Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for September 2020

Today I did Kelly's RAW Weights 1 In the Garage workout. Love this workout, it is fun and goes by really fast.

Tabata style, 25 seconds on/10 seconds off. 8 rounds each exercise.

Dumbbell Curls:
12's (4 rounds)
Hammer Curls: 12's(4 rounds)
(alternated between the two)
BW Squats - (just walked in place)

Shoulder Press:
20# (used only one dumbbell so it was more of a front shoulder exercises) - 4 rounds
Upright Row: 15# (she one arm at a time) - 4 rounds
(alternated between the two)
BW Alternate Lunges as rest (just walked in place)

20# for 4 rounds, 20# for 4 rounds - KILLER!
BW Curtsy Lunges

Overhead Triceps Extensions:
20# (4 rounds)
Alternating Kickbacks: 10# (4 rounds)
(Alternated between the two)

Lower Body
Curtsy Squats: SKIPPED

Dumbbell Flies:
15's for 4 rounds
Dumbbell Press: 215s for 4 rounds
(Alternated between the two)

Planks: 8 rounds of different types

- 4 rounds
Reverse Crunch - 4 rounds

Love this workout, but I never seem to have time to do the leg portion. Next time I need to start earlier. Workout was 53 minutes, burned 292 calories, HR was 121/170.

No time for personals, have a great day everyone!

Roselyn - Praying for you and thinking about you.
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Jolie Fit

No workout this weekend, I really did a number on myself and was in so much pain. Actually, I am still in pain but much better than I was over the weekend. I bent down on Saturday morning and picked up my small dog, the one you see in my picture, with my right arm and it went out so bad I couldn't move my arm and I almost dropped my dog. This created a muscle spasm that ran from my glutes on the right side all the way up to the base of my skull. Last night my husband worked on the myo Facia release and I am so much better today. My arm is numb feeling and I threw a punch and it popped, in a good way. My neck is being pulled out every time I move my arm. Crazy, but I know I can get through this because it has happened before and it will happen again.

Today I had a fantastic CARDIO workout, no upper body for me, I walked on my TM for 60 minutes uphill and burned 618 calories. Since I have been cooling down writing my post, I have burned a total of 689 calories. My heart rate was 143/184. It is so dry out today that I didn't even sweat, crazy it was so humid all summer and now it is very dry.

Debbie, another fantastic workout, wow that one looks fun!

Belinda, nice job on getting back into the swing of things so quickly, you are killing the workouts!!

Doreen, I am following a lady on Instagram who does the best workouts, slow paced, heavy lifting and has impeccable form. Check her out, I might start doing her workouts once I get moved. Her name on Instagram is gunning4fitness.

Roselyn, praying for you and your family. Working out is the best thing you can do right now, good for you for getting it done!

Diane Sue, I hope you have a great workout today.

BBL to read your posts. Have a wonderful day. I am off to pack :(
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Today I did Jessica Smith Walk Strong 3 Strength Total Body, 42 minutes (30 actual) heart rate 89/117, 75 calories, 449 steps. I then did JS Walk Strong 3 One Mile to Motivation,15 minutes, 76 calories, 1,789 steps. Total time was 71 minutes, 151 calories, 2,238 steps. I think I really need to try rebooting my Fitbit, but I have been busy non stop today. Lots of school work, but my grandson did really well keeping up with it :) He even went on with it when my older daughter called and had it finished perfectly before the teacher was done on the math video.
Walk Strong 3 Jessica Smith Strength Total Body 30 minutes

Mat, set of light dumbbells2-8# ;set of moderate heavy dumbbells 8-15#; Set of Heavy Dumbbells 10-25# dumbbells

Warm up

Rnd 1 done 2 x

Superman/kneeling push up

Side lunge/ 1 arm overhead press 12# dbs 16 reps

Hip hinge row 15 # dbs 16 reps


Rnd 2 done 2x

Floor feet elevated alternating bench press 12# dbs 24 reps

Bridge/hamstring holding dumbbells 12 # dbs 16 reps right then 16 reps left

Lunge from floor hold 1 arm biceps curls 12# dbs second round 15# dbs 8 reps right 8 reps left


