Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for January 2019!!

Jolie Fit

Today is a forced rest day for me. I am tired and sore so I am making myself rest!

Debbie, great job on getting a run in today! Go easy and you should be fine. I am sore today as well! :)

Belinda, way to go on the workout this morning. I get it with the on demand workouts, use what you have and then move on. I am just trying to really lean out before summer that is why I am doing these workouts.

I will check back later to read additional posts for the day.

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Jolie - good for you for listen to your body. Enjoy your rest day today. You deserve it! That's how I feel about the on demand workouts. Although Cathe Live is super cheap, IMO! My husband got furlough, I really don't need to spent the extra $$. Who knows how long he will be without a pay check.

Who is signing up for Cathe RT this Friday?
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I'm a nut-case.... I found another online streaming service. Cyberobics. Some great looking workouts- including cycle and step and boxing. So little time - so many options!

But for now I'm starting the LITE one month rotation. Today was Stacked sets upper body and abs#1. I now have my notes to write down weights and try to increase next time.
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From yesterday:
Roselyn, nice work.

Debbie, when I was doing Cathe Live I logged the moves here. It has been a few months though. To lazy for the gym had been logging a lot of them on her website. Glad you enjoyed the workout.


Today was Cathe Lite Basic mix #6, main, calorie crush, and six pack abs, 67 minutes met 7.9 ( I figured out my calculations have been wrong, body weight makes a difference on the calories received with the mets listed in the workout manager) heart rate average 133, max 169, 428 calories, 5,458 steps. This was probably a few more calories because I did not take into consideration the other 7 minutes beyond an hour, although 4 was having to pause and run and do something. It still matched Map My Fitness and was less than workout manager at 558 calories. Just interesting stats as I often think things have not been quite correct just by how much effort expended when I am done. I followed this with Coffey Fit Raw 6/60 core, 12 minutes, met 3.5, 32 calories, 71 steps and Lite extended stretch #1 13 minutes, 39 calories, met 3.5 25 steps. Total time was 92 minutes 499 calories, 5,554 steps
I tried to get back here yesterday. I finally gave up. This is going to be a very busy week and I have two days to get my housework caught up, outside things, and errands. So, if I seem to drop out this is why. Not sure I will get a workout in Thursday. That is determined by how early I can get up and who hits the shower first before we leave for a special promotion for our son in law.
Another problem I have with Cathe Live is putting it in the workout manager and estimating the Met values etc. Just something I do all of the time and I have to do when adding some workouts from other instructors unless it is an all step workout or kick box workout which is listed under cardio on the workout manager. I use this all of the time. I am wondering what weight the person would be for the met values used for the workout manager guidelines. So, if I relied only on the workout manager stats without taking into consideration body weight I would be allowing myself way too many calories, which I already know.

Jolie, it sounds like it was a good idea to take a rest day. Just lack of sleep can do a number on you when it comes to workouts. When I have done Cathe Live I just did it month to month till I was ready to move on. I use 1 to 1.5 # weighted gloves for most kickboxing workouts. I didn't use weights today though on the boxing segments of Lite Cardio Party as I did plenty of work yesterday with the boxing moves in Really Raw with 5# dumbbells and the heavy bag. I didn't want to over do that. Italian bean soup sounds good.

Roselyn, does Yvette Bachman have any workouts that are not high impact? The ones I have tried had a lot of impact in them.

Debbie, nice choice today. The shorter cardio work with Home Gym Intervals with weighted breaks is a nice pace to get into some jogging. I need to do another of the Ripped and Ride workouts. It seems that first one had longer cardio equipment times between weights. (It may be because I was still sick when I did it) I gather she changes up the weight moves each one she plans each month. The pace of the heavy bag was nice because she allowed the cardio breaks to give the wrists a rest. No kicking the bag :D

Belinda, nice work on Lift 4 again today. That is too bad your husband is having to do without a check for awhile. I hope things are resolved soon.

