Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for September 2020


I don't see a new thread for this month? Starting us off.

I walked outside this morning and did SBF D22 Tabata.

Roselyn - thank you. Great job on your back and biceps workout.

Diane - it was a beautiful young lap. I was afraid she could get hit by a car.

Jolie - good job despite not feeling well yesterday.

Debbie - sorry to hear on the constant nonsense talking. That would get on my nerves too. Can you play music over? Thank you on the pup. I am sure the owner was happy to get their puppy back. The dog reminded me so much of Brawler :( She was such a cute and playful dog. We found out the owner is a horse veterinarian. The dog was well taking care off. I am glad the meds finally kicking in and I am feeling much better.

I will be back later.
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I did CL 299 PHA Barbell. This is an excellent workout IMO. Nothing too fancy and she does take a while to explain the set up for the Hip Thrust. Just PHA done with a barbell. You can sub out DBs if you want (as always) but I was happy to see her put the hip thrust in a workout!!!
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Today I did Cathe Step Sync Bonus intermediate workout 41 minutes (It really is shorter, but I did not pause the FItbit when I had to trouble shoot another television for my grandson. I did pause when it was getting complicated. Ended up the plug bar must have got messed up during the storm. I had to get another one out) I did the warm up and cardio to this workout, 102/144 heart rate, 159 calories, 3,274 steps. I wanted it for a warm up and then did Coffey Fit Raw All About Glutes 44 minutes, 93/121 heart rate, 78 calories, 343 steps. I finished with Lite extended stretch # 2 and some foam rolling. I increased the weights on the glute workout and used my heavy band this time. TOTAL TIME 1 hour 41 minutes counting the plug issue, 254 calories, 3,673 steps.
Weights today
Dead Squats 40# barbell (last time I used 35#)2 sets 10 and 10 reps
Goblet squat 25# dumbbells 2 sets 11 and 11 reps
Back Squats I used 25# dumbbells this time instead of the barbell, 2 sets 9 and 9 reps
bridges feet on barbell 2 sets 14 reps and 13 reps with pulses
band heavy Cathe non latex clam 20 rep 20 reps right and left, repeat 20 and 17 reps
butt blaster with heavy band 15 rep right 15 reps left repeat
Bridge adductors band heavy 2 sets 15 reps second with pulses
bridge 1 leg figure 4 22 reps right and 22 left then with pulses 14 right and 14 left
SUPER Set Dead squats 40# barbell with squats 25# dumbbells repeat This was 9 and 10 reps dead squats and 11 and 10 reps squats

Debbie, Body Fit is a newer Raw workout under cardio. 10 moves done for 3 rounds optional step no weights. I like it and have done it two times so far.
moves are squat/side bend
pump up 4 two jumps
reverse lunge knee reverse lunge
1 crescent/jacks
plank/pledge/star uses step
side lunge right/left/ skate 4
flamingos alternating
hop onto step one foot pendulum
dips on step
knee pulls seated on step

I think those heart zones include all activity and not only the workouts. I know mine showed much longer than my workout and I found it confusing.

I will be back in a bit to finish reading and comment. It is lunch time and I need to shower and feed my grandchildren. Seems I will have them late today as their mother has a drive by meet the teacher this evening. Hope that works as it has been pouring rain.

Jolie Fit

Good morning. Today was cardio and I walked on my TM, 60 minutes uphill, 5.5 to7.0 incline, 3.1 to 3.3 speed, traveled 3.2 miles and burned 570 calories. I walked for 30 minutes with either 3 pound DB's or 5 pound DB's doing bicep curls, overhead press, some punches and triceps kickbacks. Boy or boy was I huffing and puffing while doing those exercises along with walking uphill. I really liked it and the time went by faster. Heart rate was 132/ 172.

Debbie, we are still trying to get the house, we are now at the stage of negotiating the home inspection repairs, there is some issues with the roof and some water damage ect. All in all it is a good house so we will see what the owners come back with on what we want fixed. Nice job on the Max Trainer today, I hate when instructors talk too much, it's not like we are only going to do the workout once only. I feel the same way about some of Cathe's workouts, I would rather just follow along and get a que for the next exercise.

Belinda, nice workout today and how is your ear doing today? That was so nice of you to save the dog and get him back to his owner.

Doreen, i have to try that BB PHA workout, I love those and I like using a BB too!

BBL to read the posts that come in late. Have a wonderful day.
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Jolie - thanks for asking. I am feeling almost myself again. Still have trouble sleeping on my ear, which keeps me up at night and the swelling went down a lot. I am still waiting for the results. My doctor wants me to come in next week for a follow up appointment. He wants to make sure the meds I am on are out of my system before they run more blood tests. I hope all works out with the house.


