Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for January 2019!!


Diane Sue - although Cathe new workouts look like fun, I am glad I canceled. Looking at the detailed reviews it doesn't look like there is anything new. My friend ordered the new series, she is out of town. Eventually I will give them a try. Looking at the ab review, reminds me of SBF barre abs. She does a lot of planks. I still have SBF subscription, she does have very good stretches on her site.
Today was Week 8 of LIIFT4 - Shoulders & Arms and had a good workout. This was my last LIIFT4 workout so now I will move onto to something else. I really enjoyed this series and will definitely do it again. Even if I cancel BB I will have the workout sheets. I'll just need to get the Leg portions documented before I cancel BB.

3 sets/10 reps per circuit round
Round 1
Shoulder Press: 15's
Hammer Curls: 15's
Upright Rows: 15's
Skull Crushers: 15's

Round 2
Front Raise: 11's
Wide Curls: 15's/15's/12's
Lateral Raise: 11's
Kickbacks: 11's

Burnout Round/30 seconds each, 10 second rest between
Swimmers: 8's/10's/10's
Dumbbell Curls: 12's
Triceps Pushups
3 sets 30 seconds each with minimal rest

Abs - 30 seconds each, 10 second rest
Side Reaches
Dumbbell Extensions: 8# (lay flat, arms above head, pull weight and feet up in the air and then reach for your toes)
3 sets/30 seconds each with minimal rest.

Workout was 40 minutes, burned 235 calories and HR was 121/158.

I also walked on my treadmill for .80 miles, burned an additional 86 calories and did 1932 steps. HR was only 81/90.

Still not quite sure what I will do yet. I've been working hard for 8 weeks so not sure if I should take a recovery week. I don't feel like I need one, though, especially since I had no leg work or cardio for so long. I might just do some Kelly RAW next week and then go from there. I think I want to do the RIPT workouts again but I will go back and refresh myself on how those workout are done.

Roxie - Just trying to help you out. I hope you are eating periodically during the day today. You posted at 12:30 (if that time was correct, not sure with this website) and hadn't eaten anything yet. YOU NEED TO EAT. I know it's a hard concept, but it works. I am a tried and true example of that. My metabolism is always high, and I eat usually around 1700 calories a day and yesterday I see I had about 1950. My weight is right where I want it to be. So this works, you just have to plan. GREAT job on your workout! You are doing great with the LIIFT4 series. I hope you like them as much as me and Belinda do.

Jolie - I think you just pulled a muscle. Remember last year when I had bronchitis and I was saying how bad my ribs hurt? They hurt for a good couple months and it was just a pull. I actually thought I cracked a rib at one point because it hurt so bad. Eventually it will heal, don't waste money on a chiropractor. You are doing great with Cathe live. I will take your advice and watch some on Youtube. Maybe I will decide to subscribe and do some of her workouts again. My bag is a floor bag, not a hanging bag. I love it.

Belinda - Who is JS? Nice job on that workout. That sucks that you can't do CC's anymore. I hope to always be able to do them when I'm not injured. LOL!! Thanks for sending me the details of the LITE workouts. I think I looked them over when I preordered. I can always get a couple if I think I will like them. The pyramids look interesting.

Roselyn - Nice job with your Les Mills workout. I don't blame you, if you like other workouts better, don't waste the money. How's school going?

DOZ - Where are you?

Have great workouts everyone!!!


Debbie - your are welcome! I do like the looks of the Pyramid, but will wait. JS is Jessica Smith Power walk (her new one). Great job on W8 shoulders. You are almost done! I am getting ready to get my workout in. I am dragging this morning.


I am back. Just finished L4 Round 2 shoulders

SS #1
Lateral Raise: 8's
Shouler Press: 15's
HiiT: Soccer Runs

SS #2
Front Raise: 8's
Shoulder Flies: 8's
HiiT: Catchers

SS #3
Y Front Raise: 8's
Upright Rows: 10's
HiiT: Squat Jumps - I did on my rebounder to take out the high impact.

Abs: 3 sets/30 seconds
Alternating Leg Twists
Rope Climbs
Plus a bonus 30 seconds of Alternating Leg Twists

Debbie - I hope you can do Cardio Coach for a long time too. I miss it! I been posting L4 here, but didn't safe any. I need to write them down too.

I also did Susanne Bowen Fitness (SBF) Upper body 8. Lots of plans. Thank goodness, it was a short workout. I also did Leslie Swanson (LS) 1 mile walk. That's it for me today. Have a Orthodontist appointment. Need to get ready. BBL!
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I did Kelly Coffey Train Like a Contender (TLC) Premix Coffey Fit Blend alternating both conditioning and boxing, 47 minutes, 306 calories, met 5.9, heart rate average 132, max 173, 3,776 steps. I then did Lite Cardio Party Hi/Lo only premix, 24 minutes, 154 calories, met 5.8, heart rate average 130, max 161, 2,042 steps. I finished with Lite abs #1, 10 minutes, 35 calories, met 3.2, 93 steps. Total time was 81 minutes, 495 calories, 5,911 steps.

