Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for December 2023

This morning I did RAW Heavy Bag w/Chest & Back. I've only done this one once before and it's such a great workout I'm not sure why I haven't done it since. It's fun and really tough.

The lifting part was 4 sets/12 reps straight. So one set of chest press, rest, another set of chest press, rest, etc. Boxing part was 50 seconds on/10 off and then she does some Air Boxing with was also 50 sec on/10 off

Chest Press: 20's - 3 sets/15's - 1 set of flyes
Heavy Bag Drills
Air Boxing Drills

Seated Rows
: 20's - 4 sets/12 reps
Heavy Bag Drills
Air Boxing Drills

Modified Pullovers
: 20# - 2 sets/20's - 1 set of chest press, 1 set of flyes
Heavy Bag Drills
Air Boxing Drills

I changed up a few exercises, I was worried the pullovers would irritate my upper back. Workout was 50 minutes, burned 334 calories, did 1759 steps and HR was 122/152.

Roxie - Does your husband workout with you? That's cool that you got him an Apple watch!

Belinda - Great job with your workout! It's definitely good to stay active!

Roselyn - Great job with your tabata workout.

Diane - Great job on your workout yesterday. It's funny, I don't care much for step workouts anymore. Today my neck is feeling better, it is so weird about how your body can sleep on one thing for long periods of time and then all of a sudden it doesn't like it anymore. I don't get it. I'll keep trying to do different things to see what works for me.

Getting ready to go grocery shopping. Worst job on the planet. I hate it. Have a great day everyone!! And have a great weekend and New Years!! See you hopefully on Monday if I decide to workout.
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Yesterday I walked the pup for 3 miles and today I did the same thing. I hope to get a weight workout in sometime this weekend, but I have a whole house full of guys, so it makes it difficult to get a workout in. My son and his friends go back to school on New Years Day so after that I will be good to go.

Debbie, great job on the workout today. I am sure my Garmin was a lemon, I am sure the new one will work fine. I just have to find a new one, the place that i got mine from is out of stock because of Christmas. Then, I am thinking, why do I need one? I was just fine before these trackers came out and I was fine not knowing all of the info they provide. I may just use my Amazon one if I need to for a workout or walk.

Great job on all of the workouts everyone! Any great plans for New Years Eve? I always go to bed early and walk up feeling fantastic to start the new year.

Have a great day.
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I did P30 Lower Body and STS 2.0 Mobility 2.

Debbie - great job on your chest & Back workout.

Diane - nice mix of workouts yesterday. We stayed in too yesterday. Today the sun is out.

Have a great Friday everyone,
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Today I did a new Raw workout Strength #3:cardioacceleration, 57 minutes(49:47 actual) heart rate 113/153, 200 calories. I finished with CDorner Wake Up Stretch day 6, 13 minutes, 27 calories. Total time was 70 minutes, 227 calories. I did not go as high as Kelly in some of the moves. She was doing the start up with 20's for push press. That is not happening here. Worried a bit about neck and shoulders.

Coffey Fit Raw Strength #3:cardio acceleration 49 minutes
equipment is dumbbells up to 20# and fabric loop band
45 seconds work

Push press 12# dbs (kelly uses 20's)
Upright Row to scap squeeze 12# dbs (Kelly uses 15's)
cardio alternating knee up crunch

Gorilla Row (low squat position) alternating 15's upped to 20's
Lawnmower/clean press 12# dbs
cardio jog

Goblet squat with fabric loop 1 1/2 20# db
Deadlift 20# dbs
cardio scissors 7/pause

Front curl/side curl 15#'s dropped to 12's second set
Curl from hips to shoulders 12# dbs
cardio rope 4 jack 2

Overhead triceps extension 10# dbs
Triceps straight arm kickback to bent arm to straight 10# Rt/Lt
cardio pendulum

Knee push ups (extra time spent here talking form)
Wide bench press /fly 15# dbs dropped to 12's (more form pointers)
cardio is lean back seated bicycles


Debbie, nice work on Raw Heavy Bag with chest and back today. That does look like it would be a fun workout. I don't think I have done it before.

