Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for January 2019!!


Belinda, I will enjoy hearing your thoughts on another of Cathe's Lite workouts.

Roselyn, I think it is really hard watching them suffer till they are gone. I don't think there is any way that is better to lose them. We have had to put one dog down that became lame and would only live a possible year longer and my last one before the one I have was dying with her head in my lap and me in tears. It is rough either way. My heart goes out to you. You are right, your dog had a long good life.
Today I did Karen's Yoga Flow and then did Yoga Stretch. Felt really good, my body is still very tight. I just don't understand this...

Roselyn - I am so sorry to hear about your friend and I know exactly what you mean by not wanting to ever do that again. We put our cat down a little over a year ago and it was the HARDEST thing I've ever had to do. The vets came to our house but it didn't make it any better. I know what you mean about not wanting to put the poor dog through testing and all that comes with it, that was the same with us. We didn't want to put him through all that, it isn't fair to the little guy. My thoughts are with you because I, along with probably all of us here, understand exactly how you feel. Hugs.

Diane - Thank you for typing out that workout in full by Kelly. That one looks like fun and I think I will do it next week. I've been wanting to do a pyramid workout so that is perfect. I love that Sammie is on it with her. I checked out Kelly's TLC today and that looks like fun, too. I will probably do that next week as well.

Jolie - Great workout yesterday with Cathe's upper body. I want to do that one eventually.

Belinda - Great job on your workout yesterday and today. Kicking it, girlfriend!!

Hope you all have a great rest of the weekend! I'm hoping to have time to do yoga tomorrow as well.
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Jolie Fit

Roselyn, I am so sorry for your loss. That is the hardest thing to go through, I have never had to do it, my dog died on her own, but I could only imagine.

Today I picked Cathe Live, Vertical Loading workout and I think this is my favorite of all of the workouts. 6 exercises, 1 per body part working your way down the body from top to bottom. There are 6 rounds, you never know how many reps she will do or what exercise is coming. This is the ultimate plateau buster and it is awesome. I was fighting for every exercise, some exercises I used heavier weights and I substituted other exercise for the pushups. Workout was around an hour, I forgot to look and I burned 467 calories! My entire body is spent. :) I cant wait to do it again. This is similar to twenty five workout and PHA workout. I didn't post the exercises because I didn't have time to write them down. I have an open house today so I have to hurry and get out of the house.

Happy Sunday and great workouts yesterday everyone. Saturday was my 2nd rest day for the week.


This morning I did Kelly Coffey Athletic Conditioning Volume 1 workout #2 stretch. This was 25 minutes, 48 calories. This is my rest day.

Jolie, I will have to look and see if I did vertical loading live. I did the PHA workouts. I saw them in my notebook that I had written up the moves in. :) They are pretty good workouts.
Today I did Yoga Stretch again. My body is so sore from the yoga I did yesterday. Why is my body getting sore and tight from YOGA?? OMG. Really sick of feeling this way.

Hope you all are doing great. Nice job on your workouts today! Jolie, I might try that workout on Thursday.
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Hi everyone,

I walked 5 miles this morning.

Jolie - your Cathe Live sounds interesting. Great job!

Debbie - you sure getting lots of stretching/yoga in this weekend. Good job!

Good night everyone.
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I did upper body stacked this morning

Trying to not cry today but I miss our fur baby so much, I feel guilty because he wasn't sick that we knew of but he was starting to lose his urine in the house some i found, some not and throwing up but my heart is so heavy with sadness I keep thinking w should have waited, even though our vet said it was sign of several different conditions never thought it would be so hard. Since my kids are gone it was him and myself alot lately:(
Today I did Kelly's RAW Ascending Pyramid Upper Body. It was ok, I think the next time I do it I will do the pyramids with no to just a little rest. I felt the rest periods were way too long, I didn't even break a sweat. I probably should have gone a bit heavier, but I didn't want to risk injury. I think some of the weights Kelly used were way too heavy for her, she was cheating with the reps a lot. But anyways...

