Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for AUGUST 2022!!

Checking in with another Penny 30 min Upper Body & Lower Body Split. Really like her older workouts. This one was 4 circuits/ 12 reps/2 rounds. It was different from yesterday in that there were plyo lunges in the lower body and each circuit ended with a 30 sec ab burnout. Then hubby and I took our dog on a 3 mile walk. We are working with her every night this week on her outside behavior. Long story, but she is becoming a bully with other dogs and it needs to stop. We have to keep her tied up because she charges other dogs walking by. It's become a problem. We are calling it Daisy Boot Camp. Ha! It has been another gorgeous weather week. Dry, sunny and 70's. I am getting outside as much as possible this summer. I hate winter.

Good workouts! I'm ready for bed.
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Today I did CDorner Low Impact High Intensity all standing, 50 minutes, heart rate 114/134, 208 calories, 6,092 steps. I also did Raw Abs Circuits, 18 minutes, heart rate 89/116, 47 calories, 59 steps. Total time was 68 minutes, 255 calories, 6,151 steps.
Abs Circuits was 8 exercises then repeat 2 more times. I did the low plank and the plank walk in walk out and was okay with it. This evening my rib cage is sore again, so I am guessing the ab work did it. I am getting stronger in the area again. I rushed around to get done this morning and had groceries delivered instead of going out because I was supposed to have work done on sprinklers today. They had problems with another job and had to postpone till next week.

Debbie, I put something behind my back above my hip bone too. It helps me keep from slouching and my shoulders stay up and back. I hope you continue to improve and feel better when you go back to work. I have not noticed my heart rate dropping from a higher heart rate when I stop a workout. I usually have done a cooldown before I stop the workout though. I do not seem to get my heart rate that high often. In fact, it is often on the low end when I look at it while working out. Today's workout was pretty active, and I added jacks in one part that she said you could add if you want. I need to try some older workouts that I used to get 300 plus calories and 150's for a high. Just so I can see if it is still lower.
I always liked Olivia Newton John's music. It is amazing how long she fought breast cancer.
I hope things go well when you see a cardiologist. Mine just monitors my leaky valve and stuff.

Jolie, that is great that the gun helped get those knots loosened up. I am glad you were able to do a workout. I hope things continue to get better for you. Those traps sure do cause a lot of pain. I was a bit surprised when I picked up the 25# dumbbell for the rows and it did not bother that much. I did lower to 20 though second set as it was a bit hard the last couple of reps and I did not want to push through it. I will get there eventually. I would have picked up 30's for the squats, but my fan was sitting on them. I did not want to stop and move things around. I refused having the ceiling fan put back up in that room as it is in the way when I am stepping. The only ones I worried about was the bench press and at 10# I was okay which is up from the 8's I have been doing. I can tell I am getting some strength back and am getting less and less pain in those areas that were hurting so bad after even PT. I even have been able to get in some planks. I am still having issues with chest and shoulders on push up or push up into a down dog. Doing moves that hurt my neck and shoulders are not worth it if it leads back to no sleep and pain. It is 7 months since surgery next week. They told me 6 months and average to feel completely back to normal is 9-12 months. I really think all of the working out prior and supplements has helped with healing.
I hope your husband is getting better. He needs doesn't need to get any other sickness on top of that.

I don't think we have heard from Doreen at all this month. Hope things are okay.

Cam, good luck with your dog training. I like that, Daisy bootcamp :) Mine is annoying me right now as she wants to go nuts every time the next-door neighbors two little dogs go outside in their yard and start barking. They are small terrier dogs and Gertie is a lab. She starts barking like crazy and jumping on the fence. I make her stop and go back in the house. Thinking I am going to have to go back to a training collar. Why she does it, I have no clue. She is fine with my son's dog around. Maybe it is because she cannot see the dogs.
Good morning,

Walk outside and BEASTMODE FULL BODY WORKOU | Day 4 is done.

