Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for December 2023

Wow, can't believe it's December Figured I better start a new thread.

This morning I did RAW Heavy Bag/Shadow Boxing and had a great workout. This is the one with Kelly's son, Zach. Love love love the music in this one. This is my most favorite boxing workout of hers. I used my 1.5# egg weights. I probably shouldn't have done this workout because my traps are so tight again, but I just didn't want to do floor cardio or a step workout. Neither thrilled me this morning.

Workout was 40 minutes, burned 361 calories, did 2987 steps and HR was 144/186 which seemed high. This is not a crazy cardio workout, it's more slow and controlled. Anyways...

Diane - Wow, why can't they figure out what is wrong with your teeth? That is crazy. I agree, my Fitbit stressed me out, too. Kept buying them, though. Glad we got Garmin's, I love mine. The only difference I see is it doesn't seem to read steps as well as the Fitbit did, or maybe the Fitbit was just wrong on everything. Not a game changer, I will keep buying Garmin's when this one dies.

Belinda - How exciting on getting your RV soon!! Like a late Christmas present. I sure hope you both enjoy it and have fun with your travels! Great job getting your workout in before you appointment.

Roselyn - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you had a great day!!

Roxie - I've never seen a Box & Fit on RAW? I'll have to check that out. Is it one of her DVD's that is on the RAW channel? Great going with your workout! Yea, I'm not too happy with Ulta right now. But I do need a few Ordinary oils so I need to go by there anyways.

Cam - Great workout yesterday!!

Jolie - Yes, I am lucky. My husband can literally do anything. And if he can't do it, he will learn how to do it. He's a keeper, that's for sure!! Great job on you walk through hills yesterday!

Have a great weekend everyone! We are going to the Cleveland Zoo to walk through all the Christmas lights they put out. It's awesome and I can't wait. Only thing is, it's raining. I hope it stops by the time we go.
Today I went for a 4 mile walk with the pup, 1 hour 19 minutes and I burned 599 calories. I do not know what to do with this dog, he needs so much attention and exercise, it really leaves me no time to do anything else! Yesterday I left to run errands and he chewed the cord that lights up the Christmas tree!!! Thank goodness I used an extension cord to another part of the tree, and I can get it to light back up again. He chews up everything when I go and take a shower or leave, obviously separation anxiety.
My husband is off tomorrow so I will get in a weight workout, this makes me happy.

Debbie, great job on the workout today. 1.5 # egg weights probably gives you a killer workout. I used to use 2# hand weights when I used to kickbox back in the day, and boy were my shoulders ripped.

I hope you all have great workouts today.
Today I did Raw Slim Sculpt 2 , 52 minutes, 192 calories, heart rate 121/151, 2124 steps. I followed it with Raw 15 minute Total Body with Sammy, 16 minutes, 73 calories, heart rate 118/146, 892 steps. I finished with Raw 20 minute Stretch, 40 calories. Total time was 88 minutes, 305 calories, 3,016 steps.

Raw Slim Sculpt 2 50 minutes (muscle definition)
Egg weights or 1-3# dumbbells and 8# dumbbells opt weighted vest
Done in 3 rnds

Warm Up
Plank knee in
Egg weights hook/ knee elbow
Plie pulses 8# dbs
2 jacks fighter stance
Egg weights jab/hook/uppercut switch
Squat /overhead triceps extension 8# dbs
Fast uppercut/side up
Front lunge/back lunge reach down 8# db
Speed skater/side lunge
Flamingo balance touch down
Repeat 2 more times

Total Body with Sammy (muscle definition)16 minutes
12# dumbbells
Warm up

Biceps curls 8 reps
Squats 8 reps
Squat curls 8 reps

Alternating shoulder press 8 reps
Reverse lunge 8 reps
Reverse lunge with overhead press

Plie squat 8 reps
Scap squeeze 8 reps
Plie squat with scap squeeze 8 reps

Chest press 1 12# db
Side to side lunge 8 reps (total 16 reps
Chest press/side lunge alternating sides 8 reps(16 total)

Debbie, great job on Raw heavy bag and boxing today. I guess I have not paid a lot of attention to steps other than what I get on a workout.

