Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for JULY 2022!!

Jolie Fit

Well, come to find out I do not have high Cholesterol. They sent over my numbers but did not include my Triglycerides and that gave me a false read. It doesn't really matter about the actual number is, it matters what the Triglycerides are in your blood. My numbers were perfect and my doctor was so made that the lab sent me an email saying I had high Cholesterol when in fact I did not. My dad was on a conference call with me and explained to my doctor how to read this correctly and how false information can really get people concerned over nothing. My doctor agreed and we all believe that this is why so many people are on meds, the medical establishment does not understand how the structure and function of the human body works, so they just put people on meds instead of finding out what may be causing a certain issue in the body. You are only as good as your weakest link. My blood pressure has come down by almost 20 points in less than two weeks and is now perfect. Kaiser wanted to put me on meds!!! My doctor said all of my tests have come out perfect,I am good to go. We explained to her about getting people to take 40% Olive leaf extract and MK4, MK7 and K2 to lower blood pressure naturally and to not eat table salt, only pink salt. I love my doctor, she was so open to discussing natural remedies, she hates meds herself and is an athlete, so she understands where I am coming from and never pushes them on me.

Today's workout was STS Meso 2 Disc #13 Chest, Shoulders, Triceps and I added ABS at the end. I loved it and will do Back and Biceps tomorrow. I could not walk because I have a blister on my big toe and it hurts too bad to walk right now till it heals alittle bit. Workout was 71 minutes and I burned 448 calories.

Debbie, great job on the workout today! I cannot believe how great your calorie burns are now, what a difference from your other tracking device. My right knee is a little sore from kick boxing today, but I really need to start some sort of lower body exercises because even though I am walking a lot, they are getting flabby. However, finding a lower body workout that doesn't aggravate my knees will be difficult.

Cam, great job with the workout!

Diane Sue, great job with the workout yesterday.

Doreen, how did it go telling your boss that you were leaving?

Roselyn, I hope you have a great workout today.

Make it a great day. Very cool here today, doesn't even feel like summer at the beach.
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Today I did CDorner Step and Strength with mini bands, 45 minutes, heart rate 130/161, 227 calories, 3,237 steps. I then did CDorner all standing arms, 32 minutes, 101 calories, heart rate 98/121, 350 steps. Total time was 77 minutes, 328 calories, 3,587 steps. I liked both workouts. Next time I do the step with minibands I will be sure to get out the fabric loop band for lower body. She did suggest that you could do that. Otherwise the first band segment I used my lightest Cathe loop band and I used medium for the rest. The heart rate stays up as the segments are timed and the band work works both upper and lower.

Standing Arms
3 exercises done in a series of 3 rounds 60 sec, 45 sec, and 30 sec. She suggests you try to increase weight each round

Round 1 moves
front raise/side raise 5,5,5 lb dbs (I couldn't raise this one)
90 degree biceps iso hold middle/ upper half/lower half 8's, 10's, 10's
kickbacks 1/3 count 8's,8's 10's
60,45,30 seconds

Round 2 moves
overhead press/flys 5's,5's, 5's
hammer curl 1/3 count 10's,10's 12's
overhead triceps extension 1 1 and 1/2 count 2 dbs held together 8's too much, I went to a 12# db for last two sets

Debbie, great workout. I like the 8 reps in that one. My shoulder feels good. My neck is hurting some this afternoon and I feel that not developing in my left upper back. I need to be careful on those moves that seem to cause the pain to come back. I read that most problems people have with neck and shoulders and pull overs is that they go to far and/or they have their arms too straight. They seem to bother me and since I have noticed the difference and avoided doing that move I have had a lot less neck and shoulder pain. Also crunches are rough.
Here is an article on Livestrong Weight Training Exercises to Avoid With a Bad Neck (livestrong.com)
I have read the same other places. Today I may have aggravated with a move on the mini band step workout where she had the loop around hands and went from front up and into a pull down with it. Also there was another move where mine seemed way to short and I was trying to adjust position which ended up with me reaching around my back to hold onto one end while pulling across from the other side. Hard to explain. I think that maybe I should have done just the chest fly move and not the overhead press. She suggested that if you could not do overhead presses. It was uncomfortable in that position even though I had done them straight up from my sides and in a rainbow move at PT. We need to pay attention and make notes I guess. The livestrong segment also mentions stretches and not holding on to the head to the side, but PT did that when I went for my neck. I have lightened up the pressure though.