I will be back to catch up on personals.
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Late check in. I walked on my treadmill again - boring but I'm reading a book that I want to get through so I'm glad I walked all week so I can get it read. Not sure if any of you are Outlander fans (by Diana Gabledon), but this is book 9. I find it very boring and a true let down from the other 8 in the series and it took her 7 years to write it. Not sure what happened with this one. I can't wait to finish it. I also did upper back PT exercises. It's feeling better but not 100%. I'm convinced I have some muscle issues going on, I cannot figure out why I have tight muscles all the time. My left tricep is killing me right now. :(

I don't have time for personals but I am also wondering where Doreen has been. Hope she's ok.

Have a great weekend everyone!!
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Today I did Kelly Coffey Super Sculpt workout # 1 using 2# dumbbells, 37 minutes, heart rate119/143, 165 calories, 3,197 steps. I did it from her raw channel, but wanted to do the other workout on the dvd that had the step up option instead of jumping. After I was done, I checked and she did put that option separate from the both workouts option on her raw channel. I didn't need to get out the dvd. I used 2# dumbbells for the boxing/upper segments and 10's for the step ups. So, workout 2 with step ups which is workout 3 on the dvd, 37 minutes, heart rate 117/150, 172 calories, 3,332 steps. Total time was 74 minutes, 337 calories, 6,529 steps.
Belinda, nice work on Beast mode full body workout.

Debbie, I am sorry you are experiencing so much pain. Good work on the treadmill today. I used to like to walk on the treadmill because I could read. Since I do not have one anymore, I cannot do that. I read the first two Outlander books years ago. Those are some long books. I don't know, as far as reading I started reading books for teenagers before I gave them as gifts to granddaughters to check content. Other than Bible and study material. I am still reading a series that I purchased for my 14-year-old granddaughter and the one I am reading now is a story built around American History. With Patrick Henry and that sort of history and am loving it.
Most of my pain involves joints and inflammation around them. Same with neck and spine area. Swelling and tightness happens with that too.
Good morning,

Today is a rest day from Beastmode. DH, the dogs and I walked outside for over an hours. Loving the cooler weather. Sadie walked one and a quarter mile without wanting to go in her stroller. I will do a stretch today.

Debbie - I am sorry you having so much pain. I hope you feel better soon.

Diane - great job yesterday.

Have a great weekend everyone.
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I forgot to check in yesterday. My son and I went for a long walk at the beach, it was very warm and humid but manageable. We walked 4 miles, 1 hour 22 minutes and burned 624 calories. My calves are sore today, pushing off in sand really works the calves! Today is my first rest day for the week.

Make it a great Saturday! I hope you all have great workouts today!
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Checking in with RCfitness 45 min Total Body Strength & Conditioning. This was a great workout. The cardio was fun with more movement to it. You had to think a little. The strength was right up my alley today, some compound mixed in with straight up strength moves. The ab part had a lot of crunches which I am not supposed to do, so I subbed other planks and pilates for that. Diane, you might like this one. Definitely saved this one.

I have neglected my reading this summer and my books are always overdo before I finish them. I just am not motivated. I guess I have picked out boring books. I have one I just started that is grabbing me, so I have to read this weekend. I read at night, but I get so tired I fall asleep. I also have a true crime ready at the library, and am looking forward to that one.

Have a good weekend everyone!
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Today I had a great workout, but it was very hot and humid, so it made it much harder than it had to be. I did Yvette Bachman workout, Hiit, Cardio Step/ Biceps/ Back and core circuits. 1 minute of cardio on the step, 40 seconds of weight training and 30 seconds of core. Workout was 1 hour, I burned 522 calories, and that included a nice stretch at the end. I will be doing more of these workouts in the future because I love this style of working out. Also, I want to do some snow skiing this year and I have to get these legs stronger than I normally do so I can ski all day long.