Goblet squats 15# dbs 15 reps 20# dbs second time

Overhead triceps extension balance one leg 15# dbs 8 reps right 8 reps left

1 arm overhead press lunge 10# db 8 reps right 8 reps left


Body weight core

Plank walk in and out

Supine knees up arms overhead windmill arms as leg extends

Both legsraise off floor andlower

Sit up to stand or get up


Sleep was interrupted last night and from then on I was in and out of short bouts of sleep. I need to go to bed soon. Hoping to watch the debate tomorrow night so I doubt I get much done here. I looked at Cathe Live today, but just did not feel what I saw so went on with my plans to do the Walk Strong workouts. They are all pretty short so when things let up will be great mixing with other workouts. My triceps are sore this evening.

Belinda, Good idea doing Strong and Sweaty this week. I just started trying to reset my Fitbit again. Hope it is not one of those things that keeps me up for hours. It keeps telling me to download the fitbit app to start in different languages. Since I have opened the Fitbit app it is still not picking up on it even with syncing. Does that take a long time?

Debbie, that is a fun workout.

Roselyn, I think when you lose a loved one there is some sort of lack of focus and numbness. Praying for you.

Jolie, that sounds painful. I am glad you were able to do cardio today. You did a great job.


Good morning,

Roselyn - you are in my thoughts and prayers today (((HUGS))) I am so sorry what you are going through.

Shock Cardio: MMA Boxing is done. I will go for a walk before it starts raining.

Debbie - your workout yesterday looks like fun. Glad you enjoyed it.

Diane - great job on the JS workout. Sorry your fitbit giving you so much troubles. I would call Fitbit customer service, they may figure out what's wrong. Usually it doesn't take a lot of time to sync.

Jolie - oh no on the muscle spasm. I hope you feel better soon. Glad you had a fantastic workout and calorie burn.

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This morning I did RAW Virtual Box and Legs from their roadtrip. Funny, the roadtrip is in Sammie's garage! LOL! Those girls are so cute together, they were making me laugh the whole workout. This is the 2nd time I've done this workout and I still wasn't able to do the last boxing and leg segment due to time. I need to start these earlier. Fun workout but some of it felt overplayed. The first boxing and leg drills seemed to go on forever.

When she puts the weights behind her on her back to do the low hip pulses, I held them in front of me on my thighs and really felt it. I can't put them behind me as that really hurts my upper back and shoulders.

Workout was 50 minutes, burned 372 calories, did 4866 steps and HR was 136/166.

I need to get away from the boxing workouts for a while I think, my left shoulder is all tight again and my elbows are still bad. I don't think it's the kickboxing that is bothering them, though. Dumbbell curls really hurt so I have to be careful with that.

Jolie - Wow, we are all having issues with pain lately, not good. I miss my twenties and thirties when I could do whatever I wanted and not get hurt. I sure hope you are feeling better today, that sounded awful!! Nice job walking on your treadmill, though, glad you were able to do that.

Roselyn - Thinking about you. God bless you and your family.

Diane - Good job with your workout and glad everything is going better with your grandson's schooling. Sorry you still aren't sleeping better. I'd like to watch the debate tonight too, but I'm usually in bed by 9:30. I will tape it, though. Hope all goes well, it is here in Cleveland and I hope we don't have protests again.

Belinda - Great job with Shock MMA!! Have a wonderful walk!!

Have a great day everyone!
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I did Yvette on YT this morning. I saw this and realized I haven't used my bosu in ages and thought it looked fun. Its in circuits of:

Bosu cardio
Kettlebell weights
Light DB cardio or abs

There are quite a bit of squat thrust moves but other than that all moderate impact cardio. It was a fun one for about an hour.

