Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for JULY 2022!!

This morning I did FUEL Day 2 - Upperbody. I did a bike ride Saturday and Sunday, 10 miles on the road Saturday and 8.5 miles mountain biking Sunday.
I did not get much sleep again. I had sprinkler people come out early and that took a while. Then I worked grocery shopped on Walmart to have delivery which always takes me forever. I really was not feeling a workout, but I decided to push and get weights in. Since I really was not in the mood to do much I chose CDorner full body she did today with 80's music. This was 59 minutes, heart rate 98/141, 148 calories, 1,039 steps. I then did one of her older deep stretches, 21 minutes, heart rate 80/114, 37 calories. Total time was 80 minutes, 185 calories. She uses a bench in the workout, but offers options to do exercises without a bench. I started with 5 risers under my step, but after the first group I lowered to 3 risers (for step ups)
Full Body weights Stronger Things music from stranger things?
warm up ending with a 1 minute plank
Group one done 1 minute each move then repeated
elevated heel squat 15's, 20's
pullover 8's, 5's (I am careful with this one)
wall sit with alternating shoulder raises 8's, 5's( would have been best in between those)
Dead row 12's 12's
alternating step ups 15's, 8's (option is reverse lunge or walking lunge)
Group 2 abs on or off bench 30 sec each move done twice with a break
seated knee in
seated heel tap from bench
knees in and knees straight
boat hold
Group3 moves are done for 45 seconds and then repeated on opposite side
split lunge foot on step 15's, 15's
split lunges hold stance triceps kickbacks 10's 8's
balance one foot biceps curls then second time twisted curls 12's, 10's
Group 4 30 seconds each move
seated on the floor (can do on step) boat pose with speed bag arms side to side 2nd rd scissor arms
reverse curl on the step
forearm plank side reach for me once then I just did forearm plank
superman with arms and legs wide I tried first rnd not enough room so did v-sit

Cam, I eyed that Vortex workout. I am okay with step as long as I do not do a lot of jumping and keep the step down to no risers or one riser. I used to always do 2. It is my knees that it bothers if I get carried away. I have hopes on getting some rain later this week. Temps are showing cooling a bit around Thursday.

Belinda, nice work getting in the walk and Fuel day. I have not had anyone send us covid tests. My daughter brought some over when my husband had covid. He had two tests as the first was negative, but my daughter said to wait 24 hours and try again, but when he got worse she said to go ahead and it immediately showed positive. I know they are not always accurate. I have a friend that tested positive and her husband tested negative and they both had the same symptoms.

Jolie, I hope your mother gets better quickly. That is good your Dad is getting the nutrition for recovery. Also hope you husband is on the recovery end of the flu. Flu can take a lot out of you for a long time.
I did a month trial that Les Mills did once. I liked it and did a lot of the workouts. It was just that afterwhile they seemed somewhat repetitive. Music and instructors are different from what the dvds were. I even got in on their newer Spin class workouts which was really kind of cool to watch while riding as you go through futuristic sort of scenery.
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Today I did KCM Sculpting Rx both workouts. Great weight work. The 2nd workout is meh, but I made it more cardio focused. I also took a 2 mile walk on my lunch break.

I just heard the covid report/study. Those who did not get vaccinated had more severe symptoms and those with compromised immune systems, majority were hospitalized. Those who received the 2 doses, faired the best. Less severe effects and avoided hospitalization. Those that got boosted faired the worse. Apparently the booster made majority sicker. Go figure. You can't keep injecting several foreign substances in your body and think that that's ok. For some reason Flip Flopper is now figuring it out. The ass made millions of dollars on the propaganda he spewed. That's my rant for the day.

Good workouts everyone!
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Good morning,

FUEL Series 30 Min Cluster Sets Upper Body Workout | Day 22 is done. I am getting ready to take a walk with my DS before we drive him to the airport.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in after me. Sorry I don't have time for personals. Tomorrow I have 2 doc appointments. I will try to catch up when I can.

