Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for JULY 2022!!

Sorry I have been MIA again!!! My son was in a horrific car accident on Friday, and I have been dealing with it all weekend. Get this, an illegal texting on his phone, loses control of his vehicle on the 5 freeway, the busiest freeway in the US, and shoots across the highway, 7 lanes deep and takes out 9 cars including my son. This pains me to type this because if I could, I would cause great harm to him. My son's truck is totaled but he is the only person who walked away from the accident. When I got to the scene of the accident the fireman told me if he wasn't in such good shape from football and didnt have the muscle around his skeletal system, he could be dead. It took all of the police and fireman to stop him from hurting the idiot that caused the accident once the driver became conscious. 9 people were taken away in ambulances and I have no idea if they survived their injuries. My son had to help the fireman lift off a car from someone to help save them and now he has some injuries from that along with a broken thumb from the accident. The freeway looked like a bomb had gone off, cars everywhere and people laying on the ground waiting for help. Also, a Marine was on the scene and called me to let me know to come as quickly as possible, about a 25 drive from my house. We went straight to the hospital because he hit his head hard and his thumb you could see was broken but could not be helped after sitting there for 5 hours. They told us his in too good of shape and is put back to the end of the line each time Big, Fat, out of shape people came in with health issues because they do not take care of themselves. Keep in mind, I pay $1600 per month for my family's health insurance, and I could not get my son to be scene in the emergency room. We ended up leaving and I took him to urgent care the next morning. After I left the emergency room, I took him to his high school football coaches house where he checked him for a concussion. We do not believe that he got one, so he is lucky. Needless to say, I am so pissed off about anyone that has voted to allow illegals into our country, drive without a license and NO insurance either for the car or for health and get a free phone from the government and will get treated at the hospital for free and go ahead of actual United States citizens. I know there is not enough space in Hell for all of the people that think this is ok and voted for this administration who allows such things to happen in our country. If you do not like what I am saying, I don't care!!! If you think this is ok, what is going on in our country, I sure hope nothing happens to someone you love! Then and only then you will probably think this is wrong.

My workout today was a steep walk uphill on my TM, I had to burn off this rage and an upper body workout. I burned 512 calories. Now we have to go out and buy a new truck because my son has to go back to college to move on Thursday and has no vehicle.
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Forgot to check in today. I walked 2.5 miles and then did Penny 30 min. Standing Cardio Hiit. No Repeat. I changed up a few drills but it was mostly low-moderate impact. It was a toughie.

Jolie, so sorry about your son. Glad he's ok.

Fuel is done? Hmm, wonder what she will do next. I really need to do a few. I just don't like "parts" type workouts. Sometimes her total body leaves out muscle groups. That drives me nuts. I do have trouble following rotations, but I also have a problem saving too many workouts. Go figure.

I love Monday mornings, looking over all the new YT workouts.
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This morning I did a workout I've never seen on RAW. It was RAW Heavy Bag & Arms and it was an awesome workout. Noelle is in it with Kelly and it was a good workout. They were sweating like crazy. Me, not so much. Not sure why?

The lifting part was 5 sets of 12 reps and the boxing part was 50 seconds on/30 seconds off. When she does the 30 seconds off, she does different forms of squats.

Barbell Curls: 10# (3 sets) 12's (2 sets) (I did hammer/twist with last 2 sets)
Boxing - Jab/Crosses: 50 seconds
Squats: 30 seconds
(Repeat Boxing/squats 4 times through)

Push/Press: 10# barbell (3 sets) 8's (2 sets)
Boxing - Hooks/Body Shots: 50 seconds
Plies: 30 seconds
(Repeat Boxing/squats 4 times through)

Overhead Triceps Extensions: 12#
Boxing - Jab/Cross/Hook/Cross: 50 seconds
Pulse Squats: 30 seconds
(Repeat Boxing/squats 4 times through)

Tempo Drills going through all the punching drills a couple times through.

Fun stuff! Workout was 61 minutes, burned 536 calories, did 2713 steps and HR was 136/173.

