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Belinda, nice workout again today. I like pretty much any kind of fish. Sprouts has a bunch of veggies like beets, squash, cauliflower, all ready to use for recipes where they keep salads and the like. Some spiralized veggies are there. They even have a squash as pasta macaroni and cheese ready to take home and cook. I just find that I have my kitchen aid spiralizer, slicer and cuisinart food processor and it would seem a waste of funds for me to buy that stuff done for me. The skins slide right off the beets after I cook them in the Instant Pot. I like beets added to my salads. There is a bakery restaurant here called La Baguette that makes a salad with beets and even potato chunks in it. It is quite good. I would not have thought of potatoes added to a green salad. Although I do not eat them often. Mostly just an occasional sweet potato.

Jolie, that is odd, as I ordered the two dvds just a few days ago. No problem. I don't know about the downloads though. For some reason I only remember after pre-orders they are usually in sets?? Maybe I am wrong though. Also they cost almost as much as the dvds and there will no longer be a dvd and download option. That is one of the things I don't like about skipping the pre-sale. I read a thread on a facebook Kelly group I belong to and they pretty much said no matter how much and which CBD oil they tried, and how long they used it there was no significant help as far as pain. I have read that there are other products that work better. It is more one of those things that everyone jumps on the band wagon for. I have found a lot of things do not work and wonder why I read these great claims as to what this or that has done for them. The things that help, to me help marginally. I can keep my joint pain under control if I keep up with what I have been using. I let up a bit because of cost it soon notice a difference. But, that being said, I have tried many things that were a total waste of money. I think each of us is different though. I did see Belinda's post on the beets. It seems most of the time I go to the dentist I have an issue with coughing before I even get there. I coughed so hard when I was sick this last time and it took quite awhile for my ribs and deep inside my chest to stop hurting. I was afraid to do push ups and even down dog in the stretching hurt. I had wondered if I was going to have to go to the doctor and see if I tore something.

Roxie, I am sorry about the neck and shoulder pain. That is why I stayed away from quite so much weight on the shoulders today. Eating once a day is usually not the best for weight loss. You need to have something small during the day at least. I hope that things work out and you love your new job. Congratulations. I am from Oklahoma, Jolie is from California. We have rain here in Oklahoma right now. There may be some snow in the panhandle though.


This morning I did FIt Split timesaver kickboxing, 36 minutes, average heart rate 121, max 159, 2,999 steps, 228 calories, met 5.8. That is it for the day. My husband and I have things to do today and want to ride around in our new Taurus a bit :)


This morning I broke into my LITE downloads. I started with Cardio Party and the calorie crush followed by pyramid back. I really enjoyed Cardio Party. Its a steady state cardio routine that just keeps moving. There are different sections broken up by boxing, hi/low and blasts (that aren't that hard). Its a solid intermediate workout. I burned about 247 calories in the 36 mintues. Then I did the Cardio Crush which is an IMAX feeling step routine with 4 combos and 4 blasts. The blasts are still intermediate level though so very doable. I enjoyed it. I will use it when I want to get a lot of steps without draining myself. Pyramid Pump holds a lot of promise too. It is two back exercises alternating working up and down a pyramid. I needed to go heavier but first time through I took it easy. This would be great to pair with ICE MM to get a good back burn!
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Good morning,

I did a walking workout this morning.

Diane Sue - great job this morning.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in after me.
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I received my two Lite DVDs today. I checked to see if they have the downloads still and they do. You just have to go to the Shop and downloads to get them. I don't know, I will probably just order the dvds as I choose them.


Roselyn, we just had rain and a temperature drop with wind. They are saying we might have more snow next weekend. You are doing well with those Les Mills workouts. I got a real lot of steps when I used Les Mills cardio workouts.

Doreen, those workouts sound great. I can't wait to try those two out. I want to get the Kickboxing one too. Thanks for giving a run down.

Belinda, nice job today on the walking workout.


Today is my rest day. I did do the Lite six pack abs bonus though. It sort of reminds me of some of the moves from Shock Cardio and MMA for abs, but a bit easier?? I liked it though. Although the up and over punch down while on my back in a bridge position seemed to aggravate my neck. That is where I felt it, and I have done it in the past. Kelly has her new heavy bag workout coming up and I really want to do that as well as the 16 minute leg and glute finisher that she just put up. I am working on adjusting my rotation for Kelly's raw strength so that I can get in some of the tow lite workouts and the heavy bag raw workout. Cardio is easier to work in with the strength than more strength.
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Debbie, here is what Kelly said to one of the ladies that is having carpal tunnel surgery and asked about kicking the heavy bag since she is not able to punch it for quite some time. So, probably is best to take it easy on it. I have never went hard at it. For one thing if I am kicking and balancing it is hard to kick it hard. It is more a tap. Kelly is generally pretty careful about injury prone moves. I know each instructor has their own thoughts. Some I often wonder how they have stayed away from bad injuries.