Have a great day and workout.
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Rode my bike to work today as my workout...but the real workout is going to be getting home! I hope it doesn't rain!!
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Alot to tell today. My dad is friends with the Chief on the Indian Reservation, and he is getting him into the Indian Clinic to get Monoclonal Antibodies for his Covid tomorrow. The Chief had Covid and got rid of it in days with this treatment. Amazing how Biden's Administration took this away for the American people, why? Because it works so well!!! My mom is doing better, still in the hospital, now they are dealing with her high blood pressure, but she is stable and off oxygen now. I think she may be coming home soon when she is walking better from her fall. My husband damn near looked dead yesterday so I had my son take him back to urgent care. Guess what happened!!! They FORGOT to tell him that he has Mono!!!!!!! They forgot!!! They put him on some meds and gave him another drip and he actually got up and went to work today. He is well past the contagious stage so they said to do what he could. How many people could he have infected by them forgetting to give him his diagnosis?! Wow is all that I can say. Thank God I did not get the Mono.

I ended up signing up for Les Mills for 1 year for $59! What a deal right! There are hundreds of workouts to choose from, Barre, lifting, kickboxing, stretching, Core and Abs, and so much more. Today I did two Body Pump workouts and I thought they were going to be too easy at the beginning but wow by the end of the workout. These are time under tension and by the end I could not do one more rep. I was lifting more than they were but I see that you do not need to lift heavy to get the burn. First workout was Upper Body #119, 35 minutes and I burned 274 calories. Next, I did Shoulders and Arms #119, 12 minutes and burned 86 calories. To finish off I tried only 14 minutes of workout #45 ABS/Core which is a 45-minute workout and I thought I would die just doing that much of the workout. Total calories burned was 458 and I my workout time was 63 minutes. I will not be able to move tomorrow I have a feeling LOL! I am so excited to have some new workouts to do when I am bored with my own. I am going to try some kickboxing this week since I love the Combat series that came out years ago on DVD.

Doreen, great job on riding your bike to work today, and I too hope it does not rain on you on your way home.

Belinda, way to go on the workout today. Enjoy your time with your son before you have to take him to the airport.

Cam, great job with your workouts the last few days. Don't get me started on the vaccination business either, I could go on forever! My mom got the two shots and is in the hospital for day 5 today and her doctors told her to never get the booster shots! My dad is getting the antibodies from the Indian Tribe since he cannot get it from a doctor. WTF!!!

Diane Sue, way to go on working out yesterday! I liked the Les Mills workouts today, I usually do not workout/lift like this so I know I will be feeling it tomorrow. I am excited to try the different workouts, there are so many to choose from on the website. My whole family can use it on my laptop for $59 per year. That is nothing compared to what other programs cost per month and the gym memberships too!

Make it a wonderful day, I have to now check in on my parents again and hope they are eating and drinking.
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Today I did Kelly Coffey Amped Up Cardio both workouts, 60 minutes, 271 calories, heart rate 123/152, 6,139 steps. This one is always fun for me. Quick paced with some drill breaks in between cardio where you are working 2 moves with one usually to the floor 2 times and then on to the next cardio group. This was a live class. I could have used the dvd and left out the drill parts. They are not too tough though, only 10 reps of each of the drill moves. I did not do the squat thrust and did my own thing. I did do the rest though like plank walk in walk out. I then did Perfect Flow timesaver mix #2 from both workouts, 36 minutes, heart rate 78/105, 57 calories. Total time was 96 minutes, 338 calories.

Jolie, what is wrong with urgent care? I think they must send workers them places that are new just out of med school or something. I have been twice and one time they did not know why hydroxychloraquine was and I had to spell it for them so they could look it up. To forget to tell the person what was wrong is ridiculous. That is great that your husband is able to get the monochromal antibodies. I think they didn't let them be used because there is not money in them. There is something wrong when a government is not for the people and by the people, but against the people. It seriously makes me mad.
Do you have Les Mills Pump?? I think most of the weight workouts on their subscription is bits of others put together. I wonder if they changed barre as it was not the typical barre work that I am used to. If I remember right it was more dance oriented. I used the yoga/stretches, spin classes, weights and loved the step workouts. That is a great price. When I signed up for the free month it was 14.99 a month for US customers. I did enjoy the workouts though. The pump workouts are usually several minutes straight working on one body area. I hope your mother keeps improving.