Jolie - I don't even know what to say about what happened to your son. Why can't people drive anymore? Everyone is so out for themselves only and just don't care who they hurt or who they run over. We have had lots of senseless accidents here and it's ridiculous. People just don't pay attention anymore. I'm so glad your son is ok, keep an eye on him. And what kind of jerks do you have working for the emergency rooms? Good Lord. Honestly, I don't know how anyone can live in CA. That is one state I don't even want to visit. No offense to you, just saying. You guys have the worst government there. Arnold needs to come back. Wow, you take some serious supplements. I found a supplement from lovecomplement.com - https://lovecomplement.com/products/complement-essential-vegan-multivitamin and I take that and add Potassium and Vitamin C and I feel great. This supplement is for vegans who don't get enough minerals and vitamins because of not eating meat. I got so sick of taking several pills and the cost, etc. and this one pill does it all.

Belinda - that recipe link you sent looks awesome. I love potatoes and will definitely try it!

Diane - I'll have to check other CDorner low impact workouts, she really does a great job getting the HR up without jumping. I wish Kelly would do more low impact cardio stuff. It's mostly all boxing which I love, but I can't do that every day. Great job with your workouts!!

Cam - Great job with your workouts! Hope you enjoyed that beer and what book are you reading? I'm reading the 9th book of the Outlander series. It's taking me FOREVER to get through it.

Roxie - Hope you had fun at your ball games!!

Roselyn - Good job with your workout!

Gotta go, lots to do today. Have a great day everyone!
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Today I had an excellent workout even though I had a poor night's sleep, it was hot last night even with the air conditioner on. I started with a walk uphill on the TM, 40 minutes, traveled 2.1 miles, 5.5 incline and burned 337 calories. Next, I did a Back workout that I put together and it was good and at the end I added 4 AB exercises. This week I will be walking on the TM and doing one body part per day with ABS and Core. Today's workout was 1 hour 10 minutes and I burned 605 calories. I did not do this in a circuit style, I did each exercise x 3 sets and moved on to the next exercise.

Wide Grip Pull Downs- 60# x 12, x 12, x 12
Narrow Grip Pull Downs Palms Facing Inward- 60# x 12, x 12, x 12
1 Arm Rows- 20# x 12, x 12, x 12
Rear Delt Flys- 8's x 12, x 12, x 12
Posture Pulls with the band- medium tension- x 20, x 20, x20 (these are killer)
Rowing Machine- 50 rows on the hardest setting, I was working for it!!!
ABS- 4 exercises to failure

My son is doing better today, all of the soreness is going away. His thumb is a different story.

Debbie, fantastic workout today! The workout looks really interesting, Kelly sure comes up with some different things for her workouts compared to other trainers. Yes, California's laws and politicians are idiots. I would love to move to a Red state but those are going away since Biden is busing all of the illegals there to vote it Blue. If you take the politics out of the equation, it is beautiful. I never get offended by anyone's remarks, to each is own, is what I say. I would love to move but the job market is getting really bad. I will check out that link for the supplement today.

Cam, nice job on the walk and the workout yesterday.

Roselyn, way to go on finishing Fuel!!! Did you see some great results? What are you going to do next?

BBL to read the other posts for the day.

Fuel LB Day 11 is done.

Jolie - I am so your son is ok. I agree with Debbie. You do take a lot of supplements. I am sick of what I have to take daily too.

Debbie - I think you would like the recipe. We did. Great job on. your workout.

Waving Hi to everyone else. I am cleaning up my computer. Hopefully I am not deleting too much, lol
Today I started with a Penny Bradshaw low impact workout, but 9 minutes in she was on a second set of some push ups and it was already too much for me. A bit is okay at this point, but I was afraid of what I was in for. I tried looking at several instructors workouts before starting. Anyway, in that 9 minutes I burned 44 calories, heart rate 117/138. Not bad. So, I switched to CDorner Full Body Strength workout from Friday as she generally gives options. This was 64 minutes, heart rate 93/125, 162 calories.
Total time was 73 minutes, 206 calories, 1,479 steps. I have my ladies group in the morning so I doubt I will do a workout tomorrow. Besides I also have to go hunt down milk as Walmart messaged me that they did not have milk or chocolate milk available for my delivery order. That is irritating, as I bet if I went in the store I could find some somewhere. Maybe I will go to Braums, after all they are a dairy store.
I was thinking about getting a month of Cathe Live, but after looking at some previews here, I did not see much that I thought I would want to do. I would like to see more. I was hoping some more work with the long loop bands. I think I saw one or two with them used along with weights.