Belinda, I didn't think that Lite abs 1 had that many planks. She takes a break between the two sets with some supermans. You are lucky that you have a friend that you can borrow from and see what you think. Good luck with the orthodontist today.

Debbie, I think that I looked at RIPT before and decided it was not something I wanted to do. I think that I saw some youtubes of it. I am looking forward to Kelly's Pyramids she is filming. Did you see the picture of< I believe it is Sammy with her 25# dumbbells ? I think she said that will be weekend after this coming one? Heavy bag comes first and she also has another Ripped and Ride R&R she is filming since she is doing those once a month for those who like the Home Gym Intervals workouts. She says you can use any piece of equipment. I need to go back and do the first R&R again now that I am past that sinus infection. It was tough then and I was struggling, but know I was sick and should probably not did it yet.

Jolie Fit

Today I had another great workout, Awesome Upper Body (higher reps lighter weights) and I added some legs at the end. I met with my son's high school football coach yesterday, who BTW works out NFL players and College Players going into the NFL Draft. I told him my goal and he put together a great program for me using Cathe Live workouts. I am going to lift heavy one day alternating with either high rep/endurance workouts or some kind of Circuit or Bootcamp/PHA/Metabolic workout the other day using much lighter weights. He said with my body type I can lift everyday but just not heavy each day to avoid injury. He also said my body craves this type of workout so I should see awesome results. Once the rain goes away, I will also incorporate walking a day or two a week. I am going to try it and see what happens. I do not want to grow my muscles any more, I want to cut and get lean for summer. My legs need some definite work so this should help them a lot. Workout today was 1 hour and I burned 436 calories! I cant wait to work abs again. Weight 155 pounds, goal 150. I am 5 feet 10 inches so any lighter I tend to not feel good.

Triceps Cable Pulldowns- 30# x 16, x 12 ( 2 rounds of the Giant Set )
Lying Triceps Ext.- 10's x 16, x 12
Chest Press- 20's x 16, x 12
Close Grip Chest Press- 12's x 16, x 12
Chest Flies- 12's x 16, x 12
2 Close Grip Chest Press to 2 Chest Flies- 12's x 6 rounds
Kickbacks- 8's x 16, x 12

Seated Overhead Press- 12's x 16, x 12
Lateral Raise- 8's x 16, x 12
Iron Cross- 5's x 8, x 8
Rear Flies- 8's x 16, x 12
Upright Rows- 12's x 16, x 12

Wide Grip Pulldowns- 50# x 16, x 12
1 Arm Rows- 20's x 16, x 12
1 Arm Horz. Rows- 12's x 16, x 12
Bicep Curls- 12's x 16, x 12
Crazy Eights- 10's x 24, x 24
W Curls- 10's x 16, x 12
Reverse Curls- 8's x 16, x 12

Leg Ext.- 50# x 16, x 14, x 12
BW- Squats x 25
BW- Alt. Side Lunges x 24
BW- Warrior Slide Back Lunges x 12 each side

Debbie, I am not going to the Chiro for my ribs right now. I do think it is a pull, they feel better today. Why everytime we get going with our workouts something goes wrong with our bodies? Nice workout today. Have you done Kelly's heavy bag workout yet? I want to get one but we have to wait and see if there will be room in our new house. For now it is shadow boxing.

Belinda, good job on the workout! Are you repeating the program you are doing or moving on to something else?

Diane Sue, Making another big pot of homemade chicken soup today since it is raining and it sounds so good for a cozy day. Nice workout today. I still cant box because it hurts my ribs and side too much. Maybe I will make some turkey chili this weekend for the football games on Sunday. I love avacado on the top with cilantro. Yum.

Roxie, how is the new job going? I hope you have a good workout today and your eats are on point. I was bad yesterday and ate chips!

Roselyn, I hope you have a good workout today and a nice day at school. What are you doing next for your rotation if you are ending Les Mills?

Have a nice day.


Jolie - your workouts look like a lot of fun. Wants me to sign up for Cathe Live :) Fantastic job with your weights. Yes, I am on Round 2 with Lift 4. Love the workouts.

Diane Sue - I haven't done the ab workout yet? Some people find them to advanced? I will let you know when I do them, lol. I am very lucky to have a friend I can borrow workouts. I introduced her to Cathe :) She doesn't have a lot of Cathe's older dvd's. I borrow from her and she borrows from me :) I also gave my friend a lot of Cathe and other instructors workouts I had double (I bought Cathe DVD's for my DD, but she doesn't use them anymore). I rather give them to someone I know that uses them, instead of them laying around collecting dust. I am downsizing. I have Kelly Coffey Train Like a Contender and never done it :( WTG!