Doreen, I am glad that I finally was able to print out workout cards and have notes as well on the weights I started with on the Lite Pyramids. I plan on doing the whole workout tomorrow. That way I have two weight days in this week early. Friday another cardio day with some stretching and Saturday another weight workout from Kelly (I think) Maybe Thursday I can get in a shorter cardio.
You find some interesting streaming for workouts :)

Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

I was sent home early because of ice so I did LiiFT 4 WK5 D1 Chest & Triceps

Chest Fly-12lbs 10x3
Tricep Press-10lbs 10x3
Rotating Chest Press-12lbs 10x3
Tricep Kickback-10lbs 10x3
Chest Press-12lbs 10x3
Skull Crushers- 8lbs 10x1,10lbs 1x10,8lbs 10x1
Then HiiT three rounds and abs.
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Jolie Fit

Roxie, why are the Patriots stupid? FYI that is my team and I love them! I know its a bummer that they are going back to the Super Bowl if they are not your team, but if they are your team it's great! Hard work and great coaching can make this happen. Brady will retire soon so don't worry, the dynasty will be over, or maybe not. :)
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Roxie, it is nice that they let you go home since the roads were icy. I watch football while reading or doing something else. I don't get really into it. I pay a little attention because my husband loves it and he watches everyone to see who will make the play offs etc.. I know little about what is going on.
Today was my treadmill walk and Yoga day. I had to be to work early so I only had time to do the yoga. Still, so hard to do some the moves but I noticed it is getting a bit easier. I can't wait until I do the Bryan Kest workout, I remember loving that one.

I did Karen Voight's Yoga Strength again and I set my Fitbit at "workout" mode. I wish there was a "yoga" mode, I thought there used to be but I don't see it anymore.

Workout was 31 minutes, burned only 86 calories and HR was 94/118. So not too bad considering what it was.

Belinda - I agree, all these workouts we have at our fingertips is a bit overwhelming. I love it!! :) I am so sorry to hear your DH is on furlough, I'm sure it is getting tough with it going on over a month now. I hope all that are involved pull their heads out and make a deal. Cathe still has road trips? Are you going?

Jolie - Hope you feel energized today after your rest day!!

Doreen - Nice job with your workouts. I've never heard of Cyberobics, I'll have to check that out.

Diane - You and I are the same with needing to know what exercise is next on the workout. I'll go back and see if I can find your posts. Tomorrow I think I want to do Total Body, but may stick with upper only due to my hamstring. Yoga is really helping it (hopefully). I do think the Home Gym workouts by Kelly on DVD has longer cardio portions. I really like the one I did yesterday with the one minute on, and then weights for one minute. That was fun.

Roxie - The same thing happened with the Steelers for a few years, it happens. I don't support the NFL anymore, players get paid way too much and the kneeling thing just did me in. No thanks. I have better things to do with my time.

Roselyn - Waving hi!!

Well, have great workouts everyone!!
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Good morning,

3 mile walk + SBF TB Interval is done.

Debbie - thank you! I hope they figure this out soon. Yes, Cathe still have her RT's. I been too a few in the past. No, I am not going to the RT. I think she would kill me with her high impact stuff :p The RT is kinda expensive with the flight/hotel/ transportation to and from the airport. I already done all that. Good job on your Karen V. Yoga workout today. I need to pull mine out.

Diane Sue - thank you! I hope things are resolved soon too. Great job yesterday.

That's it for me today.
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Jolie Fit

Today I did Cathe Live Strong Upper Body and Core and about 1/3 of Metabolic Meltdown. I wanted to get a feel for this workout because I have been wanting to do it but wasn't sure if I would like it. I like it and boy was my heart rate up there with those compound exercises! None of them are to hard so they do not bother my low back at all. I did two warm ups because I clicked on the wrong workout and didn't figure it out till I did the warm up. I also did the warm up for Metabolic Meltdown so that was 3 all together:). Workout was 1 hour and 15 minutes and I burned 502 calories. Average heart rate was 119 and max was 161.

