Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for December 2023

Today I did Raw Total Body Drop sets. The same as Debbie. 30 minutes, 85 calories, heart rate 97/127. I followed this with Raw Tone it Up 29 minutes, 80 calories, heart rate 97/131. I finished off with CDorner Day 5 neck and shoulder stretch. My shoulders already feel these workouts and I went lighter than Kelly on the drop sets.

Raw Total Body drop sets
uses and incline step 15,20,& 30lb dumbbells

front curls to arnold press 15# dbs 2nd sets 12# dbs (tough on my shoulders)
crush grip squats 30# db 2nd set 20# db 10 reps
incline pullover 25# db 2nd set 20# db 10 reps
swings I started with two kettlebells at 20# and dropped to one kettlebell 20 reps 2nd set 15# kb 20 reps I did not want to use the dumbbells
1 arm rows 30# db 10 reps 2nd set 20# db 10 reps
Squat with overhead press with some momentum that Kelly calls thrusters 12# dbs 10 reps 2nd set 10# dbs 10 reps (at this point I was afraid I would injure my shoulder)
single arm incline press 20# db 2nd set 15# db 10 reps

Tone Up
uses 5,8,&10# dumbbells
45 sec work

balance single leg lift behind
alternating knee raises while holding 1 dumbbell overhead right then holding left 10# db
10# dumbbell on shoulder side squat reach out with free arm
front raise to draw the sword 8# db rt/lt
split squat/deadlift 10# dbs
windmill 8# db (dropped to 5# as I am terrible at these)
floor push up on knees with 3 pulses and up
low plank/down dog
table position reach up 5# db
bird dog crunch 5# db
1 arm pull over in a bridge hold 8# db
Turkish sit up 8# db
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ICE BC and barre lower body.

I am officially back on Invisalign. I have a EnT appt early tomorrow morning,

Great job on your workouts everyone,
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I probably will not work out tomorrow. I am going to a Christmas party with my ladies' group, and it is the farthest one from my house, in the morning. I have to make some calls tomorrow on insurance again. Hopefully no problems. I got two different letters today from them.

Debbie, I agree about some of the move's safety at that weight. Kelly sure has no problem with it though. I was uncomfortable and had to alter a bit on some as I was afraid of hurting the shoulder. My swings were not as high as Kelly had them. There was a time when I could swing two 25# kettlebells, but that was a long long time ago. I am not a fan of swinging dumbbells. I used my strength setting doing sets and it cut off my final time count with the Garmin. I need to quit using that feature. It says it was 20 minutes work time. Calories were not good either.

Roselyn, nice work getting in full body today.

Belinda, nice work on Ice BC and barre lower body today. I hope you do not have to do Invisalign to long. I am supposed to take my mouth guard in so they can make some adjustments. I do not like to wear that because I cough and feel like I am choking on it. It stays in my nightstand. The dentist's wife said the cut off the back part of the guard for her because it made her feel like she was choking.
I went into work later this morning, but before work I did Penny 35 min. Sculpt Muscle. She has a perimenopause program this month. This was a goodie. I got a good workout in.
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This morning I did RAW Tone It Up and I have to say, I hated this workout. I should have just stopped it and did another one but I was hoping it would get better. Diane did this one yesterday if you want to see the exercises. I don't want to type them out because I'll never do this one again. Anyways, I was hoping for more of a high rep normal exercises type workout but this one was more functional I would say. I hate those kinds of workouts. And now my left rotator cuff is a bit fussy. I hope it doesn't get worse. Oy!

I also did RAW Egg Weights Finisher. Love that one. I used my 1.5# egg weights.

Both workouts were 44 minutes, burned 259 calories and HR was 104/164.

Diane - How did you like Tone it Up? I wasn't impressed and I will definitely not do it again. Those two new workouts she posted have dangerous moves and I can't believe she used the weights she did on these. Good for her, but I was really afraid of injuring myself. Oh well, no biggie. I just hope my rotator cuff doesn't get worse. I always use the Cardio setting on my Garmin for strength and cardio workouts. For some reason the Strength setting never seems to read my heart rate right. Have fun with your ladies group and Christmas party!