Jolie, great workout. That does sound like a good plan for you. You burn plenty of calories when you do weight workouts and I can see that plan working well for you. Kelly's raw strength rotation does not have much in the way of cardio in it so I have been adding cardio. This week I have veered off a bit with the Pyramids and Cardio Party though. I still plan on doing at least one of the other weight workouts this week which would be the weight circuits or front side back side. I was going to add the hips and glutes yesterday that was in the plan, but after the Pyramid lower body, I felt I had had enough.

Belinda, I don't think the Abs #1 is that hard. Maybe if I was new to abs I guess. The moves mostly seem like modified variations of some other workouts and today I picked up my 1# gloves and used them during the non plank moves. Maybe the side to side kick through from a crouched position might be hard for some. Although I can remember way back to when I first started working out to videos with my daughter and us both moaning and groaning through the sit ups and stuff :) I really want a couple of other Lite dvds, but just can't do it right now. I splurged when I bought the two. That is nice that you have someone to give the workouts to that will use them. I gave several away to a woman my husband works with that wanted to try working out. If she gives any back, fine and if not I am not really worried about it. I told my husband I would kind of like Brazilian Butt Lift back, but seriously, I have not used it since the first 1 month rotation I did it. I loaned it to my daughter once and she did not use it. I would not feel bad if it did not come back. The instructor is annoying and the girls are just tiny skinny young girls holding 2# dumbbells. I added weights and wore ankle weights when I did it.


Diane Sue - I agree, maybe they are new to ab workouts, lol. Sit ups can be hard for some. As long as they are not hundreds I am good, lol. I am pretty done with buying dvd's. If I like and decide if I have to have the new workouts, I would get the downloads. I am good for now. I have more than enough workouts. I still have some in shrink wrap when Collage Video close:oops: That was when? Shamefully, I have to admit I have an entire shelf full of shrink wrapped dvd's just waiting for me :rolleyes: LOL, about the Brazilian Butt Lifts. I still have my set. Used to do them with my DD. Should pull it out some day, lol. I like the High & Tight (?) This one got my butt good.
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Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

Rough day at work again it’s been a bad week can’t wait to be done with it. I did REV’D Rumble this will be my favorite when I learn the moves.

Debbie-I am going to try and do better once I switch jobs.

Jolie-I haven’t started it yet Monday is my first day.

Diane Sue-good job today.

Belinda-I am looking forward to trying all the new workouts.
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Today I decided to try Kelly's RAW Boxing and Drills. What a fun workout, I loved it!! I was able to do all of the cardio on the step with 1 riser and had a lot of fun. I wish it was a bit longer. I wore my 2# hand weights and really worked up a sweat. Fun!

Workout was 33 minutes, burned 230 calories and did 2754 steps. HR was 130/163 but it felt like it got higher than that.

I don't have time for personals because I have to be to work early. I will chat with you all later!!
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Hi everyone,

L2 W2 R2 day 4 Hiit is done. I also walked 2 miles.

Roxie - can't wait to hear what you think about the new workouts. Sorry you had a rough day at work.

Debbie - great job with Kelly's RAW Boxing and Drills this morning.

Roselyn - great job with Lift it HiiT legs today.

Diane Sue and Jolie - have fun with your workouts.

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This morning I wanted to make up for some of the weight workouts I skipped this week while playing with what I have of the Lite series. I started with Raw Back side Front side, 57 minutes, heart rate average 102, max 133, 1,282 steps, 252 calories, met 4.0. I then did Lite Cardio Party cardio crush, 15 minutes, met 6.2, 109 calories, heart rate average 143, max 159, 1,477 steps. This has 4 step cardio segments that repeat like I max with 4 blasts. Two of those blasts contain jumping on and off the step multiple times. I finished off with Kelly Coffey Body Design yoga flow 14 minutes, met 2.5, 39 calories, heart rate average 100, max 122. Total time was 86 minutes, 387 calories, 2,805 steps.
Back Side Front Side 10 reps per exercise each body part is done 2 times
back side
reverse fly 15# dbs
alternating step back row 15# dbs Bulgarian Split squat BSS 15# dbs :) went back and checked. I dont know why I had BSS and could not figure what it was
Repeat no rest
one arm kickbacks 12# db
standing cross body triceps extension 12# db
suit case deadlifts 25# dbs
plie squats (second set has pulses) 25# db
calf raises 25# dbs 10,10,10 reps toes straight, toes in, toes out
Low back (bench)
frog legs
Low back
good mornings 15# db
plank wipers
Front side
arnold press 15# dbs
dumbbell front raise 15# db
chest flies 15# dbs
dumbbell press 20# dbs
quad presses 3# ankle weights seated on bench varying angles more reps
21's 15# dbs
supinated curls 15# dbs
side lunges 15# db first set 15# dbs 2nd set
pulse crunch
reverse curls
supinated curls 15# dbs

Belinda, I just really hate hundreds of reps workouts that hurt like Brazillian Butt lift and high and tight does hit the glutes. It also hurts LOL I would rather do slow heavy weights! Nice workout again today.

