Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for JULY 2022!!

It took me awhile today to get up motivation to start a workout. I felt so sluggish and tired. Had my coffee and avocado toast with supplements and still feeling exhausted I dozed in the recliner for a few minutes and then go to the workout. I think I ate too much junk and cake this weekend. We had dominos Friday and my husband ordered cinnamon sticks. I always get the pasta primavera with veggies in it rather than pizza. Saturday was Red Lobster, not bad there, but ice cream later and then yesterday was way bad. Anyway, I am paying for it. Today I am back on track.
My daughter was asking what I wanted to eat on my birthday next month, and I was clueless. I told her most meat smells and tastes weird to me anymore. I eat some for my protein needs. Anyway, I think we settled on barbecue, and chicken. I fill most of my protein needs with protein powder, tuna, and some salmon. My daughter was wondering if covid ruined my sense of smell and taste. Who knows?
Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Cardio Crush 3, heart rate 112/138, 153 calories, 1,842 steps. I really felt this all was low for what I did. I then did Kelly's Cardio Fit premix Hi/Low cardio, heart rate 115/136, 85 calories, 1,213 steps. Total time was 58 minutes, 238 calories, 3,055 steps.
Cardio Crush 3
Tabata rounds done 4 times with two moves and then moves to the next round High and Low impact with low options
Tabata 1
run butt kicker
Tabata 2
lunge split jumps alternating
triple steps to the side and scoop return
Tabata 3
prisoner squat
jump rope 4 jog 4
Tabata 4
soldier arms and legs moving (fast)
Tabata 5
knee/knee/push kick
long jump
Tabata 6
squat out/thrust (Tried first round and switched to side to side squat jump)
mountain climbers (managed these)
Tabata 7 abs
crunches (I did v sits and scissor legs)
leg drops

Cam, nice work. Good for you substituting other moves. Plank work is something I am just getting started being able to do somewhat. Pushups on the other hand bother my shoulder. I can still tell it is pretty weak.

Debbie, I remember wondering why Kelly was doing supersets, but only one move for back. Great workout today though. You are getting some great calorie burns in. I always push a bit further out for my wellness check. The thing is, it is good to get the blood work done and have them go over things with you. I seriously think they just don't care anymore when you are older. Plus, they do not make money off of Medicare patients. It is hard around here to find a doctor taking new Medicare patients. I can only imagine how bad care will be if they go to Medicare for all. Will doctors keep up their practices? My daughter said when she gets a doctor she is going to look for a young good one that she can keep till she is old. My daughter in law was telling me that the doctor that started the clinic I go to had stopped taking more medicare patients long ago. He retired and the one I see now owns the clinic. I am lucky I am still there. My daughter in law used to work there. All in all I avoid going to the doctor as much as possible.

Jolie, enjoy your rest day.

Good Evening,

I did KCM Build and Burn Kettlebell Kickbox Fusion haven’t done that one in a long time. I am giving up Fire & Flow I get injured to easily.

Debbie-which pallets I have Naked Honey and some eyeliners. The birthday is so they can get a free gift and 10.00 off that month. I am still enjoying the job last weekend we had associate appreciation and got 35% off instead of 25 so everyone loaded up.

Diane-the address is so they can mail coupons.
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Today I did Fuel day 16 LB.

Debbie - aww...you are so sweet! Thank you for your kind words. I do feel the same way as you being more than a check in. I love vegan food, wished it would help me. We just talked about food in the RP group. It helping some but not everyone. We are all different. Who knows what triggers those flair ups? Doctors can't figure it out. God knows I tried. I hope the meds will help soon too. My Rheumatologist wants to see me next week. I have an appointments next week. I only have one this week that I remember.

Diane - thank you for your kind words and prayers! I sure need some. Sometimes its are finding a good support group. I learned a lot on the RP support group. The girls that run the group all have RP and most are nurses. They all are willing to help and answer all your questions. They all been or going through these same problems with RP as I am. I will ask maybe they know of a RA group. I hope the injection will help you. Great job on your workouts despite being tired and sluggish.
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Today I did Strong & Sweaty PHA. Funny, I really didn't like PHA when it first came out. But now I'm in love with this style of workout. PHA 3 is my fave though. What a sweatfest that one is.

Diane, Cathe does release pushups in PHA (push yourself up from the floor to your knees/toes). I really like those. I find them more doable and still challenging. Wow, long workouts today! Good job. I think I tweaked my shoulder during PHA. I went too heavy with shoulder presses on the third set. I have done a lot of shoulder work with all the plank work the last couple days. The rest of the week will have to be standing workouts.