(Kelly) Ugh. That stinks, sorry to hear that! Some people like kicking the bag...I’m not a fan. It’s too harsh on the hips IMHO.
Diane - thanks, good information. It looks like fun to kick the bag but I doubt I'll do it all that much. I'd rather be safe.

So I was looking through the 80 Day Obsession series on Beachbody ondemand. It looks good but it's a lot of leg work. I'd really like to try it but it doesn't have any cardio since the workouts are constantly going and I'm assuming you get the cardio aspect of it because of that. It looks fun, though. I sort of want to do one more series since I have 6 months of BB. I hate to waste the last few months doing something else.

Decisions, decisions...
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Roxie 1965

Good Afternoon,

I walked on the treadmill today and am cleaning house. We had about 3” of snow thank goodness they were wrong again about the forecast. I have not received my new workouts yet.
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Today was bodypump, my subscription ends next week and i don't know about renewing it I like the workouts but bodypump routines don't really differ alot
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Debbie, I thought BB on demand had more Beast workouts. Too many workouts use a lot of high impact stuff.

Roxie, I am glad it is not snowing here. Freezing Temps , but no precipitation. I hope next weekends forcast is wrong as it keeps changing on snow possibilities.

Roselyn, if you keep Les Mills, maybe one Pump workout and somethingng else for weights? Although I think you would gain strength from some of those other workouts. They seem to build a little even into the step workouts.
Today I started Week 8 of LIIFT4 and is the last week for this series. Today was Chest & Back. I'm not sure what I'm going to do next, I watched some of the other workouts Sagi has (Hammer & Chisel) and one of his own and I don't want to do them. Hammer & Chisel looks dangerous and I'm not interested in his testosterone lifting workouts. LOL!! Not sure why because I love Body Beast, but I'm just not in the mood to hear him ramble about being a beast and all his big muscles. I may take a close look at 80 Day Obsession but I don't think there is much weight lifting in that one, it looks more cardio based. I may start the RIPT series again, those were fun for me. I wonder if I cancel Beach Body now if I'll get any money back?

This workout killed. It was tough, I will miss this series.

3 sets/10 reps per circuit round
Round 1
Rotating Chest Press:
Decline Chest Press: 25's
Pullover: 30#/30#/25#
Wide Row: 15's

Round 2
Chest Press:
Chest Fly: 25's/22's/22's
Dumbbell Row: 25's
Reverse Fly: 15's

Burnout Round
Regular Pushups
Back Extensions
Wide Pushups

3 sets 30 seconds each with minimal rest.

Prayer Crunch:
8# (my shoulders took this one so I decided to do the last 2 sets with no weights)
Floor to Ceiling Leg Lift (hip lifts)
3 sets/30 seconds each with minimal rest.

Workout was 42 minutes, burned 232 calories and my HR was 117/182 . I did 616 steps so not too many due to it all being on the floor.

I walked in place for about 10 minutes while I previewed some Hammer & Chisel.

Diane - I looked at the other Beast workouts and they are all high impact and look dangerous. I might just cancel Beachbody for now. There is really nothing else on there that interest me so I might just move on. I did really love the LIIFT4 series, though, I know I will do that one again. Nice going with your workout on Saturday and I hope you enjoyed your rest day. Cool on getting a new Taurus, my brother has one and it is ancient but is still a very dependable car.

Doreen - Sounds like you got a good start with the new workouts, glad you are enjoying them! Nice job with the workouts!

Roselyn - 10" of snow? Wow! We got about 2" so not too bad. Have you tried Hammer & Chisel? I previewed them on BB and they look quite dangerous. I can see some serious injuries happening with those. Yikes!!

Roxie - Good job with your treadmill walk. We got more snow than they said we would but I don't care, it's pretty outside. For now... Hope your new job goes well for you. Is it still a pharmaceutical job?

Belinda - Is your husband doing LIIFT4 again with you? I don't think I could do it again right after doing it once, I'm sick of Joel. LOL!! But I will miss this series and will definitely do it again.

Jolie - Hope all is well and you are feeling better and better.

DOZ - You keep disappearing on us, where are you? Did you get your new workouts?

