Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for JULY 2022!!

Holy crap, it is July. This can't be possible. I'll be back to work before I know. :( I am loving my long mornings and workouts. I need to figure out how to continue the intensity when I go back to work. I'm wondering if I can get up at 4 instead of 4:30, that would give me a good extra half hour to work out. I'm sure it's doable.

We had an amazing time in Amish Country and the weather was perfect! Spent way too much money but who cares? LOL!! My cat is doing good, too, they gave him meds for the throwing up issue. Been dealing with that his whole life. He has tarter on his teeth because I won't let him eat hard food, and she wants me to have him go in and get it scrapped off. Not sure I want to do that.

This morning I started out on my treadmill and walked for 1 mile, warming up my body. This has helped a lot, I think. My body is warm and I'm ready to workout. Then I did RAW 4DS Shoulders & Legs. I did do the legs because the exercises aren't incorporating full squats and the exercises that did more of a squat movement, I kept shallow. Had a great workout:

1 minute each exercise repeating the circuit once

Heel Front Squats: 10's
Deadlift down/Squat Up: 10's (I only did the deads)
BSS: 8's (I did static lunges and went shallow and did only 1 set)

Shoulder Press: 10's
Lateral Raise: 8's
Front Raise: 8's
Bent over Lateral Raise: 10's (30 seconds)

Then I did RAW Glute Finisher but didn't complete it completely. I did most of it but skipped the last set of clamshells and bridges. My legs were jello. Love this workout!!

Stretched a bit afterwards.

Total workout time was 69 minutes, burned 537 calories, did 3859 steps and HR was 134/168.

I didn't want to stop my watch after each thing so I just kept it on Cardio setting and did this whole thing. I hate starting and stopping my watch and all I really want to know is how many calories I burned.

Jolie - I'm so glad you are feeling so great, it's weird how salt can do that to you, but I actually see how that can happen. Your dad is amazing for figuring this out, he should have been a homeopathic doctor. Great workout too!

Belinda - I'm not a big fan of curry, not sure I'd like that. I need to find some new recipes. I've been making this veggie bowl where you saute mushrooms, onions and kale in 3 tbsp soy sauce until it's cooked down. Then I add 1/4 tsp Sesame Oil and chili pepper flakes. Then I bake a potato in the microwave if I don't have them precooked already and then I add it altogether and top it with the cheese sauce and some hot sauce. OMG, so good! I'm addicted to this stuff. You should try it, it's easy to make.

Roselyn - Great job with your workout! I'm glad to hear you are seeing results with this series. I really should try it but so much of it is legs and I just can't do much in that muscle group right now. :(

Cam - It's been beautiful here in Ohio the last few days. The humidity is coming back, though. I really feel the difference when working out versus when it's winter. I never seem to sweat in the winter. Great job on your workout. I like most of Kelly's music but there are some of her RAW workouts that I just don't care for what she selected. Her workouts are so good, though, that I don't care. I'll just turn it down. I wish she'd play more 80's music.

Diane - You have got to be kidding about the heart doctors? How can they all just be gone? Wow, what is going on lately? It is scary. Airlines are cancelling flights all the time because they are short on pilots. I have to laugh because they blame retirement and not wanting the stress but everyone with a brain knows it's because they mandated the vaccination - that is when the walkouts started to happen. That is why everyone left their jobs. Not sure why your doctors did, though. The mandate for them has been in effect since day 1 almost. I hope you get your results and I hope whoever does them knows how to read them. Yikes!!

Doreen and Roxie - Where are you girls? Hope you are both doing well.

Have a great holiday weekend! I hope you all have a safe one too!

Jolie Fit

32 years ago today, my brother died in a plane crash with his 2 best friends on board. I am always out it on this day even after all of this time that has gone by, the heart never heals sometimes. Today I am going to take rest day #2 for the week because it was so hot last night, and I got poor sleep. My husband does not like to sleep with the air conditioner on, so I just used a fan and it darn near killed me. When he was gone the boys and I used the air at night, and I slept so well! After today, it is going to cool down by 20 degrees so that will help at night. I am tired from my workout yesterday but that is ok, I just need a rest and I should be ready to go tomorrow.

Debbie, great job on the workout and walk today. When I was working, I had to get up at 4am to work out because I had to be to work by 7am. Great news on your kitty, I hate when our pets are not feeling well. My dog throws up when he eats too much salt. He will try to get chips and snacks from the boys and then it makes him sick. My dad did write a book, Never Ever Give Up, Health is on the way. We sold so many books back in the day and he a radio show called "the truth about nutrition" and he had 6 million listeners a day. We sold so many supplements it was amazing. I was in charge of sales and the last good year my team sold 36 million dollars' worth of vitamins in one year. That is a ton of supplements! The government did not like him trying to get so many people off meds and go the natural route, so they came after him. Meds are one of the biggest money makers for the Dem establishment and those companies are their biggest donors. All politics! President George W. Bush gave him a Humanitarian award for his outstanding contribution to the health world in the early 2000's. I am very proud of him, and he really understands the structure and function of the human body. He is 89 years old and has never taken any kind of drug except for pain meds after his hip replacement.