Cam, nice workouts with Sculpting RX . I guess I was in a minority because I got the first round of covid and no real problems. Flu is far worse. My husband got it in December and got through it sicker than I was, but still flu is worse. I did not catch it again and I was taking care of him with my arm in a sling. I don't trust any of there charts etc..

Belinda, nice work with Fuel day Cluster sets upper body.

Doreen, nice job on the ride. I think we have chances for some rain tomorrow. Hopefully you get home without rain.
Today I did Penny 40 min Butt, Thighs and Abs. That was awesome! I couldn't figure out how I overlooked this workout and then I realized it was when my neck was messed up. Anyway, I am glad I found it. 2 rounds / 50 sec. sets of each exercise and only 10 sec rest. 8 exercises in 2 circuits. She used a mini band for some of it. I also walked 2 miles at lunch. I really like my lunchtime walks I get a chance to enjoy the beautiful day and I have been walking in different subdivisions so its new scenery too.

Diane, yes I don't trust any covid numbers either. I should check Amped out of the library soon. I did that when my library got it years ago. I remember I liked it. Tomorrow I might do Chris's cardio workout from Sunday. It looked pretty good. Good workout today.

Jolie, Glad you are liking Les Mills. That is a great deal. I just can't get myself to do a streaming service yet. Maybe someday, but I am enjoying the variety on YT for now. It all starts to look the same after awhile.

Doreen, hope the weather held out for you.

Belinda, good job with Fuel.
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I am forcing myself to rest today, I feel like my immune system is compromised and I better listen to my body, or I will end up getting sick. My mom may come home from the hospital today and my dad has an appointment at the Indian Clinic to get the Monoclonal Antibodies this afternoon. My husband looks half dead but is starting to get his color back in his skin. They say Mono can last up to 4 months!!! Wow, we really need to protect ourselves this year from all of the viruses going around, and we haven't even hit cold and flu season yet! I decided to cancel the Les Mills if I can because Diane was right, all the workouts are basically the same thing. I do love the Combat kickboxing, but it may be the same thing with the repetition. I think I got a free two weeks so if I can cancel I will, if not no big deal it was so cheap anyway. I am getting bored with my workouts; I am dying for new workouts.

Way to go on all your workouts yesterday! I hope you all stay healthy and happy :)

Make it a great day.
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I checked and I cannot cancel my membership but that is ok, I have reviewed a lot of Combat kick boxing workouts and I am going to be doing mostly those going forward for cardio. My feet hurt from so much walking some days so this will be a good substitute. Anyway, $59 for a year is peanuts. I do want to try the stretching workouts, I need that so bad, I feel so stiff from lifting.
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Good evening,

I had an appointment with the Ophthalmologist this morning. I have a lot of the pressure in my eyes, he is worried about it. He wants to schedule me for surgery to releave the pressure in my eyes. I have another appointment next month to get another pressure test on my eyes. I also saw my Rheumatologist today. I have more appointments lined up for RP. I need to get this disease under control. I have another doc appointment tomorrow.

No workouts to report, I am too tired from all my appointment plus we just got home.

Good night.
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Today I did CDorner Step and Strength arms, 52 minutes, 200 calories, heart rate 112/146, 2,742 steps. This was a fun way to get in weights and cardio. It was 80's music again. I had a lot to do today so that is it.
Step and Arms
alternates 1 minute step with 1 minute strength
workout went like this
1 minute step (all step segments change each time)
bent over row/reverse fly 8# dbs 1minute
this follows with cardio then the same move two more times
step cardio1 minute
upright row/biceps with a twist 10# dbs
cardio and same weight move two more times
arms stay in L position side lateral/hammer curl stopping half way (this made it harder) 10's then dropped to 8's for the other two times
cardio and weight moves two more times
step cardio
dips or kickbacks and last set overhead triceps extension dbs 8's for me
cardio and weight moves two more times
ends with 2 sets of ab work

Cam, great job with Penny Butt, Thighs, and Abs yesterday. I used to dread band work, but I kind of like it now. Funny how things change. I used to pick up workouts once in a while from the library. It got where I had most of them though. I guess that says something about how many workouts I own:p I did try some Tracy Long longivity workouts a couple of years ago.