Have great workouts everyone!!
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Roxie 1965

Good Morning,

I did LiiFT 4 WK4 D1 Chest & Triceps Circuits.
First Block
Chest Press-12lbs 10x3
Triceps Press-10lb 10x3
Chest Fly-10lb 10x3
Tricep Kickbacks-10lb 10x1 then 8lb 10x3
Second Block
Decline Press-12lbs 10x3
Skull Crusher-8lbs 10x3
Rotating Curl-10lbs 10x3
Single Side Tricep-8lb 10x1 then 10x2
Wide Pushups three rounds
Tricep Pushups three rounds
Full Sit-up three rounds
Bicycles three rounds.

Debbie-I want to do 80 day Obsession next

Diane Sue-there is snow forecasted for here too.
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L4 Round 2 Week 2 Workout #5 Chest & Triceps Circuit = 39 Minutes.

Round 1:
4 exercises/10 reps/3x
Decline chest - 20's
Skull crusher - 15's
Rotating chest press - 20's
1 Arm triceps extensions - 15's

Round 2:
Chest press - 20's
Close grip tricep press - 20's
Chest fly - 20's
Tricep kickbacks - 12's

Burnout round: 30 sec/ 3 sets
Wide pushup
Tricep pushup

Abs: 30 sec /3 sets
Flutter kicks with crunches w/ DB
Windshield wipers


Debbie and Roxie - I want to do 80 day Obsession next too.

Debbie - I started to play my own music and mute Joel out :) That helps! My husband is doing another round of L4 with me. He likes it. Since I am familiar with all the workouts, I can go heavier.

Roxie - nice job this morning.

Doreen - can you post the weight exercises from Cathe's new workouts? Glad you like them.

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This morning I did Lite Cardio Party Timesaver Cardio Crush which is an interval step workout, 29 minutes, met 6.0 185 calories, heart rate average 120, max 142 (this seemed off, but I guess the cardio is short) 2,540 steps. I then did Lite Pyramid Upper, 50 minutes(45 actual) heart rate average 97, max 129, met 3.5 194 calories, 1003 steps. I then did Coffey Fit Raw Legs and Glutes finisher that she just added, 20 minutes, met 4.5, 99 calories, 566 steps, heart rate average 101, max 121. I finished off with Lite extended stretch #1, 13 minutes, met 2.3, 33 calories. Total time was 1 hour 52 minutes, 510 calories.
I have to run. I have to go take care of insurance on the new car, run to the grocery and pick u my granddaughter from school and take her to her mother's school. I want to be able to come back here in between. I will come back and post workout details :)

Debbie, I had hoped there would be more like Body Beast on Beach Body. I have hammer and chisel and that is where I pulled my rotator cuff doing those burpees and pull ups really fast. My doctor says that left my rotator cuff in a precarious position. Then the jump push ups as well. I started modifying moves a lot in those.

Sorry, I really have to go!

Jolie Fit

Yesterday we had and open house and had several people interested in buying our house. I hope to be moved by summer so I can enjoy living at the beach when it is hot and sunny.

Today I did Cathe Live, Buff Upper Body minus the ABS because of my AB and rib issue. I burned 397 calories. 3 rounds of each Giant Set with NO REST! Then I did Cathe Live PHA 1 round and loved it! It is a circuit style workout, 8 exercises and you do three rounds. This really gets your heart rate up! I burned and additional 126 calories. Average heart rate was 117 and max was 156. Keep in mind I am still not lifting really heavy because I don't want to hurt my side any more than it is hurting right now.

Seated Overhead Press- 15's x 12, x 10, x 8 ( 3 rounds of this Giant Set )
Sweeping Curls- 15's x 12, x 10, x 8
Upright Rows- 12's x 12, x 10, x 8
W Curls- 12's x 12, x 10, x 8
Isolation Curls- 10's x a long time!

Rear Flies- 10's x 12, x 10, x 8
Front Raises- 8's x 12, x 10, x 8
Lateral Raises- 5's
x 8 side of thighs
x 8 front the thighs
x 6 side of thighs
x 6 front of thighs
x 4 side of thighs
x 4 front of thighs
x 2 side of thighs
x 2 front of thights
alternating side and front x 6 each! ( i thought I would die!)

Lying Triceps Ext.- 10's x 12, x 10, x 8
Cross Body Ext.- 10# x 12, x 10, x 8
2 Arm Kickbacks- 8's x 12, x 10, x 8

Chest Press- 20's x 12, x 10, x 8
Chest Flies- 15's x 12, x 10, x 8
Close Grip Chest Press- 15's x 12, x 10, x 8

1 Arm Rows- 20# x 12, x 10, x 8
Wide Grip Pull Downs- 50# x 12, x 10, x 8
1 Arm Horizontal Rows- 15# x 12, x 10, x 8

PHA workout warm up
Plie Squats 12# x 24
Rear Flies- 10's x 16
Alt. Side Squats 5's x 16 each side
Bicep Curls x 3 to shoulder press to overhead triceps ext. and down- 10's x 8 rounds
DeadLifts BB 25# x 16
Chest Press- 17's x 16

WOW I loved this workout today!

