Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for September 2020


It has been a busy day. I did Cathe Live #90 Get Stepin, 45 minutes, heart rate 116I /139, 205 calories, 4,395 steps. It was weird because my Fit Bit popped up a screen saying I hit 165 during the workout, but it was not that way when I finished. I am sure my average was a lot more than 116. I read on my cell phone and Fit Bit says the Versa will read differently because they set it to there new format or something like that. I sure do not like it. I remember the Get Steppin workout. Cathe flubs a lot and it was hard to get back into it. Her clients were doing better than her at keeping at it. This is one I remember she was having a hard time and went back and started over on that series of moves. They were familiar moves put together differently. A lot of traveling around the room and the bench. My neck is still hurting. This evening I finally took Advil. That stuff is so bad for you. I have been using Aspercream and taking extra curcumin which helps for a little while. The Aspercreme says to use every 8 hours and not in large areas. Wonder if my neck and across my lats and shoulders is a large area. I also did Kelly Coffey Body Design Yoga segment 14 minutes, 20 calories, 69 steps. This has more movement, so I can see there being steps in it.
We did pretty well today, but I rushed around to get ready for the Star test with the teacher for math, which is an individual testing to see what they know. We had an appointment for 1:30, but it never happened. I got set up and got my grandson to come sit in front of the tablet for a zoom session(can't seem to get my laptop to open the zoom session through the classroom link) Anyway it never happened. I texted my daughter about it and she didn't know why. So, I got him to finish up work since again they did not have a zoom at 1 and did not say they were not having one. Or I missed it somewhere. Funny, though, we did tomorrows math too. I had printed it up and the math video was was not working so, we just did all of the work sheets without the teacher or video. They I look at tomorrow and we did tomorrow's too :D I just finished cleaning and really need to try to sleep. Last night was worse than the night before.

Debbie, I am sorry your elbows are both hurting like that. It would be so hard to workout around that. It has been years since mine were like that. It got so frustrating and I even went to the doctor. Really, the doctor didn't help me. It was just me working around it and trying to let whatever was going on mend itself. Why does it have to take so long for something like that anyway? I love boxing and most of the time when I do it, my neck and front of my shoulders hurt. I work at keeping my shoulders down like Kelly has mentioned which helps some. I really want to do more weight work and I really like Kelly's newer workouts, but they contain boxing and upper weight work. Cathe seems to put weights into a lot of hers that are in the cardio category too. I take a teaspoon of KAL Magnesium Taurate at night and I drink a cup of decaf coffeee with passion flower, camomile, and holy basil in the evening. I don't know why, but there was a reason I have avoided 5HTP. I ran across it recently and now again I cannot remember what it is.
I don't have apple products that I use anymore either. All android Samsung and my new computer I did not put Google Chrome on. I use Microsoft Edge and I like it so much better.
Yes, I too wish the Fitbit worked better.

Doreen, using the gliders is a good idea to replace the ball. I forget about the ball work on that workout.

Belinda, I am watching out for all of that overhead stuff Cathe does. I am almost sorry I signed up for Cathe live. If got an Apple Watch as a gift I would definitely use it. But it seems using one would be much easier with an apple phone and I am not buying another Apple phone. I think my daughter is the one who got both of her daughter's Apple watches. Her and her girls challenge each other steps and workouts. That was last Christmas. I used to like my earlier Polar heart rate monitors till they just decided to go bonkers. I think there is a big difference betwee na watch that runs taking algorythms and one that uses the heart rate strap. I do not miss those straps at all.

Roselyn, nice work on CL express legs today. Praying for your Dad.


Hi everyone,

Cathe Lite Strong Body Stacked Sets Lower plus walk is done.

Debbie - how is your elbow doing? Sorry it causing your pain.

Diane - I agree, if you don't have an Apple phone it doesn't make sense to buy a Apple Watch. I do have everything Apple so does my family. Except computers. I been using Apple computers for years. I need a new computer. I have a MacAir. I like Apple they a very expensive. What computer do you use? I want something with 1TB and easy to use.

Tomorrow I have 2 appointments at Walter Reeds. I will not check in until later this afternoon or evening.

Have a great day everyone.