Roxie, I hope the new job is a lot less stressful for you once you get started. I know starting a new job will be a bit stressful, but maybe it will be much better. I think that I will like the Rumble workout when I get it.

Roselyn, nice work getting those workout in while busy with school.

Debbie, I love Raw Boxing and Drills. I have done it several times since Kelly put it out. I was tempted today, but wanted to keep the cardio time really short since I was doing the whole Back Side and Front side instead of the split option. She even has a bit of a split option on the warm ups as well for each side. Total warm up is around 9 minutes for both with light dumbbells. I often wish when I am doing a really fun cardio workout, that it was longer. Although the shorter ones are nice options for adding to a weight workout.

I need to go back and look at the Back Side and see what BSS is. I don't remember. I know it is lower body. My grandson is coming over to stay the night tonight. He will be 8 next week. He is one of my 3 young grandchildren as the rest are all adults now. Sunday is a triple family birthday party with a couple of boyfriends also having birthdays this month. I have two cakes to make. No way would one be enough for everyone. I am doing chili for the brunch.
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Jolie Fit

Hi, I'm running late today... It finally stopped raining so I took advantage of going outside and went for a 3 mile walk for my active recovery day. Workout was 52 minutes and I burned 378 calories.

I hope you all have great workouts today and have a nice weekend. I plan on working out if I can squeeze it in, my parents are visiting tomorrow to celebrate Christmas! We had to miss all of the holiday with other people because my son and I were so sick. :(

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Diane - BSS is Bulgarian Split Squat, where you do a lunge and have one of your legs on a step behind you and then you do a lunge. They are hard and I hate them. LOL!!!

Great job with your workouts everyone! Stay safe this weekend if you are in the winter storm. We will be. I am planning on staying home all weekend.
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Debbie, LOL I should have remembered that is what it is called. BSS makes since. The thing is I typed this up and have no idea why I used just the letters. I have done those in enough workouts. It was raining here earlier. I think the snow that was forecast will miss us.

Jolie, enjoy your Christmas celebration.
My husband had to go into work today so I decided to do Karen Voight's Yoga Strength. It's on the same DVD that Yoga Stretch is on but I haven't done the actual yoga workout in a LONG time. I was able to do most of the poses although my hamstrings are still very tight, I was careful not to overstretch them. I was not able to do the triangle one where you turn your body in the direction that it really should not go. LOL! That hurt a lot and I remember I was able to do that stretch in the past with no problems. I will work on that.

I have decided that my next rotation will be a little less weight lifting based and bit more balanced. My problem is, I only have 5 days to work with unless I start doing a short workout on Saturday or Sunday. My weekends are usually quite busy, though, so I don't think that is too realistic for me but I'm going to try.

My plan is:

Monday - Total body workout
Tuesday - Cardio
Wednesday - Walk on my treadmill/Yoga workout
Thursday - Total body workout
Friday - Cardio
Weekend - try to get in another yoga workout

This should be doable - I would like to work myself up to doing Bryan Kest's Power Yoga workouts. Even the Beginner one is very challenging if I remember correctly. But I also remember how great I felt after doing that workout.

I need more balance, especially with stretching. My body is so tight and I have endless headaches. I have to do something. I hate to say my weight lifting heavy days are over, but maybe for now they are. I can get some good lifting with total body workouts so it really shouldn't be too bad.

Anyways, that is my plan. Anyone want to join me?

Diane - LOL!!!
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Good morning,

My friend came over this morning, we did Cathe LITE Cardio Party. The workout was fun, nothing new. This workout reminds of a step workout without a step. My friend wanted to add the calorie crush on the end, I skipped it. I felt very sick through my stomach. I will do a Susanne Bowen stretch later when my stomach settles.

The antibiotics I am on upsetting my stomach really bad. I feel very nauseous all day long. My doc insist I stay on it. Yesterday I had a follow up appointment. He gave me some meds for the nausea. Haven't taking it yet, it's the same meds they give to cancer patients for the nausea. I am suppose to take the antibiotics for 2 weeks.

Debbie - I hear you on the balance/stretching more. I need to start doing more SBF (Susanne Bowen) workouts, Her stretches always helped me to stay limper. Good job and great plan!

Jolie - I hope you had fun at your Christmas celebration.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in after me. That's it for me today.
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