Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for September 2020


Jolie- Can you post a link to the YT videos you've done? They sound really interesting and I'd love to give them a try.

I've also heard that BLM has some underlying ideology that is quite scary covered up by the "feel good" front when you get to the bottom of it....
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Belinda, I hope the nutritionist can help. Whole 30 has a low histamine diet chart that I have downloaded. I get emails from someone that I have read articles from named Anita Tee Fact Vs Fitness. She has a lot of stuff on how she solved her histamine intolerance. With thyroid and iodide you would have to really check a multi vitamin. I really like the Vitamin Code for older women from Garden of Life, but lately I have just been taking a multi gummy that I share with my husband that has Omega 3 in it. The vitamin Code has a lot of stuff in it, and when I take something like that I need to alter other items I take. So just a basic Vitamin right now, no iron formula. I wanted to get more zinc so I am taking Pic Min from Thorne which is a multi mineral supplement. Just one a day when I take my hydroxychloraquine. I space things, so I take a Methyl B 12 Methyl folate supplement in the morning on an empty stomach. Lunch I have niacinamide, liposamal vitamin C, QunolTumeric, cucumin with ginger in it, D3 and K2 supplement, and Nutrion Borage Oil Soft Gel all with food, dinner I take another C and either another tumeric curcumin or I drink a joint drink that I purchased (Yuk!!) that has it in it along with collagen, boswella, ginger, curcumin, glucosamine chondroitin, and a few other thing(it works, but I will probably go back to the Joint formula from Bullet Proof), I also take my allergy tablet then as allegra says not to take it with magnesium antacids. I am not sure if that means a magnesium supplement. So, bed time I take another Borage oil, Kal Magnesium Taurate heart raspberry formula, and another vitamin C along with my hydroxychloraquine and the Thorne Pic Mis. I know that is a lot. Honestly I tried a couple of different histamine degrading probiotics for awhile, but never noticed a difference in allergies or how I felt and quit. I just look at labels to see which probiotics are in them. It is difficult to do more than one thing at a time. Maybe choose foods that would be anti-inflammatory and low histamine listed. Even a small list would be a good start. I am sure it will be some trial and error for all of it. With my RA they have added to my list different things that I have which I am not sure what they are saying, spondyliosis, poly arthritis, gout, sjogrens and other things. I have a nodule on my thyroid and I guess my lung has two. It seems age just keeps adding things. I am really sorry that you have something rare, that they have to work on.


Yes, remembering 9/11. I have not heard much on television about it since my husband turned it on this afternoon. Every time we put the date on my grandson's work it bought back the memories.

I did not work out today. I got up a little earlier and dressed to work out as I thought maybe 30 minutes since I knew their dad would bring the children close to time for the zoom at 9 since it was his day to have them. Then I sat down to pray and read my Bible and have a cup of coffee. Then my daughter texts me about the teacher setting up another try through zoom for the star test at 11:15, and I had the zoom coming up and another to do in the afternoon just before heading to my appointment, along with a lot of work to get my grandson through. I just gave up the work out. I will get one in in the morning. Weekend is shopping and cleaning. Oh, and things went a bit smoother today and worked. When the teacher did the whole class zoom, she did roll call and then asked if it was okay if she got my grandson on the star test right then, so we did it. I had been working on getting this set up on my laptop that has Chrome and a touch screen, which I now can use as well as his ipad. So, we got that out of the way and went on to assignments. Even got the homework done. We did his PE/Music this afternoon. It is supposed to be zoom I think, but the had youtube today. So, I did it with him and it was warm up and two children's Zumba classes. He told me it was lame! LOL I guess that was my workout. Fit Bit did pop up and give me a way to go or something.

Debbie, it is the looking down at school work and his ipad trying to get things set up for him. I tried to get him to let me set it up on my laptop stand and he kept taking it off, then just pouring over work pages and getting them printed or drawn up. I just cannot have my head looking down very long. Today's eye appointment made it hurt even worse as I was doing the visual field test and clicking the clicker as I saw the red or pink light dots. This takes a little while and I would start feeling the neck tension and shoulders and found myself clenching my teeth. I took some Excedrin ahead anticipating it, but it still hurt. I told my husband I quit wearing my I stand for freedom shirt with the flag on it when I go out. I worry someone will flog me in the parking lot or something. He wears his make America Great Again hat, but he can do it and not worry so much. I wore blue and white today :) Nice workout today. I like those Raw Strength workouts and the times they are are nice for allowing some cardio.