Roselyn - Great job with your workouts. What series are you doing?

Belinda - Why are you going back to Invisalign again? I thought you were done with those things. Hope your appointments went well.

Cam - Great job with your workout!

Have a great day everyone!!
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Yesterday I walked the pup 3 miles. Today walked the pup 2.5 miles, I have a chiro appointment and I do not have enough time to do anything more. My pup is finally starting to calm down a little bit so at the first of the year, I am going to walk him for 2 miles per day and hopefully do weights following the walk. I may have to do some sort of circuit workouts since they do not take a lot of time. Also, I am going to get back on my Max Trainer and Elliptical, I want to start doing some higher intensity cardio. It is cold in the morning today, I may have to move my weights into the house.

Great job on all of your workouts the past two days, we are killing it during the holidays. Me, however, I think I gained some weight, too many cookies around the house and I cannot leave them alone!!! I am excited for the new year and getting my life back on track, getting in more weight workouts and focusing more on myself instead of these damn dogs!

Make it a great day.
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Travel Fit and Barre back is done.

Debbie - I was done with Invisalign. I thought I mention it on here? Well, after I saw the orthodontist (mine had a baby a few month ago, so I saw her instead of mine a few times. It didn’t border me, to the the other ortho. I felt like she tried to rush me out the door and ignored the fact that one of my front tooth wasn’t completely as it should be….after a few day’s without the attachments, that tooth bordered me, you could see it wasn’t straight. I made an appointment with my orthodontist, glad i did. She agreed with me, that that tooth. They are a huge Ortho practice. They have like 5 offices. I also was suppose to get permament. Braces front/bottom teeth, to keep them from shifting. They only put on the bottom, my ortho said there isn’t any reason why I can’t get it on the top. First I have to get that one tooth straight before I get the permanent braces. I got 19 aligners (last 4th are passive), technically 15 aligners. I should be done in 15 weeks. Not to bad! If it wouldn’t be the front tooth, I would border to go back with invisalign.

My ipad is about to die. BBL
This morning I did RAW Intervals 6 and had a great workout. This is really a fun tabata style workout, I really enjoyed it. Only have done it once before.

Tabata style - 30 seconds on/10 seconds off X6. Uses the step and I used 2 risers. I used 3 and 5# dumbbells.

Tabata 1
Step Knee
Punch Drills - 3's

Tabata 2
Jump Up onto Step
Shoulder Press/Triceps Ext: 5's

Tabata 3
Jump Up w/Leg out (one side at a time) I jogged on and off
Scap Squeeze/Hammers: 5's
(last 2 sets was one with all bi's then one with all scaps. I only did bi work as my upper back gets knots doing scap squeeze. However, I did do four sets of the combo)

Tabata 4
Run Up on Step
Hooks/Ups/Both - 5's

Fun stuff!! Workout was 43 minutes, burned 347 calories, did 3008 steps and HR was 134/160.

Jolie - Glad the pup is finally starting to calm down a bit. They have crazy energy, that's for sure!! I have gained a few pounds as well and I can tell because my pants are all tighter than usual. Everyone keeps saying I'm "skinny", though. I don't think I'm skinny. I do need to get more strict, I've fallen behind on my eating lately.

Belinda - Yes, I knew you had your Invisalign's off, that's why I was asking why you went back. I'm sorry you will have to wear braces. I wore braces in my younger years, like 11 I think, and my bottom teeth are crooked again. I don't care, I can still eat! LOL!!

Roselyn - Nice job with Iron!

Hope you all have a great day!
Today I had an excellent workout. I walked the pup for only 40 minutes through steep hills and then did Caroline Girvan's 20 min HARD Upper Body with DB's workout and it was great. This may be how I can get my weights in and walk the dog each morning without giving up one or the other. Also, it is easy to move my DB's into the house with a mat and get to workout in warmth if it is too cold out in the garage for the winter. Total calories burned were 602. This workout was 40 seconds on, 20 seconds rest for each exercise. I will be doing this one again.