Debbie, I dont know that BB workout you are referring to, I will check it out! Good workout today, I cant believe it is 8 weeks already! I got hammer and chisel and hated it!

Diane Sue, nice workout today, how did you like them? I will go back on the website and see if I can find out how to order a few of the new workouts. Rain here today and for the next 4 days! What kind of car did you get?

Belinda, nice workout today! I will check out the 80 day obsession workout today!

Roxie, nice job on the workout. You have to eat more than once a day, your body is going into starvation mode, that is why your body fat is rising! You need to eat to have energy. BTW, great news on getting the new job! You can do it!

Doreen, let me know what workouts you like the best, I may order some myself.

Roselyn, have fun at school today! Good job on the Grit workouts and Cathe's 25. I have not tried that one yet.

Have a nice day.


I am back at the house for a few minutes then have to leave again. One of those days LOL At least I had time to come home and eat an RX Maple Sea salt bar and drink a Rebel drink. I love the Cold brew Maca and Reishi ones. Thoughts on the Pyramid is that it was about what I expected. Not anything new. I like the superset and Pyramid format. Some of it I probably could have went even heavier. I think 10's was a bit heavy on the front raise, but only 8 reps. The cardio crush was "I max " as Cathe mentions type moves with a step. I liked the extended stretch #1. I will have to look and see what dvds have the extended stretch #2
Also the Lower body premix has some options to not use the high step presses and one the omits the gliding disc moves. This is on the Pyramid bonus dvd. I only have two dvds.
Weights for the Pyramid Upper time saver premix
Each body part is a super set of two moves done up and down the pyramid for 5 sets (they go pretty light on these and I upped the weight a bit) all are 12,10,8,10,12 reps Using a stability ball
Pull over 10,12,15,12,10# dbs
single back arm fly standing 8,10,12,10,8# db
fly 10,12,15,12,10# dbs
chest press 10, 12,15,12,10# dbs
standing kickbacks 8, 10,12#,10,8# dbs
lying extensions 8,10,12,10,8# dbs
standing sweeper curls 10,12,15,12,10# dbs
incline curls 10,12,15,12,10# dbs
standing overhead press 8,10,12,10,8# dbs
front raise using stability ball 5,8,10,8,5# dbs

Coffey Fit Raw legs and glutes finisher (this is the new one she just put up)
16 minutes actual time(20 me for writing it down) timed I think 40 seconds but not sure as sometimes it seemed long ;) Kelly uses 15# dbs
Squats 20# dbs
no weight fast squats then toes our fast squats
front lunges w/ pulses 15# dbs, then regular lunges alternating
lunge shooters no weight
reverse lunge/down up down alterntating 15# dbs
no weight reverse lunge touch the floor alternating
Front/side/together lunge holding dbs together in front 15# dbs (this was much harder that one would think holding the dumbbells like that and Kelly does take a break in the middle)
No weight split lunge hop then out hop then back in alternating sides
Finishes with bridge variations single leg in figure 4, both feet on dumbbells, knees in and out bridges (Kelly says that if you used a weighted vest instead of weights you could lay it across your hips or you can use a weight) I did not as I have plans to do Pyramid lower one day this week along with some Kelly work from the rotation.

Debbie, Sagi is kind of vain :) Funny at times, but he does think quite a lot of himself and talks about himself. Kind of bugs when he belittles his guys. But, I really did enjoy the workouts. All but the cardio one. I dreaded it and it did not burn many calories for some odd reason. I have not been in the mood to kill myself with those kind of workouts lately and have had good results without doing them. We had a Taurus Wagon years ago and it lasted many years with not problems. We just traded it in and got another vehicle as there was nothing wrong with it. My granddaughter has a Taurus and it is a 2005 and has had no problems at all. I think they are good cars. The Police Department here uses Taurus cars.

Roxie, nice job on the Lift workout. I am hoping they are wrong and the snow goes around us without freezing rain, which is what happens a lot. It is going to be cold.

Belinda, if my husband wanted to do a workout series with me, I would be more than willing to work out with him even if I was ready to move on to something else :) Nice work. I will post the weights workouts on the Pyramids, but it will be awhile before I get the others, if and when. I will be interested in seeing Doreen post too.


Jolie, I bet you would love getting moved close to the beach :) I remember that Cathe Live workout. She does so many circuit type workouts. We got a Taurus SEL. It is really nice. It will save gas over what the Range Rover used and new, so surely no problems. The Taurus is a really good car.

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