Jolie, that is great news. I wonder why they did not include the triglycerides. I read an article on Rheumatoid arthritis that said that it can cause HDL and triglycerides to malfunction. I really do not know if that is accurate as I have not had a problem and I think the blood pressure was mainly inflammation due to the shoulder and surgery along with meds. Once I took some supplements and got the meds tapered off, I am good again. You are lucky that your doctor is on your side with that. Ouch on the blister. Great job on STS Meso #2 disc 13.
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Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

I guess I didn’t realize I haven’t posted. Tuesday I did Fire & Flow Upper Body 2 WK2 D1 and tonight I did Fire & Flow Mobility 2 WK2 D3 I hurt my back Friday doing Cardio Fire so I let it heal. I like my job but they make a big deal about getting peoples phone numbers and addresses and a lot of people just don’t like to do that and I can’t get promoted until I get 100% of people to do it which really isn’t fair.

Debbie-I just had a busy weekend youngest DD and her family came down sund and we went to the lake.

Jolie-my cholesterol runs over 200 it has for years due to family history. My new doctor took me off my cholesterol medication she said my risk of heart problems didn’t warrant it. When I was first diagnosed I made a complete change in diet and exercise but now I am back to old habits.
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Today I did Penny 30 min Lower Body Max Out Cardio & Strength. This was great. Each circuit was 3 exercises. 2 strength moves and a 1 lower body cardio exercise. 30 sec. 2x. I was a sweaty mess. I will definitely do that one again.

Debbie, good workout. I love Muscle Up! I have to do that one soon.

Jolie, I had concerns with my cholesterol as high cholesterol runs in my family, my doctor-niece looked at my last lipid test and told me not to worry. My triglycerides are low and my bad cholesterol is good. I am right at 200. My father had good cholesterol and had a fatty diet. My mom, brother and I eat healthy and have higher cholesterol.

Diane, I don't usually don't do pull overs either. I use a 8lb weight and it doesn't feel good. Good workout today.

Roxie, that sucks. I hate sales. I did retail once for a hot minute when I was just out of college and all of a sudden I had to do this and that as part of the sale. I told them to stick it and I walked out. Not my cup of tea. Good workout!

Belinda, I am about to walk. Its beautiful out. Hopefully I won't get chewed up by mosquitoes.
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This morning I did a walk on my treadmill for about 1.21 miles and then did RAW Glute Finisher. I really like that workout, it gets the outer thighs and glutes really good. I used my medium clothe band today, the pink one. It was tough!! I stretched a lot afterwards. My knee is dong ok, not huring when I go up the stairs anymore. I hope it stays that way.

Workout was 24 minutes, burned 190 calories, did 1326 steps and HR was 123/151.

My walk was 25 minutes, burned 200 calories, did 3013 steps and HR was 125/145.

Jolie - I agree with you about doctors, they look at numbers and nothing else. I wish I could have your dad look at my blood work so he might know why my red and white blood counts are low. My doctor wants me to get another colonoscopy but I don't want too. The invasive things they do to you, the more risk you have of getting an infection or worse. All these wellness tests they do (mammograms, colonoscopy's) are things that are giving us cancer, I swear. I don't do mammograms anymore and if I can help it, I won't do a colonoscopy again unless I think I need one. Ridiculous. Anyways, wish your dad could figure out why I have such low red and white counts. I'm going to my holistic doctor next week for my breast thermal imaging and I plan on talking to someone about it if they have time. Glad you are ok with your cholesterol. You should try the RAW workout I did today, do you have a subscription to Kelly's channel? It's a great workout and no knee issues.

Diane - Great job with your workouts yesterrday! Glad your shoulder feels good. I agree about those exercises causing neck and upper back issues. I need to be careful with them. I love pullovers so much and I'm quite strong with them, it bums me out that they bother so much. Oh well.

Belinda - You've been quiet lately, I hope all is ok with you. Great job with your walk yesterday.

Roxie - I wonder why they ask for people's addresses? My Ulta doesn't do that and the only reason they ask for my phone number is for my points. That is weird. Sorry they make you do that. That's sales for you!!

Roselyn - Good job with your workout!

Cam - I love Muscle Up, it's a great one. Good job with your workout!!

