Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for JULY 2022!!

Kelly put up a new workout yesterday called RAW Core Sculpting so of course I had to try it. It was a good workout if I could kneel. I can with my right knee, but not with my left knee. But I did what I could and I really enjoyed it. I really felt it in my core and abs more than anything. My left knee is feeling pretty good but I cannot put any pressure on it. I'm not sure why. While doing the dead bugs, they started bugging me because of the in and out movement of my knee. Sigh...

Tabata style: 20 on/10 off - 8 rounds each exercise

Used 3# dumbbells and 2# ankle weights for the entire workout

Boxing Crosses/Knee crunch

Circular Hydrants
- these are the ones on your knees, I modified for my left sie

Hooks/Opposite Twist to Knee

Frog Legs off Step
- I don't like these at all but did them since I rarely work my low back

Upper Cuts/Smash Twist

Bird Dogs
- picture dead bug but on your knees so you are working your low back. I could not do these, I subbed in some ab crunches

Dead Bug - these were hard with the ankle weights and my knee started hurting

Workout was 42 minutes, burned 299 calories, did 1170 steps and HR was 126/171.

Then I walked on my treadmill for 22 minutes, burned 174 calories, went 1.08 miles, did 2626 steps and HR was 123/136.

Belinda - The carrot dogs were pretty good. I marinated them over night and should have probably done it a little longer. I cooked them in my instant pot for 2 minutes and should have done it for 3 minutes. But, they were tasty. I really liked them. I also liked the Asian wraps but they were a bit salty. Sometimes all those Asian sauces together are too salty for me. They were good, though. I'll have them again for lunch. Glad you are loving the Fuel workouts!

Roxie - Didn't Ulta sell Rare Beauty before? It doesn't look like they do anymore. I'm so bummed. I don't buy from Sephora all that much and I really want some Rare Beauty items. I love the cheek colors and I see they have new lipsticks. I could have sworn I ordered the RB Pinch Cheek blush that I have from Ulta. Maybe I didn't? I'm glad you are liking your job, that is awesome! It does sound like you are dehydrated and your blood sugars are dropping. This has happened to me plenty of times. Maybe buy some of the tablets you can put in water that dissolve and give you a sugar boost. I think they are glucose tablets. They come in flavors like grape or mixed fruit. I've used them before when I was getting dizzy a lot.

Diane - That is unusual for the Garmin to not do the HR correctly. Mine has been good and I love it. Maybe you were just tired and had an off day. I know, I never saw the workout I did yesterday either, so weird. The carrot dogs were easy to make, it just takes a lot of time for them to marinate. They say 24-48 hours so you really have to plan ahead. I only marinated them for about 20 hours and then I cooked them in my instant pot which is so easy. They were good, too. I think all the computers in the health care industry are linked together. No matter where I go, they can look up what has been done to me, etc. Makes it easier for all involved.

Cam - Who is the instructor in Low Impact Challenge? I hate when the cuing isn't good, it makes a huge difference in a workout.

Jolie, Doreen and Roselyn - Hope you are all doing well!

Have a great workout everyone, and a great day!
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Good morning,

FUEL Series 30 Min POSTERIOR CHAIN Circuits Workout | Day 8.

Debbie - I made the carrot dog from FOK's. I will look if I still have the recipe. I didn't put mine in the instant pot. I made it in a frying pan, cooked it in the marinated. I use low sodium soy sauce or coconut amino acids. both are not salty. Great job this morning. Sorry about your knee.

Cam - I think you would like Fuel, they are short. They are very good workouts. Give them a try. Nicely done yesterday.

Diane - great job yesterday.

That's it for me today.
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Roxie 1965

Good Morning,

I did BeachBody Fire and Flow Lower Body Fire 1. We wanted to got to the lake today but it decided to storm. Our Sophie turned 1 today.

Debbie- Rare Beauty is a Sephora exclusive and those blushes are the bomb I also use her foundation and tinted moisturizer plus the bronzer stick and really like them. We sell Fenty by Rihanna.

