Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for January 2019!!

Roxie 1965

Good Afternoon,

Happy New Year everyone. I will post Monday and today’s workouts even though my arms are shaking. LiiFT 4 WK3 D1 Chest and Triceps

Chest Press-15/10x3
Chest Fly-12/10x3
Rotating Chest Press-12/10x3
Tricep Kickbacks-10/10x3
Skull Crushers-8/10x3
There was HiiT work in this that I modified.

LiiFT 4 WK3 D2 Back and Biceps
Traditional Fly-15/10x3
Wide Row-12/10x2 then dropped to 10’s on last one
Reverse Fly-8/10x3
Pullover-15/10x1 then 20/10x2
Full Curl Burnout-10x2 then 8’s
Hammer Curls-10/10x1 then 8/x2
Wide Curl-8/10x3
Top Curl-10/10x1 then 12/10x2
Bottom Curl-10/10x3
Then there was ab work.

Debbie-right Back to it plan on finishing this program, I am hoping for some good results. Good job today.

Jolie-DH and I have managed to catch what my oldest DD and her family have hurts to swallow.


Happy New Year, everyone!

DH and I will fly to Florida tomorrow afternoon. My mother in law is in the ICU, it's not looking good. We will stay until Monday.

Today I did L4 Legs. I am trying to do L4 D3 tomorrow.

Roxie and Debbie - great job today.

I will try to be back tomorrow. If not, I will post when I can.


This morning I did Ice Low Impact Sweat workout 2 time saver, 28 minutes, heart rate average 122, max 157, 182 calories, met 5.9, 1,520 steps. My daughter and her two younger children came over to visit an have lunch. We played a game :)

Belinda, I am sorry that your mother in law is in icu. I will send prayers your way.

Debbie, thanks for getting us started. I hope the rest days help you get things straightened out.

Roxie, nice work on Lift 4. There are so many viruses going around right now.

Doz, nice job on cardio coach. I keep up with my vitamin C.

Jolie, I am so glad you are starting to feel a bit better. The flu like that can take so much out of you and weeks to feel completely normal. As many vitamin and immune boosting supplements as I use, you would think I would not have got the sinus infection. I had a scratchy throat and had started using bee propolis throat spray and oil of oregano drops along with my other supplements. I wonder if it is the rheumatoid arthritis med that is dragging my immune system down. I am only taking half the dose prescribed. The thing with the me having the flu like that is my husband had it at the same time and I had to crawl on the floor out of desperation. I think detoxing can mess with the immune system even more. It took me two months of digestive enzymes, probiotics, and upping the bone broth along with careful eating after the colonoscopy. Maybe just an anti inflammatory diet would be better.
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Good morning,

L4 W4 D3 shoulders is done.

Thanks everyone!

I have to get ready for the airport. I will try to be back later.
Today was Week 6 of LIIFT4 Back and Biceps. Had a great workout, but didn't do the HiiT part, instead I just walked in place. My hamstring is finally feeling better but I can stlll tell it isn't right. I will not do HiiT or cardio this week and maybe on Monday I will try to walk on my treadmill for a bit. I will not be running until I know this is good and healed. My mind is in a good place about this now and I know I will be running soon. :)

3 sets/10 reps each, minimal rest
SS #1

Dumbbell Rows: 27's
Hammer Curls: 20's/20's/17's

SS #2
Reverse Flies: 17's/17's/15's
Dumbbell Curls: 17's/17's/15's

SS #3
Dumbbell Pullover: 33#
Wide Curls: 12's

HiiT: 3 sets all the way through
Catcher Jumps - 60 seconds (walked in place)
Wide Mountain Climbers - 45 seconds (walked in place)
180 Degree Squat Jumps - 30 seconds (walked in place)

Abs: 3 sets/30 seconds each
Dumbbell Toe Reaches: 12#
Straight Leg Bicycle

Workout was 41 minutes, burned 254 calories and HR was 125/180. Went 1413 steps.

My steps are way down due to hardly doing anything the past week. Hard to see but I know I'll be bringing it back up when I'm better.