Jolie, my ob/gyn says the same thing but wants to still see me every year. I canceled this year. I think its a waste of time if I don't have any problems. I also told the receptionist that I am tired of the mask. I'll go next year.

Debbie, good workout today. I gotta start doing more of my Kelly workouts. I saw one of her short clips about getting organized and having your week of workouts planned. I really need to do that. I always get distracted by new YT releases.

Belinda, Roxie & Roselyn, good workouts today.

To hot and buggy for a walk tonight. Bummer.
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Good morning,

FUEL Series 30 Min GIANT Upper Body Dumbbell Workout | Day 17 is done.

I will be back later to catch up on personals.
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This morning I did RAW Shadow Boxing 1 and had an excellent workout. Love this one as I do all of her boxing workouts. So fun!! These had 1 minute intervals of various punches and slips. Really felt it in my waist.

Workout was 42 minutes, burned 384 calories, did 3531 steps and HR was 139/172.

I have a busy day, meeting friends for lunch and then have to take my mom to the dentist. Poor lady needs a tooth pulled. :( She has a bridge so I hope they can add this tooth to that bridge. We'll see.

Roxie - I have the Urban Decay Naked Sin (love it) and Naked3 but it doesn't have a name. The colors in it are Glassy, Public, Laced Up, Stolen, Right Time and Spiced. It's sort of mauvish but then sort of not. LOL! I love this one too. I wanted Foxy because I love the color pallette, but there are too many shimmers in it and no good transition shade. I still might get it one of these days. I have at least 10 of their eyeliners, they are all I use.

Jolie - Hope you had a great rest day. Thanks for asking your dad when you can speak to him. No rush.

Diane - Food intake does a job on me if I don't eat right, I always feel it - sometimes as soon as I eat it. Great job getting your workout in even though you didn't feel like it. It is odd about these doctors. I'm glad mine are all still where they have been. My mom is on Medicare and and AARP and she gets top notch medical help and attention and has been able to keep the doctor she's had forever. I wonder if laws are different in different states?

Belinda - You're welcome, we are all here for each other, that is why I love this check in!! Great workouts, girl!!

Cam - When I go back to work I need to make a plan for my workouts each week for sure. I waste so much time looking through workouts right before I workout and that isn't cool and wastes a lot of time! Great job with your workout!

Roselyn - Great job with your workout!! Iron looks excellent!!

Have a great day everyone! Gotta get going!
Today I woke up with a kink in my left shoulder and neck area from sleeping in a weird position. Halfway through the night I forced myself to sleep on my back with pillows under my knees and did pretty good. I know that my sleeping position is causing a lot of issues for me lately, so I have to make a change if possible. Laying on my back hurts my low back and knees but the pillows help. I took half of an Aleve, and it has helped somewhat for the pain. Today's workout was a 45 min uphill walk on the TM, traveled 2.4 miles and burned 353 calories. Next, I did Cathe's Power hour Chest, Back and ABS and had a great workout. I did not do the pushups due to my shoulder pain; I just did chest presses to match the pushups for reps. Total workout time was 1 hour 6 minutes and I burned 476 calories. I wanted to hit biceps, but it is so hot and humid that I just stopped and went into the house to enjoy the air conditioner. I think I have to start getting up earlier to workout due to the heat for the next couple of months. We had hurricane type weather yesterday, huge surf and clouds with high humidity, it is coming off Baja. My youngest son surfs and he went out yesterday and the waves were 15 feet, which is huge, a lot like Hawaii waves. He of course went for it; he is an adrenalin junky.

Debbie, great job on the workout today, it sounds like a fun one. Good luck to your mom at the dentist, my dad just had a front tooth bridge put in, boy is the dentist expensive.

Belinda, have you tried taking Bovin Colostrum for your Auto Immune issue? It is amazing for the immune system that is why babies need to breast feed to help build their immune systems. You can get it in capsule form from most vitamin stores or online. I started giving it to my preemie baby when he was in ICU and he grew so fast they could not believe it. I, of course, did not tell the doctors till afterwards because they probably would shoot the idea down since they do not know much about vitamins and supplements. I take it every day and I give it to my dog.

Cam, great job with the workout yesterday. I would not go to the OBGYN every year either unless I have an issue which I do not. I do have to get a mammogram this month but that is it. I think after this one I will switch to the Thermography instead, less invasive.

Diane Sue, I cannot believe you had such a great workout after not having a lot of energy. I eat like crap and then face the consequences later myself. I need to get 8 pounds off again, drinking wine in the summer always does it to me and my waistline. I cannot stand meat at the moment, and I am supplementing whey protein and eating eggs, I love deviled eggs or an egg sandwich.