Diane-I have really low blood pressure so doctor says it could be part of that which comes down to water.
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Jolie Fit

Sorry I have been MIA, I just stayed offline for a few days, I am disgusted what is going on in the world and needed a break from everything. Saturday and Sunday I did a beach walk, 4.6 miles each day and burned 634 calories on Saturday and 649 calories on Sunday. Yesterday was a rest day, I had so many errands to run so I got going early in the day. Today I walked on my TM uphill for 50 minutes, traveled 2.6 miles and burned 446 calories. It was so hot in my gym room today that I just decided to skip the weights and I will do a total body workout Friday. Tomorrow, I finally get to go and get my blood drawn, it took forever for my doctor to get back to me due to her being on vacation. I will fast for this test, I have never done that, so I get a really accurate test for my cholesterol and blood sugar. I did not feel great when I woke up this morning but once I got my blood pumping, I felt great. I can't wait to get to the bottom of what is making me feel this way so I can address the problem head on.

Debbie, great job on the workout today, I bet you love the extra time to workout during your break! My dad's book is not in circulation anymore but If I find and extra copy, I will send it to you. :) Sorry you were sad about your BIL, it gets better in time. It took me 3 years just to be able to function and breath and then I met my husband and it got a lot better. I had someone I could lean on; he lost his dad in a car accident, he knew what I was going through.

Belinda and Roxie, great job on the workouts today.

I have to go back and read all of the posts from the last few days to catch up. If I feel up to working out after my blood work I will get in a workout, otherwise that will be a rest day.
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I did CDorner Step & Weights Upper Body. I had this in my faves and I didn't ever remember doing it. I wanted to do some step and good upper body work. This was perfect. A fun step routine, followed by 1 min of an upper body exercise. 4 exercises to a set. 2 different sets repated once after the short step routine. It was about an hour, but so fun it went quick. I was a sweaty mess.

Debbie, Low Impact Challenge is Cathe's. Ha! It is not cued well at all. Sorry your knee is still sore. Good workout though.

Jolie, I hear you! There isn't really anything to look forward to. Everything is a mess. Good workout today.

Roselyn & Roxie, good workouts today.
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Today I did CDorner Cardio Kickboxing and Weights, 38 minutes, 143 calories, 1,993 steps, I followed with Boss Bands Total Body skipping parts so I did warm up which is still working, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, and added some rotations for my shoulders, 40 minutes, heart rate 97/128, 119 calories, 473 steps. I do not know how Cathe and crew use both the medium and heavy fabric bands for biceps. Maybe I am just a lot weaker since all of the shoulder problems. I dropped to the lightest band for the overhead triceps extension. I finished with CDorner Stretch for tight muscles that she did yesterday. It was mostly lower body stretching and she holds the stretches for awhile. This was 32 minutes, but my Garmin only got 19 min and 22 calories. I must have forgot to push start after I had paused it at one point because it popped up saying saving. I pushed start and it just started from there though. I am not sure what I did, but what I was doing was not much movement anyway.
Workout without stretch was 78 minutes, 262 calories, 2,466 steps.

Cardio Kickboxing with weights
3 minutes kickboxing
3 minutes- wide squat/curls 10# dbs 10 reps
walking lunges with overhead press (I skipped overhead press) 10# dbs 10 reps
reverse lunge/curl/front raise alternating sides 10#, dropped to 8# dbs
repeat till 3 minutes is up
3 minutes kickboxing
3 minutes- reverse lunge/hammer curl
curtsy lunge 1 arm tricep extension right 10 reps repeat on left 10 reps 5# as 8 was too much for my right arm when I tried
repeat ending with wide squat overhead triceps extensions holding two dumbbells
3 minutes kickboxing
3 minutes squat/ curl/press
wide squat lift heels and front raise 8# dbs 10 reps
holding dumbbells side to side waistline 10# dbs

Cam, nice work yesterday. At least you enjoyed the Perfect Hiit Low Impact workout. For some reason I think I don't care for that one. Like it has drill like stuff in it or something. Maybe I am thinking of something else.
It sounds like you had a good workout today with Chris on the step and upper body.