Roselyn, nice work getting in a Body Beast workout. I am feeling the CL burn sets legs heavy that I did yesterday. My hamstrings are sore.

Doreen, it really is better if we know the move before we choose the weight we want to use. Although sometimes the instructor surprises with a variation and speed on the move where I pick up a heavier weight thinking she said squats and it is way harder than I expected. You are right on BLM.

Jolie, I am pretty sure that you would like the Les Mills Streaming. I always wore my weight gloves when doing combat. They are so much fun. The music is great too. I have not looked at what is on Youtube though. My husband has boycotted NFL ever since the not standing. BLM has a terrible manifesto. I have looked at it. I agree, all lives matter. We are all equal. It is all a bunch of political agenda stuff. It makes the games not fun. We usually just watch the college teams play.

Roxie 1965

Good Morning,

Sorry for being MIA but I haven’t been consistent with my workouts for a while just can’t get in a groove even though I need to after getting my cholesterol results. This week I see a new doctor about my hormones so hopefully that will help and I am dealing with a right shoulder issue. I really like Beachbody’s Muscle Burns Fat but haven’t even completed one full week of it. I have a subscription to Coffeyf but it doesn’t work with my Roku so haven’t used it and I miss her. Today was Lite Body Weight and Bands TS#2 Standing Only


This morning I did Lean Body Circuits - weights premix for 30 mintues (skipping the stretch) and then CL308 Med Ball Blast for another 30 minutes (skipping the warm up). Very fun combo of workouts - heavy and then metabolic. I liked the med ball moves. This was a fun workout. I haven't used a med ball in ages!! I'm trying to even remember what workouts I have that use a med ball - it kinda went out of vogue and no one uses it anymore!
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I walked over 1 mile this morning and will walk later this evening to get my energy back. Talked to my doctor about exercise. I can do 150 min of moderate - intensity per week. It's better than nothing, right? I am still going to take it easy next week, I have no energy.

Diane - I have an appointment on the 24 September with the nutritionist. Next week I will let them know about both autoimmune problems. This way they have something ready instead of me having to wait another week or so. I found what's good for one problem isn't good for the other. I do appreciate all the info you providing me with. Greatly appreciate it. I always though I was eating relatively healthy with my thyroid, it was the opposite. No wonder I have stomach problems.

Yesterday my Rheumatology call me, I had a few question. One was supplements. He doesn't want me to take a lot of supplements with the meds (he switched me meds Fridayto steroids for the next 3 weeks) He did say I can take multi vitamins like Centrum. This was the one he knew of his head. He wants me to stay away from vitamins since he doesn't know about the purity. I guess he was talking about off brand vitamins. I will print the ones you listed and show him the list, pretty sure they are pure not synthetics. I hope this makes sense? He did say my Organic protein powder and collagen was ok to take. It is very hard figuring out what to eat for both problems. My doc wants me to focus more on the what to eat for thyroid although they gave me a food list for RP, lol. They hasn't been enough study's on RP. I like to nip both in the butt at the same time if that makes sense? Thanks again for all your help.
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Today I did Cathe Live # 126 timesaver Step Grooves, which I really like and have done quite a few times. This was 36 minutes, 195 calories, heart rate 126/168, 3,524 steps. Lots of traveling and turns with this one and familiar moves. I then did Cathe Live #304 Burn Sets Biceps and Triceps, 39 minutes, 81 calories :rolleyes: , heart rate 92/138, 628 steps. Total time was 75 minutes, 276 calories, 4,152 steps. Today I bathed my dog and have been cleaning house. I ordered some groceries from Whole Foods. I will have to go out to the Dollar General and probable Sprouts tomorrow though. Just a few items. They did't have the GT's Gingerade Kombucha. It showed on their list in the larger bottle. They did text and offer Ginger berry, but I am not purchasing something to drink as a substitute that I don't really love. I did that with the GT Alive last time and I hated both flavors I ended up with. It seems I only like the Guayusa tumeric one. The gave me 10 dollars off today since they were missing items last time.
Weights today for Live Burn Sets Biceps and Triceps
Standing Curls 20# dbs 12 reps
overhead triceps extensions 30# db 12 reps
seated dumbbell curl 17.5 # dbs 12 reps
incline close grip bench press 15# dbs
(next time I will use 17.5)
seated alternating sweeper curls 17.5# dbs 10 reps right and left count as 1 rep
lying incline skull crusher 15# dbs 12 reps
1 arm concentration curls 17.5 # 10 reps
crossbody kickbacks 12# db 12 reps
W curls 15# dbs 12 reps
close grip bench press flat bench 15# dbs 12 reps + 2 bonus reps
seated alternating hammer curl 17.5 3 DBS 10 reps left and 10 right then bonus 2 reps both
concentric triceps push ups on platform 10 reps
concentric biceps curls 15# dbs 10 reps
(next time I will use 17.5)
eccentric triceps push ups on platform 10 reps
eccentric biceps curls 17.5# dbs 10 reps
1 arm triceps kickbacks 15# db 12 reps
reverse curls 15# dbs 12 reps
dips with db in lap 15# 50 reps

Roxy, good to see you back. Sometimes life and how we are feeling can stall what we are really mentally wanting to do. Hope you can get things figured out.