Jolie, after having a dog we used to have chew up our leather recliner and empty the trashcan all over the house, future dogs went in a crate till I was sure things were safe. I am sorry your dog makes it hard for you to get things done. Hopefully it grows out of it. I am glad your lights still work. I had a pet lop earred bunny at one time that was really good at chewing up wires. I had covers over wires all over. Nice work on the walk today.
Good Evening,

I had to go to work at 7 this morning so I was up at the same time as Diane.

Debbie-that workout just showed up in my library so I must have done it before. Associates get a 35% discount the next 3 days so I bought another eyeshadow pallet it’s from Tarte and it’s the Man Eater 2 I have the first one bought it last year at this time the shadows are so soft and pigmented. Starting the 14th we get an additional 25% of all prestige cosmetics so I will buy more then.
Good morning,

Sorry for not checking in yesterday. it was my 40th Anniversary.

Debbie - thanks for starting us off. I had too much going on yesterday. The RV will be our present for many years, lol. Great job on your workout.

I will be back later to read the old thread.
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Belinda, congratulations on your 40th anniversary!!! How is that possible, how old are you? That is just amazeballs.

Today I got into the gym and got in a great weight workout. I picked CL Glassboro road trip and did really well with the heavier weights. I did more reps than Cathe and had to pause a lot so I could keep up with the class. She does 8 and 10 reps where I did 10 to 12 reps per exercise and slower. I did like the format; I have done this workout more times than I can count but she goes too fast. Total workout time was 53 minutes and I burned 447 calories. I did some punches and kicks at the end; I want to start kickboxing again and just wanted to practice a little before I do a full workout.

Diane Sue, great job on the workout yesterday! The pup was barking at howling coyotes all night so I am a bit tired, but can you blame him! Those animals are crazy at night, they make so much noise when they are killing something.

I hope you all have great workouts today or a rest day, whatever is in store for you.

Make it a great day.
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This morning I did Cathe Live Metabolic Mania, this weeks workout. I really liked it. I threw in a long stretch afterwards.

Have a good weekend!
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Good Afternoon,

I worked 9-12 today fragrance hasn’t been busy and I believe it’s because we locked everything including the testers up so people are not happy with us.

Belinda-welcome to the 40 club, we celebrated ours in June.

Josie- I got married at 17 a Mon after I graduated and not because I had to but because we had already been dating 5 years it was the next logical step
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Today I did CDorner Basice Step Aerobics #305 29 minutes, heart rate 133/160, 2,631 steps. This one was easy to follow and fun. The music was good. I wanted to get more leg work in this week so did CDorner Legs and Booty Ball & Dumbbells 29 minutes, 101 calories, heart rate 108/149, 274 steps. I used the strength setting on my Garmin and I do not know why it says 29 minutes and 10 minutes work. It does that to me all of the time. I guess the bridges and wall squats were the same as nothing? I ended with STS 2 Total Body Stretch 22 minutes, 33 calories. Total time was 78 minutes, 294 calories, 2,905 steps.

Legs and Booty Ball & Dumbbells
ball and dumbbells 45 seconds work
ball wall squat 15# dbs
ball glute bridge 25# db
45-degree angle lunge right 15# dbs
45-degree angle lunge left 15# dbs
plie squat with heel lift 15# dbs
slow modified pistol squat with stability ball against wall 15# db
ball bridge roll in
bonus ball bridge hold alternating single leg lifts 1 minute

Belinda, happy anniversary. I hope you had a wonderful day.

Jolie, nice work getting in weights with the Live Glassboro road trip. Can't really blame the dog for barking when it hears the coyotes at night. My dog feels the need to run out the back door and give one bark and run back inside when other dogs are barking. I think it is because if I am outside with her or she keeps barking I send her inside so she just puts herself inside once she got in a bark. She is quite a character. She makes us laugh.