Belinda, great job on the Fuel TB workout this morning!

Make it a great Friday! Yeah! What is everyone doing for the 4th of July? I am going to the beach.


Debbie - I forgot to mention I left the curry out, lol. The sandwich was good without it. OMG, your recipe sounds amazing and quick. I will make it this weekend. Thanks for sharing! Glad your cat is doing better. Sorry about the tartar. Besides having the vet remove it I have no idea. Sadie, needs a teeth cleaning eventually. Great job on your workout.

Jolie - sorry about your brother :(

Diane - I agree with Debbie on your heart doctor! That is ridiculous. Find another doctor. I am so sorry you have to go through the stress. I hope you figure it out soon.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in after me.

Jolie Fit

Today I had a fantastic workout, I was watching a Wimbledon tennis match and walked way more than I had intended to, I lost track of time. TM walk, 50 minutes uphill 4.0 to 6.0 incline, traveled 2.6 and burned 401 calories. Next, I did a total body circuit 3 rounds x 12 reps per set. Workout was 1 hour 21 minutes and I burned 629 calories.

Chest Press- 20's x 12, x 12, x 12
Wide Grip Pull Downs- 60# x 12, x 12, x 12
Seated Overhead Press- 15's x 12, x 12, x 12
Seated Bicep Curls with a twist- 15's x 12, x 12, x 12
Lying Triceps Ext.- 12's x 12, x 12, x 12
Leg Ext.- 40# x 16, x 16, x 16
ABS- 5 exercises

Wow, let the holiday weekend begin! Tomorrow, I plan on a beach walk with my husband.

I hope you all have great workouts today!


Yesterday I did CDorner Legs and Butt workout dumbbells, gliders, band, 39 minutes, 103 calories, heart rate 94/121. I then did CDorner, 20-minute Low Impact Cardio, 23 minutes, 115 calories, heart rate 122/153. I finished with the stretch from yesterday's dance, kickboxing, and stretch mash up. She holds the stretches for quite a while, 18 minutes, 27 calories, heart rate 76/101 Total time was 79 minutes, 245 calories. I keep forgetting to check steps. Total for all of the workout was 3,472 steps as I did know what it was prior.
Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Heavy Bag/shadow Boxing with Kelly and Zack, 34 minutes, heart rate 135/166, 209 calories. I used 1# weights and some of it without. I then did Upper Body strength work on my own, PT moves for shoulders, biceps curls, and triceps kickbacks, along with rows. This was 28 minutes, 62 calories, heart rate 84/113. Again, I did not remember to check steps at all. I finisher with CDorner Foam Roller release hips and upper back, 28 minutes. I did not monitor that on my watch. Total time was 94 minutes with the foam rolling, 271 calories for weights and boxing. I loved the shadowboxing. The music was decent, and I got a kick out of Kelly caller his son girl by mistake and his saying he had long knees LOL.
The CDorner Butt workout was nice tooo. Weights at first, some gliders and then band work.


This morning I did Flex Train. When I first got this, I apparently wasn't wowed by it. I think because it was too soon after my surgery. I really liked it today. Upper body was pretty challenged and I slowed down the reps. The firewalker moves were tough. I used a thicker band and it was a great outer thigh workout. Just what I needed today. This one is sneaky.

Good workouts you guys! Beautiful here this weekend. I'm loving the dry weather.
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Back from dinner with husband. I did not finish so thought that I would come back.
The heart hospital is opening up to take more patients and I guess the doctors had to move out or something. I am still not understanding. The one I had went to some other place in a different part of the field. The one I had before retired mid pandemic. It seems a lot have changed fields or retired. My primary that I had went into another type of medical work. She had RA and was only working part time. She has a house full of her children and foster children. I miss having her. She was so thorough, and I could talk to her. I would like to find a different rheumatologist but have not had any luck.

Belinda, work yesterday doing Fuel Total Body. I have looked at other doctors. The problem is finding one available to take new patients. Hopefully the test shows nothing changed, and I won't need to find one unless something shows up later on. I still have my cardiologist. He is okay. He talks 100 miles an hour like he is in a hurry, but if there is a problem, he is on it.