Doreen, I remember Cathe using a med ball in some of her older workouts. I also have a hard time remembering. I looked at that one this morning, but with how my neck and shoulders were yesterday I held off. Particularly if there was swinging the med ball around. Although it does say she uses a 4#. I have a soft 5# ball and lowest actual med ball is 8#, then I have 10 and 15. Ten has usually been the one I like to use as it is a bit smaller in size than the 8 that used to have a handle on it ,back in the day when Kettlebells started getting popular. I cut the rubber handle off. I do like to do metabolic workouts once in awhile though. Cathe seems to always want to do overhead stuff along with lower body a lot.

Belinda, bless your heart, I know you have to be in a lot of turmoil right now which cannot be good for inflammation as stress can make it worse. I read and hunt for quality sources when I choose my supplements. I have little trust in those off beat companies that pop up on Amazon. I choose more reputable. Thorne is a good source. I like Ancient Nutrition products, Garden of Life seems pretty good. The Bluebonnet products I have purchased was different and a company in Texas. What caught my eye is that they had great reviews and one person said they started purchased their , I believe B12, because their doctor recommended the company. Bullet Proof stuff, Mercola are good companies. Just naming some of my favorite. Now is okay sometimes. I read about sourcing as well. Their C is from Scotland when a lot comes from China. Yes, you do have to pay close attention to what meds you are taking and even different supplements that can interact in a bad way together. It is hard determining, because I sometimes wonder if I am causing more problems trying to boost my immune system when with auto immune diseases the bodies immune system is attacking itself in some way. It gets confusing. I have followed Chris Kressor on his website and have one of his books and dietary print outs for RA. Even he said he would do all of the things he mentions in the book and on his website, but if he had to he would resort to meds. I keep forgetting the glutathione? I think that is it where the body makes it from L glutamine. He mentions a specific newer supplement. I just wish I knew more about the thyroid on that level. That is good that they are getting right on it. Probably not as fast as you would like. I do know we want the purest and cleanest as we don't need to add more toxins to our body for it to have to take care of at the same time we are mending. Also on the histamine end of it I read you should not eat food that is not really fresh and do not eat left overs. Food should go directly to the refrigerator. Not that we don't do that most of the time, but I wonder about making soup and putting it in the freezer or refrigerator for meals later.


Diane -again thank you so much. I really appreciate all your help. I am not familiar with vitamins and supplements. You, Debbie and Jolie are a wealth of knowledge. I appreciate everything you guys share. I hardly can take the vitamin I have, they always me nauseous. Where do you buy all these vitamins? At health food stores. You are right it gets confusing when it comes to supplements. I also read should not eat food that is not really fresh (raw) and do not eat left overs (it raises the histamine) and you should put in the freezer or refrigerator. I really have to pay attention to all of this. I been doing things wrong :( I know all this isn't a long thing. I am sure most of those food I can incorporate once my thyroid and RP stops going crazy.


Belinda, I get most of my supplements from Amazon or Sprouts. I make sure thing like Ancient Nutrition products have Ancient nutrition as the seller. Ancient Nutrition keeps track pretty well. I have a log in for their website and have ordered from their site as well as Amazon. One time I found a sliver of wood, like from a crate in my collagen powder. I contacted them through Amazon and they had me send pictures and stuff. They replaced it. Didn't ask for it back. I used both as I was not worried that much. Anyway, when I went on their site I saw they had given me the others free on my account on Ancient nutrition. I buy Bullet Proof products from their site, Sprouts, and Amazon. Sprouts sells Ancient nutrition as well and the same with Garden of Life. Walmart carries some Garden of Life products. Dr Mercola has his own site or you can order on Amazon. I have had vitamins that made me nauseous. I bet those vitamins had something other than just vitamins. Also, when they say take with food on the label, it needs to be something other than just a piece of fruit or something. A spoon of nut butter helps. I hate vitamins that make me feel ill. I have found those work better on the stomach when I take them at the end of the day with food as by then my stomach has enough in it, to avoid the ill feeling. But, generally I won't replace that product.