CDorner Full Body Strength
she does go heavier than I did so I am posting my weights

Round 1 done two times
lunge/row/2 kickbacks alternating leg 10# dumbbells
Loop band (rubber one) 1 leg balance with band around foot and doing rows
bridge/fly/skull crusher 8's (I have not done much for chest work so being careful here)

Rnd 2 core/abs
hollow hold (boat) crunch I did boat holds while they were still moving
side to side crunch (I did standing side to side holding 8#)
lying hip lift leg drop
bird dog on knee or bear bird dog

Rnd 3 plie with one or two dumbbells I used one 15# db
wall sits, heels elevated biceps curls 10# dbs
curtsy with W curl 8# dbs
sit in boat hold one db in hand other arm extended pass to other hand after hold alternating. Holds are not short 8# db

Rnd 4 repeat core/abs segment

Rnd 5 side lying inner thigh raise with rotator cuff 5# db
pulse inner thigh
lying on side straight arm from side 3# ( this was harder than I would have thought)
repeat on other side

Rnd 6 Core/abs again


Debbie, nice work with Boxing and Arms today. I almost did the new core one this morning. I really wish she had more workouts without boxing. I think I might have a couple of cardio dvds without boxing. I know one of her first ones was step and weights and another was step with a boxing segment at the end. I don't even think those made it to the raw channel. I love boxing too, but have learned not to do it day after day. I guess it is the same with step workouts as well. I think we can get too repetitive with one type of workout and that leads to problems and imbalances.
I get tired of the expense and taking so many supplements too. I read that multi vitamins generally are missing enough of particular vitamins that your individual need may be though. Then some things you can get too much of. So, I don't know.

Jolie, I am glad your son was not injured worse. That is terrible and I cannot believe the emergency room would not take care of him. You are right, California has a lot of beauty. I am glad that I do not live there anymore as I would not want to deal with all of that. There is no reason for people driving to need to be on a phone. It takes away their attention to what is going on around them and their own driving. I understand you being upset and angry. They need to dump those illegals on those that are allowing it's doorstep.

Belinda, are you doing another round of Fuel? I watched a bit of a workout today and I think it was Caroline and she picked up a huge dumbbell while in a bridge position with her upper body on a chair. That worried me about picking up the weight from that position. I decided I need to really preview first. I think that was number 23.
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This morning I did RAW Strength 2 Cardio Acceleration. I had a great workout and really love this one. I wish she'd come out with a Cardio Acceleration 2 - she said she would while doing this workout. This is weights and cardio but you can rest at the cardio intervals if you want. I did the cardio and modified when I had to.

12 reps each lifting move, cardio was just as long as Kelly wanted it to go.

Upright Rows:
Double Arm Kickbacks: 10's
Overhead Press/Triceps Extensions: 12's/10's (this was tough had to stop early)

Bicep Curls:
15's (I did supination curls)
Squats: 10's (I did one shallow set)
Hammer Curls/Squats: 12's (I just did Pledges)

Dumbbell Flies:
Seated Double Arm Rows: 15's (did these using a chair, worked great)
Chest Press/Connected Pullovers: 12's


Workout was 54 minutes, burned 450 calories, HR was 133/171 and I did 2758 steps. Great workout, loved this one!

Jolie - Were they able to set your son's thumb? I hope it heals ok. What an ordeal he went through. So scary! I agree, I bet CA is beautiful. It's a shame politicians have to $#ck everything up. They all should be ashamed. I hear Wisconsin is supposedly denouncing the 2020 election due to so much fraud. They actaully said Trump won that state. Funny how you don't hear about it in the regular news. I wonder if anything will come of it Probably not.

Belinda - I will definitely try it. I have so many recipes I want to try, it's ridiculous. It's nice that I have time to experiment right now. :) Great job with your Fuel workout!

Diane - How on earth does Wal Mart not have milk? OMG. I don't know about these stores lately. Luckily we have most things here in our stores although I see cat food is scarce again. I'm sure the multivitamins lack in some things, but I really like the ones I'm taking. I feel great so they seem to be working. Great job with your workouts. I'd like to join Cathe again, too, but I seem to get hurt every time I do her workouts. I've been great with just Kelly and some CDorner. I need to check it out and see what kind of workouts she is doing. Have fun at your ladies get together.