All reps were 16/12/10/8
Chest Press: 12's/15's/20's/25's
Chest Flies: 12's/15's/20's/25's

Upright Rows: 10's/12's/15's/20's
Lateral Raise: 5's/8's/10's/12's

Seated Overhead Extensions: 12#/15#/20#/25#
Skull Crushers: 8's/10's/22's/15's

Seated Rows: 12's/15's/20's/22's
One Arm Row: 15#/20#/25#/30#

Biceps Curl: 10's/12's/15's/20's
Double Arm Pledges: 8's/10's/12's/15's

Felt the curls and pledges, by this time I was feeling the workout but it really wasn't all that hard. I liked seeing Sammie, though, that was cool.

Workout was 60 minutes, burned 386 calories - so not bad there - and wend 2622 steps. (I did steps when I was resting). Not sure what my HR was, I forgot to mark it down.

Roselyn - Same thing happened with us, we knew Bear had a tumor in his spleen but they wanted to do tests to see if it was cancerous. We didn't want to put him through those tests. He stopped eating and was REALLY skinny so we scheduled a date to put him down. I can't help but wonder how much longer he would have been with us and feel like we didn't give him a chance. But he was already so thin and not eating and really didn't want to be bothered by our other cats or even us, I doubt it would have been much longer. I don't believe in letting an animal suffer but putting him down was so much harder than I expected. I am still traumatized about it. Hugs to you...

Belinda - Great job on your 5 mile walk! We sure can relate to what Roselyn's going threw, can't we? Losing our furry friends just sucks out loud.

Hope you all have great workouts!!
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Debbie, nice work today. I did move around during the rests. I did some abs, standing waistline, some things like just speed skaters. Once in awhile I did the rest, but most of the time I moved. The rests did seem long. Yes Kelly did cheat a bit on the biceps that I noticed. Although I think that she said she was cheating it. I did manage those 25# 8 reps. I am glad it was only 8 reps. I was surprised at myself since I have not went that heavy in awhile. I have picked up my husband's 30# and tried a 1 arm curl with it occasionally when I am in our room making my bed. Maybe that helps with my strength a bit. double arm curls are much harder when trying to go heavier. I worry some about my wrists and elbows with the arthritis though. I don't know if it is good or bad to do that. They say to lift weights>

Jolie Fit

Today I got up early and went for a 4 mile walk outside. We are in for another big storm on Thursday so I wanted to get out while I can. Workout was 1 hour and 14 minutes and I burned 510 calories, walk was mostly hills :)

Debbie, good job on the workout this morning. Read my post from yesterday, I had a kick butt workout and it was hard and a calorie burner. I think you might really like it :) I hope your soreness subsides soon, maybe you need some sodium in your diet?

I will be back later to read all of your posts.


I am slow getting here today. I needed to get out and run errands a tomorrow is cooking and cleaning and I have a ladies recipe exchange night at our church that I am going to tomorrow evening. Today I did Lite Cardio Party Basic Mix #6 main, calorie crush, and abs, 64 minutes, heart rate average 136, max 167, 5,373 steps, met 7.90, 455 calories. I then did Lite Pyramid Pump upper, 50 minutes, 205 calories, met 6.0, 722 steps, heart rate average 100, max 143. Total time 114 minutes, 660 calories, 6,095 steps. I used slightly higher weights than Cathe and pretty much the same as the last time I did this one. I am not going to take time to type it all out.

Jolie, nice work getting out for a walk before the storms hit.

Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

I am liking my new job but still a lot to learn,met the new owner today and she told me we were going to Florida in February for training. The current owner told me I won’t be working Saturdays unless it’s statement time. Tonight I did LiiFT 4 WK6 D1 Chest and Triceps. I have lost two pounds but have gone up in body fat.

Chest Press-12lbs 3x10
Chest Fly-10lbs 1x10 then 12lbs 2x10
Decline Press-10lbs 10x3
Rotating Chest Press-12lbs 10x3
Tricep Kickback-10lbs 10x3
Skull Crushers-8lbs 10x3
Tricep Press-10lbs 10x3
Side Lying Ticeps-8lbs 10x4

Debbie-maybe you need a massage.

Roslyn-it hurts to put your best friend to sleep I had to have DH take ours to the vet I couldn’t do it

Diane Sue- you are always busy

Jolie- it’s suppose to be 11degrees Wednesday with a wind chill -14 degrees. Nice walk
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Hi everyone,

I had a doc appointment this morning. I had to be at the doc at the crack of dawn. DH started working again today.