Roxie, nice work with Fire and Flow today. I hope getting more water is the only thing you need.

Debbie, nice work today. I watched that Kelly workout last night and wrote down the moves. I was sore from abs yesterday and decided not two days in a row. It looks good though. I was glad to see no crunches or planks. I am not sure that I would wear ankle weights for the frog leg lift. At least it would have to be real light. I always get a sore low back when I do superman and I think that would do the same thing. I guess I will see when I do it and how it feels. I know I have done the move before.
I am never very patient waiting for something to marinate or sit. I made a noodle bowl once that was yummy, but it required me to spiralize carrots. That was so difficult even though I have the KitchenAid spiralizing attachment. The carrots have to be wide enough to get on the spiralizer. I had to carefully pick large wide carrots. I thought late that I might have had just as good a result using carrot shreds. I never made the recipe again.
I know medical stuff goes through the system, but I find different health care places have different apps and portals for their stuff. I can add to some of them myself. I often do not think doctors look though. Sometimes I wonder if they even look at my chart before they talk to me. I talk to their medical assistant more than the doctors. My cardiovascular doctor rarely talks to me. Return visits are almost all with his nurse who checks my blood pressure, takes down notes and that is it. He did talk to me the last time because I had an ultrasound.

Jolie, so you just called your doctor for blood work? When I go for my yearly with my primary care doctor they do the blood work and I always fast. They never give me the results. The labs used to send out a report and they quit a long time ago. I do get a report off my arthritis portal though, as they monitor for meds and the arthritis activity. I hope you can figure out the problem. I saw a used copy of your Dad's book on Amazon. Just one though. That is amazing. Did you say he sold his company. Is it Roex?
I keep wondering why I seem to have no energy. It slows down productivity for me. I can sleep 7 hours, push through a workout, sit at the computer and start nodding off. I am always adjusting time frames for supplements, and what I am doing trying to get my energy all back. I do not blame you for taking a break. I have started turning the news stuff off after my husband goes to work at night. That way I can refocus on something other than all of the stuff going on out there. It makes me angry and sad. I am reading more and practice playing on the piano before I go to bed. That helps.

Roselyn, great job with the last week of fuel today and posterior chain.

Belinda, nice work today with Fuel and posterior chain circuits.
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This morning I just wanted to do a low impact cardio workout without boxing moves and I know Kelly doesn't have much in that area. So I checked out CDorner's stuff and did 45 Minutes Low Impact Steady State Cardio workout. It was good and I've done it before. Funny thing, there is boxing in it. LOL! But not much so no biggie. I liked this workout, I didn't think I've done it before but I remembered the end during the cool-down when she had to turn down the music which played Lionel Richie because they would block her if she played his music. How stupid. Anyways, the end had a bit of shoulder work with 2# dumbbells, it was a burner and I had to stop because I was afraid it would irritate my neck and upper back.

Workout was 47 minutes, burned 429 calories (holy cow!), did 4701 steps, HR was 143/181.

Belinda - I only use low sodium soy sauce but it's still salty to me. I find coconut aminos are even more salty tasting. LOL! Oh well, I did like it and will make it again soon. Good job with your Fuel workout yesterday!!

Roxie - Thanks for letting me know about RB. I do have some FB, love her stuff as well. I have the bronzing stick. I placed an order for Sephora this morning and bought the Huda blush stick. I hope I like it. Great job with your workout!

Jolie - You aren't the only one disgusted about what is going on. Idiot Biden was here in Ohio yesterday and I couldn't believe there were people at the place he was at listening to him. At least 100. Big whoop compared to what Trump can draw. Anyways, he was jabbering to the union people and my DH said they probably let them go there instead of work so they all just went. LOL!! Anyways, we are in a world of hurt of this crap continues. I thought the stuff you dad told you to do was making you feel better? Is it not working?

Roselyn - Great job with your workout!

Cam - Wow, usually Cathe's cuing is spot on. Oh well. Great job with your CDorner workout!