Jolie, you need to stay well, you have so many sick people around to take care of as best you can. You don't need covid and mono. I am sure you will find things you can use from Les Mills. My problem with them is there was not any particular one that I could choose as a favorite since they were so similar. I was also hoping for more of the music that they had in the dvds. A month of it kept me busy and I liked it. Longer though, was not something I was willing to pay the monthly fee they were charging. As I increase weight, I am waking up much stiffer in the mornings.

Roselyn, nice work with Caroline Hiit.

Belinda, I would be exhausted after the medical visits and just the strain of knowing that there is more problems to face. I am sorry to hear about the eye pressure. Praying the doctors can come up with something to help you get the disease under control.

Fuel D23 LB is done.

I have to get ready for my next doc appointment.

Diane - thank you! My doctors are working on getting RPC under control. The meds PR patients take are for other diseases. There are not pacific medication for this disease. It’s a trial and error. What ever sticks sort of speak. I switched to the highest does PR patients can get of MTX injections. We talked about infusions next to get the disease under control. I believe the Humira injections aren’t working. It’s not meant for this disease. I am still in flair ups. Something isn’t working. I shot an message to Penn Uni this morning, to let the doctor know what is going on. She may reach out to my Rheum.

Gotta great ready.
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I have to say, I had the best workout, Les Mills Body Combat #80 using 1# gloves!!! This workout was 45 minutes, and it is so much better than their DVDs that I have been doing over the years. First off, I love Dan and Rach, they are so funny together even though they were married and divorced, they truly know how to que a workout. There was upper body and lower body drills included along with a ton of punches but not too many kicks, so it was doable to start off my Les Mills journey. I will be doing this once again, for sure. Workout was 45 minutes, but I added on more stretching at the end, and I burned 529 calories. If this does not lean me out, I do not know what will.

My mom came home from the hospital last night and my dad got his antibodies too. I hope they both feel better soon. My mom is to quarantine for 5 more days so I cannot go and see here. Oh well, we have Facetime and that is almost just as good. My husband looks a little bit better today, slowly but surely.

Belinda, great job getting in a workout even though you are having issues with your immune system. Is your blood pressure elevated, just wondering because of the pressure behind the eyes?

Diane Sue, I downloaded the Les Mills Ap onto my phone and previewed a ton of workouts yesterday and I am so happy that I signed up. I will never run out of workouts to do this year. I am going to lift on my own too, I like heavy lifting and I don't think that Les Mills does too much of that in their lineup. Great job on the step and weight workout yesterday!
Roselyn, great job on the Caroline Hiit workout yesterday.

Debbie, I miss having you on the forum but I am glad that you are getting a vacation.

Make it a wonderful Thursday my friends.
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Jolie - That sounds like a great deal on Les Mills - was there a promotion you got? I have the rest of the year on Ifit but their cardio is all on machines - no kickbox or anything. And I have only been impressed with a couple strength workouts - most are too beginner.

I'm up at my son's college the next couple days for my daughter to do a volleyball camp. So we're camping out at his apartment (he hasn't moved in yet) and I might be able to get to the fitness center one of these days. Otherwise I brought my bike but it rained really hard last night and I didn't want to drag mud into his place!
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Today I did a 10 min Michelle Cardio Core segment. So fun! And then I did Vera LaRo No Repeat Total Upper Body. Loved it. She really fatigued my arms. I also walked 2 miles at lunch.