Have a great day everyone!! Happy weekend!!!
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Today I slept till 10 o'clock!! My dog thought I was up for the day at 7, but I sat in the recliner and went back to sleep. I was up late because I went outside to water plants and pull grass out of planters till it was dark and then cleaned till 1:30 this morning. I had more energy today for my workout too. I did CDorner Toxic Brittany Spears Dance Workout which went well and I would have the moves down till she messed up and restarted several times. This was 57 minutes, 269 calories, heart rate 124/159, 3,931 steps. I then did her Crazy Fun Cardio Dance, kickboxing, stretch, stopping after the first set of jacks and hooks and moved to the cooldown stretching. This was 33 minutes, 157 calories, heart rate 124/180, 1,718 steps. This was about 15 minutes of cardio and 13 minutes of cooldown and stretching. Total time was 90 minutes, 426 calories, 5,649 steps.

Belinda, nice work getting in a walk yesterday. I hope you had a nice day.

Roxie, nice work with Fire and Flow Upper and Fire and Flow mobility. That is unfair expecting you to get peoples addresses and phone numbers. Not many people are willing to do that for obvious reasons. What do they need that for anyway? I would think whatever reason for getting that would not be something good.

Roselyn, good workout today doing Hiit.

Cam, mice work today with Penny Lower Body Max Out Cardio. It sounds interesting. I used to do really heavy pullovers. It has been a long time since then. I have learned to pay attention to what does not feel good.

Debbie, I like that glute finisher workout. I have used that one along with Cathe's Boss Loop workout and fabric bands and boy did I get a workout out of those bands. I had found a place that does thermography, but things keep happening and I am back for a mammogram. I put off the colonoscopy for years till my doctor insisted when they were trying to figure out why I had all of those swollen lymph nodes. I swear they looked at everything. I had the second one more recently and it did not go as easily as the first. Funny, they have been telling me I probably not need another or the woman check again. It is like you hit a certain age and you could die in the near future, so it is all not necessary. Not that I want those things anyway. I try to take care of things with supplements and other things to avoid prescription meds. I prefer to avoid as much as I can. I read up on those blood markers and try to figure out what I need to do.


Good evening,

Today I did FUEL Series 30 Min ANTAGONIST UPPER BODY Workout | Day 12.

Debbie - sorry for been so quiet lately. My RP is acting up again. I can't catch a break. I was hoping the new meds would kick in soon. I talked to my Rheumatologist and Penn Uni about the flair ups. The injections can take up 6-8 weeks to kick in. I am back on prednisone tapering for a few month. I wasn't going to take more steroids. They all aware about the risk I take with prednisone. I can't describe what it feels like to have RP. I tried to talk them out of giving me more steroids. Once the cartilage is gone, the damage is done. I already show signs of damages in my noise. I belong to a support group for RP. I seen pictures what this horrible disease does to our bodies. I met up with one of the administrators when I visit Penn. There is a girl my DD's age, she lost both her eye side, her hearing and she has a saddle nose. I wished someone would find a natural way to cure RP. I am being closely monitored by my team of doctors. I hope you can find out what is causing your low blood counts. Great job on your workout.

Jolie - glad your doctor listen and you ok. She sounds like a good doctor. Great job on STS.

Diane - glad your shoulder is feeling good. As long as, don't go very heavy on shoulders I am fine. Great job on your workouts.

Roselyn - great job with your workout.

Roxie - that is strange they ask people for their address. Sorry about it.

Cam - I like Muscle up too. I was thinking the other day I should pull it soon. Mosquitoes usually like to bite me too. They are not that bad here.

Good night.
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Roxie 1965

Good Morning,

No workout yesterday DH and I went to the mall to find me a cute top to wear to the Def Leppard concert on Tuesday then we went to Sam’s.

Debbie-they are supposed to be asking for addresses and email plus date of birth it’s a company wide thing and there are a lot of them not doing it. They say so they can send you coupons.
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Jolie Fit

I forgot to check in yesterday, I did Les Mills Combat 30 using 1# gloves and burned 322 calories. Today I woke up feeling fantastic, I opted for a walk on the TM uphill, 4.0 to 7.0 for 65 minutes, traveled 3.3 miles and burned 611 calories. I am feeling so good now that my blood pressure is back to normal. I cannot believe what a difference it as made in my energy and breathing, it was like I could not get enough oxegen, but now I feel back to normal. My husband is still sick day 12 and the doctor said a nasty virus is going around but it is not Covid. He just has zero energy, headache and a fever that just won't go away. I pray to God that I do not get this crap, the doctor says it is taking up to 17 days for people to start feeling better. My doctor said if you get it drink as much water with lemon, ginger and cayenne as you can per day and drink over a gallon of water to flush it out.