Diane - Great job on your workout, how was the Cardio KB and Weights workout? Did you like it? I'd like to do it but I see there are lunges and squats, etc. in it. I was worried doing the frog legs with ankle weights as well. I went shallow with the move and did it slowly. I'm fine today but I was a bit worried about it. I don't know about these doctors. I had to reschedule my dentist appointment, which was on June 26 and now I have to wait until Aug. 30 to get it done. WTH??

Have a great day everyone!
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Jolie Fit

I woke up feeling amazing today, slept well and had a great workout. I think I felt bad yesterday because I did not sleep well and that probably makes my blood pressure a little higher and that is when I feel not as good as I should. I am taking a lot of supplements, which I will list below, and it is really bringing the blood pressure down, but stress and other factors can raise it too. I was supposed to get my blood work done today but my son needed help this morning so I will go tomorrow instead. Todays workout was a 30 minute walk uphill, traveled 1.6 miles and burned 239 calories. Next, I worked Chest and Shoulders, I did 3 rounds of each Giant Set and each set was x 12 reps. Total workout time was 1 hour and 12 minutes and I burned 512 calories.

Chest Press- 20's x 12 (3rounds of the Giant Set)
Chest Flies- 15's x 12
Close Grip Chest Press- 15's x 12

Seated Overhead Press- 17's x 12 (3 rounds)
1 Arm Lateral Raise- 10# x 12
Upright Rows- 12's
Incline Front Raise with an Arc- 8's x 12

ABS- 6 exercises.

Here are the supplements I am taking, and it is really working well. It will take at least 1 to 3 months to see a significant result, but it is better than ever taking meds.

B Complex
Grape Seed Extract
Eye Bright
Eye Bright complex
Olive Leaf, 40%
K2 with MK7 and MK4
Blood Sugar Support
Alpha Lypoic Acid
Calcium with Minerals
Mineral Magic
Red Juice powder
Greens Juice powder
DIM Plus
Sea Iodine
Chromium Picolinate
High Potency Pregnenolone
DHEA and Pregnenolone Complex
Milk Thistle
Fenugreek Extract
Holy Basil
7-HMRlignans from Norwegian Spruce Tree
Melatonin- Helps you not get cancer too as well as great sleep!

Wow Right, but I have always taking a lot of vitamins and I am 56 years old and have only had to go on an antibiotic my whole life nothing else except something for pain after a surgery for only 1 day. My dad is 89 years old and has Never taken anything except an Advil and an antibiotic. I want to live my life free of drugs. My Dad's vitamin company was called Roex, The Ro is for Rodney my dad and the ex is for my brother Rex that died. He also had a lab called Pro-X to do all of his own production and a lot of private labeling and contract manufacturing for tons of other companies you see out there in the marketplace.

Debbie, great job on the workout! I cannot kneel on my kneecap on my right side either or the kneecap goes out of place and causes pain. Nice job on the calorie burn again, you are killing it this summer! PS, I HATE Joe Biden and the Democratic Party on what they have done to our beautiful country!!!

Roselyn, you are doing great with your rotation. I bet you have great muscle definition!!!

Cam, great job on the step and weights workout. I cannot even watch the news anymore, It makes me want to vomit. What the hell have the Dems done to our beautiful country in such a short period of time!

Diane Sue, great job on the workout! I think that we are just aging and our workouts will never be what they used to be and nor should they. I think poor sleep and everything else comes with age since our Melatonin levels drop significantly with age. Also, you had a very big surgery, and it takes a long time to recover from that and get back to where you were before. I can call my doctor and ask for anything over the phone and she will order the test from blood tests to X-rays. I am lucky that I found a person who respects my opinion on my body and will not be told by anyone what i should be doing.

Roxie, great job with the workout!!!!!

Belinda and Doreen, I hope you have a great workout!
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Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

Fire & Flow Functional Flow 1 WK1 D4. I worked 10-3 today which is about my normal schedule.

Debbie-I haven’t heard to much about the bronzer stick but I love Fenty’s cream blush. It’s so nice to apply lipstick and pick a perfume to wear at work without buy it
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Barre workout and walk for me today.