Jolie Fit

No workout yesterday, if you can believe this, I pulled a muscle or tendon at the bottom of my foot kickboxing on Friday and it was too sore to workout so I just rested it. The pain kept me up all night but it doesn't hurt when I walk? Weird right? Today I was dying to lift and to give my foot a total break so I did Cathe Live #284 Arms and Abs and had a fantastic workout. Total calorie burn was 387, and workout was an hour long. I love these workouts when she uses the ball because her pace is much slower and you can get a better workout when you can contract the muscle or lift heavier. I have been so sore from the Les Mills workouts I can barely move :) I want to subscribe to their on demand because I like the official instructors so much better than the people that post the workouts on youtube, though they are free. I think the only workouts I would use would be Body Combat, Body Pump and their ab workouts, the other workouts they have look too high of impact. I will be starting up doing Yvette's workouts again because doing the leg exercises using the step workout the best for me.

Doreen, I just typed into YouTube, Mary Fultin Fit Body Combat or Body Pump and all of her workouts come up. She talks a lot and takes too many breaks but I do squats or something like that to fill in the space so there is no rest. There are so many instructors to choose from but the original instructors are the best for queuing and music.

Belinda, hang in there! Doctors know very little about vitamins and Centrum is crap. Take a good multi vitamin from Sprouts instead or look on Amazon. I like brands like, Nature Way, Nature Best, Life Extension, Nature Made, Jarrow, I think is the best. Take Choline and Bovine Colostrum. I am going to talk to my Dad about this and get back to you. He was in the vitamin business for 40 years and we made vitamins with very comprehensive formulas to support the structure and function of the body.

Roselyn, way to go on the Yvette workout!!! I am going to start doing those again as the weather cools off. Those are too hard of workouts for hot weather.

Have a wonderful Sunday, i am off to pack and watch some football!!!!! Go Tom Brady!



Today I walked a total of 2 miles, one in the morning and one in the evening.

Jolie - thanks for your kind words!! Your comment about vitamine and Centrum is crap made me laugh. No wonder it makes my stomach upset. I will look into all the products you mention. Never heard of it before. Wow, that is so sweet of you asking your dad about vitamins for me. I have zero clue about vitamins. In Germany we have special natural Pharmacy's, you tell them your problem and they mix things for you needs. I miss this pharmacy's. Thanks for all your help!!

Diane - I will check out supplements from Amazon. We don't have a Sprouts. Wow, on the wood ship in collagen powder. I would have used both too. I will try to use a tablespoon of nut butter. I usually take the vitamins which food, still makes me upset. Maybe I need to take it at dinner. Thanks for all your help!

Roselyn - great job today.


Today I did Cathe Live #282 Cardio Core, 41 minutes, heart rate 121/140, 188 calories, 3,182 steps. I went out and finished shopping for the week, other than what I will order from Amazon. I spent the rest of the afternoon setting up Firetv stick for our main television so that we can use the OU app that we pay for yearly without having to use HDMI to watch it on tv. They said last year they were going to set up OU sports app on Roku, but still have not. Anyway they played Missouri yesterday and we decided to sign up for another year of streaming. They discounted it 20 dollars from what we paid yesterday. Hopefully this week goes smoothly. It is already 7 and I need to go over my grandsons work to see what we are doing tomorrow and submit the numbers.

Belinda, when you look at supplements make sure they are dairy and soy free. I have used Thorne Meriva Curcumin SF because it is soy free and a better absorbed formula. Dacha products are good about posting all of the stuff they do not have in them and that they are are GMP tested, no GMO's, antibiotics, that sort of thing. Dinner time would probably be best. Funny you mention mixing things. One of my doctors in my GP office had a special formulation mixed for me to apply topically to help with my joint pain. It did not help much though and that was before I finally got a diagnosis. It was a special pharmacy that does that. I don't think one of the local big ones would do that. I talk to a woman that lives in Hawaii and her pharmacist often recommends natural supplements for her. One was astragalus for her immunity. She is in her 70's. I have been using that supplement for quite awhile. It is in my immune coffee from Wild Crafters that I drink in the morning. That is nice that you got in some walking today.