Roxie - Nice job with your workouts, your weights are impressive, nice job!!

Belinda - So sorry to hear about your MIL. Prayers to you and your family. Safe travels.

Diane - I hope you are feeling better, nice job on your workouts!!

DOZ - Great job with Press Play!! You made it through even though it was hard to get through. Hope you can find a rotation you like.

Jolie - Hope you are on the mend!!

Roselyn - Have you started the new rotation?

Have great workouts everyone!!
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Happy New Year everyone! I have 2 weeks left of my Fit Body Challenge by Michelle Dozios (though I have started adding in other weight workouts as its a lot of cardio). This morning I did Sweat and Burn which is a fun, floor based pure cardio workout - perhaps my favorite of the program.

Who is on the pre-order for LITE? (sorry if you already went over that in a prior thread - just wondering who is counting down until "next week" per the latest update)

LIFT4 looks and sound amazing for those of you who are doing it!


This morning I did Kelly Coffey Cardio Sculpt Fitness cardio premix which includes abs, 39 minutes, met 5.9, 254 calories, heart rate average 126, max 169, 3008 steps. I then did Coffey Fit Raw Tabata Weights, 36 minutes, met 4.5, 179 calories, heart rate average 109, max 146, 650 steps. Total time was 75 minutes, 433 calories, 3,658 steps.
Tabata weights 5 tabata rounds and round 6 is all moves 12 reps This is a pretty efficient 36 minute workout.
rnds 1-3
1 arm row 25# db
bench press 15# dbs
biceps 15# dbs
lateral/front raise 10# dbs
overhead triceps extension 10# dbs
squat 25# dbs
suitcase dead lift 25# dbs
Rnd 5-6
1 arm row 30# db
bench press 20# dbs
biceps supination curls 20# dbs
lateral raise 12# dbs
triceps overhead extensions 12# dbs rnd 6 12 reps of 25# db
squat 30# dbs

Debbie, I never let the steps bother me all that much. Days without cardio and weekends I sometimes will have as low as 3,000 steps. I think one of my sick lie around the house days I got 1500 steps in. It must have been going to the bathroom and kitchen steps ;) You are doing well and will soon be back at it.
suitcase deadlift 30# dbs


Doreen, nice work today. I did not pre order. I was looking at them today. The pre order is still good to the 10th. I had in mind to wait though and see what the comments are and get ideas of rundowns and purchase as I want them. It will cost more though.

Jolie Fit

Up and feeling about 20% better from yesterday. I got up cleaned the kitchen, 4 loads of laundry, took all of the trash out, showered and had to lay down again. I just cant stop coughing. My body looks like a have a horrible desease, the allergic reaction I had to the meds makes me look like I have the worst case of chicken pox. I am going to get some Cortizon cream today and see if that helps. The realtor wants to show our house tomorrow but I had to stay no. it looks like a disaster and we are still to sick to leave the house.

Nice workouts everyone,

Belinda, Sorry to hear about your mother in law. I will pray for her and your family.

Diane Sue, Nice job on the workout. I have to go and get some probiotics today I ran out. I am drinking apple cider vinager trying to get rid of this mucus. I just cant take anymore medicine, my body cannot handle it except for the antibiotics.

Doreen, nice to have you in the group! Nice job on the workout today, I had started Cathe Live in December and really like it.

Debbie, I am so glad to hear that your hamstring is feeling better, finally!!! I am going to be so weak when I finally get back to working out. I have to start eating today, I will force myself.

Have a nice day.


Jolie, here is a recipe that has helped me a lot with congestion. Chris Kressor had an article on immunity and I believe this was under a question for dealing with pneumonia. I have thrown some acv into the mix before. You did a lot. I bet you were exhausted after doing all of that with a weakened system. I had a full day of laundry in the midst of being sick. Generally I do a load almost daily. The timing for house showing is definitely not good.
Immune-boosting ginger juice recipe

The ginger juice tea is a combination of:

  • ginger
  • honey
  • lime or lemon
  • honey
  • cayenne pepper
  • hot water
It is really intense. This is not the kind of tea that you buy in the store that has a mild ginger flavor.