Chest Pres 20's x 3 rounds

1 Arm Rows- 25# x 3 rounds

Rear Delt Flys- 8's x 3 rounds
Lateral Raise- 8's
Shoulder Press- 12's ( this giant set was very hard by the 3rd round)

Lying Triceps Ext.- 12's (no dips) 3 rounds

Bicep Curls with holds- 15's x 3 rounds

I really like the simplicity of her workouts, no fluff or jumping around, just down and dirt weight lifting.

Debbie, fantastic workout today, I do not like those functional workouts either. I just want to have muscle building exercises to add on to all of my walking and soon to be cardio. I have to get on my cardio machines or start kickboxing if I want to drop some weight.

Roselyn, great job on the Iron workout yesterday.

Belinda, bummer about your front tooth and having to do more work on the front teeth.

Diane Sue, I hope you have a great workout today.

Have a wonderful day.
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Today was a bike ride or cardio of choice on the Dec rotation. I did a belly dance and barre fusion today.

Debbie - I rather get that tooth straightened out now than later. Every time I smile that front tooth stood out like a sore thumb, lol. All my other teeth are straight. I spent way too much time with Invisalign at this point, it doesn’t border me to wear a few more. It’s all good. If all goes well, I am done anywhere from 15 - 19 weeks. I have Lingual braces, they are permanent behind your teeth. Lingual braces have the same components as conventional braces, but they’re fixed to the back of your teeth, on the tongue — or lingual — side of the teeth. Because they’re behind your teeth, they’re nearly invisible. Once I am done with that upper tooth, I will get lingual braces behind my front upper teeth. They put them in so your teeth don’t start shifting again.

Jolie - it’s not a big deal wearing a few more Invisalign. You get used to them. Although, I did got used to not wearing retainers daily. I still have to wear a night retainer (10-12 hours )from Invisalign to prevent my bottom teeth from shifting. Like I mention to Debbie, I also have Lingual braces behind the front/botton teeth. It is what it is, lol.

Diane - how did your ladies group meeting go?

Have a great day and workout everyone.
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Good Afternoon,

I walked 2.11 miles on the treadmill this afternoon. My husband has been doing a lot of candy making so some very fat foods around. Have any of you seen Kelly lately? She posted on Facebook she is working on new workouts and man she is buff for a 60 year old.
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Yesterday I did Michelle Cardio Yoga PiYo Full Body No Equipment. One of my faves. Also took the dog for a walk.

Tonight I did Cathe Live Scrambled Sweat. That was a good sweaty workout. I went pretty heavy. Getting ready to take the dog for a walk.

I have the rest of the week off. Yay! Hope to get a lot done and we'll see if I get a workout in tomorrow.

Good workouts!
Today I did CDorner Basic Step #230, 32 minutes, heart rate 137/163, 174 calories, 3,806 steps. I then did did Raw Timesaver Intervals, 13 minutes, 76 calories, heart rate 138/171, 993 steps. I finished with CDorner Loosen Neck, shoulders, and hips stopping at the relaxation part, 23 minutes, 39 calories. Total time was 68 minutes, 289 calories, 4,828 steps.
I had a nice time with my ladies group yesterday. We made some Christmas cards, played games, unwrapped a saran wrapped ball of odds and ends timed, and did the gift open and ability to steal(dirty Santa except nice new gifts). I ordered stuff from Walmart today and they did not have 7 items and it was not a big order. I am going to have to go to the store tomorrow which is something that I do not want to do. I avoid the stores and particularly during this time of year.

Debbie, those two newer Raw workouts are not my favorites. I did not do weights today like I had planned because I want to be sure my shoulders are recovered from the Drop sets and Tone It Up. I think I pushed to hard as using 15# for overhead press was something I have just tried a few times recently. There was a lot of shoulder work for me in these two workouts. I doubt I go back to tone it up unless I just want a light workout. Drop Sets is okay if I make some adjustments and lighten up. I am not all that wild about combined upper and lower moves. That is where I tend to end up pulling something. My surgery shoulder was making crackling sounds when I reached for things out of the cupboard. Thankfully it quit. Functional is okay to work on balance which important. I wonder why she has started doing workouts without music part of the time. That is not a draw for me.
Nice work today with Raw Intervals 6. Kelly has one workout that I keep meaning to search for that was a favorite, but she did not have it in one of the groupings. It is Raw Tabata Weight Circuits. I need to hunt it down as it did not have overhead press in it.