Cam, I love to read, I think I read 20 books this summer. I love easy beach reading books that take me on vacation with them to places like Italy, Greece, Scottland and so many other places. Great job on the workout yesterday. We are having very hot and humid weather here and it makes working out difficult since my gym is in the garage. At least I can raise the door and get and ocean breeze when there is one!

I hope you all have a great Sunday, I have a lot of sports to watch today as I pack up my son to go back to college tomorrow.
Checking in with CDorner 55 min. Basic Fun, Fast & Sweaty Step. I liked it and the music and choreography were fun, but after 40 min I was done. She repeated too many times. Less TIFTimg and a couple more combos would have been great. I did like having not concentrate on the moves.

Diane, does CDorner's int.- adv. step have less repetition? She's got soooo many step workouts, I am not sure how to find ones without a lot of repeating.

Deary, rainy and cooler here today. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
I guess I did not check in with my workout yesterday. I did CDorner Cardio Step Intermediate/Adv, 23 minutes, 111/144 heart rate, 1,967 steps, 98 calories. I stopped here as I was not getting my heart rate up, I don't know where the 144 came from. The description says 136/140 bpm. She kept saying sorry and redoing a segment that was beginning to feel really long. I switched and did Cathe Party Rockin' Step #2 52 minutes, heart rate 120/147, 241 calories, 4,278 steps. I finished with Raw Day 5 stretch doing 11 minutes of it. I forgot about the segment with the jump on and off the step with both feet and squat thrusts. Next time I will look at the premixes on Party Rockin' 2 to see if I can do it without that combo. My knee was achy afterward and I did not do all of the jump on and off, I did something else.
Total time cardio 75 minutes, calories burned 339, 6,245 steps.
Today is a rest day.

Belinda, nice work with the walks and Caroline Day 5 Hiit. That is cute that Sadie went so long walking before wanting in the stroller.

Cam, I mostly buy my books and read on Kindle app. I used to check them out digitally on my tablet and just renew till I had finished reading. Other than that I went to the library for paper books when I had my grandchildren summers. I made note of the RC Fitness workout. As far as step with CDorner, I don't know, as she repeats a lot till those that are slow learning the moves seem to have caught on. I love the different chorography she comes up with, but after you have done them awhile it seems to drag when she repeats like that. Or for me, like yesterday she kept messing up and saying she was sorry and going back through it over and over. Those where she does 3 different shorter segments of different workouts can be split and you do whichever 20 minute portion that you want. Like the one with step, kickboxing, and stretch each 20 minutes. Really though, they are all portions taken from other workouts.

Jolie, the walk on the beach sounds nice. Great job on the Yvette Bachman workout.
This morning I walked on my treadmill for 20 minutes as a warm up and then did RAW Glutes Finisher. Instead of doing bridges I did lifts for the inner thigh. My knees are feeling great again, not sure why but I'm happy about it. I was able to do the squats in this workout with no problems and not one twinge. Hope it stays that way. I will continue to be cautious with working my knees but it looks like I can start doing some step workouts agaiin. Maybe...

Treadmill workout was 20 minutes, burned 163 calories, went 1.04 miles, did 2482 steps and HR was 121/136.

Glutes Finisher was 23 minutes, burned 140 calories and HR was 111/151.

My upper back is feeling a bit better, it was really hurting yesterday but this morning there was no pain. I took some IBUprofin last night so maybe that is why. Aleve doesn't seem to touch it.