We just finished our workout for today. L4 Week 4 Chest/Triceps. I really don't like working out at night. I told my husband, that was it for me. I have zero energy in the evening. I had to lower my weights to make it through the workout.

Diane Sue - they pre salted all the roads :( I hope we don't get more snow. I am so done.Good job on Cardio Party. Have fun with the recipe exchange night at our church tomorrow. Sounds like fun! Do you have samples too?

Jolie - good for you to get out before the storm comes. I always like walking outside. Nicely done.

Debbie - we sure can :( I agree, losing our furry friends just sucks out loud. Like you and Roselyn I feel guilty for putting Brawler down. My kids wanted to get me a dog for xmas. My son keeps telling me to rescue another dog. Last week I did went to the animal shelter...I am not ready for another dog. The last 3 years I went through so much with Brawler. I can't go through this again.

Good night, everyone.
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Good morning,

Lift 4 W4 D2 Biceps/back 50/50 plus 1 mile walk is done.

Have a wonderful day and workout, everyone. BBL!
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Today I did Kelly's Home Gym Intervals #2 (not RAW) and had a great workout. I like using these workouts to get me back on my treadmill. This morning I went faster than I did last week and it felt great. Hamstring is still a bit out of wack, but not bad.

This was intervals of around 1 min. 30 seconds on the treadmill and then 1 minute exercises. I used 8 & 10# dumbbells for all the exercises.

Bicep Curl/Squat - 10's
Kickbacks - 8's
Knee Smash, right side - 10#
Knee Smash, left side - 10#
Cross Press/Squat, right - 10#
Cross Press/Squat, left - 10#
Cool down

Workout was 30 minutes, burned 207 calories, went 1.29 miles on my treadmill. Avg. HR was 127 and Max was 150. I went 3302 steps.

Then I did the Waistline workout that is on this same DVD. It was ok, I'm not bit on standing ab workout but I just wanted to do it. There are planks in this one as well so it was pretty good.

Diane - Wow, you can curl 30# dumbbells? I used to be able to do that, my wrists won't let me and my elbows don't like it much either. I have a hard time with 20# dumbbells but not with my biceps - with the rest of the supporting muscles. Weird. Great job on your workout yesterday!

Jolie - Yes, I did see that workout you did the other day. I plan on doing it on Thursday. Can't wait!! Great job on your 4 mile walk! What kind of storm are you supposed to get? Thunderstorm? It is supposed to be a high of negative 3 here tomorrow. Yikes!!

Roxie - I'm sure you'll get more relaxed with your new job as you continue to do it. You will be fine, you have to stop the defeating type of thinking. You can do anything you want to do. Great job with your workout yesterday! You are kicking LIIFT4!! We are supposed to have a high of negative 3 tomorrow. Not looking forward to that at all.

Belinda - I hate working out in the evenings too, I just cannot do it. Nice getting the workout in this morning already! We aren't getting snow here much but the cold is unbearable. Negative 3 high temps tomorrow. You should get another little friend to love, I know it's hard when they leave us, but the love they give you when they are in our lives I feel is worth it. :)

Roselyn - Hope you are doing ok. Hugs to you.

DOZ - Where did you go?

Doreen - Hope all is well!
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This morning I wasted some time deciding on lower body and should have done what I had planned is what I ended up doing after trying different workouts only to see they had moves that might set my hip off again. Workout was Coffey Fit Raw Intervals #2 with 5# dumbbells and 2# weighted gloves, 42 minutes (actual 35 minute as I started with the warm up from another workout) , heart rate average 118, max 155, met 6.0, 213 calories, 2080 steps. I then did Kelly's Build and Burn Lower Body Tabata 27 minutes, met 6.0, 154 calories, heart rate average 116, max 159, 1,289 steps. I finished off with Lite bonus extended stretch #1, 13 minutes, 46 calories, met 3.5, 45 steps.
Raw Intervals Circuit #2 all moves done and then all repeated with a few alterations
plank pulls/plank jacks
biceps run curls(hammer first time through then straight curls the second time
legs lunge switch holding dumbbells
rope/jack/knee/knee cardio
lateral raise/ lateral raise single arms
frog squat lunge left and right (Kelly puts down the weights second time, but I kept them)
upper cuts jump forward jump back
triceps standing overhead extensions/ triceps pull to chest overhead to extensions
squat pops/ squat pops with heel clicks (Kelly puts down the weights second time through, but I kept them)
curtsy/scales alternating sides
plank /star raise arm