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Jolie Fit

No workout today, I have a meeting with my Realtor this morning and then I am going to buy some furniture for my new house. I found some really nice used pieces on Face Book Marketplace, Drexel Heritage so I can save a ton of money going that way instead of buying new. Tomorrow I have to go back to my Chiro because something is just not right and do a lot more packing. I will be working out on Thursday and for the rest of the week. It is going to be very hot the next 3 days anyway so it is a good time to take off from working out. The fires up north are insane! Crazy times...

Debbie, great job on the kick Boxing workout. I have had little luck doing those types of workouts too, the punching kills me lately, and so do the kicks for that matter. I am going to be using my cardio equipment going forward and tying in slow weight lifting. This I find is the only way I don't hurt myself lately. I can do the Yvette workouts if I keep them to low impact by modifying the high impact exercises. I rarely got hurt or had issues when I did workouts like STS or Body Beast since they are slow and controlled exercises. I will not go as heavy as I had in the past but I am sure I will get a great workout.

Belinda, wow you are doing so well since you got out of the hospital. Great workout today!

Doreen, that Yvette workout looks fun. I don't have a bosu but I would sure like to get one.

Roselyn, prayers for you and your family today.

Diane Sue, Way to go yesterday on the workout, that looks like fun. I haven't slept well since I my neck issue so I am excited to get this fixed and sleep like the DEAD! I hope you have a great workout today and good luck with the distance learning today, it sounds like things are going better for your grandkids. I too and watching the debate tonight.

Make it a great day. I am going to take a 2 mile walk with my dog right now and then get busy. :)
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Roxie 1965

Roxie - can I request you be my coach? I set up the free account and they assigned me some random coach! I haven't upgraded my membership yet as I'm trying to figure out the VIP thing. From what I can tell on the website if I purchase the package with the indoor jump rope and the shakes I get access. But I am eyeing the 30 day breakaway program too and would want early access to that as well.
Yes you can request me I think it’s just Roxie Toburen. I am doing WK2 again
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Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

MFB WK2 D1 Lower Body Burn:
Squat-10 lbs 10 Reps then Curtsey Lunge 10 lbs 10 reps right side then left side then you do a combo round 2 squats 1 curtsy four combos then repeat for a secon round. You only use one weight and hold it on your shoulder

Hip Thrust 12lbs for 1 round then Alt Single Leg L Sit repeat for 3 rounds
Side Lunge 10lbs do one round on each leg
Kickstand Romanian Deadlift 10lbs 1 round 1leg then a combo of one side lunge followed by one deadlift 4 times

Block 4 Deadlifts 12lbs 3 rounds
Sumo Squat 4 rounds

between each block you do jump rope with Bod Ropes followed by high knees.
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Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Just Step, 24 minutes, 128 calories, heart rate 129/162, 128 calories, 2,346 steps. I had a break for zoom class and helping with school work then went back and did Cathe Live #306, cardio Core Bootcamp, 43 minutes, 203 calories, heart rate 121/151, 3,177 steps. I finished off doing Walk Strong 3 foundations, 34 minutes, 35 calories, heart rate 78/93, 62 steps. That is the only WS3 workout I have not done. Not sure I will use it much. It is form pointers for different moves with some stretching and balance. But, still good for someone who does not workout a lot or reminders. Total time was 1 hour 42 minutes, 366 calories, 5,585 steps. I liked the Cathe Live cardio bootcamp. It did not use weights, it was core and cardio and some high impact, but Cathe shows low impact options. She uses a step for some moves and a mat for ab moves. I wish her music was fun though.

Belinda, nice work on MMA Boxing. It has been so long since I have done the MMA workouts. I have almost forgotten the content. I think one had heavy bag and one was kind of a fusion with Cathe jumping over tubing on the floor? I never liked the jumping over tubing. I got my Fitbit reset to defaults. I had to google it though because I forgot I had to add it like a new watch then they seem to meld details. My alarm did not go off this morning and I made sure it was on when I went to bed. Hope it works after turning off the phone and syncing this morning. It seemed to pick up a bit better this morning, also I felt the bootcamp should have been higher than that step workout. I did all of the jumping.