Roselyn, way to go on the workout!

Roxie, nice job on the workout and it is better to stop a program if you are getting injuries. I just bought a tinted type of face serum with spf 40 in it by Ilia I think, and I love it. I saw it on Instagram, and I like it more than my Charlotte Tilbury because it is not so dewy.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.
Debbie - thank you! It means a lot to me. I love this check in too. Great job as always on your workout.

Jolie - thank you! You are funny not telling your doctors. Unfortunately I do have to let them no so I don't have any side effects with RP. I have to let my team of doctors know what supplements I take. I will run it by Penn and see what she thinks. I am in the RP study, I have to let them know what I talk. Thank you!
Today I was slow getting going and woke with a headache. I got rid of it and had plenty of energy for my workout. I did CDorner no equipment kickboxing that she did today, 80's music, 34 minutes, heart rate 125/159, 167 calories, 2,903 steps. I then did Cathe Perfect Pump Upper Body, 43 minutes since I added shoulder rotator work at the end, 93 calories, heart rate 85/115, 348 steps. I finished with Chris mobility from today, 32 minutes, 75/93 heart rate, 43 calories. I saved this one as I really liked the moves and she did some shoulder stuff that was a bit different. There was a lot for shoulders and neck and a good lower section. Total time today was 1 hour 49 minutes, 303 calories, 3,251 steps.

Perfect Pump weights (I went low on these) requires bench, tubing, and dumbbells)
Pullover set #1 5# dbs and I made sure I did not go too far back
Pullover set #2 3# dbs I really worry about this move as I have been doing much better without it
One arm row set #1 10# db 12 reps
One Arm Row set #2 15# db 10 reps (I felt 10 was too light)
Bent over clutch row 10# dbs10 reps
posture pulls with tubing
rapid row toss 12# db
standing sweeper curls 10# dbs 10 reps
clutch curls 12# dbs 10 reps
Biceps curls 12# dbs 10 reps
Biceps Curls set #2 10# dbs 10 reps
Biceps curls set #3 8# dbs 10 reps
incline front v lat raise combo 3# dbs and a few reps 5# Cathe uses 5's
lateral raise 3# dbs
scarecrow 3# dbs
push press 5# dbs
tubing move for shoulder and chest
incline bench press 8# dbs 16 reps
incline clutch press 8# dbs 10 reps
dead bug fly 8# dbs 10 reps
decline push up elevated foot - I just did a few release push ups on my kneess (thanks Cam)
overhead triceps extension 12# 12 reps
kickbacks with tubing
push ups using the step topper I did 5
triceps dips set #1 20 reps weight in lap (no weight)
triceps dips #2 18 reps no weight me
triceps dip #3 12 reps no tried with weight and removed it
Today was Penny's 40 min Cardio Hiit. I subbed some of the floor moves. I had enough the past couple days. Good workout though.

Diane, I like Perfect Pump, especially the total body premix. I will definitely check out the Chris mobility stretch from today. Good workouts!

Debbie, good workout! Hope your lunch was fun.

Jolie, good workout! It was hot and humid here today, but it looks like a lot of states are battling the heat. I am sitting outside now as it got dry and very windy which keeps the bugs away. Otherwise forget sitting outside at night.

Belinda, I admire your commitment to rotations. I guess I do somewhat of a rotation with different instructors. Good job with Fuel.

Roselyn, you too. Good job sticking with Caroline!

We are all doing great with our workouts! Hope Diane, you're doing well.
Cam, when I lift overhead and angles are off even a bit, I feel twinges things that I don't think I should feel. Usually, it bothers along the back of my shoulder or in my armpit. My first experience with PHA type training was an old Firm workout. I really liked it. I have not done any of Cathe's PHA workouts in a while. I looked at the Total Body premix, but my hips are still sore from Saturday so thought I need another day. I forgot about release pushups, thanks for the reminder. I waste a lot of time when I start looking for what workout that I want to do. Today I had somewhat of an idea, as I knew what Chris was doing today and that I wanted to get in some weights. I did waste time looking through work sheets to see what I could do without modifying too much.

Belinda, nice work with Fuel Giant upper body workout. Do any of the people with RP you talk to work hard on their health and fitness like you do?