Debbie, I used to get up early like that to work out before I did day care. It makes me tired thinking about it. I guess once you are used to it, it would not be so bad. I am glad to hear your cat is doing better. My dog was sick again last night. She came in to wake me up. Today she seems fine though so far. I wish I knew what was causing it. My other dog had allergies and that would happen. I have never had my dogs teeth cleaned. I have always given her dental chews. Usually Milkbone as they are VHOC to get the tarter off. Can you get the enzyme stuff for her water to help disolve tarter and placque. My dog fights me trying to brush her teeth. I am not sure what they do for cats, but I have heard it can be expensive to get the teeth cleaned. They usually say Gertie's teeth look good.
Of course, they are short on pilots. They are also short on-air traffic controllers who did not want that vaccine.
Great workout mix choices to get the strength work in.

Jolie, I am sorry your night was not a good one. Those memories are tough when the dates come around. Your Dad sounds amazing, I understand why you are so proud of him. My dog gets sick when I have grandchildren around. I think she gets that food that they try to tell me they ate. Nice work on the treadmill walk and the weight work today.

am, Flex Train is a sneaky workout. I am glad it was better for you this time.


Today's workout was FUEL Series 30 Min DUMBBELL CARDIO Workout - Giant Sets | Day 5. Love her workouts. I love her workouts.

Diane - I hear you on finding a good doctor. I pray your test show no change.

Cam and Roselyn - good job yesterday
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This morning I took a 3 mile walk and then did Boss Loops Glutes and Core. I really love this one. My legs were fried. I don't like the other Boss Bands workout. Its just not much of anything. Maybe it's because the bands are too short. I'm 5'8 and I can't get the band to work right. I would get Cathe's longer ones, but I don't do enough band work to justify the expense, but the Loop workout is a keeper.

Have a good 4th!
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This morning I did RAW Heavy Bag and Shadow Boxing with Kelly and Zach and I followed Kelly with the shadow boxing using my 2# hand weights. Love this workout, it goes by so fast. It has abs in it, too, which makes it even better. Love the music too.

Workout was 40 minutes, burned 333 calories, did 3126 steps and HR was 132/155.

I don't have time for personals - getting ready to cut fruit and stuff for a party later. Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!!!
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Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Box and Sculpt, 27 minutes, 155 calories, heart rate 133/162, 1,106 steps. I did it with Kelly's weight except had to drop on the overhead press to 5#. I tried, but 8 did not feel good. I then did Raw Legs and Glutes finisher, 16 minutes, heart rate 106/133, 63 calories and used 15# dbs. I wanted a short stretch but ended up doing 39 minutes. I thought I had clicked Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga chest and back but getting into it I was doing knees and hips. So, I did knees and hips which felt good and then chest and back till she got to bridges and stopped there. I also foam rolled my upper back. Calories burned was 56, heart rate 76/96. This felt great and I really needed it. Total time today spent was 85 minutes, 274 calories.
Have a Happy Fourth

Cam, the fabric bands are much harder to pull. They require a lot more strength. I love my long Cathe loop bands. They do sell other brands and I think they have some a bit longer for those who are tall. I use mine for other things. I loop it through on my Bowflex weight stand and exercise bike handles for band pulls and my rotations. I had to improvise on what we were doing at PT:)

Debbie, great workout. I was surprised at how much I kept my heart rate with just boxing moves when I did it. Have fun today.

Belinda, nice work on the long walk and Fuel series quad focus.


I did Penny Barnshaw 30 min. No Repeat Total Body Firm Up. Good one for today. It's a rainy 4th here. Fireworks are canceled and its supposed to get pretty bad later tonight. It didn't rain until after the parades though. I needed to do some cleaning and wash anyway. We did fun stuff yesterday and Saturday, so still a good weekend.

Good workouts Ladies! Debbie hope you had a good time.
This morning I had a great workout. I started out with a 1 mile walk on my treadmill to warmup.

This was 22 minutes, burned 205 calories, did 1.15 miles and 3777 steps and HR was 140/167.

Then I did RAW Upper Body with Sammie and had an excellent workout. I don't think I've ever done this, never actually ever saw it out there and it was a really good workout. Good music too.

This is how it went:

1 minute each exercise

Overhead Extensions:
Kickbacks: 5's

Lateral Raise:
Alternate Front Raise: 8's

Lunge back Row
: 12's
High Pulls: 12's
Repeat (this was tough)

Chest Press: 12's

Deb Added:
Hammer Curls w/Twist:
Hammer Curls: 12's


Kelly didn't have bicep work so I added that. Weird. This was a tough workout. I rested a bit between some of the exercises and stretched. I really liked this workout. Workout was 42 minutes (30 without my add-on), burned 276 calories, did 250 steps and HR was 123/162.

I took some time and did some stretching. I am feeling great. Even my knees are behaving.