Jolie, good job getting in the walks. It is always hard to get the workouts in when there is company in the house. I have had my Garmin for several years and no real problems with it. I am sorry that you got a lemon.

Belinda, good work on P30 Lower Body and 2.0 Mobility 2 today.
Today I had an excellent workout. I did CL# 276 All In Upper Body, one of my favorite workouts, and did really well with the weights. I am definitely getting stronger each time I do the workout, the collar bone issue last year really set me back on my weights. Though it can still bother me a little, it is definitely much better. Total workout time was 52 minutes and I burned 389 calories. I think I will go to a running store this week and see if they have the Garmin I am looking for and in the color that I want.

Great job on the workouts yesterday everyone! What are your plans for New Years Eve? I stay in and watch some of the celebrations on the tv and go to bed early so I can wake up ready to take on the New Year!

My resolutions this year are as follows:
Eat more protein
Do more Cardio, elliptical and Max Trainer and Kickboxing. (it makes me feel better and less stressed)
Get back into a good workout routine now that the pup is settling down
Cut out a lot of carbs and gluten
Eat more veggies and fruits

That should do it. I hope you all have a great Saturday and get in a good workout if that is what is scheduled for today.
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Yoga Max is done. I finished Cathe’s 4 week December 2023 rotation. Not sure what I will do next week. Maybe play with her Live workouts until my subscription runs out.

I will be back later.
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Today I did Raw Ignite Your Metabolism, 35 minutes, 159 calories, heart rate 119/153, 1,537 steps. I finished with CDorner Morning Mobility Flow Day 19, 13 minutes. Total time was 48 minutes, 172 calories. I have been kind of rushed the last couple of mornings. I was not fond of this workout. Too much jumping. Kelly does say you can do it without the step, on one move she says you could use a rebounder if that is more comfortable. She encourages the jumping to build muscle and help joints. I did the option on the boxing portions to use 2# dumbbells as she says it is a good place to add egg weights, This one she does with Kitty and yesterday's Strength 3 was with Jayne. I am picking up two of my my younger grandchildren in the morning and will take a rest day.

Raw Ignite your metabolism 32 minutes
step with two risers on each side Vertical, loop band for one section, and optional egg weights

Each exercise is done for 45 seconds two exercises back to back 3 times
rnd 1 3X
split switch jump with a pause using step or on the floor (1st rnd on floor)
elbow strikes option egg weights
rnd 2 3X
straddle jog on step on and off knee up
3 jabs hop switch sides option egg weights
rnd 3 3X
jump onto step from end/straddle jump off and back on (option floor) this was tough on the knees!
mountain climbers
rnd 4 3X
banded jacks with loop band
jab up knee/knee

Roselyn, nice work on Cathe's full body barbell workout.

Jolie, great job on Cathe's Live #276 upper body workout. I am spending new years eve with my husband and two grandchildren. Going out to dinner and then hanging out. I imagine there will be making chocolate chip cookies with my grandson who always asks to make them. I usually just have us do a dozen batch so I am not left with a bunch of cookies when they leave. Movies and games later :) You have some good goals. Mine are to gain muscle and bone mass if at all possible. I eat lots of protein so that is not a problem. I could use more vegetables.

Belinda, great job finishing the December rotation with Yoga Max.
Wow, have you all seen the big surf on the California coast! The waves the past few days have been insane, 20 to 30 feet and wiping out so many houses on the beaches. My boys have been out surfing for days, they are nuts! El Nino has definitely arrived in CA.

Today's workout was a tuff 3 mile walk through the hills, and they were steep hills today. My pup was even breathing hard and that never happens.

I hope you all have a great New Years Eve and a fantastic 2024! I am excited for the new year, I have a lot of goals to conquer.
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Happy New Year everyone.

No workout today. I been doing laundry and packing my suitcase. We fly early in the morning. I have to get up at 2:30 am. Not a lot of celebration for us. At least, we are home late afternoon. I will get a workout in on Tuesday.

Have a good one everyone.
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