Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for JULY 2022!!

This morning I just walked on my treadmill. I have my thermal imaging appointment (the test that I get instead of mammograms) and I'm not supposed to do a strenuous workout today. I also can't drink coffee and I feel like I'm in slow motion. It's really scary how addicted the body can get to caffeine.

I walked for 40 minutes, burned 430 calories (there is no way! LOL!), went 1.84 miles and did 4753 steps. HR was 157/188.

I am really having a hard time believing my HR got up to 188. I wasn't running or even jogging. I don't get these settings, when I use Cardio mode it sees my HR really high, when I choose treadmill mode, my HR is usually 84/100. So which is right? I'm happy to see such a high calorie burn, but I just don't believe it. Oh well.

Belinda - I'm sorry you had a bad reaction to the vaccine. My mom has had severe dizzy spells since she got the booster. I hope your appointment went well and they figured something out.

Diane - I already had an X-ray and went to Physical Therapy. My doctor did tell me to let her know if the pain persists after PT. It's weird because I can walk fine, it's just going up and down stairs and the act of sitting in a chair that hurts. It's better today and ice seems to really help. I'll give it some more time and if it isn't better or this happens again, I'll definitely get the MRI. Crazy that it's taking this long to heal, so frustrating. Great job with your workout yesterday!

Cam - Glad you were able to go out to eat, sounds like a nice place. I love going to the lake, we have some nice restaurants by Lake Erie. I'm lucky that we live so close to it. I am going to see if this time the knee heals, if not and it happens again I will get an MRI. I've done everything my doctor said so there should be no problems getting one scheduled.

Jolie - Hope you are feeling better today and got some good sleep!

Hi to Roselyn, Roxie and Doreen!!

Have a great day everyone!
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Good morning,

Rest day for me today.

Diane - thank you. Most people with RP had non to mild reaction to the vaccine. We are all different. My body just didn't liked it. I knew what I was getting into before I got vaccinated. My doctors were very honest about it. They just don't want me from dying from covid. I am just glad I didn't needed to explain too much yesterday, they are all connected. I will get the new antibody vaccine. I did ask if it will do something to my immune system. He said no, my body wound even notice I had the antibodies. The new vaccine was discussed in your RP support group. I have to wait until my Rheum calls me. I had a covid scare 2 weeks ago. I defiantly will get it. My body can't fight infections.

Debbie - I don't know. if you saw Kiki's new video? She mention her move to FL and her thyroid problems at 8:40 watch Thank you! All my doctors agree, I need to get my RP under control and get of the prednisone. I am on high amounts. Sorry your mom had dizzy spells. The Immunologist explained to me why my body is reacting to the vaccine like that. Doctors learning more about the vaccine/side effects with rare diseases/or other heath problems.

Cam - hope you enjoyed your rest day

I will be back later.
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Today I had an excellent workout even though my kink in my neck and left shoulder is still lingering. First, I started with an uphill walk on the TM, 40 minutes, traveled 2.1 miles and burned 306 calories. Next, I did the 100 Rep Challenge for Chest, Biceps, Triceps and ABs and boy oh boy did those get in there good! Workout was 58 minutes and I burned 480 calories. Next workout I will do Back and Shoulders.

100 Rep Challenge
Chest Press- 12's x 100 reps (went to failure than took a quick break and back at it again)
Bicep Curls- 10's x 100
Lying Triceps Ext.- 5's x 100
Bicycles for ABS- x 100

It is very humid here again, more hurricane weather from Baja and huge surf again. I got up earlier to start my work out before the steam starts to form off the pavement on the driveway.

Debbie, great job getting the walk done with the sore knee. The exercises your PT gives you to do helps with the tracking of the kneecap. If your kneecap is out of alignment, it causes pain underneath the kneecap, at least it does for me. Keep doing the exercises because they worked before, I would do them all of the time till the kneecap stabilizes, the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Mine took over a year to fully function correctly but you can get there if that is the problem.

Belinda, I wish not one person got the vaccine, they should have let everyone get the antibodies instead. There are so many heart related issues that they now have a term in the hospitals called "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome" from all of the people dying due to the vaccine. My doctor told me this and it is a shame it had to come to this. You are doing the right thing by not getting another vaccine, your immune system cannot handle what they injected you with. People are getting enlarged hearts and having strokes due to this vaccine. Take care of yourself and I know you will get better because you are so cautious but look into everything yourself even if doctors tell you it is ok. Have you ever gone to a Natural Path doctor to see what they can do for you? Do not underestimate the power of nutritional supplements and these doctors are real doctors, they just think outside of the traditional box of medicating. Of course, this is only my opinion, do what is right for you!