Jolie Fit

I am not allowed to workout today, per my Chiro. I am so sore that I couldn't do it anyway. I was worked on for 1.5 hours, everything was out of alignment. I am glad I went even though I am sore because it will help me get through the move without really getting myself into trouble like the last move. I am doing a juice cleanse, I started yesterday and will complete it tomorrow. I swear, I could drink green juice for every meal, I love it compared to eating food, I am a drinker, not an eater.

Debbie, sorry to hear your elbows are hurting, isn't that how it goes? When ever we start feeling good and start lifting a little heavier, all HELL breaks loose with our bodies :( Nice job on the workouts yesterday and today. I hate moving too, hopefully this will be for some time until we finally downsize once the kids are out and totally on their own.

Roselyn, sending prayers for your dad and your mother, I am sorry that you are going through this right now. We all love you and will pray to God for his help!

Belinda, i am so glad you are feeling better and are getting your workouts in each day!!!

Diane Sue, wow you are busy lately. I hope your neck is feeling better today, i had to take an Advil last night too.

Doreen, i hope you have a great workout today.

BBL to read your posts, i am off to organize my linen closet and my cloths closet. Yuck :(
Today I did RAW Your Moves 1 and had a great workout. Love this one, it is so fun!!

Interval circuits at 50 seconds on/10 seconds off. Uses one set of heavy weights (15's) and one set of light weights (8's).

Curtsy Lunges
Boxing/Curtsy together

Repeat other side

Alternating Flamingo's (Scales): 15's
Ice Skaters

Hammer to Overhead press/Curls to Arnolds: 8's
Boxing Combo

Squats: 15's
Squat Thrusts - (I did what Sammie was doing, tripple squat pulses)

Boxing Combo
Cross Rows:
Repeat 3 times more with a total of 4 times through

Pullovers then Flies: 15's
Lateral Raise on Floor: 8's
Alternate Pullover/Flies: 15's
Lateral Raise on Floor: 8's

Skull Crushers: 8's
Dead Bug: 8's
Skull Crushers: 8's
Situp with knee pulls

Workout was 46 minutes, burned 307 calories, did 2855 steps and HR was 129/189. Good calorie burn for a change. I hope she releases #2 soon. This is a really fun workout, I love it.

No time for personals, hopefully I will be back later. I always say that and then I get too busy, but I will try. Nice workouts everyone!!


I started my workout with Cathe Live #284 arms and abs stopping after biceps since it ended up starting warm up shoulders with 5's, then on to biceps, then when she said shoulders I quit. Also I somehow turned my Fitbit off so am going to have to estimate weight work and figure out how many minutes I actually worked:mad:.
All I have to say is Debbie, no fair!! I got 163 calories out of Raw Your Moves today. This was 46 minutes, heart rate 111/ 154, 2,262 steps. I even got less steps and I move around extra. I really am disgusted with my Fit Bit.
On another note I did modify some. I am not going to put the whole workout up, but on the curl and press I picked up 15's and did just curls and I did arnold press with the 8's. Also floor sitting shoulders hurt so I leaned back and did biceps curls with 10's. I did not do pullovers with 15's after about 3 reps I just did flys. This may have made a difference though I did the squat thrusts side to side moves. Should have gotten my heart rate up as I made sure I shuffled across instead of just step to get more activity out of it. It really bums me:confused:.
I finished with part of Raw stretch and tone, 20 minutes, 26 calories, heart rate 82/102, 86 steps. I wore 3# ankle weights. I needed to get lunch as we have the zoom with the teacher Star test at 1:30.

Arms and abs on the ball # 284
warm up then warm up shoulders with 5# dumbbells
Biceps 12# for all moves seat on the ball biceps curls 16 reps
incline biceps curls on the ball 12# dumbbells 16 reps
sweeper curls incline on ball 12# dumbbells 12 reps
seated curl 2 up 6 down 6 reps
second time through
seated curls 12's 8 reps
incline on the ball 12's a mix of curls, sweeper curls, 16 reps total
seated curl 4 reps of up 2 down halfway and hold # dbs
moves on to shoulders..... I knew from reading the description that it contained back and chest, but did not expect shoulders and almost quit when she had them for a warm up.

Debbie, I really do love that workout of Kelly's. The music is fun and I like the moves.