Debbie, great workout yesterday. I do not have a subscription to RAW but I do have some dvds. I am so glad you had a good workout and that your knees are better now! I am going to ask my dad about your low red and white blood cell issue today.

Roxie, have a great time at the Def Leppard concert!!!

Belinda, I hope you start feeling better.

Diane Sue, I cannot believe that you slept so late! Great job on the workouts lately, I have never done a dance workout but it sounds like fun.

Roselyn, way to go on the workout!

Have a wonderful Saturday, the sun is out today but it is cool.


This morning was Michelle Briehler 40 min Full Body Cardio & Strength. I liked that the cardio was about 5 min., but there were no breaks between drills. I miss that format. Very challenging, but I like it better than the 15 sec rest between exercises all the time. Each circuit was 2 rounds of UB and LB. Very little rest time. I was winded, but I needed that.

Off to run errands. Enjoy the weekend.
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Jolie Fit

Today I had a great workout. I started with an uphill TM walk, 45 minutes, traveled 2.4 miles and burned 431 calories. Next, I pulled out an oldie but a goodie, Cathe's Powerhour and did Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps. Wow, I was lifting the same weights as Cathe, which I thought were way to lite, and I really felt it. This is a super high rep workout with every type of rep count possible and boy oh boy were my muscles talking to me! I love the older workouts compared to all the newer workouts. I like the basic lifting workouts for whatever reason. Total workout time was 1 hour 14 minutes, which included a good stretch and I burned 598 calories. I am going to pull out some older DVD's and try them out this week just for fun.

Belinda, we all rant sometimes and that is what we are here for, to lean on each other when we need support. Even though we all have our own struggles and opinions on everything, no conversation should be judged. We are here for you just as much as you are here for us! I rant all of the time, but it sure feels good when I am done. I figure if you do not want to read what I am saying, feel free to skip over it right! Life is tough, mentally and physically and sometimes you just have to get things off our chest so we can move forward. Oh, and nice job on the walk yesterday.

Cam and Roselyn, great job on the workout yesterday.

Make it a great Sunday.



Today I did Fuel D15 plus I did SBF stretch. We went visit my kids, we went out for dinner at the Wharf. It was hot and sweaty eating outside today was so hot outside. I only can eat outside and far away from other people. We had a lot of fun.

Julie - Thank you for your kind worlds. It's been a rough year. No matter what I do. I need to go back in remission. I thought I could heal with vegan food :( Nothing seems to help. Wished your dad could help me the natural way. I haven't done PH in so long. Great job.

Good night.
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Yesterday I did Kelly's Raw Box and Butt workout, I used the cardio setting on my watch, but it is listed in muscle definitions, so not so much cardio as I expected. I feel it today. That was 53 minutes as a little of the time was writing down the moves for my notebook, heart rate 97/134, 852 steps. I then did CDorner step, kickbox, stretch skipping the step and doing only part of the stretch. This was 33 minutes, heart rate 105/153, 2,214 steps, 153 calories. Total time was 86 minutes, 259 calories, 3,066 steps.
Today was a rest day and we celebrated my daughter's birthday.

Raw Box and Butt

Boxing with hooks
1 dumbbell 15,20 squat
repeat starting on other side with boxing
boxing hook/upper/ slip
static lunge partials with 20# db
repeat on other side
boxing jab/cross/jab/slip
chair butt blaster 2.5# ankle weights
repeat other side
boxing hook/hook/jab/set
plie 3/1 count
boxing double jab/single
chair hydrant ankle weights
boxing hook/cross/up/set
chair frog squat toes up
boxing 3upper cut/jab
dumbbell optional lunge knee touch down 15#
boxing jab/ cross/ hook
balance chair side leg lift
finishes with another set of butt blaster and bridges w/ feet on the chair

Belinda, I feel so bad for you. I think there are times those meds are very important. Praying they can get it right and help you. I am sure the doctors are trying their best to help you. I joined an RA forum, hoping to gain some feeling of hope, and help dealing with it, but found none and have not gone back to read since. I think part of it is I want to talk to people like you who has a disease but keeps working on their nutritional and physical health at the same time. At this point I am feeling pretty good compared to a few weeks ago. I was getting ready to talk to the doctor and maybe give in to something stronger or an injection because it was hurting so bad. I hope they can get you back into remission soon.
Nice work with the Fuel Antagonist Upper Body and the walk.