Hope you all have a great day. I'm going to lunch with an old friend that I haven't seen for 2 years. Looking forward to it!! Still don't have my car back. So pissed. They said toward the end of this week hopefully. I hate the rental car I have.
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Today is a rest day, I finally went and got my blood work done. I swear, every single day something prevented me to go and do it. I hope everything turns out ok, I should start getting some results back as soon as tomorrow. I hate getting older, it is always something...

Debbie great job with the workout today and have fun with your friend at lunch. My son's thumb is fractured, no surgery needed, and he wears a splint. He has to go back to college on Thursday to move out of his apartment into a new place and I am not sure how he will be able to lift much with the thumb issue. Some of the football players are coming to help him.

Diane Sue, I am going to cancel my Cathe Live, every workout seems so similar I see no reason to subscribe anymore. I purchased a few of them and have so many written down that I will just do those without the subscription. I am really enjoying doing my walking or cardio with total body workouts each day and it is free. What will you be doing going forward?

Belinda, what are you going to be doing going forward for workouts? I am canceling my Cathe Live, all the workouts seem the same as the earlier one's that I have done and written down.

I hope you all have kick butt workouts today.
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Today I did D12 UB Fuel.

Debbie - great job on your workout today. Let me know what you think.

Roselyn - good job finishing Fuel. I love Iron. Great job.

Jolie - I will see what Caroline comes up next. If I don't like it I will do Iron again. I love Iron.

Diane - I am only in week 3 with Fuel. Roselyn just finished the rotation. Yes, Caroline lifts very heavy. I go what I feel safe for me. You can make those workouts as light or as hard as you want them to be.

Cam and Roxie - where are you?

Good night.
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Today I did Michelle 40 min Full Body Strength and Cardio Low Impact. I also just took a 2 mile walk. The flies and mosquitoes are starting to attack. Ugh!

Just an FYI, KCM released a free YT workout today that's available for 24 hours. I think it's called RAW Slim Sculpt 2. It looks good, but I just don't care for her boxing. I would think she would keep it up until mid afternoon tomorrow.

Debbie, glad you had a fun KCM workout.

Jolie, I am glad I didn't subscribe to Cathe Live. Not that she doesn't deliver a great workout but I don't want to pay for the same stuff either. I have enough of her dvds. I am enjoying the free YT workouts. As you know I tend not to stick with one instructor. I like variety.

Belinda, good job with fuel. I see Heather has new series but they are very short. It seems everything is geared towards 30 minutes these days.

Roselyn, good Iron workout.

I went to work early today. Time for bed.
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Good morning,

Walk outside and FUEL Series 30 Min GLUTE & HAMSTRING COMPLEX Workout | Day 13 is done.

Cam - 30 min is perfect for me these day's. Great job yesterday.

Have a great workout and day, everyone.
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This morning I did 2 rounds of KCM Slim Sculpting 2 that she has up on youtube (she said 24 hrs). It was pretty good- I just ran out of time to do the third round.

I think I'm going to be switching jobs... today's the day I tell my employer - not looking forward to their reactions cuz I don't think they are going to be happy! I'm the only manager that does non-profits and I manage close to $900k of their work. But I was offered the opportunity to buy into a smaller CPA firm and that sounds like an interesting move so I think I'm going for it!!
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Doreen, congrats on the new job!!! Never feel bad about leaving a job that you have no financial investment in, you have to do what is right for you and your family. All the luck to you on your new endeavor.

Today I did Combat 30 kickboxing workout using 1# gloves and had an excellent workout. I am short on time, so this is the perfect workout to do on days like today. Workout was 35 minutes and I burned 302 calories.

Belinda, great job on the workout today! I may be starting those workouts in the near future.

Cam, great job on the workout yesterday. I may state Cathe's STS program but I have done it so many times I am not sure I can stand to listen to the cueing anymore!

Roselyn, nice workout yesterday!