Debbie - I usually use less than the recipes calls for. I liked it too. I made a very quick dish from FOK's yesterday really liked it. https://www.forksoverknives.com/recipes/vegan-baked-stuffed/nacho-baked-potato/ Very quick if you cook the potato in the microwave. Great job on your workout.

Diane - great job yesterday. Sorry about the sleep. I sleep like a rock lately, probably from my meds.

Waving Hi to everyone else. Great job!
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Today was a rest day. I just took a 2 mile walk at lunch. I forgot to post on yesterday's that I also took a 2 mile walk last night. I didn't sleep well last night, my dog was driving us nuts. Licking, shaking, scratching. I think the bugs are biting her when she's in the grass. Its affecting her sleep. Ugh. I can't wait to hit the pillow.

Good workouts everyone!
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I guess I've forgotten to check in since the 4th of July! I did a bike ride yesterday trying to make it back before the rain started (I made it). This morning I did a band workout on Ifit with Hannah Eden and then did a 10 minute pilates routine/stretch to cool down.
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Today I did Kelly's RAW Ascending Pyramid Upper Body. I had a really good workout. This is one of Kelly's longer lifting workouts but since I had time I figured I'd do it. She does this one with Sammie and they take turns doing each exercise. I sometimes went a little faster than waiting a long time to do the next set. Still took me over an hour to do.

I warmed up walking on my treadmill for 1 mile - 20 minutes.

All reps were 16/12/10/8
Chest Press: 12's/15's/20's/25's
Chest Flies: 10's/12's/15's/20's

Upright Rows: 8's/10's/12's/15's
Lateral Raise: 5's/8's/10's/12's

Seated Overhead Extensions: 10#/12#/15#/20#
Skull Crushers: 5's/8's/10's/12's

Seated Rows: 12's/15's/20's/22.5's (did them standing)
One Arm Row: 12#/15#/17#/20# (did Pullovers)

Biceps Curl: 8's/10's/12's/15's
Double Arm Pledges: 8's/10's/12's/15's

I like the double arm pledges, I really felt it in my forearms and right in the middle of my biceps. Felt great!

Workout was 63 minutes, burned 540 calories!!! HR was 139/172.

I do not have time for personals today, I have a lot to get done. Hope you all have great workouts today!
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I got busy yesterday and had my chest CT so I forgot to check in. They called on the CT today and said the larger nodule they are watching is stable from last visit and they want me to come back in a year.
Yesterday I did CDorner Hiit and Miss Cardio, 46 minutes, 258 calories, heart rate 135/164, 4,163 steps. Chris gave lots of options on this one. When there were thrusters and mountain climbers she showed some other moves and I pretty much stayed on my feet. This altenated a Hiit round and steady state medium rounds.
Today I was tired again. It keeps taking a long time to fall asleep and then I wake up multiple times. I started to do a Penny Bradshaw workout that was strength, but she hit the second move and it was a side plank holding a dumbbell up and I decided it was not for me. I need to watch these first. This was only 4 minutes and 14 calories. So, I did a Tracey Steen beginner, full body cardio strength, 42 minutes, heart rate 107/155, 150 calories. I upped some of the weight a bit and increased cardio intensity a bit. It is all low impact. She used 2's, ,5's and 8's. I did some of the lower work with 10's and biceps combos.
I finished with CDorner stretch from an older workout that is around 15 minutes and lots of upper stretch using a chair and added on to it with one of her mobility cardio workouts stopping after down dog. Time for this was 25 minutes, 55 calories, heart rate 86/114.
Total time today was 72 minutes, 219 calories, 2,217 steps.