Cam, I hope you had a great rest day.

Diane Sue, great workout yesterday, you are doing so well with your workouts lately.

Roselyn and Doreen, I hope you have a great workout today if it is on the schedule for the day.

Happy Thursday.
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Today I did Today I tried Penny Bradshaw Low Impact Hiit and did 21 minutes. There was just too much time on the arms doing pushups, inch worm, plank into other moves, I checked moves ahead and decided to quit there, this was 119 calories, heart rate 133/169, 974 steps. I then did Kelly Coffey Cardio Quick Fix workout on with bonus abs, hips and glutes with a 3# dumbbell. I always liked that one for abs as there is not crunches or planks. This was 47 minutes, heart rate 137/167, 261 calories, 3,625 steps. My son came with their dog right when I was done with this. We are dog sitting till Sunday. After I got them settled I did CDorner Mobility again from Tuesday, 32 minutes, 54 calories, heart rate 81/110. A bit higher than Tuesday, but at first I had two dogs in my face and guest dog licking me relentlessly with me shoving them off, so I am sure heart rate went up a bit. I scooted them out of the room and shut the door and finished. Total time was 1 hour 40 minutes, 315 calories, 4,599 steps. I was looking for a non boxing and jumping workout this morning.

Cam, that is nice that you got out for dinner with your husband and had a rest.

Debbie, you are getting better results in calories than I am. I am not all that worried about it as everything else seems fine. It feels like a reward though when I get a higher number for the work I put out. I felt good getting over 200 calories for the day. I used to think if I didn't get over 600 I was not doing well. Today was better on the heart rates and I think it was because I shut down my phone several times and changed settings as for some reason I am not able to get my text messages out at times and with my ladies group, one day I got each text from our group separately and had to click on them and download them which really makes no sense. Anyway I also shut my watch down yesterday and restarted it. I keep trying to troubleshoot my phone. I got it in December and we set up with T mobile(we had ATT before) I have had on again off again problems ever since. My Garmin just did an update a couple of days ago.
I hope that you can get things to heal on their own. Going to doctors and hoping the right decision is made is not pleasant to say the least.
Good luck with the thermography. I almost never have coffee or eat till after tests etc. just so nothing interfere with correct readings. Aw coffee! I love coffee and try to limit myself to one cup caffeinated. I have been buying Bulletproof High Achiever that has lions manes mane, b vitamins, and coffee berry in it. One cup then I make decaf cold brew and have one bottle of Kombucha tea which has some caffeine. The Bulletproof does seem to wake me up in the mornings. Who knows though. Too much caffeine and then I am running around feeling like my heart is racing when it is not, if that makes sense.

Belinda, enjoy your rest day. Gosh, you do not need to get covid again. They are still learning things on RP. Praying they come up with what will work for you and help to get to remission. I am so sorry they have had to keep you on prednisone for so long.
It is hard to explain all of the things about auto immune diseases.

Jolie, I am glad to hear you had a great workout today. 100 reps is tough. Out of curiosity, do you know if a naturopath is covered by insurance? I was looking into an osteopath pulmonologist, but it ended up he was no longer taking medicare patients. I know of a natural medicine doctor that has lots of degrees near where I used to live, but I think insurance only covered well visits, flu shots and things like that. Not the vitamin infusions and other things that she did. Otherwise I would have went to her. I heard about her from a lady in Sprouts that I was visiting with in the supplement aisle. I guess that doctor had her and her husband taking Green Vibrance and some other things and she was talking about how much better they both were feeling.
I hope your neck and shoulder get to feeling better. I hate that feeling.
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Today I did Penny 45 min No Repeat Birthday HIIT. It was pretty good but felt I needed to sub out some shoulder work. She does go a little crazy with the floor work.

Diane, Penny does a lot of shoulder and chest Plank work. She may not be a good choice. She has some good standing workouts. My dog hates when I workout. She always leaves the room. Good workout!

Jolie, I heard today about the SAD Syndrome. Liberal media will never mention this. I blame Dr. Flip Flopping Fauci for all the problems surrounding covid. He sure brainwashed this country. I never trusted him. I like how Rand Paul nails him to the wall. Good job today.