Sorry it took awhile to get back here. It has been a busy day. Tomorrow we start the youngest grandson on virtual school via an ipad. Hopefully I can figure a way to workout.

Belinda, thanks for starting the September check in. I have always made sure my dogs had a tag with legible phone number and the dogs name on it so I can have my dog returned if they did get out and lost. I have never had to have someone bring them back to me though. I will say the first week we lived in this house Gertie found her way through a loose board in the fence. I had a training collar on her and beeped her. She knew what that means as it was a warning. She found her way back into the yard and to the door step. My other dog was sitting on the door step barking like she was telling on her going out the fence. That was 6 years ago. Nice job getting your workout in today.

Doreen, nice work with the PHA workout. I remember doing the Hip thrust 100 rep challenge all of the time when I did lower body work.

Jolie, nice workout on the treadmill today. I used to have a couple of Tracey Staehle treadmill workouts and she used dumbbells and did things like slow down and walk backward and sideways and stuff. I think I gave them to my daughter when we sold them my Nautilus treadmill. Didn't want to move a treadmill and the treadclimber(then new) into our much smaller home. We posted about the same time again this morning.

Roselyn, nice work doing Yvette Bachman.
Today I did CL #302 - Burn Sets: Back, Chest & Shoulders. Had an excellent workout. This is a great strength workout, the only complaint I have is the music. Cathe's music sucks most of the time, they hurt my brain. Sorry Cathe!!

I went up in weight on some exercises. Really was working with this one.

Most exercises unless marked differently was 12 reps. 9 rounds, each different with the exercises except the Warmup set and Round 2.

WarmUp Sets:
One Arm Row:
Dumbbell Press: 20's
Front Raise: 10#

Round 2
One Arm Row:
Dumbbell Press: 30's
Front Raise: 17#

Round 3
Dumbbell Flies: 25's
Seated Overhead Press: 15's

Round 4
Double Arm Row:
Incline Dumbbell Press: 30's
Rear Delt Flies Drop Set: 15's (12, 10 , 8 reps)

Round 5
Triple Rows Overhand:
15's - 6 sets
Incline Dumbbell Flies: 25's
Side Leaning Lateral Raise: 5#

Round 6
One Arm Row w/Rotation:
Close Grip Bench Press: 20's
Upright Rows: 15's

Round 7
Triple Rows Underhand:
15's - 6 sets
Pushups w/Shoulder Tap: 12 reps (on knees)
Seated Lateral Raise: 8's

Round 8
Vertical Grip Pullover:
Drop Set Pushups: 12/10 reps on toes/8 reps on knees
Standing Iron Cross: 5's

Round 9
skipped - hate this exercise with a passion
2/2 Count Pushups: 12 reps on knees
Seated Scarecrows: 5's

Workout was 48 minutes, burned 295 calories, HR was 125/169.

Belinda - Hope you continue to feel better. I think next time I do that Max Trainer workout I will play music in the background. Thanks for starting a new thread, I forgot it was the 1st when I posted yesterday. Crazy how fast the days are going by.

Doreen - Great workout yesterday, I think I did that one once and liked it. Great workout!

Diane - I will try Body Fit tomorrow, I'm wondering if I've done it before but I don't think I have. Great job with your workout yesterday! The zone thing is confusing but now I sort of like it. I had 160 zone minutes yesterday which I'm assuming is good. I like how it keeps track of that all day.

Jolie - Dang girl, your workout yesterday sounded brutal. Great job with it!! Glad you are getting the house and I hope the current owners do what you ask. Good luck with it!

Roselyn - Great job with Yvette's workout. Those scare me!

Well, you all have a great day!! Kick butt with your workouts too!
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Good morning.

2 mile walk is done. Getting ready to do my weight workout.

Debbie - I used play my own music with STS. I was wondering why you didn't started us off yesterday. I looked at my calendar to make sure I am not a day early to post a new thread, lol. It's all good. Nice job this morning.

Diane - it's so important to put a tag with your phone number and name on the dogs collar. I am glad the dog is safe at home. Although she interrupted my walk, lol.

Roselyn - great job on Yvette's workout yesterday. I haven't done any of her workouts in so long.

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This morning I did a youtube step class. This woman can step!! She gets interrupted twice during the video, keeps stepping and cueing - and makes up the combos as she goes. This one was really fun but tricky - it was a class view (her back is to the camera) which I find harder than the mirror image view but a good workout and fun music too!

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Jolie Fit

Today was another day of Cardio, I really am enjoying it again, it makes me happy:) I actually got on my elliptical and ran as hard as I could for 41 minutes and I am amazed that I could do it. I used the Interval mode, 2 minutes high incline high resistance then 2 minutes recovery low incline lower resistance (only by one) and then repeat for 41 minutes, I thought I would die by 30 minutes into the workout. I am seriously drenched and it feels amazing. I don't sweat that much with the workouts that I have done the last year except for Yvette's workouts and I love the feeling of working really hard. Workout was 41 minutes, traveled 4.3 miles, burned 531 calories which I included a five minute cool down on the TM. Wow :) Heart rate was 141/175!