Cam, good job on Metaboilc Mania live.

Roxie, that is a shame that stores have to lock things up. It does kind of put off the actual shoppers. My husband was 18 and I was 21 when we got married. It has been 50 years. It was not a have to get married here either. He had friends say it wouldn't last. Haha.
I did Cathe Live Love Those Legs 138. 42 min. That was a doozy but a good choice for today.

BTW Belinda, I think you asked me if I got a year of Live? I did 6 mo. I thought it would be good for winter and spring.

Debbie, my husband does everything too. From car repairs to home fix its and remodeling. Thankfully he has friends who are electricians, plumbers and contractors to help for a reasonable price. But he helps them out too. So it's a good system.

Diane, good workout. Hope your teeth are feeling better.

Lousy weekend weather-wise here. Cold and rainy.

Time to go take care of the elderly and listen to the complaints and the watch the Packers get slaughtered tonight and see Taylor Swift evrry few minutes. Jeesh.
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Today I did my last workout in the November rotation. I did To The Max. I did the high impact (modified on the rebounder). I will start Cathe’s December rotation. Having lots of fun with her workouts.

Jolie - I turned 60 in May. I met my husband when I was 19 years old. Thank you for your kind words.

Roxie - congratulations on your 40th! You were so young when you met your husband. Sorry about work.

Diane - thank you. Love hearing everyone got married. 50 years that’s amazing. Great job yesterday

Cam - great idea during the winter and spring. I was thinking signing up too. Maybe in the new year. I am having lots of fun with Cathe’s rotations.

Have a great Sunday.
This week I have decided to take an active recovery week and I plan on doing mobility and stretch workouts from CDorner's 30 Day Challenge. I started today with Day 1 and 2 and really enjoyed them. My muscles are screaming at me today because I've been on my feet literally all weekend long. My lower and upper body is so tight so I figure this would be a great week to recover. I really like Chris's mobility workouts, she is so talented with her workouts. I also did my own lower body stretching routine I created because the to from Chris were more focused on upper body.

Belinda - Happy Anniversary! Wow, 40 years! That is a feat now a days. I'm hoping to be at that milestone in about 13 years! We celebrated our 27th in April.

Great job with your workouts this weekend everyone! Have a great one today as well!
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Cam, the Packers did not get slaughtered!!!!!!! They won! What a game!

Today I am tired from staying up too late and I opted for a 3 mile walk with the dog. 1 hour and I burned 451 calories.

Debbie, enjoy your active recovery week, your body will love it!

Our weather is supposed to be gorgeous this week, 75 degrees this week and I cannot wait. Have great workouts everyone. Make it a great day.
Today I did STS 2.0 Supersets Total Body premix Upper and calves, 53 minutes, 179 calories, heart rate 106/140. I got a late start this morning as I had groceries coming and I spent time with medical insurance agent over an error which messed up my relax time.

2.0 Supersets lower body and calves only mix

warm up with light tubing and 10 and 15# dumbbells

Incline chest press #1 15# dbs; #2 15# dbs; #3 15# dbs 8 reps superset with
barbell wide overhand grip row #1 55# 8 reps; #2 55# 8 reps; #3 55# 8 reps

Kneeling sweeper curls #1 17.5# dbs; #2 17.5# dbs; #3 17.5# dbs 8 reps superset with
incline lying triceps extension #1 15# dbs; #2 15# dbs; #3 15# dbs 8 reps

Shrugs #1 17.5# dbs; #2 17.5# dbs; #3 17.5# dbs 8 reps superset with
calf raises #1 25# dbs; #2 25# dbs; #3 25# dbs 8 reps

Incline chest fly #1 15# dbs; #2 17.5# dbs; #3 17.5# dbs 8 reps superset with
Barbell underhand grip row #1 60# ; #2 60# ; #3 55# 8 reps

Hammer curls #1 17.5# dbs; #2 17.5# dbs; #3 17.5# dbs 8 reps superset with
Single arm triceps kickback with loop #1 12# dbs; #2 12# dbs; #3 12# dbs 8 reps

Single Arm side lateral raise #1 10# db; #2 10# db; #3 10# db 8 reps superset with
double arm thumb to thumb rear delt fly #1 8# dbs; #2 8# dbs; #3 5# dbs


Cam, nice job on Live Love those legs. We save a lot of money doing those repairs and remodels ourselves.