Debbie, great job on the shadow boxing today. I hope they don't have to put your mother through too much at the dentist. I hope that you had a nice time with friends at lunch.
I think Medicare is the same in all states. It is my understanding the supplement insurance has some different rules per state. I use Mutual of Omaha and so far have not had to pay anything more than more medical deductible per year. The problem is doctors do not want to take many medicare patients because they do not make money. They have to agree to the medicare amount that is way less and then medicare generally pays that less deductable which for me my supplement pays. It just makes it hard to find a doctor. I have to drive distance for my doctors since we moved. But I would be afraid to try to leave the one I have. Particularly after the issue with getting a pulmonologist. I searched out Rheumatologists near me and only found one that had terrible reviews. I don't even know if that one was taking patients. So I drive an hour to get to mine. I don't know how doctors would be able to deal with everyone medicare is what I am thinking. My daughter had mentioned how many doctors she has noticed that just disappeared. But then we discussed where we knew some went. One of mine moved to a small city and found work there so her husband could buy a farm. Then some of them that could, seem to be retiring. The other pulmonologist I had retired. My daughter's boss that owns the clinic she works at is retiring.

Jolie, sorry your shoulder hurt this morning. I try to stay on my back and do pretty well with a wedge for my legs. I was using the incline wedge with a lumbar pillow as well, but then I started having an issue of slipping down the wedge and it causing my ribs and breasts to hurt at night. Once I went back to flat with the wedge that has let up. I still am waking with some low back issues till I get up and work out the kinks. It is hard to roll over with my legs over a wedge. I cannot sleep on my shoulder.
Great workout today with the Power Hour segments. I don't blame you for wanting to go inside where it was cool. Have you ever used Life Extension Whey protein powder? I was looking at it and price is not bad and it is undenatured. Chris Kresser says undenatured whey is one of the best ways to help the body to produce glutathione. He says taking glutathione may help, but he thinks the whey is the best. He talks about this on his website as something he uses with patients along with other supplements for RA. I have some daily. I always pay for it when I let up on my nutrition and add in those "little" things that mess up my progress. I like Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth protein in salted caramel a lot. It is not whey though.
I like poached eggs on top of a baked sweet potato, or cubed air fried sweet potato.
I was so tired all day yesterday and never accomplished much other than the work out and going outside to pull some grass out of planters and hand water dry patches. Maybe it is the heat. I stay in till late though.
Good morning,

I have an early doc appointment this morning. I will get my workout in later.

Diane - no, they don't. Most of them have it worst than I am. A lot of people have involvement in their trachea collapse with affects your breathing. I don't workout like I used too. I don't push my body to the extreme anymore. Great job yesterday.

Cam - thank you! I don't have to search each day what to do.

Be back later.
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Sorry - I haven't checked in very regularly. Lots going on at work with the announcement that I am planning to leave. And my husband and daughter have been gone to help his mom after his dad's triple bypass surgery. He's home from the hospital now and my husbands sister will be flying in to help at the end of this week.

This morning I did a Penny Barnshaw no repeat low impact. I liked it - I did sub out some ab moves at the end though.
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I am exhausted today, poor sleep, my dog was baking all night long! I will take a rest day today since it is hot again and I have low energy.

Great job on the workout's ladies!!!
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Finally got my car back after weeks of them fixing it. Geez. It looks brand new, though. I pray I do not get into anymore accidents. Getting old!

So my knee has been great for about 2 weeks now... until yesterday. I was at my moms and all I did was sit down on her chair and the pressure on the knee did something again and man did it hurt!! WTF?? What on earth could be causing this? It's right under the knee cap and it hurts like hell to walk up the stairs again. I have no idea what I should do? MRI? Hope it heals again?

Anyways, I was able to walk on my treadmill at 2.8 mph for about 20 minutes. At least I got some steps in.

Then I did RAW Strength Day 1 - Back and Biceps and I had a really good workout. It is a tough one doing every exercises for 5 reps. I went moderate with the weights today. I have my thermal imaging appointment tomorrow and didn't want to do too much. Tomorrow I will just walk on my treadmill.

This is not a superset workout, you do the exercises one at a time doing 5 sets of 10 or 8 reps:

One Arm Row:
20# - 5 sets/10 reps
Single Arm Reverse Fly: 12# - 5 sets/10 reps
Frog Leg Lifts off Bench: (I did Shoulder Blade Pushups - Diane knows what these are! 3 sets/10 reps

Seated Alternate Hammer Curls
: 16's - 5 sets/8 reps
Preacher Curls: (I did a variety of curls) 12's - 5 sets/8 reps

Hip Lifts:
(I did different ab exercises for the 5 sets)

Workout was 45 minutes, burned 345 calories and HR was 126/152.

I also did some of my knee exercises - the ones that didn't hurt too much to do. Ridiculous that I am back to square one AGAIN!