Jolie, nice work on Cathe Live arms and abs. I might like to do that one. At least when my shoulders and neck are not hurting. They are sore today and I am guessing from putting the 30 overhead for triceps extensions, then today's workout had plank work and bear crawls. I did a lot of stretching afterward. That is odd that you pulled a tendon in your foot doing kickboxing. Was it the foot you were standing on when kicking? I tried several of the other types of workouts on Les Mills and they were way to high impact. I only liked a couple of the yoga sessions, and the barre work was not using a barre, it was ballet dancing so I gave it up quickly. I did do the spin though as it had just started at the last of my subscription. If I remember right most of the step type workouts which I did also did some strength and abs in each one. I liked those as well.

Roselyn, nice work on the Yvette workout.
Today I did CL #302 - Burn Sets: Back, Chest & Shoulders. Had an excellent workout, love this one. Wish the music was not so loud, though, I am not a big fan of Cathe's music as of late.

Most exercises unless marked differently was 12 reps. 9 rounds, each different with the exercises except the Warmup set and Round 2.

WarmUp Sets:
One Arm Row:
Dumbbell Press: 15's
Front Raise: 10#

Round 2
One Arm Row:
Dumbbell Press: 30's
Front Raise: 17#

Round 3
Dumbbell Flies: 25's
Seated Overhead Press: 15's

Round 4
Double Arm Row:
Incline Dumbbell Press: 30's
Rear Delt Flies Drop Set: 15's (12, 10 , 8 reps)

Round 5
Triple Rows Overhand:
15's - 6 sets
Incline Dumbbell Flies: 25's
Side Leaning Lateral Raise: 5#

Round 6
One Arm Row w/Rotation:
Close Grip Bench Press: 20's
Upright Rows: 15's

Round 7
Triple Rows Underhand:
15's - 6 sets
Pushups w/Shoulder Tap: 12 reps (on knees)
Seated Lateral Raise: 8's

Round 8
Vertical Grip Pullover:
Drop Set Pushups: 12/10 reps on toes/8 reps on knees
Standing Iron Cross: 5's

Round 9
skipped - hate this exercise with a passion
2/2 Count Pushups: 12 reps on knees
Seated Scarecrows: 5's

Every time I looked at my FB it showed my HR at 89 bpm. I was well into the workout and it was still way under 100 bpm. Ridiculous. So I loosened up the strap and that seemed to work, all of a sudden my HR shot up to 162. WTF is wrong with these devices? My goodness.

Workout was 48 minutes, burned 226 calories, HR was 107/183.

I'm sorry, I don't have time for personals. I will try to be back later. You all did some great workouts this weekend!
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Still incredibly sore so I will probably just do cardio and if time permits extra stretching. Grandchildren are running late since their Dad is bringing them. I probably could have got in a workout before:rolleyes:

Roselyn nice work this morning.

Debbie great job. I think I will forgo that one for awhile. I did the other two. I agree on the music. It is not fun music. It is blah.


#84 ICE Total Body Compound for this morning's workout. My app wasn't working so I had to log in through the website... then they were sorted differently and this one looked interesting and I thought I remembered liking it when I did it before. Which I did like it.

I think I'm going to try a Beachbody subscription. Several programs in there now that I haven't tried yet.

Jolie Fit

Good morning. Today was cardio and since the bottom of my foot felt better I walked on the TM. I put on my more structured shoes and those work much better because they are stiffer in the sole and my foot doesn't flex as much when walking. Workout was 60 minutes, I put it on a hill climbing mode, traveled 3.23 miles and burned 562 calories. Heart rate was 133/174. Today all of our contingencies will come off if all of the correct information is into the lender so I will know for sure if we are getting the house. I started packing this weekend, boy I still have a lot of stuff I could still get rid of.

Debbie, nice workout today, it is amazing the weights you are lifting lately! You go girl! What ever happened with the job interview? I have seminar on Thursday to see if I want to start selling life insurance for Allstate insurance company. I will do it if the pay is good and i can work from home. There is no way I could wear a mask all day long. Nope.

Diane Sue, I hope the virtual learning goes smoothly for you today. I have been so sore lately too! I hope your soreness goes away.

Roselyn, way to go on BB Chest.

Belinda, I am so glad you got a walk in the other day and feel a little bit better. Those pharmacies that they have in Germany, they have them here in America as well. I forgot what they call them but I will ask my husband. He has used them in the past for certain issues so I know they have them here. He just called me and told me to have you look for Compounding Pharmacies! Yeah!

Doreen, I know you can get a 2 week free trial at Beach Body and Les Mills before you have to pay for the month. I might go ahead and try some of the workouts first before I do a membership. You can do higher impact workouts than I can so there is more variety for you! :)

Make it a great day, I have to pack again.
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