Debbie, I hear you on the caffeine. I keep thinking about quitting the coffee but I look forward to that cup of coffee when I get out of the shower. But it is getting so expensive and I drink Foldgers. Crazy.

Belinda, your condition sounds awful. You gotta do what you gotta do. I am not anti- vax, I just think we should hear all the theories and doctors and be able to choose.

Good night!
Today I did RAW Strength Day 2 - Chest & Triceps. I had a great workout and went fairly heavy. These are great strength workouts.

5 sets of each exercise:

Incline Dumbbell Flies:
17.5's - 5 sets/10 reps
Flat Dumbbell Press: 25's - 5 sets/8 reps

Single Arm Kickbacks:
10# - 5 sets/10 reps
Seated Overhead Single Arm Extensions: 8# - 5 sets/10 reps

Ab work on the bench - 5 sets/10 reps each exercise

Workout was 39 minutes, burned 319 calories HR was 130/157.

I started with a walk on my treadmill and the HR and calorie burn seemed much better today. I walked for 26 minutes, burned 215 calories and HR was 127/148. I buy that. There is no way my HR went up to 188 yesterday.

I don't have time for personals today, I have a lot to do. Also, I am planning on taking next week off totally as my DH and I are on vacation. We will be going here and there during the week so I probably won't be posting much. Hope you all have a great weekend and a great week next week!!
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Today will have to be a rest day for me. Both of my parents are sick, and my dad called me to tell me that my mom had a fall last night while walking to the restroom and now I have too much on my mind to workout. I might have to drive out to Palm Springs tomorrow to check on them so I do not know if I will get anymore workouts in for the rest of the week.

PS, my arms are so sore from yesterday's 100 rep challenge workout :)

Debbie, great job on the workout and enjoy your vacation!!!!!!

Diane Sue, all insurance companies are different so I am not sure what your Medicare will cover. Do you have an Advantage plan or a Supplement? You could ask the doctors that you find, and they will find out for you through your Medicare company.

Cam, cheers to you on the stupid Dr. Fauci who has ruined the world with his evil ways. Rand Paul is our savior in those meetings because he is exposing all of the doctor's and the Fake New's false information. Great job with the workout yesterday!

Make it a great day.
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I did a short metcon by Heather Robinson on YT today, took the dog for a walk, then did a 10 minute weight workout by a new to me trainer on YT - Juice and Tonya. I liked their format which was a strength move, 10 sec rest, a modification of the strength move then 20 seconds to transition to the next grouping.

I am not going to be taking the new job. The owner had promised to sell the business in 2 years but I kept running across weird stuff - like she didn't have a sale agreement drawn up, she didn't want to show me her tax returns, she kept talking about want to work for another 10 years, and then I heard that she had a partner try to come in several years ago and it lasted about 5-6 months. I just decided I didn't want to mess with it if she wasn't truely serious about selling.
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Today I did CDorner All in One cardio, weights, stretch workout and added band rotator cuff pulls 30 reps two directions each arm total 60 reps. Total time was 79 minutes( I think the workout was an 65 minutes) 230 calories, heart rate 108/181, 2,780 steps. Each section was around 20 minutes.
weight portions was 8 moves done once then repeated a second time 1 minute timed each move. Chris mostly seems to use 17 lbs
Dead row 12# dbs
forearm plank knee drops
fly with hip raise 5# dbs
core lean back seated legs up and over a dumbbell
kneeling (option stand) twisted biceps curls 12# dbs
star crunch I did Russian twists
bird dog kickbacks right first round then left next one 8# db
pullover leg raise I used 1 5# dumbbell and did not go far back

Debbie, enjoy your vacation next week. Nice workout today.