Lower Body Tabata
banded side steps
kickstand deadlifts 15# dbs 6,6,6,6, reps
squat variations 15# dbs 6,6,6,6 reps
side lunge into knee pull body weight 4 sets
front/ back lunges 20# dbs 6,6,6,6 reps
Split stance plyo pops body weight 4 sets
plie variations 15# dbs 4 sets
wide stance deadlift squat ups 15# dbs 4 sets
bridges 8 sets (I used a 15# db over hips)

Jolie Fit

Today I did Cathe Live, Vertical Loading again, because I love it!!! It is a longer workout but it is a total body workout too. I changed up a few exercise because I don't have the room to do walking lunges and I cant do pushups because of my shoulder. I still had and awesome workout, I added kettlebell swings on the end of each round to get my heart rate up. Workout was 1 hour and 10 minutes ( I had to stop and write everything down) and I burned 501 Calories. I burned about 40 more calories more than last time because I added in the kb swings. Wow!


Overhead Press 15's
Bicep Curls- 15's
Triceps Kickbacks- 10's
Chest Press instead of Pushups- 20's x 20
Wide Grip Pull Downs- Cathe forgets back in this round! 50# x 16
Warrior Slide Back Lunge to plie squats- 10's ( cathe does walking lunges)
KB swings- 15# x 16

Overhead Press- 15's different rep pattern
W Curls- 15's
Kickbacks- 10# x 12
Chest Press- 20's x 12
Wide Grip Pull Downs- 50# x 16
Warrior Slide Back Lunges to plie Squats- 10's
KB Swings- 15# x 16

Lateral Raise to Front Raise- 8's
Hammer Curls- 15's
Triceps Ext.- 12's
Rear Delt Flies Drop Set- 10's x 10 x 9, 8 no rest
Chest Flies- 15's x 20 ( Cathe does Pushups)
4 squats to 2 Deadlifts- 15's
KB swings 15# x 16

Lateral Raise to Front Raise 5's different rep pattern
Hammer Curls with a twist- 15's
Triceps Ext.- 12's
Rear Flies- 10's x 10, x 9, x 8
Chest Flies- 15's x 20 ( cathe does pushups)
2 Squat to 1 deadlift- 15's
KB Swings- 15# x 16

Upright Rows- 15's
Isolation Curls- 12's
Close Grip Chest Press- 15's x 20 ( Cathe does Triceps Pushups)
1 Arm Rows- 25's x 12 ( cathe does 1 arm rear flies )
4 Chest Press to 4 Chest Flies- 15's x 6 rounds ( cathe does something else)
Side Lunges to rear lunges- 8's
KB swings- 15# x 16

Upright Rows- 12's
Traditional Curls- 15's instead of isolation curls
Close Grip Chest Press- 15's x 20
Chest Flies with a leg raise- 15's
1 Arm Rows- 25# x 12
Rear Lunges to side lunges- 8's
KB Swings- 15# x 16

Debbie, I wrote the exercises down for you because if you are set up in advance the workout will go smoother for you and there really are very little rests in the workout. Good Luck, it is tuff stuff but I love it. Tomorrow I am going to kickbox if i have enough energy LOL! Nice job on your workout today, I love doing that type of workout. I might have to do something like that this week using my elliptical.

Diane Sue, Nice Kelly workout today. I hope you hip is feeling better, my shoulder is bugging me a little lately, I hate being sore or having an injury. The lower body tabata looks like a great workout!

Belinda, I wrote down the Vertical Load Workout so you can try it. I love it and you are spent by the end if you are lifting heavy. Good job on your workout today, you are killing it! Do you like to kickbox? If so, Cathe has some really good workouts on Cathe Live. I burn a lot of calories when I do them. :)

Have a wonderful day, I will be back later to read other posts.

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