Roxie, what does the birthdate have to do with coupons? I don't remember ever getting anything from places like that, other than by email when I order online. I used to get Beauty Brands emails. They are asking for too much out of their customers.

Cam, nice work with Michelle Briehler Full Body Cardio and Strength.

Jolie, I am glad you are feeling so energetic and blood pressure is down. Power Hour is one of those workouts that I always felt like I was really worked when done.


Today was Michelle Briehler 40 min. Full Body No Equipment. I liked it but a little too much plank work for my arms. My left tricep just can't withstand long intervals of plank pushup moves, so I did different core work on my back. Otherwise a good challenging workout.

Good workouts Ladies!
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This morning I walked on my treadmill to warm up my body and then I did RAW Burnout: Upper Body. I have never done this workout before and I'm not sure why? It was a good workout but some of the exercises Kelly chose I didn't like so I changed. All in all, great workout.

45 seconds on/15 seconds off

Superset #1
Supination Curls
: 15's
Half Curls: 12's (2 sets) Half Hammers: 15's for last set
3 sets

Superset #2
One Arm Rows:
3 sets (not sure why she only did one exercise)

Superset #3
Seated Overhead Press
: 12's (2 sets); 10's (last set)
Seated Lateral Raise: 10's
3 sets

Superset #4
Close Grip
Bench Press: 15's (I did regular bench press)
Pullovers: (I did Flies) - 15's
3 sets

Superset #5
Skull Crushers
: 10's
Dips: (I did OH Extensions) - 12#
3 sets

Workout was 45 minutes, burned 364 calories, HR was 132/163.
Treadmill workout was 31 minutes, burned 329 calories (no way), did 1.53 miles and HR was 157/189 (no way). Not sure why it was reading my HR so high today? Maybe I am stressed? Not sure?

Diane - Great job on your workouts. I haven't had a woman check in quite a while, I need to have one done. My aunt, who is in her upper 70's, stopped getting checked because her doctor told her she didn't need to anymore and she ended up having cervical cancer not that long ago. She is in remission now, though. I will probably get one as long as I can, maybe every 5 years. I was planning on getting one this summer but the summer is almost over and I am running out of time. I wish I could do Box & Butt, I've been wanting to do that one for a long time. Maybe soon, my knee has felt pretty good lately.

Roxie - Def Leppard, Joan Jet, and two other groups were just here in Cleveland. I hear it was a great concert. Have fun tomorrow with that!! That is weird with you guys having to ask for address and birthdate. They never ask me any of that so maybe they don't require it of their employees. Most people don't like to answer those questions, seems a bit too personal. I hope other than that you are still enjoying the job. I recently bought two Urban Decay Naked Pallets and love them both, they are a great formula and go on so nicely.

Jolie - I'd appreciate it if you can ask your dad about it. If he needs any of the other numbers, let me know. Great job with your workout! Awesome on doing PH! That was a great workout, Ii need to pull it out again but my DVD player sucks.

Belinda - Don't be silly, that is what we are here for. I think we are more than just a "workout checkin group". We are friends and we support each other. We all complain or have issues we talk about. Jolie was right and I agree with all she said. Don't feel that way ever. I'm sorry you are still going through that, I was hoping you were in remission again. It is so disheartening to hear the vegan eating isn't helping. I was hoping it would help. I love eating vegan, I don't see me changing my diet any time soon. I love everything I eat.

Cam & Roselyn - Great workouts this weekend!!

Doreen - Where are you?

Have a great day everyone!
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Jolie Fit

Today is my rest day, I am tired from 2 big back to back workouts over the weekend.

Debbie, my dad is out of town so I will talk to him when he gets back about your issue. My OBGYN says we only have to have a well womans visit every 5 years now and I know you and I are the same age. Nice job with the workout today.

Belinda, I hope you start feeling better soon. I am glad you could go out and have dinner with your family. I would talk to a Natural Path Doctor and see what they would suggest. Sometimes getting different sorts of opinions can help find what can give you relief. If you could find someone that muscle tests you, your body will tell you what it needs to get better. Never underestimate the power of the mind and body.

Cam, great job on the workout yesterday.

Diane Sue, I hope your daughter had a great birthday! Nice job on the workout.

Roselyn, way to go on this rotation you are doing!

Make it a great Monday. Day 15 and my husband is still sick! What a nasty virus that is going around.
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