  1. This is juicing one to two pounds of fresh ginger. There are a couple of different ways to do this. If you have a juicer, that’s certainly the easiest way to do it because you’re talking about one or two pounds. If you don’t have a juicer and you’re up for up for making smaller batches, you can just get a grater and you can peel the ginger and then grate it on the finest setting into kind of like a pulp. Then you either pour three to four ounces of the juice (if you have a juicer), or you squeeze the pulp so that you generate three to four ounces of juice into a mug.
  2. You add one quarter of lime and squeeze that.
  3. A large tablespoon of honey, which has antiviral and antimicrobial properties, and is also an expectorant and decongestant and really soothing for cough and the lungs.
  4. One-eighth teaspoon of cayenne pepper and six ounces of hot water.
  5. You stir that really well and then you just sip that throughout the day.
I’m telling you, it’s really intense. It’s really hard to get down for many people, but it can have a profound effect on stopping viruses. In fact, I use this with many of my patients and we use it at home, and I just don’t really get sick anymore. If I start to feel sick and I start drinking this tea and take some of these herbs, it’s typically gone within 24 hours, or I make just a very, very mild version of it where I feel a little bit tired but I don’t develop the full symptom picture that I used to get with colds and flus. It’s a really powerful and potent mixture.
Diane - I have been adding an inch of ginger root and an inch of Turmeric to my protein shakes. I swear, I have so much energy when I drink that stuff. I hated it at first but now I find I crave it every morning, I love it. Ginger root is the best to stave off illness. I'm not sure I can drink it as you described, that is ALOT of ginger, but I'm 100% sure it will work!

Welcome Doreen!! You have joined a great group!
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Welcome Doreen

I have started the rotation yesterday was a bodypump workout, today was a body combat and a grit workout, alot of cardio

i did preorder
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Debbie, I love that stuff. The honey and lime makes it easy to drink. It tastes so good. I buy Health Aid Kombucha in Ginger Cayenne and love the bite in it. That one has less sugars than most of the others. It has probiotics. It is also one of the more expensive, but I buy it when I can. I keep ginger root in the freezer and pull it out often and grate into my drinks. I should pick up some tumeric root from sprouts. I mostly buy things with it added or the Meriva curcumin.

Roselyn, that would be one tough cardio workout. Way to go!
I was going to take a rest day today but just couldn't. I decided to do Kelly's Meltdown Boxing workout again. I love this workout. I didn't do the cardio intervals, though, I just walked in place. Had fun beltiing away at the bag, though. So glad I got it for Christmas!

So the pain in my hamstring is about gone, but now I feel a tightness down my IT band and hip. So hopefully that will go away soon. The heating has helped tremendously and I will keep doing it. Hopefully the IT issue will go away soon. Looking forward to doing cardio again.

Workout was 30 minutes, burned 238 calories and did 2640 steps. HR was 142/164.

I also did the Recovery Stretch from LIIFT4. Only 9 minutes, wish it was a bit longer.

Doreen - I ordered the LITE series but then cancelled. I might do what Diane said and order them separately after I hear about them more. I have been doing the On Demand workouts and I'm planning on trying Cathe's soon. I'm enjoying Beach Body for now.

Diane - Nice job with your workouts yesterday! Do you know if Kelly has any other Boxing workouts on DVD? I need to do some research on that, I love her boxing workouts since I have a bag now. As for steps, I always try to get 10k in Monday through Friday and the weekends are usually my lazy days, so I average around 5-6,000. My stupid Ionic needs another firmware update, which I just did a few weeks back. I tried to do the update last night and it kept erroring out. So frustrating. You would think Fitbit would make these updates a bit easier to do. I need to get on their website and complain about it. Does no good, though.

Jolie - Glad you are doing better, I had no idea the flu lasts that long. That is horrible.