I got my lab results back and everything looks good so far except my Cholesterol is a little high but nothing I cannot take care of with more supplements. Beta Sitosterol and some Red Yeast Rice and a diet change. I hate getting older, you have to work so much harder to stay healthy even though I lead a healthy lifestyle. Make it a great day.
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I typed this out early this morning and must not have it submit. LOL! This morning I wanted to do another low impact workout from CDorner. I chose All Standing Cardio Workout. I did about half and then stopped, I just couldn't get into it. She kept talking to the people sending messages to her and a lot of it was squats and lunges. I don't know, I would think that if you need to do low impact you probably have something wrong with your knees or somewhere in the legs. Why then, would you make most of a low impact workout squats and lunges? I guess if my knees were hurting it would have been a great workout, but I was really frustrated doing it.

I then did RAW Boxing Finisher which was 16 minutes long and I used my 2# hand weights. My HR really goes up with these workouts, I love them. I couldn't get my HR up much with the low impact workout.

Total workout time was 47 minutes, burned 412 calories, did 5070 steps and HR was 139/183.

Jolie - Hope the blood work tells you something. I wake up almost every morning feeling like total shit but then when I get moving and get my workout done, I'm fine. I don't know what is causing that? Hopefully your son's thumb will heal quickly.

Great workouts everyone, I need to get going., I have to go grocery shopping for my mom.
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This morning I did CDorner Hip Hop Tabata Cardio, 39 minutes (actual was 33 minutes, I kept messing with my new watch band) 170 calories, heart rate 114/141, 2,395 steps. I then did about half of CDorner Lower Body and abs, 31 minutes, 78 calories, heart rate 91/12. I wanted time to do the mobility workout and she began repeating what I had just done. Feel Good Stretch and Flow, 25 minutes stopping at the lying on the floor and relaxing part, 34 calories, heart rate 73/93. Total time was 95 minutes, 282 calories. Chris must get up pretty early as she said she had been shopping Prime days and Kevin had went out to breakfast, then she had 3 workouts up. One was live when I started the other. I guess it is an hour later where she is though. I had a fun time with friends yesterday and we always get in some good laughs which is so nice with all of the negativity going on around us all of the time. I have a scheduled visit with an out of state friend tonight. I am looking forward to it.

Lower Body and abs timed
plank hold
squat with fabric band around calves and 15# dumbbell
keep band on and do balance leg extension holds for quad then do other leg
wall sit leg extension 5 reps alternating 5 reps
pulse 4 squat jump
plank hold with knee in skipped
lying side leg raise reach
single leg deadlift balance knee up 15# db
single leg glute bridge
hip bridge with dumbbell 15# db this was the alternative to lying prone leg curls which Chris did with a 20# db between her feet. I tried this in another workout, and I kept dropping the dumbbell and mine was 10#!!
She starts again with variations of the same ab work and then seems to go into leg work that is similar again, although I thought she said we were only doing those moves once. Anyway, I was not liking it all that much.

Debbie, great workout today. So far I have been lucky with my dog food lately. I cannot imagine that they had no milk. I have had my milk limited before to one gallon, but not unavailable. The thing is if I am worried about a product ahead, I order more than one brand just in case. That is when they all show up. Maybe it was because I was first order of the morning and they had not restocked?? I might think about that next time. I went to Dollar General yesterday that was around the corner from my friend's house after we played games. They had very little milk too. I got one gallon as what was there was too close to the date. So, I still have to shop again. I know what you mean about getting hurt. I think a lot of the time the workouts are too fast and too much compound stuff with overhead stuff which is rough for me. If I could get enough of a preview, I suppose I could buy a download or two, but I rarely pull out my external drive to do a workout. Too much of a bother.
Sometimes Chris is distracting with the talking. I did enjoy the tabata cardio today, but it does have some impact in it. She shows low impact options though. I rarely wake up full of energy. It would be nice to feel rested and full of energy. Once moving I am okay.

Jolie, that is great that blood work was good. Lowering cholesterol does not seem like it would be too hard. I did have some issues myself for awhile after surgery with that and blood pressure, but things are fine now. I adjusted and took some supplements as well. I felt like that when I signed up for 6 months. I just sort of like to check out the newer ones that I have not tried.
I think that I am getting where I can do some sort of a plan. Maybe a couple of total body workouts a week and a lower body only workout. I really need recovery time after the upper body stuff. I can do some of the planks now. Not too good at pushups though. I think that is going to take me only doing a few at a time or do them on the wall. Cardio and mobility added to workouts.