Cam, I do not think Penny Bradshaw is for me. I am not so fond of going to the floor when doing cardio. Nice work. I do pretty well with Chris and Kelly though. That is why I return to their workouts most of the time. Also, they give decent options if needed. Still I like to try others for a change. I have liked some of Michelles workouts. As I improve on upper strength I will probably try more. She does seem to pick up weights for cardio workouts quite a bit. I thought I heard Dr Flip Flop was going to retire, but then I heard he wasn't. It doesn't matter either way, they will just find another dishonest person to promote agendas anyway.
I am really picky about my coffee and flavor so mine ends up being really expensive. I have started using expensive decaf for cold brew and I go through a lot doing that. I need to curb it some. I buy Black Rifle or another that I pick up from Whole Foods that comes in light roast decaf.. Really expensive does not always mean it tastes good in my opinion. I hate coffee that tastes like the beans were burnt before they were ground. I grind my own most of the time unless they are k cups. Beans should have a gloss. Well, you can see, no Folgers for me LOL. Maxwell House tastes better. I saw the My Pillow Guy now sells coffee :) Everything is getting expensive:confused: Even things like eggs and hot dogs. Those used to be the low-cost things to get on a budget when raising my kids.
My dog leaves the room when I get out the step bench. I think I have tripped over her too many times.

Jolie, I bet you are worried about your parents. I hope they are okay. Nice work yesterday and arm soreness. I have a supplement to my Medicare and they pay well. I have not had to pay out of pocket other than my initial medicare deductable. They pick up everything and the copays.
I checked it out once and the doctor I checked out here would file insurance for things like immunizations. I would imagine supplements would be out of pocket same as at home. Infusions would have to be paid for. And there is that woman that worked at the white house and talked about the virus and vaccines and now she has a tell all book saying what was really going on and they knew that it would not be a couple of weeks etc.. I don't know what her deal is doing this after she already helped promote the untruths.

Doreen, great sounding workout today. I think you made a wise decision if the woman was not being honest with you about what her plans really are and particularly not wanting you to look at her stuff. I am sure your job will be happy you are staying.

Belinda, hope you had a nice time with your kids.

Hi to Roxie and Roselyn

Today I did Fuel Day 19 FB.

Jolie - my team of doctors all against me getting the booster. I am immune compromised, my body can't fight infections due to all the meds I have to take for RP. I am getting the antibodies so I don't die from covid.I had covid last year, trust me I don't want to experience it again. Doctors didn't know at the beginning, they tried too safe as many lives they could. Despite what I am going through with RP, I am very lucky to have such a great team of doctors. They all care and never dismiss anything. RP is very rare. A lot of doctors in Germany are more Natural Path doctor. I just have to find one in my area. My DD goes to a natural path doctor for her autoimmune problems. She still has a lot of problems. I do appreciate your help! Sorry about your parents. Hope your mom is ok.

Diane - yeah, I sure don't want to catch covid again. Yes, the doctors and researchers are still studying RP. Hopefully one day there is a breakthrough and they can figure out what is causing this disease. My team of doctors are concerned that I am on prednisone for so long. Prednisone is the only drug for RP that will stop my body from attacking my own body. The doc from Penn Uni called me last week, about prednisone. I sent her a note that I am concerned taking so much steroids. She agreed with my Rheum for the same reason I just mention. Aww...about your dogs. So sweet. Sadie is always in my workout room. She likes to jump on my stomach every time I do crunches. Great job on your workouts.

Cam - RP is awful. I wished they knew then what they know now. I am not upset. I think for the doctor did what they thought was best. It's the same with all the meds I take, they are all trial and error.

Debbie - great job on your workout today. Enjoy your vacation!

Doreen and Roselyn - great job on your workouts today.

Good night.
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Usually I don't work out on Fridays but I had the house to myself after work and it was too hot to walk. I did CDorner Int-Adv 50 min Step. It was 90's music . I like the choreography but she repeated too many times. I caught on quick, but I wish she would have had a new routine at the half way point. She cues so well. She was more serious in this one and not chatty and saying hi to everyone. I then tried her mobility stretch from this week, but then, she was so chatty and telling stories, I had to stop. Very annoying. I'm glad I did step though.

Debbie, have a fun vacation. Good workout!

Jolie, sorry your parents are ill. Falls and elderly, not good. I have been through too many with my mom. Hope she's ok.

Diane, good workout today. Yeah, Penny is a dynamo withe the shoulder/chest/plank work. I try to find o ex that go easier on that but boy she makes me sweat.

Belinda, hang in there! I know, easy to say, right? You seem to stay positive and workout a lot. That's part of the battle. My FIL, has rheumatoid arthritis and my MIL is in dementia care. It's a sad situation. However, my FIL feels sorry for himself and complains constantly. We try to get him to move more but he's exhausting.

Doreen, sounds like you made a good decision. Always gotta trust your gut. I haven't checked out Heather's Metcon workouts.