Debbie, you are lifting some serious weights again!!! Wow and good for you! I haven't done 30# DB's for Chest Press in so long because my right shoulder always goes out. Be careful, which I know you will :) I am going to try to do more running on my elliptical because I am seriously pain free on that machine. Even walking on my TM hurts my feet, they get so sore because I have really tender feet. Let's use our machines more this year!

Belinda, I hope you are feeling better today and great job on the walk and the weight workout as well. You are really sticking to these rotations, good for you girl!!!

Doreen, that is odd that the lady did the workout with her back towards you. Looks like a great workout and way to go!

Diane Sue, good luck with the remote learning again today. We are probably posting at the same time today. Have a great workout, and I think it is so great that you can help out with your grand kids so much, my mom did the same thing for me :)

BBL to read any posts after me. I am still sitting here typing and sweating. :)

Have a nice day.
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I am back.

I forgot to mention I started Cathe's June 2020 Week 3 yesterday.

Today was ICE Chiseled Lower Body & Upper Body. One more week for a double Wednesday workout.

Jolie - woohoo....on enjoying your cardio again. Sounds like a killer workout.

Doreen - I saw her on YT, I was like no way. I prefer Cathe's step workouts.
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Today I did Coffey FIt Raw Cardio Overload 2, 35 minutes, heart rate 129/171, 183 calories, 3,364 steps and wore a 4#vest. I then did Raw Cardio Tone and left on the 4# vest, 30 minutes, 157 calories, heart rate 132/161, 2,554 steps. Total time 65 minutes, 340 calories, 5,918 steps.
Will be back later. Today has been crazy with things not going right. First day for my 6 year old grandson and lost his lesson he was doing on the tablet as he backed out because it was too long, then it took some work to get him on the zoom classroom. Then I thought I was going to sign up for 6 months Cathe Live and it locked me out because the password was not right or something. I put money in my pay pal account for it and it kept wanting to use my credit card. So I did not get that done either. Running late all day.


I finally got Cathe Live set up this evening and signed up for 6 months with the 15off discount. Hopefully tomorrow is better with issues with things. Hopefully school gets easier too.

Debbie, I really do not remember the music when I did Cathe Live in the past. I did do a quick glance after I set up on my Fire TV tonight. I don't have my notes, but Body Fit was one of the most recent workouts put up. Yes, the zones is a bit confusing. At first I looked today and it was saying 51 minutes after my 35 minute workout and I realized my zone was probably high sometime when I was running up and down the stairs trying to get things and make things work right. I have noticed in the past when I would look at stats that I had been in the cardio zone over the course of the day when I was not working out.

Belinda, I am glad that you got your walk done with no stray dogs today ;) Nice that you chose a rotation to start again.

Doreen, I think we are so used to doing the workouts with mirror view which makes it a bit uncomfortable. I have a rebounding workout that has front side and back side on it. It is Tracey Anderson and I hate that workout. Just her silently jumping and back side is just her from the backside doing the same workout. It was boring and weird both. She is like watching a child dancing around in front of the mirror watching them self.

Jolie, great job on the cardio today. I know how you feel. I did a workout recently that left me breathless for awhile and I was really sweating and my thoughts went to the fact my heart rate never seems to get that high and maybe it is the workouts I am doing. Not that I think it would be a good idea for me to do those workouts that really push me hard. I had someone on a facebook check in that said her doctor said for our age we should not be going over 150? Interesting anyway.


Good morning,

I am getting my knees checked out today. I also noticed my achilles are hurting when I walk. It's one of the side effects from the antibiotics I am taking. There is a chance Achilles tendinitis and rupture with people taking antibiotics with Fluoroquinol. It's also the same knee that's been bordering me. I thought my knee pain is radiating down to my achilles. Or it's from walking, working out? Since it's a slide chance I could have a rupture in my achilles from the antibiotics I will follow the doctors advice.

I had stop taking taking the antibiotics. I will see the orthopedic surgeon this morning than see the ENT doc. I do feel better. My ear is still hurting and swollen. I am done with the cortisone 6 day treatment. The swelling should be gone by now.

I will take a rest day today. We shall see. BBL!
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This morning I did RAW Body Fit and had a great workout. This was lots of fun with just doing body weight exercises along with cardio blasts that were not high impact. Fun stuff!

Workout was 42 minutes, burned 291 calories, did 2835 steps and HR was 133/173.