Roselyn, nice work on iron day.

Belinda, I guess I should look and try some of the fuel workouts. It is just that heavy dumbbell was sort of intimidating. I went back and looked at that one and she does go very slow but repeats a lot and goes back to the same move after a break. The time length is good.
I guess I read wrong. I knew more than one person was doing the fuel workouts. Nice work on Fuel upper body and on the glute and hamstring complex.

Cam wear lots of repellant. I read somewhere that there was a different mosquito in our country that is carrying some virus. They rarely bother me, but my husband seems to be a big attraction and he stays in the house when there are a lot.

Doreen, I have done the Slim sculpting raw workout. I liked it and it did not require heavy weights so worked well for me. I even held some 1# dumbbells for a some of the boxing. I hope you love your new job and it is not too rough quitting the one you have.
Today was a 2 mile walk and Penny 40 min. Full Body Sizzler. I liked the format of this. It was a 40/30/20 circuit. 4 circuits, 4 exercises, 3 rounds with 1st, 40 sec. The 2nd, 30 sec and 3rd, 20 sec. Circuits were UB, LB, TB and Core. It was more metabolic, but Penny sure knows how to fatigue the muscle.

Doreen, congrats on the job!

Debbie, great job today. I know, why does Chris do that? Interrupt the flow of a workout to talk. It drives me nuts. She is so talented but easily distracted. I also don't like her some of her guest exercisers. I have problem when they lack coordination.

Diane, good workout. You might want to look at Penny's standing cardio workouts. They are pretty good. Otherwise a lot of her workouts go down to the floor.

Jolie & Belinda, good workouts today!
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Today I did Kelly's Muscle Up Workout 1 & 2 but only did the upper body work and skipped the legs. I had an excellent workout! I like this one, I can go heavier with it since it's only 8 reps. I warmed up with 1 mile on my treadmill to get the blood flowing.

This is what I did:

Workout 1

Super Set #1
- 20's
Dumbbell Press - 20's
Total of 3 sets/8 reps, no rest

Super Set #2
- 25# - 8 reps per side
Dumbbell Flyes - 20's
Total of 3 sets/8 reps, no rest

Super Set #3
- 20#
Push ups - 8 reps (first set on toes, 2nd on knees)
Total of 2 sets/8 reps, no rest

Super Set #4
Alternate Arnold Press
- 15's/12's
Crunches - 16 reps
Total of 2 sets/8 reps no rest

Super Set #5
Lateral Raise
- 10's
Boxer Toe Touches - 16 reps
Total of 2 sets/8 reps no rest

Super Set #6
Bent Over Lateral Raise -
Supermans (but I did Oblique Twists) - 8# - 20 reps
Total of 2 sets/8 reps, no rest

Workout 2

Super Set #1
Flip Curls/Pledges
- 12's - 8 reps
Skull Crushers - 10's - 8 reps
Total of 3 sets no rest

Super Set #2
Side Curls
- 15's - 8 reps
Overhead Triceps Extensions - 15# - 8 reps
Total of 2 sets no rest

Super Set #3
Hammer Curls -
15's - 8 reps
Kickbacks - 8's - 8 reps
Total of 3 sets no rest

Workout was only 47 minutes, burned 411 calories and HR was 135/160.

Doreen - Good luck! Let us know how it was telling your current employer, I'm sure they will miss you. Congrats!!

Jolie - Nice job on your workout and I'm glad your blood work came back good other than cholesterol. Eat more oats, that helps a great deal.

Diane - Great job with your workouts yesterday! How is your neck and shoulder feeling lately? I have a knot again and I really think doing pullovers the other day caused it. And of course I did them again today. I wonder why that exercise irritates my upper back? I need to do something else even though I love that exercise. I really get tired of hearing Chris talk to people throughout her workouts. I wish I knew which ones weren't live, I'd do only them.

Cam - Same with Chris. I don't do any of the workouts where she has people with her, it is annoying. Especially the one woman who always looks drunk. Donna or something? Totally annoying. Oh well, I guess it's nice that we can choose which ones to do. :) Nice job with your workout yesterday!

Roselyn & Roxie - Hope you are doing well!!

Have a great day everyone!

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