Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for January 2019!!

Today I did the 3rd and last yoga workout in the 3-Day Refresh workouts. I did the "Restore & Stretch" one and it was really good. My body is still so tight but slowly getting better. Now I notice real tightness in my waist area. Incredible how it keeps changing.

I also did Karen Voight's Yoga Stretch and I love that one as well.

I used the Yoga setting on my Fitbit to clock these workouts and it looks like it did a good job. Workouts were 59 minutes, burned 184 calories and HR was 99/149.

Tomorrow I want to do Cathe Live Strong Upper Body Express from 9/24/15. I need to find the workout sheets for it, are there any posted anywhere? I checked out that 2Lazy4thegym website but there are no workout sheets there, just what the workouts are about. Would any of you happen to have this workout sheet?

Great workouts this weekend all! See you tomorrow!!
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I started a February thread last night.

Debbie, I posted that workout on the February thread.

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