Jolie, great job getting in the hill walk and Caroline Girvan's 20 min Hard Upper Body today. Nice weights! I made low carb chocolate chip cookies from Wholesome Yum for my husband since he is doing low carb and he didn't like them, so I have been eating four a day. They taste great to me. I am lucky Christmas dinner will be at my daughters this weekend, so I won't be left with dessert hanging around. I am making a pumpkin pie to take and bought pecan crust to use rather than pastry.

Belinda, nice choice today doing a belly dance and barre fusion for your cardio. That sounds like a lot to get straight teeth. I hope it all works when you are done. I had a great time with my ladies' group yesterday. We always get a lot of laughs in. It is nice getting a break from so much negative stuff.

Roxy, I noticed that too with Kelly's physique. She is more buff than she used to be. I was looking at her Instagram posts the other day. Nice job on the treadmill walk.

Roselyn, good job on Iron Legs.
Today I went for a walk with the pup, 1 hour 6 minutes, traveled 3.4 miles and burned 541 calories. Tomorrow will be a rest day for me because I want to have two good workouts on the weekend.

Great job with the workouts everyone! It does not even feel like the holidays here this year, with the warm weather I feel like I am in Hawaii. However, next week we are supposed to get some well needed rain.

Make it a lovely day.
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This morning I did RAW TBTS Lower Body. Great workout, I like this one.

3 sets/10 reps

Deadlift/Squat Ups: 15's
Close Stance 3 Pulse Squats: 15#
Alternate Back Plie Squats: 12's

I then added on RAW TBTS Cardio and I really like that one as well. Quick but intense.

Total workout was 38 minutes, burned 238 calories, HR was 118/157. I also stretched on my floor on my own but didn't use the Garmin to clock it.

Diane - I was surprised about the no music as well, I wonder why she is doing that? I have to say, it's better than some of that music she uses. Yikes!! I had the same issues with Drop Sets and Tone It Up, way too much shoulder work. I also don't care for workouts that incorporate upper and lower in one exercise. Drop Sets was ok but I doubt I'll do it much. I hope your shoulder is ok. I was worried about mine but it was good after about an hour after the workout. It was starting to feel weird during Tone it Up. Your ladies group get-together sounds like it was a lot of fun. My cousins and I do that periodically and I love when we get together.

Roxie - Yea, Kelly looks awesome, I think she is getting really defined because she's pushing the 20's all the time. She has been lifting heavy and it shows. Her legs are amazing looking. And yes, I believe she is 60. Amazing.

Cam - Nice workout. I tried that Piyo workout once and it just didn't click with me. This was years ago, I'm not even sure it's the same one you did. I have the DVD and I don't know who the lead is in it. I didn't like it. Enjoy your rest of the week off!

Jolie - Great job with your walk. That pup must be buff as heck! LOL!! It's freezing here and still doesn't feel like Christmas! LOL!!

Have a great day everyone!
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Today I did Raw Upper Body & Abs, 36 minutes, 101 calories, heart rate 97/136. I added some cardio doing Raw TBTS Cardio, 18 minutes, 106 calories, heart rate 139/172 and finished with CDorner Day 12 Upper Body stretch which was perfect after the upper body work and quick also, 10 minutes, 28 calories.
Total workout time was 64 minutes, 235 calories. I got up early and went to the Dollar store to get things I did not get from Walmart before my workout. I do not like doing that but managed to get motivated to do the workout. Lucked out because there were only 4 customers in the store getting there early.

Jolie good work on the walk today. Enjoy your rest day tomorrow.

Debbie, great job on TBTS Lower Body and TBTS Cardio. I agree that this is a quick intense cardio. It gets the job done fast. My shoulder is fine today. I was a bit worried that I had pushed it too far. I chose the workout I did today because I liked the music in it that she chose for Sammy. I needed the motivation I mentioned above.
Good Evening,

I walked 2.12 miles on the treadmill tonight. have to work at 7 in the morning really hate the early mornings.

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