exercise first instead of what weight to grab. If I knew what the exercise was I could choose my own weight.
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Jolie Fit

Remembering Sept. 11th! May all of you who lost a loved one may God be with you and your family.

I did Cardio today and had a fantastic workout. First I did Les Mills Combat 84, with an instructor from Life Time Fitness and I stopped at the ab section and then I did 20 minutes of the new Body Combat Invincible 14 and LOVED IT!!! I am dripping wet right now it was so much fun to kick and punch again. To support my ankle I used a stretch band I ordered on Amazon for support and I used a Patella tendon band on my knee and had no pain while kicking. Workout was 1 hour and 10 minutes and I burned 683 calories. After my stretch I have burned a total of 728 calories. Now I know why I have gained so much weight, I used to workout like this before and then stopped when I injured my back and I think I am not working out hard enough or smart enough. Heart rate was 131/188.

Debbie, Nice Shoulders and Legs workout today. I don't like Bridges either, they are very awkward to do and uncomfortable. I am loving these Les Mills workouts but i am not to fond of the trainers on YouTube. I think I might subscribe to the On Demand for one month because the Les Mills trainers are awesome. If anything, I want to do a lot of kickboxing because I am bored of walking. You should try the Les Mills Invincible workouts on YouTube, you might like them too.

Diane Sue, I hope you got a good nights sleep and you don't need to teach today :) Way to go on fitting in your workouts right now with such a hectic schedule. Make some Deviled Eggs, they are great to snack on when you are too tired to eat.

Belinda, how are you feeling today?

Roselyn, great job on doing Body Beast again!

Doreen, I need to preview Cardio Step Bootcamp and see if I can do the step part, it looks like a lot of fun.

Make it a great day. I boycotted the first NFL football game last night because they did a whole tribute to Black Lives Matter and slammed white privilege, so I just wouldn't tune in. What a bummer they have to bring Politics into sports, I love it for an escape but not anymore. I believe ALL LIVES MATTER!
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