Have a great day everyone!!
Today I did RC Fitness 45-minute Total Body Conditioning, 53 minutes (I think actual was 47 minutes), heart rate 107/144, 170 calories, 1,321 steps. I then did CDorner heart pumping fast basic step aerobics, 31 minutes, heart rate 121 /137, 151 calories, 3,074 steps. Total time 84 minutes, 321 calories, 4,395 steps.
For Total Body Conditioning I used 5 and 8# dumbbells and 10# dumbbells. I went low on the shoulder stuff. I picked up the 10's when it was lower, rows, and biceps. The only problem I had was when moves did a turn from something like biceps to overhead press in one move. Something about the turn made a clicking in the back of my shoulder and I had to adjust the moves. I started to write things down, but soon realized it was pretty quick paced and no real time if I wanted to get the best results. During abs I did the bridge, but no crunch. I did hip lifts and reverse crunches. Full sit ups rather than crunches. I don't know why, but full crunches do not seem to bother my back and neck. I got my heart rate pretty well with this doing weights. With the compound moves it reminds me of a metabolic workout.

Debbie, it probably was the Advil. It just seems to do the best job for getting rid of inflammation. I always try higher doses of Curcumin first as sometimes that works. Nice work on the Glute Finisher and treadmill today. I kind of started to get a bit of a knot in my shoulder yesterday for some reason. I had not done anything. I kept massaging it out and stretching all day long. It was fine when I got up this morning though. Usually it is kind of puffy in that area when it is really inflamed. I can't feel the bones back there like on the other side, if that makes sense.

Roselyn, enjoy your vacation.
Do all non-dairy queso recipes require cashews? I was going to buy some, but Walmart wanted to ship and Amazon is overpriced and requires more than one jar premade. I was going to order cashews to make it and that was a lot and required way more nuts than I need. I think that the Primal Kitchen on does not have nuts in it if I remember right. But, I cannot get that without ordering from Whole Foods and I am not ready to order right now from Whole Foods. I wait till I am ready for the meats and veggies I do not want to order from Walmart.
Hello! Woah- I didn't realize it has been so long since my last check-in! We've been busy with a couple trips out of town and weekends full. And my computer crashed and was several days to get a new one assigned so I could re-set up all my passwords and log-ins.

I've been doing a few Ifit workouts and some Penny workouts and some Carolyn Girvan workouts - just whatever appeals on any given morning!
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There has been a freakin cricket right next to my office for a week now. It is DRIVING ME CRAZY! It sounds like it's in the pop machine that is right around the corner from my office. Thing is, my walls do not reach the ceiling so it's all open. I can hear the damn thing like it's in my office. I put cups with honey in them, supposedly they go to it and then get trapped in the honey. We'll see. Stupid thing!!!

This morning I walked on my treadmill for 26 minutes and burned 242 calories, and then did RAW 4-Day Split Bi's & Tri's. Had a great workout. Still have a knot in my upper back but it's not too bad. Went light with my weights.

1 minute each exercises

Supinated Curls
: 12's
W Curl to Rotate to Front: 10's
Hammer Curls: 10's (slow 4 counts up and down)
Bicep burnout w/Tube - I don't like tubing exercises because it seems like they really put a strain on my elbows for some reason. I used 5's and just did a burnout set that way)

Overhead Triceps Extensions:
Kickbacks: 5's
Dips - Skipped
Kickbacks w/Tubing - Skipped

My tricep is really bothering me so I just did two sets of the first two exercises, that was enough.

Workout was 21 minutes, burned 176 calories, HR was 132/154.

Diane - You can probably use white beans, they work the same for cheese sauces. I prefer cashews, though, and I usually buy a pretty good sized container of them at Aldi's. It's like $12.99 or something. I use them all the time with my cheese sauces, etc., so I always have them on hand. White beans work the same. Great job with your workouts, those looked like good ones. I don't know I continually get this knot, it's really frustrating. I bought a pillow for my work chair and that helps but then after a while my low back starts to hurt. I don't get.

Doreen - Good to hear from you and hope you had a wonderful vacation!!

Have a great day everyone!!
Good morning,

Walk and Beastmode D7 LB is done.

Diane - on FOK they have one with oatmeal. I also like the cheese with cashews. You can buy in any grocery store smaller bags. I also you powdered cashews sometimes instead.

Debbie - great job this morning.

Have a great day and workout everyone.
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