Debbie, good idea to take a recovery week with mobility workouts. Doing those with Chris consistently helped me a lot. Lately I am feeling pretty good other than dental issues. No neck, back, and shoulder pain right now. I wanted to do a mobility after lifting today, but no time. I am not good about going back later and doing it though.

Jolie, nice work getting a walk in with the dog. I hope you get some rest. Enjoy the nice weather. I am always cold.
This morning I did CDorner's 30 Day Challenge #4 and #5 - #4 was a full body yoga-type mobility workout and #5 was a neck and shoulder stretch. I liked them both and am starting to feel much better with my tight muscles.

Belinda - Great job with After Burn!!

Jolie - I'm jealous of your weather. It's cold and raining here and we haven't seen the sun in like a week I think. Hate this time of year.

Diane - I am really liking the 30 day challenge thing Chris did, they are fabulous. I always feel much better when I do these types of workouts and I wish I had time to do more during the school year to do them after my normal workouts. When summer is here it's not a bit deal to add on a short stretch or mobility workout but right now it's impossible. And like you, I won't go back and do it in the evenings. I really like how these are all under 20 minutes. You can do a lot in 20 minutes. My neck is finally loosening up and I can turn my head. I haven't been able to do that in at least a week. I think I slept wrong but it just wouldn't loosen up. My hips are feeling much better too. Great job with your workout yesterday!

Have a great day everyone!
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It is so beautiful out today, I worked out in the garage with the door up and the sun shining in, and it felt so good. It is amazing how the weather effects my mood to workout. If it is sunny and warm, I am so motivated, but if it is cold and dreary, I cannot get into the groove. Today's workout was an oldie but one of my favorite Cathe Live workouts, #25 Strong Upper Body and Core. Workout was I hour and I burned 433 calories. This is a hard workout especially if you lift heavy. 3 rounds of one body part with at least 3 exercises with no rest periods. By the end of the body part, you are spent! I did this last time on 10-9-2017 or at least that is when I wrote it down. I did almost the same weights and I am in no way the same shape I was in back then. Funny that I could still lift the same weights with so little muscle mass on my bones.

Debbie, great job on the mobility workout, I bet it felt great! I need to stretch too, my hamstrings are so tight again. I am wearing shorts and a tank top today, with all of my windows open, what a treat for this time of the year.

Diane Sue, great job on the workout yesterday. I am so impressed with your weights!

Belinda, great job on After Burn.

Have a great workout today everyone and enjoy the day.
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I did ICE To The Mat Legs & Glutes today. I forgot how good this one was. It’s a burner. I am thinking changing weeks around in the Dec rotations? I don’t want to bring a dvd player with me when visiting my son on the 18th.

Diane - I hope the insurance can figure it out. Sorry it interrupted your time. I hate when this append. Great job yesterday.

Debbie - those mobility workouts look great. I should do them too. Glad you feeling better.

Jolie - I wouldn’t mind having sunshine here. Like Debbie, not seeing much sun lately. Enjoy!

Have a great day and workout.
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Tonight I did Cathe Live Cardio, Upper & Core. It was ok. I added a Michelle Briehler 10 min core segment and just took a walk with my dog.
I am missing my Michelle Briehler workouts. I think tomorrow it's time for a Michelle or Penny.

Jolie, I can't believe how well the Packers played. Amazing. I have hopes for Love.

Diane, you are killing it with your strength strength workouts!

Good workouts everyone!
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