Debbie, I remember that workout because of the Lional Richie comment too. She has some pretty good low Impact workouts. I noticed she has been adding some no equipment legs and arms workouts. It seems most instructors manage to put some boxing type moves in their workouts. If I don't want to put that much into it, I don't power the punch if that makes sense. I think it depends on brand with coconut aminos, soy sauce, and teriyaki. I have a no soy one, but ingredients Called Halo that is gluten free and lower in sodium than the teriyaki I have at 450 mg per Tablespoon. I went to look for my coconut aminos and I guess I am out and used the teriyaki with a shrimp and veggie dish and the sodium was so high. It was really bad for me with the dry mouth or cotton mouth thing. Wish I had used the other, but it has sugars in it. I don't know about these doctors and stuff either. The whole country is off kilter. I wondered if since that doctor that my pulmonologist was is going to check the results of my next Chest CT in a year. As far as I know my dentist is still working. I have thought about changing. My husband wants one near us. I babysat for the receptionist for years and was neighbors of theirs. I need to get another appointment. They sent me a card before I had surgery. It has been a long time.
Nice work today too. Looking at the exercises I could probably do that one. I have done it before.

Jolie, I think I have almost as big a list as you do of supplements. I hate trying to put that all out there when I fill out medical paper work. I go online and add or take away some of them on my portal. They asked why I quit hyaluronic acid and I told them it didn't seem to help. I am taking it again in a skin supplement, and it seems to be helping. It may be the combo with zeaxanthin. I was taking it in a collagen formula from garden of life a few weeks ago. All I know is joints are feeling better right now. I just went over a list I have from John Hopkins Arthritis Center and a supplement I have found interesting from Rob Keller MD Called RK MD OGF which has a great looking profile for increasing glutathione which I have read from different sources is great for RA. I just sent out an order for several supplements as I am running out of things. Expensive, but health is important. My daughter's friend that is a PA suggested melatonin as one of the supplements to take when I had covid. I keep it around and take it in smaller doses as some of those brands are pretty high and I get nightmares which can be a sign of too much. I read a couple of places recently that there has been such a rise in usage and those that use it all of the time can decrease their body's ability to make it's own. I take anti-inflammatory supplements along with the others. This last surgery probably has had a lot to do with my energy levels. I feel like the surgery and arthritis etc, is taking a lot out of my body to fight. I swear that surgery was the first time I took the meds for so long. Any other surgery was like the first day after surgery and the rest of the med sat in the cabinet till I got rid of it. I still have the muscle relaxers. I really do not like that stuff. Curcumin and boswellia were what helped me dump the meds. I would love it if I could just call my doctor and get what I want for tests and stuff. Wow, on your Dad having his own lab as well. That is so cool. I saw some of the Roex products on Amazon.

Cam, at least you are able to get out for walk. I hate not getting enough sleep and wandering around feeling drained. We have been having so many bugs and spiders crawling up the walls and in my flower beds. I kept spraying around the outside of the house. Finally I gave up and purchased yard spray and I sprayed lawn and everything. I have not seen anything since. I usually do that anyway as a preventive of ticks and fleas. My other dog died of tick born disease despite the yard spraying and Frontline. My dog still seems to be having tummy issues off and on and I do not get why. My holistic vet says a cleansing diet of green beans and sweet potatoes only for up to 6 weeks helps shed inflammation if the dog is not doing well.

Belinda, nice work with barre and with Fuel day 9.

Doreen, nice work outs.

Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

We went to another t-ball game tonight an hour away. I did Fire & Flow Cardio Fire 1 WK1 D5. Jericho led this one and it was all high impact was 29 minutes long because she throws abs in the end.
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This morning was Penny Barbell Super Sets. I think this is my most favorite workout of hers. It was divided by lower and upper body with an ab finisher. 12 super sets. Each set was a 45 sec. strength move followed by a 30 sec cardio/body weight move repeated 2x. Its challenging and I love that it doesn't involve compound movements. Straight up strength.

Beautiful weather this weekend in my neck of the woods. Enjoying a cold beer out on my patio with a good book.

Roselyn did you check out Michelle Briehler's trampoline workouts. She has several.

Have a good weekend everyone!
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Today I did CDorner Step Hiit Workout, 47 minutes, heart rate 117/143, 207 calories, 3,990 steps. This used 5,8, and 10# dumbbells with a vertical step. I then did Cathe Step Boss Chair Stretch, 16 minutes, 25 calories, heart rate 76/98. Total time 63 minutes, 232 calories, 3,990 steps.
Tomorrow will be a rest day.

Cam, I have a Michelle Briehler trampoline in my watch later list.

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