Debbie, I really liked the virtual road trip workout. Those ladies are so much fun together. I bet they would be fun to hang out with. I had to pick up much lighter weights on the back and it is an uncomfortable move. Have you tried to stop arm work for awhile. I know it is hard though. It is the same with me with overhead weight work and things that jerk my shoulders and neck around too much. I don't have anything to record the debate today. My husband downloaded hulu to his cell phone so he could watch fox tonight as he has to leave for work in the middle of the debate.

Doreen, my grandson had my Bosu out today balancing on it and I was thinking I need to use it more. Nice work.

Jolie, I bet it will be fun making purchases for you new home. Good idea shopping for nice used pieces of furniture.

Roxie, nice workout today.


Good morning,

Strong & Sweaty Bootcamp is done. I will go for a walk shortly.

Roselyn - thinking about you and your family.

Jolie - hope your meeting with the Realtor went well yesterday.

Diane - hope your Fitbit is working as it should again. I do all the jumps on my rebounder. Too hard on the knees. Great job on your workout yesterday. Have fun buying new furniture for your new house. You can find some really nice things on FB market place.

Debbie - great job as well on your workout yesterday. I always liked KCM kickboxing workouts.

Waving Hi to Roxie and Doreen.


Belinda - I followed your lead and pulled out Strong and Sweaty Giant Sets this morning. And for the first time I did Cathe voice only and listened to my own music. Total changes the feel of the workout I think!! I don't think it would work so well for a cardio workout but for lifting it works great!

I'm trying to convince myself I should take a month off of streaming workouts and use the ones I have!!
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We had a beautiful mass for my dad I was able to give my eulogy, a short one, but i had to speak about him. I am just so sad

I did workout this morning I did CL Low impact cardio muscle, I did more hiit during the cardio
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Today I did Kelly's RAW Weights 2 and had a great workout, or at least I thought I did. My FB thought I was still sleeping it seems. Every time I looked at it it showed my HR was at 89 bpm. Wow. Trying not to let it bother me, but you pay all this money for these things and it can't even read my HR? Not sure why Monday and Tuesday it seemed to be spot on and now this.

This is what I did:

Each move was 45 seconds with a short maybe 10 second break. These were not done circuit style, each exercises was 2 sets in a row.

Squats: 15's - 2 sets
Plie Squats: 20# - 2 sets
Deadlift/Squats: 15's - 2 sets

Dumbbell Press: 15's - 2 sets
Explosive Reverse Flies: 10's - 2 sets
Pullovers: 20# - 2 sets
Seated Supinated Hammer Curls: 10's - 2 sets
W Curls: 10's - 2 sets (I did hammer curls again)
Situps to Overhead Press: 8's - 2 sets (these are hard on the shoulder, not sure I like doing them)
Leaning back w/Knees Up & Hammer Curls: 10's - (I did Hammer Curls only)
Russian Twist w/Knees Up: 10# - (I did not bring my knees up)

Alternate Front Lunges: 10's - 2 sets
Alternate Back Lunges: 10's - 2 sets
Alternate Side Lunges: 10# - 2 sets (I did curtsy lunges instead)

Tate Press: 10's - 2 sets (I hate this exercise, I did Lying Extensions)
Seated Bent Over Lateral Raise, Thumbs Up: 8's - 2 sets
Seated Overhead Press to Triceps Extension: 8's - 2 sets


Workout was 46 minutes, burned 153 calories (last time I burned 244!), HR was 96/158. Whatever.

Roselyn - So glad you were able to do a eulogy, I'm sure it was extremely hard to get through but I'm so glad you were able to do that. Hugs to you.

Diane - Nice job getting your workouts in yesterday. I didn't watch the debate but from what I read and seen on the news it was a shit show. My goodness, can't people act civil for just an hour? I am not happy with either candidate and really wish Trump would have shown some sort of control. I taped it but I'm not sure I will watch it. I hope the next two focus more on issues versus bickering like little school children. I did, however, put a Trump/Pence sign out in my yard. Ohio is full of his signs. I'd say the ratio for Trump/Biden signs is 7 to 1.