Good workouts everyone!
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Today I did CDorner 80's Dance workout, 45 minutes, heart rate 136/167, 255 calories I then did Coffey Fit Raw abs finisher standing portion and stretch finisher, 17 minutes, heart rate 98/117, 49 calories. Total time was 62 minutes, 304 calories, 5,224 steps. I used 8# for the ab work and some 5#. Finally it is raining. Some areas got some yesterday, but it missed us. It just started so we will see how long it goes. Sprinklers are supposed to go off in the morning. If this keeps up for awhile I will shut them off.
I decided I need to get back to cooking myself meals more like I did before surgery. I ordered a lot of veggies and meats, shrimp, organic chicken. I had planned on making a pasta recipe I have done a lot that has eggplant, tomatoes, jalapeno, and rigatoni. I got all of the veggies, fruit, and fresh basil and Whole Food did not have the chickpea pasta that I usually get. Probably just as well as chickpea pasta has lectins. I ordered cassava pasta from Amazon so will have to wait a day or so. I have never used cassava pasta before. Hope I like it as I had to order 3 boxes. Tonight I made a cauliflower mash topped with roasted broccoli, peanuts, and parmesan cheese. The recipe is supposed to use a dairy free parmesan recipe, but when I mad that before I did not like it, so I sprinkle shredded parmesan on it.

Belinda, I hope they can find the right meds for you. The ones you are taking are strong meds. Maybe if Penn Uni talks to them, they can put their heads together and try something else other than Humira.

Jolie, I am happy you really enjoyed the combat workout. Yeah, the pump workouts are generally lots of reps with little rest for one body part, so going real heavy is hard. I remember on some of the moves I would push using 45 lbs for lower a lot of the time. It was hard. It has been a long time since I have done a combat workout. They are more endurance strength workouts. I am glad your mother was able to go home. I am sure she is more comfortable in her own environment.

Doreen, I hope you get a chance to ride your bike. Have a nice time at your son's college.

Cam, I have looked at some of those workouts. Someday I may try one.
Good morning,

Walk outside and Fuel Day 24 FB is done. 5 more workouts to go.

Jolie - yes, my blood pressure is elevated. My workouts help with the side effects from the prednisone. I do have to modify a lot. Glad your mom is home and your parents are doing better.

Diane - yes, I take strong meds. They will get stronger soon. My Rheum wants me to get infusions instead of Humira. I did sent the doctor from Penn a message to get her option and let her know what is going on. She is very responsive. She thinks the pressure in my eyes are due to the prednisone.The Ophthalmologist is aware that I take high doses of prednisone. I have to wait until my Rheum gets back and lets me know what is going on. Great job yesterday.

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I just spoke to my parents and after my mom is done with quarantine on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday I need to go to their home and get her in the shower and help with food prep. I just ordered a shower chair and some handrails for her shower since she has little to no energy right now. I thought I would buy her a new set of bed sheets, so her bed is super comfy for her for the next few weeks. Both are very weak and have little appetite, I have to get them eating!

I had a great workout today even though I am sore from yesterday's kickboxing workout. I started with an uphill walk on the TM, 40 minutes, 2.1 miles and burned 340 calories. Next, I pulled out and oldie but a goodie, Cathe's Maximum Intensity Strength from 2001 and did Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps and ABS. I love her older workouts so much more than the newer stuff. I like basic lifting exercises, I was never injured back in the day, it is all of the compound moves that destroy me. Workout was 1 hour 19 minutes and I burned 550 calories. Tomorrow if I am not too sore, I will try another kickboxing workout.

Doreen, yes there was a promo of 70% off for the year so I jumped on it! I am glad I did just for the kickboxing workouts. Have fun at college!

Cam, nice job on the workout and the 2 mile walk.

Diane Sue, nice job on the workout. I am really off cooking a lot this summer and need to get back to meal prepping myself. I bet you make some nice meals for yourself; I am thinking about making turkey chili with green onions, cilantro and avocado on the top.

Belinda, I feel so bad for you that you are going through so much stuff with your health. Stay positive and I know you will get things figured out soon. Nice job on the workout.

Make it a great day.
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