3 rounds of each Giant Set x 12 reps

1 Arm Rows- 25# x 12
Wide Grip Pull Downs- 50# x 12
1 Arm Horzt. Rows- 15# x 12 ( I added these in )

Overhead Press- 15's x 12
Rear Flies- 10's x 12
Front Raise- 8's x 12 ( I use one db in each hand instead of 1 DB in two hands like Cathe)
Lateral Raise- 8's x 12
Upright Rows- 12's x 12 ( I added these in )

Chest Flies- 15's x 12
Close Grip Chest Press- 15's x 12
Chest Press- 20's x 12

Lying Cross Body Ext- 10's x 12 ( Cathe does standing Triceps Ext. ) those hurt my ribs
1 Arm Cross Body Ext.- 10# x 12
2 Arm Kickbacks- 8's x 12

Traditional Curls- 15's x 12
W Curls- 12's x 12
Hammer Curls- 12's x 12 ( i added these in )
Crazy Eights- 10's x 24


Metabolic Meltdown - 1/3 of the workout.

Debbie, I watch the Super Bowl with my dad every year. I have been doing it my whole life and he is 85 years old and looks forward to our time together. We love betting with each other and cooking fun football food. I never care who is in the game it is just a fun time with family. I agree with the kneeling thing, last year I cancelled my NFL Sunday ticket due to the kneeling. They dont do it anymore thank goodness. Great job on the workout today with the treadmill and yoga. Was your hamstring tight or sore from your run?

Belinda, 3 mile run is awesome. I can only run on my elliptical because I have a bad foot and back. If I ran 3 miles I would die! :)

Diane Sue, I will be back later to read your post. I hope you had a nice workout if you were able to get one in today.

Have nice workouts everyone.
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Today I did Fit Split Low Impact cardio using my external drive to see how the downloads work. I guess there is no chapters. I had to forward fast to the cool down and added the monster walks just before. This was 30 minutes, 192 calories, met 8.5, heart rate average 116, max 149, 1,783 steps. I then did Lite Pyramid Pump total body, 93 minutes (82 actual) heart rate 99 average, 129 max, 1,592 steps, met 6.0 , 479 calories. Using the met value and my weight gave me the same calories if I had just adjusted down to the met 4.5 or so that I normally use. Total time was 2 hrs 3 minutes with the cardio. Long workout. I doubt I will do it that way often. 671 total calories and 3,375 steps. Workout manager calories for Pyramid weights at 6.0 met was 543 at 82 minutes. So I am less, but it is working out to where I normally would have been. The pyramid workout moves rather fast with only brief stretches between body parts. The lower body moves really do tax the hips and knees. I was not as gung ho on the moves this time. I think last time I used 25's or something for the heavy on the deadlifts. I know I went a bit heavier than today.

Pyramid weights all 12,10,8,10,12 reps
rear slide lunges 8,10,15,10,8 # dbs
step ups 3 risers 10,12,15,12,10 # dbs
side slide lunges 10,12,15,12,10# DB
elevated lunges 8,10,15,10,8# dbs
sliding cross back lunges (didn't go as low this time and lighter) 8,10,12,10,8 # dbs
deadlifts 10,15,17,5,15,10# dbs
calf raises 12# 30 reps, 15# 25 reps, 17.5 20 reps, 15# 25 reps, 12# dbs 30 reps

Upper (super sets pyramids) stability ball

pull over 10# dbs/standing single arm back fly 8# db; pull over 12# dbs/back fly 10#; pull over 15# dbs /back fly 12#; pull over 12# dbs/back fly 10#; pull over 10# dbs/back fly 8# db

Chest fly on ball 10#,12# 15#, 12#,10# dbs super set with
incline press on ball 10#,12#,15#,12#,10# dbs

triceps standing kickbacks 8#,10#,12#,10#,8# dbs super set with
lying extensions on ball 8#,10#,12#,!0#,8# dbs

standing sweeper curls 10# ,12#,15#,12#,10# dbs super set with
incline curls on the ball 10#,12#,15#,12#,10# dbs

standing overhead press 5#,8#,10#,8#,5# dbs superset with
incline front raise on the ball 3# , 5#,8# 5#, 3# dbs (I went light with Cathe on the shoulders )