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Parent update. My mom passed out at the dining room table and my dad called an ambulance. They took her to the hospital, and she has covid. She was severely dehydrated, so they gave her an IV and admitted her for the night. They did X-rays and CT scan on her back and hip and thankfully she did not break a bone. She lifts weights at 85 years old so having muscles at that age helped her not break a bone. We are waiting to hear back from the doctors to see what they want to do. I asked for the monoclonal antibodies or Hydroxychloroquine but who knows what they will do. She sounds in good spirits today, so she is way better than she was yesterday. Both of my parents got the vaccine, and both have Covid. However, my dad did not get it nearly as bad because he takes an insane amount of vitamins per day so his immune system is really good for being 89 years young. The doctor told my mom yesterday that she should never get the booster, it does not work, it does more harm than the benefit. They also told her that people that got vaccinated are getting Covid more than the unvaccinated. It really puts a strain on the immune system overall. Go figure. I feel good about them both recovering and I am sending food to my dad daily. I was going to go out and help but I can't afford to get Covid otherwise my whole family will get it. I will go if they need me though because I am young and in good health. What a mess. I missed my workout today but tomorrow is another day! I have my husband going to get some IV Therapy this morning since he cannot kick the virus he has had for the last 2.5 weeks. I am taking a ton of vitamins and sitting under my infrared light.

Belinda, I bet you have the best doctors since you go to Walter Reed Hospital. I just put some ideas out there just to help, not to say what you are doing is wrong. Auto Immune issues are tough things to work through. Stay healthy.

Diane Sue, I say that about the doctor that wrote the book. But, we all knew it because they did no long term studies.

I hope everyone stays home and away from the germs. The flu looks worse than Covid in my neck of the woods. I am loading up on everything I may need in case I get sick and cannot go out. I found a mobile IV therapy company that will come to my house if I get sick. I may just go today and get one right now.
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Jolie - OMG! That is scary. I am sending positive vibes to your mom and dad. Covid is on the rise again. My DD went to a wedding 3 weeks ago, 8 people including her tested positive for Covid. Even the grooms maid. I think that what you call them. DD was here on 4th of July, the next day she tested positive. My doc ordered a PCR test, plus I did a few home tests. Luckily, I didn't get covid. My DD stayed away from from the on that day, she was so afraid on the 4th she would get me sick although she always takes a test before she comes incase. I do appreciate your help. I do have to run it buy my Rheumatologist, even though some are supplements they can interfere with my meds.

Cam - thank you! I do try to stay positive. Stressing isn't helping my PR. I am sorry about your FIL and MIL. I will keep them both in my prayers.
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This afternoon I did CDorner Fast Basic Step#223, 61 minutes, heart rate 127/165,285 calories, 4,897 steps. I liked this one as it really was more fast paced, but not lots of tricky choreography to learn. She is great at teaching chorography though and I usually catch on pretty quickly. Sometimes I have it down, but I guess some viewers were not catching on so she goes back and shows the move slowly. I just try to keep going because my heart rate drops while she is teaching the move all over again. Today on breaks she would call out names on a list of what I think is people that donate to thank them. At least it was during the breaks.
I then did Michelle Bachman Piyo Yoga stopping at the core at the end with more push up/plank moves. This was 31 minutes, 70 calories, heart rate 88/107, 238 steps
Total time was 92 minutes, 355 calories, 5,135. My heart rate did drop about midway in step, but I think my watch was a bit loose and had slid into a different position. I tightened a notch, and it went back up.
Tomorrow will be a rest day. Kelly has a new Raw workout "Just Lift" that is 42 minutes. I watched it and wrote down the moves so I may use it for my total body next week. Each move is done for 8 reps 3 times, and it is not a fast-paced workout.

Jolie, prayers for your mother, I am glad that she was not hurt badly from the fall. That is great that she till exercises and lifts weights. I hope to be like that too. I hope your mother starts feeling better quickly and they give her the best meds to get her there. Your husband has been sick for a long time! What bothers me is now they know more about the virus and side effects that the vaccines can cause and they are still pushing vaccines and saying they are safe for children. They know what meds help with the virus, I think they should go with that more and stop poking people with boosters. It didn't take long to see the deception going on. Your Dad sounds like an amazing person. I am glad he is doing okay with the virus.