I was then going to get on my Max Trainer but didn't have enough time for the workout I wanted to do so instead I did RAW Abs and Stretch but only did half of it. I did the ab work until the planks then I ran out of time. I liked that workout and looking forward to doing the entire thing. Tomorrow I plan on doing the new RAW Glutes workout so I hope I will have time to do the MT workout afterwards.

Jolie - I was hoping to be sore today but I'm not. Not sure what's going on, usually my muscles are so tight and knotted I can't even move. I stopped taking BCAA because I'm sick of ordering it and for some reason since I stopped taking it, my muscles have not been tight. I doubt that has anything to do with it, but WTH?? Actually, now that I'm thinking of it, I've been taking the Marine Collagen and my knees no longer hurt either. Maybe it's also helping my muscles? I agree, we need to use our machines more, I will try but I am having so much fun with other cardio that Kelly and Cathe are doing. I can't just do the same thing over and over. But I will try and use my MT more. Great job with your workout yesterday!! That was awesome!!

Diane - Great job with your workout yesterday. I'm not a big fan of wearing those vests, they really hurt my upper back and are not that comfortable to wear. They do add a nice challenge to the workouts, though. So now that you signed up for 6 months of Cathe, can you use all the DVD's she has posted too? Or is it just for Live?

Belinda - I hope your appointments go well today, sounds awful what you are going through. Update us when all is complete. Hugs coming your way.

Doreen - I don't think I could do a step workout with the instructors back to me, that is just weird. LOL! Great job doing it, though, I think I would have stopped it right when she started.

Have a great day everyone!


This morning I woke up too early and was kinda grumpy (at least no one else was up). I did Fit Split Metabolic. Again- its been so long since I've done it that I forgot what moves were in it. I the metabolic portion through once and then restarted and did it again - skipping the sliding disc moves - that was about 36 minutes total workout time and then stretch. I liked that set up - just once through doesn't seem like enough of a workout.

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Today I did Cathe Live #311 Cardio Muscle Confusion, 42 minutes, heart rate 105/148, 136 calories, 1,692 steps. It used the stability ball for some of the cardio and I do not like the swinging the ball overhead side to side. I never liked that move for some reason. It was okay, but won't be a favorite. I really did not have much time to look at workouts and think about what I want to do. School and working to get things done late does not give a lot of spare time. I got 6 hours of sleep last night which is better than the last 3 days. I usually am awake before my silent alarm goes off, but I slept through 10 minutes of it. I am exhausted. The workout was not all that intense which was fine with me. I also did Raw Core Moves since I was already using the stability ball, 24 minutes, 47 calories, 209 steps.
Total time was 66 minutes, 183 calories, 1,875 steps.
#311 Cardio Muscle Confusion 42 minutes 6 rounds
warm up using 5# dumbbells
rnd 1
walking lunges with plie turns 12# dumbbells
ball slams with jumps stability ball
decline push ups on ball
rnd 2
arnold press side to side step 10# dumbbells 16 reps
gliding discs side slide lunges 10# dumbbells
double arm rows 20# dumbbells 16 reps
plank jacks/ moguls
Rnd 3
Gliding discs jacks
reverse lunges with biceps curls 8's
incline curl with stability ball 12# dumbbells
lunges with ball circles 24 reps
Rnd 4
snatce with plie jack 8# dumbbell
deadlift 20# dumbbells 16 reps
sumo squat 20# dumbbells 16 reps
discs mountain climber circles
Rnd 5
scissor scissor jump
cross back lunges 12# dumbbells
front side raises alternating arms 5# dumbbells
triceps push ups stability ball
Rnd 6
ball seated jacks ( if I were to do this again I would do jacks standing)
hamstring roll ins on ball
sit outs
glute bridge triceps extensions 12# dumbbells

Belinda, I hope things go well at the doctors today and that they can figure it out. Prayers!!

Debbie, Body FIt really is a fun workout. Nice work today. That glute workout leaves me feeling it afterward. I have done it twice now. I am liking the weight vests that I purchased so much better than the one I got of Cathe's for STS. That one scoots back and hurts my neck and shoulders. The ones I am using strap at the waist and cross in at the front and mid back. They don't bother me like that. Although I do prefer the 4# over the 8# if there is hopping around in the workout. I don't like weight bouncing around on me. I only signed up for just Cathe Live which cost me 51 dollars with the discount for 6 months. I have all of her dvds so just cannot see paying for the on demand unless I was wanting to get into downloading and making workout mixes or something with the workout manager. I just do not think I would want to spend the time doing that.

Doreen, I hate when I wake up feeling grumpy and just plain angry. No reason really. Generally once I push and get going I get over that feeling. I hope that your day goes well. Nice that you pushed and got your workout in.


Yesterday i got admitted to the hospital. I am on an IV antibiotics for a few days. I will explain later when DH bring my computer. BBL
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