Roselyn - Nice job on the Les Mills rotation. How are you liking the cardio workouts?

Roxie - Hope you have a great workout today!

Belinda - Prayers to you and your family. Hope you MIL is doing better.
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This morning I did Ice Rock'm Sock'm kickbox, 49 minutes, 324 calories, met 6.0, heart rate average 138, max 169, 4,245 steps. I then did Coffey Fit Raw Core Moves with the stability ball, 24 minutes, heart rate average 97, max 118, met 3.2, 84 calories, 175 steps. Total time was 73 minutes, 408 calories, 4,420 steps.
I woke up at 4 am and it was still in the 20's and raining. Loads of accidents last night. My husband has some distance to drive to work. It was bad. We had a bit of snow awhile ago. They are saying snow, more rain and then more snow. Not nice when it is so much ice. I am supposed to watch two of my grandchildren for awhile this afternoon. My daughter hasn't called so I am guessing her appointment has not been canceled.

Debbie, as far as heavy bag workout I don't think Kelly has any others on dvd. Have you checked out Amy Bento Ross Rumble?? I think you have that one if I remember right. There is heavy bag workout on it and you can use the premixes to just them or part of them. They are good. I like the dynamic stretch on the end of this one too. I pulled it out today. Have you done the heavy bag raw workout? Cathe has some heavy bag on one of her Shock Cardio MMA workouts. I just do not remember which one without looking. I believe there is some on others too. Also on her live kickboxing workouts. I love the way Kelly does it though. I think that whole are of the body affects different muscle groups. I am glad the heat is helping. Edited to add that I checked and Susan Chung's Rapid Fire 3 has a bonus heavy bag segment. I don't think you have that one though? One and two, right?
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Roxie 1965

Good Afternoon,

I am feeling horrible today cold kicked in big time so just resting I will do shoulders tomorrow. Excited to see the new workouts are on there way to Cathe to be shipped out finally.


Roselyn, I did a yoga and strength combo workout and really liked it. I also did one that was spin bike and yoga.

Roxie, I am so sorry that you have a full blown cold.
Today was Week 6 LIIFT 4 Shoulders and I had a great workout. This was not as hard as the previous ones but I think it's because I didn't do the HiiT part - I walked in place instead. I'm happy to say, I feel about back to normal again. My hamstring feels good and the hip isn't as tight. So hopefully by Monday I can at least try and walk on my treadmill to see how it feels.

I warmed up with Cathe's GS Shoulders, Back and Biceps.

3 sets/10 reps each and the HiiT movements were 30 seconds each.
SS #1
Overhead Press:
Upright Row: 22's/15's/16's
HiiT: High Knee Runs (I walked in place)

SS #2
Front Raise:
Lateral Raise: 11's
HiiT: Speed Skaters (I walked in place)

SS #3
Y Raise:
Swimmers: 8's/8's/5's
HiiT: 180 Squat Jump (I walked in place)

Abs: 3 sets/30 seconds
Dumbbell Jack Knives: 10#
Scissor Kicks w/Lift

Workout was 35 minutes, burned 220 calories. HR was 126/189 and did 1525 steps.

I watched the HiiT Total Body coming up next week and I hope I can do it. It's an all HiiT workout. I'm thinking that will be too much for my hamstring right now, not even sure I will chance trying it. Glad that is only for two weeks.

Diane - I can't believe it's so cold where you are. We are in the low 30's in the mornings but have gone up into the 40's in the afternoon. That is unheard of in January in Ohio. Last year school was out for a week after Christmas break due to the cold and snow. Weird. Nice job on your workout, I'd like to try Rock em Sock em KB. I'll have to see if I have Amy Bento's workout, I might. I need to sit and look at what I have at home, I bet I have more than I know!! Thanks for the info on the boxing workouts.

Roselyn - I hate hard cardio. LOL!! Nice job getting it done!

Roxie - Hope you are feeling better today. Something is going around, that's for sure!!

Hi to everyone else!! Hope you all have great workouts today!! It's FRIDAY!!!
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