Belinda, my husband thought he really wanted an apple computer and as usual bought the most expensive one along with case etc.. He hated it and went back to his old HP till we bought him a new HP. I gather they work differently. I thought he would get used to it, but he didn't use it long. He sold it to one of his officers for a great price. They really got a steal. I hope that your appointments go well tomorrow and give you some more help and incite.

Jolie, enjoy your rest day and try not to do too much as I know you are getting things ready to move. That is good that the chiropractor was able to get things straightened out. I would much rather have something of substance than liquids. Although I drink loads throughout the day.
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My dad passed away this morning My son spent the night at my parents last night I got there at 9 am and he was breathing labored and I don't know if he knew i was there his eyes wee open but he did not seem to see me. My mom and i left the room to call doctor to set up hospice and he died with my son Shane by him they were buddies but it was as soon as we left the room:( My heart is broken but I know he was tired. He just closed his eyes and went to sleep.
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Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

I started Muscle Burns Fat again so Monday was Lower Body Burn Tuesday Core Circuit and today was Upper Body Burn. I am determined to finish all 3 weeks this time.

Roselyn-sorry to hear about your father thinking of you and your family


Roselyn - My deepest sympathies to you and your family. No words can describe how sorry I am for your loss. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts & prayers.
I am so sore from my workouts this week, my legs are really feeling it along with my triceps.

This morning I did Cathe Live #287 - Cardio Kickboxing, Low Impact HiiT which was just ok. I did enjoy the leg blasts at the end but the kickboxing part just didn't feel like it flowed very well. That was the week before the shutdown so maybe Cathe was stressing but she didn't seem like she was with it in this workout. Not being mean, we all have off days, it just wasn't one of her better workouts.

Workout was 54 minutes, burned 339 calories (what, is my FB working now?), went 4412 steps and HR was 125/177. My HR was really going with this workout and I was sweating pretty good.

Diane - I also wonder why it takes so long for my muscles to heal. It is so frustrating. Now I guess I have to deal with this elbow pain for 6 plus months. Ridiculous. Just a little info - you might want to stay away from the decaf coffee before bedtime. It doesn't mean it is totally caffeine free, you are still getting caffeine in those drinks. That might be what is keeping you up. Just skip it for a night or two and see if you sleep better. Just a suggestion. I also use Aspercream on my shoulder, love that stuff, it really works. Not sure what it means by not using it on a large area, that's weird. When I was telling you all that my left shoulder felt locked, that was what worked for me. I put it on for a couple days and now my shoulder is fine. Love that stuff!

Belinda - Elbows hurt all the time. Not sure what is causing it. It gets really bad when I wash my hair, the pressure I use to wash and condition kills both my elbows. Isn't that weird? Good job getting a workout in, are you feeling better?

Jolie - My elbows have been bothering me for a couple months now, I just started complaining about them recently. LOL! But yes, I was feeling great after that neck and shoulder pain finally went away and now I have to deal with this. Ridiculous. I hope you are feeling better today, glad you went to your chiro!!

Roselyn - Your post made me cry and I'm at work. I'm so sorry about your dad passing away. How sad and I feel for you and your family. Prayers out to you all. I'm sure he knew you were there, don't even worry about that. He knows how much you loved him. Hugs girl, take care!

Roxie - Nice job on your workout! Glad to see you post!!

Doreen - I get the just reading the tread every now and again. Sometimes we all need a break. Hope you are doing well!

Have a good day everyone.
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Jolie Fit

Roselyn, my heart goes out to you and your family! I too, like Debbie started to cry when I read your post. My dad is 87 years young and I have that lingering feeling all of the time, I don't know how I will handle the loss when it is his time to go. I know your father knew you were there and he will watch over you and your family till the end of time. If there is anything that I can do for you, just say the words. May God Bless you and your family.

Today was Cardio and I feel much better today, though my right ankle is sore but other than that I am on the mend. I walked uphill on my TM for 75 minutes, 5.0 to 6.5 incline, 3.1 to 3.4 speed, traveled 4.1 miles and burned 729 calories. I got a lot of packing done yesterday and went through a lot of things so I feel good and wont have to stress that much going forward. I have 18 days till I move, it is crunch time.

Debbie, great job on the workout today even though it isn't one of your favorite workouts. I find it hard to finish them sometimes so just that you completed it gets a thumbs up from me. Do you wear weighted gloves when you do those workouts? I am going to try the Aspercream, I never thought about trying it.