Jolie - I'm going to use my Max Trainer tomorrow for cardio. I really need to just rest for a week or two but don't want to. I'm sure we can all relate to that!! Hope you are feeling better today.

Roxie - Nice job with your workout, looks like a tough one!

Belinda - Good job with S&S Bootcamp. I have that series and don't remember one workout on it. LOL! Wow, I really need to dig those out.

Have a great day everyone!!


Roselyn - thinking about you and your family during these difficult times.Glad you were able to do a eulogy. Wished there was something I could do for you (((HUGS)))

Roxie - nice job today.


Today there was problems with zoom so instead of 9 they moved it to 9:45. To keep in sync with my schedule I did Raw Box and Tone 29 minutes, heart rate 129/164, 157 calories, 2,770 steps. After zoom and some school work I did Walk Strong 3 lower body, 33 minutes, heart rate 95/128, 84 calories, 881 steps. Finishing with Walk Strong 3 quick fix total body stretch, 17 minutes, 15 calories. Total time was 79 minutes, 256 calories, 3,651 steps.

Walk Strong 3 Lower Body 31 minutes

Step, weights dependent on fitness level up to 25# ( seems like too much at that weight to me)

Group 1

Squat off side of step(high step 2 risers optional) right 8 slow 2 count 20# dbs 8 reverse lunge off step 20# dbs alternating 8 each side 15# dbs single count
single leg deadlift 15# dbs 16 reps

Break is standing hamstring curls and hip lifts


Group 2 lunge with 1 foot on step 1 db 15# 16 reps

Hip hinge 15# db 1 leg 16 reps

Calf raise leg lift


Group 3 goblet squat 20# db 16 reps

Side lunge/lateral leg lift 1 db 15# 8 reps right and 8 reps left

Break is speed skate 8 each side


Group 4

Balance on 1 foot toe tap off to side of step like dipping toe 15# dbs 16 reps right

Plies on toes with 15# dbs 16 reps

Repeat on other side

Group 5 floor no weight

Bridge walk out n heels 3 and back 4 times

Star plank lift 1 arm raised

Repeat on other side

Belinda, I don't think my Fitbit is doing much better. Maybe a little, but I bet once it figures my algorithms it will be as bad as before I did the reset. Unless Fitbit does some kind of big adjustment, but they said the Versa 2 is set to their newer method of algorithms. So, I am guessing that is going to stay a problem although Debbie and Jolie seem to get better readings than I do. Nice work on Strong and Sweaty Bootcamp

Roselyn, my heart goes out to you.

Debbie, I guess maybe I was wrong with my statement to Belinda about Fitbit Versa 2. My workout today was pretty quick paced and that is the reason I lowered my weight a bit after trying 20#. It was a bit fast for the off and on the step moves. I thought my reading should have been around a hundred at least, but then I am not much better with the box and tone and I put my all in that one. I wish Fitbit would get it right. I can't count on it. I add extra calories before bed as I am losing weight that I do not want to lose. Busy during the day so it seems I am eating on the run a lot till near bedtime. I look at MFP and I try to up the calories. My Fitbit occasionally seems like it is right and then it just goes back to not right. There is no way when we are actively moving and working that our heart rates should be in the 80'sor 90's. That is yoga heart rate or just standing and moving around the kitchen.
I enjoy Kelly's workouts a lot more than most of them I have been doing. I really like Weights 2.
I watched all of the debate and a bit of commentary at the end, but as I looked at those who were getting ready to offer comments I turned the tv off. I really wanted them to give more of their plans. Biden did a lot of name calling. They kept trying to talk over each other. I am hoping that they can handle it better next time. It can't change my mind on who I am voting for. Our neighborhood has a rule with how long people can put out political signs.
I read a comment the other day that I thought was really true. You can only vote for communism once.

Jolie, I hope you are getting a lot done with your move and time off.

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