Jolie - So sad about your brother, I didn't know he died in a plane crash. How truly sad no matter what the cause. I got really sad yesterday, almost cried in front of my husband and his other brother when we went over to his place to eat together. Usually my other brother-in-law who passed (Dwayne) would have been there with us. I saw a card he gave Will (my other BIL) and that actually brought tears to my eyes. So I got up to go to the bathroom so they wouldn't notice and there was a coffee cup someone made with Dwayne's picture on it. OMG, I almost lost it. I gathered myself in the bathroom and was ok. But it is so sad to know he will never be with us again. We had so many laughs together. I can only imagine how you feel since it was actually your own brother. Dwayne was my brother, though, in every sense of the word. I miss him a great deal. I'm tearing up again, gotta move on... Great job on your workout! Is your dad's book still available? I'd love to get one.

Belinda - I'm going to try the Asian Wraps today for lunch. Can't wait! I made carrot hot dogs, I will make them for dinner. They had to marinate for several hours. I hear they taste just like hot dogs. I got this recipe on Youtube. I'll let you know how they are!! Good job with all your workouts! Kicking @ss!

Diane - Yes, my cat is good. Even his blood work came back all good. I'm happy. Nice job on all your workouts this weekend. I hope you can find a heart doctor, that is just crazy. You should make the trip here to Cleveland, we have the best heart doctors in the nation. Kelly's boxing workout always get my HR up. Even the ones with no jumping in them.

Cam - Great job with the leg workout, I have fabric bands too and love them. Those are what I'm using for the glute workout I've been doing. They are tough. Good job on your other workouts as well!

Have a great day everyone! We are finally getting some much needed rain.
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Today I went for a long walk and did FUEL UPPER BODY COMPLEX Workout | Day 7. I really love her workouts.

Debbie - I made the carrot hot dog before. They are very good. Hope you like the wraps.

Diane - nice workout yesterday.

Great job everyone. Keep up the good work.
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Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

I have been spending a lot of time runn to t-ball games and baseball games. We are down to one grandson still play t-ball at one time we had 3 boys playing and a couple of times they all played on the same night in diff towns. Work is going great and no I haven’t bought any makeup just razor blades and nails. I haven’t been working out again just not motivated but I have a coupled of events coming up and I want to look my best so back at it. I am having issues with spells were I almost black out and then I get really hot I haven’t been able to pinpoint a cause yet because they are at random times so my doctor has suggested high protein snacks and lots of water because at work we are only allowed to drink at work on our 1 15 minute break so she wrote me a note so they will allow me to have water around. I restarted Fire & Flow from BeachBody did Mobility Flow WK1 D2.
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Today I did CDorner 40-minute Step Aerobics, Intermediate class, 44 minutes, 188 calories, heart rate 116/161, 4,309. Every time I looked at my watch it had me between 112 and 116 which I really thought was wrong. I even added some extra intensity. This one was outdoors at a pool. Heart rate picked up the last few minutes of the workout. I then did Coffey Fit Raw Abs finisher, 18:46 minutes, heart rate 95/113, 56 calories, 205 steps. I originally intended to do just the standing portion, but kept going. I wanted to get out early enough to avoid lots of people at Walmart so was kind of in a hurry. Total time was 62 minutes, 244 calories, 4,553 steps.

Cam, nice work with Penny Bradshaw yesterday. I am sorry it rained out the fourth fireworks.

Debbie, I do not remember that workout either. I will have to preview it. I saw she has a new workout up with abs or something I need to look at. I think I would have wanted to add some biceps too. I cannot even imagine carrots tasting like hot dogs. It sounds like it would be a lot of work making them into hot dogs. I would like my doctors to all be close and convenient, but I cannot get ones close. I wonder about treatments being confusing when having so many different doctors. I was thinking today that the rheumatologist should probably have received the bone scan results as well as my primary care doctor. He will probably not be happy that he didn't get to use their center's equipment. My primary ordered it and I have been getting them done in the same place for years. I also wonder if the Cardiologist should know about the pulmonologist. I don't know how they share info. Oh, well, I will see how the appointment goes this week and go from there.

Belinda, nice job getting in a long walk and Fuel day 7 Upper Body Complex.

Roxie, I am sure you enjoy all of those sports events. I have been collecting make up and new brushes lately. More water may be helpful. My daughter used to do that and hardly ever drank anything, let alone water. She now carries a protein bar in her purse just in case she has one of those spells.


Today I thought I would embark on Low Impact Challenge again. I don't know, I did about 20 min and I was a little unmotivated. It is a little disjointed and late cueing. I just wasn't feeling a flow. I then popped in Perfect Hiit Low Impact. I do like that one. I should have done the Penny workout I had my eye on. But, I still had a good cardio workout.

Diane, good workouts today. I probably should have done a CDorner step workout today.

Debbie, good workout. How is your knee?

Belinda, good workout with Fuel. I want to do some more of her workouts. I just don't like separating body parts. I like all upper and all lower. So I try to look at those. It seems she is adding a little cardio to some of her weight workouts.

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