Debbie, my Fit Bit has a Yoga mode. I think you have to set what exercise types you want through the watch settings on the app and it says exercise short cuts. You choose up to 7 shortcuts. I have workout, weights, circuit training, kickboxing, spinning, yoga and I do not know why I have bike on it. I think you have to choose online on your dashboard, but you can move them around in the order you would like and delete the shortcuts from the phone app. I would imagine yours is the same. I wish my fit bit worked better. It is so far off on a lot of moves and calorie burns. If I relied on it, today's weight workout would have been 203 calories. No way is that correct. It should be somewhere as I mentioned above. I am pretty used to where I should be and what it should be. I was starving by the time I was done with my workout, despite the fact I drank a Suja strawberry probiotic drink while doing the weights.
I have found that if I concentrate daily on flexibility and stretching, I really can get into some of those poses. Doing the stretching, rolling, mobility work from Tai Cheng was great for that. His final phase was about 25 minutes of the stretching and rolling( not a lot of rolling but some) I could almost get into the splits with him after doing that a lot. The Tai Chi part was mostly a slower flow and I kind of got bored with it. For one thing the workouts could have been all on one dvd and say start here next phase. It just repeats and adds on each of the 3 phases and they have daily workouts which seemed wasteful, not necessary, and kind of deceitful since it looked like you were getting a lot of different workouts. This is typical of Beach Body though. I liked that he added a fitness loop band to increase a bit of the work. Works from ankles up to the neck. Sorry, I don't know what made me think of those. I purchased them when I was about 6 months out from my knee surgery. I went through them and then mainly used the flexibilty part. It is hard to make myself keep up with the stretching. It takes up more time when I want to spend longer on my other work. Not a real smart idea though. You have a good plan. I remember liking the Home Gym Intervals workout that you did. Now so much time on the cardio equipment and it made it easier for me to put my all into that shorter amount of time.
That is what my husband has done. He quit watching NFL. He says he is boycotting them rich guys that pull that kind of thing like they are so special. He just watches college teams now.

Belinda, I won't be going. I came close to going the very first one. I had others wanting me to go. My sister in law had said she could go with me as my husband was out of country at the time. With daycare for my grandchildren and the like, I decided to stay home. It is pretty costly from here. My husband would want to take off work and accompany me. It would be fun, but way too much and right now impossible. You have been to one?? Nice workout choices. How is your knee doing? Has it completely gotten better with your workout changes?

Jolie, nice work today. I gather you are feeling much better, more rested today? That is great that you have that special time with your Dad. Family time is so important. Some of those metabolic workouts can really get the heart rate up.


Debbie, I was doing Cathe Live July 18 on for a month. I thought I did it longer this last time. I will see if I can find that other link, but when I did the weight ones I wrote down the exercises. If I can find the notebook that has the Live workouts I have done written in it, I could post them. I just seem to have misplaced a whole folder and notebook. It has to be there, but occasionally I have a grandchild move my things around and then try to pick it back up.
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I went back and looked at my weights the first time I did the Pyramid Pump workout. My weights were pretty much the same except for using 20# dbs for a couple of lower body moves and upper was the same except I went light like Cathe's weights on the shoulders. My neck is getting sore. I am hoping for a short cardio tomorrow, but I have to be ready to leave with my husband early to get downtown. So, I am not sure it will happen. I may be late checking in here.

Debbie, here is a link to to lazy for the gym live reviews and descriptions. I think she stopped at 2017 though https://2lazy4gym.com/cathe-live/
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I did lift it chest, triceps and shoulders today

Going to start the lite series tomorrow would be cardio for me any suggestions what to start with

great jobs everyone

Jolie Fit

Diane Sue, thank you for the link for the Cathe Live workouts!!!! I have to go over all of them and decide which one to do next! :) Great workout today, boy that was a long one.

Roselyn, nice workout and I hope you are doing well at school. Do you still have to do shampoo and sets and perms? I was the fast perm roller in my school! hehehe


Jolie, I am trying to find a woman I check in with on another threads list. I have it printed up and it tells what is on the workouts, equipment and time length. I have it printed somewhere. Not the latest update though. I could ask her.


This list has 35 pages of information :) I used it and made my own notes on the workouts and even stopping points if I wanted to split the workout.
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