Diane Sue, I hope you slept better last night and feel good today. I drink a Sleep Drink by Nero that I love, I only drink a third of it each night and I sleep like a baby. It is an orange colored bottle, check it out, it may help you like it helps me. :) I know Dcaffinated coffee does have caffeine, so Debbie may be right about it keeping you up at night.

Roxie, glad to see you back!

Doreen, I hope you have a great workout today.

Prayers for Roselyn. Have a wonderful day.


Today I did Some of my Walk Strong 3 workouts with Jessica Smith, Cardio Step Jam 34 minutes, heart rate 117/153, 156 calories, 3,403 steps and uses two risers. Jessica uses a high step for her step. She says 0-3 risers. I then did Boogie IT which is cardio intervals, 30 minutes, heart rate 123/152, 146 calories, 2,946 steps. I finished with the 15 minute fix total body stretch, 18 minutes, 18 calories, 22 steps. Total time was 82 minutes, 323 calories, 6,349 steps.

Belinda, you are in my thoughts and prayers with your doctors visits today.

Roselyn, prayers today ((hugs))

Debbie, I went and looked to see which low impact kickbox I did, but it was #301 and was a variety of cardio types and core. I am still avoiding too much kickboxing and if I do do it I would rather do Kelly's right now. I did okay with yesterday's Your Moves though and my modifications. Nice work today on your stats even if it did not move well. You may have a point on the coffee. Even though it does have herbs and adaptogens to relax there would be some caffeine. I will try it tonight.

Jolie, I have not heard of Nero. I have used the Vital proteins sleep shots, but at 4.99 each that is too much money. I have not heard of Nero. I have used Dr Axe collagen formula that was supposed to help sleep. Last night was worse. I woke up at 5:30 this morning so it was another 5 hours of sleep since I do not sleep continuously.my sleep score gave me 23 minutes of rem and 45 of deep sleep. I woke up and started worrying about some things and could not get them out of my head.



I just finished Lite Cardio Party and I also walked outside.

My appointments went well. I was early for the nutritionist appointment. Someone didn't show up for their 9 am appointment so she to me instead. Glad she did otherwise I had to wait in the hospital for over an hour for my scheduled appointment. She is a holistic dietitian /nutritionist. I liked her approach, she was very positive. She gave me a list of foods I should avoid for hashimoto disease (high in histamine) and some I low in histamine. Relapsing Polychondeitis there wasn't anything she could do other than try to avoid the foods high in histamine. What's good for RP isn't for the Hashimoto disease. I am going to have to read through the list later. She also wants me to see an Exercise Physiologist that can help me with both autoimmune disease problems and exercise. Should be interesting. When she weight me I was 4 pounds lighter than I weigh on my scale at home. My ENT appointment went well. Both ENT doctors went over on what I need to look out for RP in the future. The doctors like taking pictures of my ear. My ear is famous, lol. I don't mind they all taking pictures maybe it will help someone else and they find a cure for RP.

Roselyn - I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers (((HUGS)) If there is anything I can do for you please let me know.

Jolie - sorry about the stress and moving ((HUGS)) Glad you feeling better to get a workout in today.

Diane - thank you for your thoughts and prayers. My appointments went well. I like my team of doctors. Great job on JS workouts and step count today.

Debbie - that is weird about your elbow. Wonder what could cause it to hurt like that? Maybe try some heat/creams? I hope you feel better soon. Thanks for asking. I am starting to feel better. My energy is up again. My ear is still swollen/red but it does look better than it did the beginning of the month. Once in awhile I get pain my ear. The doctors told me it could take weeks/month for the swelling/redness to go completely down. Hopefully once it's down it stays that way. I hope RP will not relapsing anytime soon. I really don't want to go through this again.

See you tomorrow
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Belinda, I hope with the right protocol and meds you can avoid those relapses. I have read a lot of stuff on hashimoto and histamines. I guess it is not always the ear that is affected? I can imagine since it is rare that they would want to gather as much info and what works and does not together to help others.
Nice that you got your workout in.
I like Jessica Smith. I usually do not come out feeling beat up when I do her workouts, but I get good results and stats. I used some of her others a lot while I was going through the PT.

Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

I did Muscle Burns Fat Core Circuit today it’s different each time and you do it twice a week. Sometimes I just get busy and forget to post. I went to Marshals today and bought some new workout outfit.
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I cannot believe it is Sept. 25 already. Holy moly, where is the time going?

This morning I did Kelly's RAW Upper Body Blast. This is a tough little workout, I had to pause between exercises because I was afraid to injure myself. Not sure why she doesn't break a bit here and there on this one. It's insane.

4 sets each exercise - 30 seconds on/10 seconds off (you do each exercise for 4 sets/30 seconds and then move onto the next exercise - killer)

Bench Press - 17.5's
Barbell Shoulder Press - 10's
Dumbbell Flies - 15's
Lateral Raise - 7.5's
Skate & Curl - 10's but no skate
Squat/Hammer Curl/Jump - 10's
Barbell Row - 15's
Dips - (I only did 2 sets, my upper shoulders were getting really tight by this point)
Seated Reverse Flies - 10's
Skull Crushers - 10's
V-Ups - (Skipped because I worked my abs for four days straight)

Workout was 34 minutes, burned 197 calories, HR was 121/166.

Also walked on my treadmill for 15 minutes just to get some steps in.

Jolie - I usually always use my 1# soft dumbbells when doing kickboxing but for the one I did yesterday I didn't. I just didn't feel like it, plus I know how high impact Cathe's KB workouts are - although I was pleasantly surprised that one wasn't. Good job on your walk yesterday and glad you are getting a good start on boxing stuff up. Don't envy, that's for sure!

Diane - Curious to hear how you slept last night. Hopefull the no decaf worked for you. Believe me, there is still caffeine in those drinks.

Belinda - Interesting on your foods, that must be very hard with two conditions that needs different things to eat. I guess you just need to find the inbetween foods that are ok for both ailments. Hope you can figure that out, what a pain!!! Hope your ear gets better soon, that must be horrible.

Roxie - Great job with your workout!!

Roselyn - Thinking about you and sending prayers and hugs.

Have a great weekend everyone!! So glad it's Friday!!
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Good morning,

Lite Body weights & Bands plus walk is done.

Roselyn - thinking about you ((HUGS)))

Debbie - I am so glad the nutritionist is helping me to figure out which foods I can eat for both problems. I am still on steroids medications. Hopefully once I am done the ear will get better/normal too. Great job this morning.

Jolie - how are you doing today?

Diane - hope you got some sleep last night.

Waving Hi to the rest of the gang.
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Belinda- I think I have them all in an airtable. Maybe I can print from there... or share the table with you.

I did CL#315 Cardio Boxing Bootcamp this morning. This was the bootcamp format with Boxing for the cardio and band work for the upper body exercises.

I am torn on the new series. I don't like that they price is too low for free shipping - I don't need anything else. I think I would want the DVDs for pre-mixes... but have they told us what the premixes are yet? Who has ordered?
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Jolie Fit

Today I did CL # 234 Strong Express Upper Body and had a great workout. I didn't lift as heavy as the last time that I did this workout because I didn't want to hurt my back. My shoulder and neck are sore today, I slept weird and woke up with a sort of spasm. Todays workout was 45 minutes, I burned 279 calories. I didn't do the pushups at the end of the workout, I did chest press instead. I cannot do pushups anymore, they just ruin my shoulder on the right side. My Fitbit is acting up today, it paused a few times and I didn't even tough it. What is up with these lately? Has anyone ever tried a Garmin?

Debbie, way to go on that workout today, it looks amazing!!!! I love Tabata workouts, I have to try this one after I move. What to go on the weights lately.

Belinda, I am so glad you are working out again and getting back into your fitness routine. Great news at the doctors yesterday, it seems like they all have a handle on what you should do to avoid flare ups. I do not have a list of all of Cathe's Live workouts, sorry.

Roxie, way to go on the workout and I love to buy knew workout outfits, they kind of inspire me to workout LOL! I also never wear regular cloths anymore, I seem to live in my gym cloths, that is so bad I know.

Doreen, Have a nice workout today.

Roselyn, I am thinking about you and your family during this difficult time. My God bless your family.

Off to buy some more boxes and I am washing and packing all of my extra lines today, I want to put everything away in the new house clean! Make it a wonderful day.
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