Jolie - Sorry about your kinked neck, I hate when that happens. I haven't had that happen in a long time, ever since I've been sleeping on my wedge pillow. That has been a lifesaver for me. Luckily, my cousins son is our dentist and he doesn't charge my mom anything except cost of products. So like whatever the cost of the products he needs to add to the bridge he will charge her. Other than that, she gets all her dental work for free. Enjoy your rest day!

Diane - Great job on your workout yesterday! I watched a bit of that kickboxing workout from Chris. I wish she didn't add in so many jumps. I might do it a year from now when my knee finally stops hurting. LOL!! So weird about doctors where you are, I've never heard of one not accepting Medicare. I bet we see more and more of that happening too.

Cam - I had a great time at lunch, thank you!! Great job on your workout!

Doreen - So how did your work peers take the news? I'm sure they hate losing you. Hope all works out well for you.

Have a great day everyone!!!

Fuel D18 LB is done.

I had an appointment with the Allergy/Immunology. I had a bad reaction to the covid vaccine in March. I still haven't recovered. He also doesn't want me to get the booster shot.The vaccine is putting my immune system (RP) in overdrive. He wants me to get Evusheld monoclonal antibody instead.

I am meeting up with my kids today. I will catch up on personals tomorrow.
Today I did Cathe Perfect Pump Lower Body, 33 minutes, heart rate 102/135, 467 steps, 110 calories. I then did CDorner Intermediate 130BPM Step that she did live today, 47 minutes, heart rate 118/148, 210 calories, 3,311 steps. This was a fun step workout except the music through most of it was driving me nuts. I wanted it to stop. When I had first turned it on it was live and I saw the end and music was not bad at the end and looked fun. So, I did not expect to dislike the music. I did weights first since she was not done yet.
Perfect Pump Lower Body
squats 20# dbs 12 reps
static lunges 15# dbs 12 reps
deadlifts 20# dbs 12 reps
pick up squats 20# db 12 reps
elevated lunge I used 3 risers instead of 4 15# dbs 12 reps
elevated lunge hops (did these on the floor after each side)
deadlifts with toes elevated 20# dbs 12 reps
heels elevated front squat 15# dbs
step ups 15# dbs 12 reps
single leg deadllift 20# db 10 reps
front lunges 15# db 10 reps
close grip squat 20# db 12 reps
squat crossover lunges 6 inch step 15# db 10 reps
forward leaning lunges 6 inch step 15# db 10 reps
cossack squat 12# db 12 reps
calf raises set 1 20# dbs 25 reps
calf raises set 2 20# dbs 20 reps
calf raises set 3 20# dbs 15 reps

Doreen, that sounds like a lot going on right now. I hope things calm at work. I hope things go well for your husband's Dad and healing after triple bypass surgery. Nice job on Penny Bradshaw's no repeat low impact today.

Belinda, I feel so bad for you and those others with RP. That sounds rough. I am sorry the covid vaccine has caused you these problems. I really wish they would have been more diligent about studying the effects and waited for all of those vaccines. Hoping you get help with the reaction to it. Good idea on the antibody instead. Great job getting a Fuel workout in today. Enjoy your time with your kids today.

Jolie, I am sorry you did not get any sleep. If my dog barked at night it would mean someone was messing around the house. She never barks at night. Just in the daytime and right now they are putting up the framework of a house right behind us so there are guys all over out there hammering and making noise. She does not like it.

Debbie, you might need to get an mri or something to see what you are dealing with. Chances are it was not completely healed yet, or some underlying cause. When I had knee surgery the insurance made me get an x-ray and then and ultrasound before they would authorize the mri. My doctor wanted to go straight to the mri. What a waste of time that was plus I lived 100 miles from my doctor so had to arrange for tests where I lived when my doctor had already set up an mri here. I always dread going to a doctor with something like that, knowing it may mean more tests and decision making on what to do.
It doesn't take much to set something off that is not right. I was a bit surprised at all of the jacks in Chris's kickbox workout. I was really not wanting that as I had done a lot of jacks in Kelly's Cardio Crush and my knees feel it when I get carried away with jumping. I did some of them as low jacks instead, which Chris always points out that you can do that if you do not want the jacks.
Today was a rest day. DH and I went to dinner out on the lake after work to one of our favorite places. Usually it's packed but a windy and warm night so it wasn't so busy. And I just took a 2 mile walk.

Debbie, I would get an MRI. This has been going on too long. That's the only way they can determine what's wrong. Good job with RAW.

Diane, good workouts today!

Doreen, good workout with Penny. I like her cardio. It's usually pretty fun.

Belinda, hope you had fun with your kids. Good workout!

Jolie, I slept lousy too. So much going on at work I am a little stressed. I am thinking I will sleep well tonight.
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