Belinda, I am glad they gave you some home tests and did the PCR test. Nice work doing Fuel Day 19.
The dogs are really loving. I come out of the work out room and they are lying in the hallway waiting for me to come out. Gertie likes to lay her head on me. If she laid all of her 81 lbs on me I wouldn't be able to move ;) Kermit wants to lick me. He came up this morning and laid his head on the arm of the chair and as soon as I reached out to pet him he had to lick me. My son says he doesn't lick all that much, so I guess I am his licking target. He is a sweet dog. I got a picture of them both lying in the fresh mowed grass this morning basking in the 1004 degree sunshine.
This morning I did Tracy Steen 55 min Summer Vortex. I loved this one. It was well balanced and not overkill, but challenging.

Jolie, hope your mom will be alright. Glad your dad is doing ok. Covid effects everyone differently.

Diane, I just previewed her Basic Step. That looks good. That will be my next step workout. I have be careful about doing too much step. I did so much of it in the past that my Achilles took a beating, and now, a little jarring in the neck.

Stormy tonight. I like nighttime storms.
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My mom is still in the hospital, I told her to try and stay as long as possible because she has someone to take care of her, my dad is not too good at that so she might not get the care that she needs at home. My dad is doing better, just very tired. What a mess when you cannot help your loved one's face to face. I sent my dad a ton of food yesterday and he ate well. We have to fuel our bodies when we get sick or we do not have the energy to get better. He is drinking 2 protein shakes per day and trying to get in some veggies and some eggs or chicken any way he can. My husband slept 14 hours last night and seems a lot better today. Hopefully, he will be over this soon. He has no more flu symptoms, he is just exhausted all of the time. He got an IV drip for immunity yesterday and a B12 shot and I think that did the trick.

Today I had an outstanding workout. This week I will be doing some sort of cardio for at least 30 minutes per day along with one body part and ABS. I did Shoulders today and each set was TF. Total workout time was 1 hour 16 minutes and I burned 589 calories.

TM uphill for 30 minutes, 1.58 distance, 254 calories
Elliptical, 11 minutes interval mode, 1.36 miles 132 calories

Seated Arnold Press- 15's x 16, x 14, x 11 (TF on each set)
1 Arm Lateral Raise- 10# x 12, x 11, x 12
Upright Rows- 12's x 16, x 14, x 13
Front Raise to Rear Raise- 8's x 17, x 15, x 13 (Will go heavier next time)
Burn Out Lateral Raises- 5's x 34
ABS- 4 exercises TF

I used my son's Pre- workout and I had so much energy I felt like I could run a marathon! I am going to use it for tomorrow's workout too!

Roselyn, great job on the Beast Mode workout this morning!

Cam, way to go on the Tracey Steen workout yesterday. I am thinking of signing up for Les Mills on demand, have you ever done any of these workouts?

Diane Sue, I want to sign up for Les Mills On Demand, there are so many great workouts to choose from, Body Combat and the Body Pump and so much more. Have you ever subscribed to this before? I get 14 days for free so I might check it out. I love Les Mills kickboxing workouts a lot and I think I would enjoy the body pump too.

Debbie, have a great vacation this coming week.

Belinda, We have found that a lot of the home test do not seem to be too accurate but they are better than nothing that is for sure! Most of the Covid testing locations in our area are gone now, what is it like in your area? It is so nice that your daughter takes a test before she comes and sees you, that is really smart.

Doreen, bummer about the work situation, I hope everything works out for you.

I hope everyone has a great workout if that is in store for you and enjoy your day.

Today we all walked over 2 miles before it got too hot to walk. I also did FUEL Series 30 Min MEGA BODYWEIGHT HIIT Workout | Day 20.

Diane - I used the free Covid home testing kid, that the government is sending out to each household. My Rheumatologist ordered the PCR test just to make sure I didn't caught the virus. Home kids are not always accurate. You can have a false negative, but not a positive. I hope this makes sense. Your dogs sounds like my Sadie. Anytime she can give kisses she will. Great job on your workouts.

Cam - Tracy Steen is another instructor I like. I haven't done her workouts in so long. Great job. Hopefully the storm passed.

Roselyn - great job on the Beast Mode workout today. I wonder what Caroline comes up next? I love her workouts. You can really make it your workout, modify up/down.

Jolie - hopefully your parent are feeling better soon. Glad your dad is drinking/eating. I couldn't eat when I had covid. Everything tasted the same. Did your husband get the PCR test? Great workout today.

That's it for me today.

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