Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for AUGUST 2022!!

Today I did Kelly Coffey Cardio Fit workout #1 kickboxing and lower body, 34 minutes, 1,530 steps, 121 calories, heart rate 105/124. I then used the same dvd, but did the all dumbbells mix, so I repeated the lower which was alternated with the upper weight work, 37 minutes, heart rate 103/126, 110 calories, 581 steps. I finished with a CDorner shorter mobility workout, 21 minutes, 37 calories. Total time was 87 minutes, 268 calories, 2,111 steps.
Cardio Fit workout 15# dbs
boxing, squat dead lift followed by 1 1/2 reverse squat
boxing, plie squats followed by side lunge hold then hold and press forward
boxing, splits alternating followed by squat right and left
1 dumbbell pick up put down box
1 dumbbell step back put down pick up box

All Dumbbell alternates the lower and upper segments
lower/ deadlift and 1 1/2 squat 15# dbs
upper pec deck down to triceps 8# dbs
upper lean forward lift back/upright row 8# dbs
lower plies and side lunges 15# dbs
Upper single press/body shot alternating sides 8# dbs
kickback/hook alternating sides 8# dbs
lower split squats alternating 15# dumbbells squat right and left 15# dbs
upper body step back crunch 8# db alternating sides
curtsy lunge overhead triceps extensions 8# dbs
lower dumbbell pick up put down boxing 15# db dumbbell step back pick up boxing 15# db
upper body bend and wide row 8# dbs
gunslinger I chose 5's
upper W curls 8# dbs hands palms facing forward
over the shoulder holding 5's(Kelly 8's) moving in a rainbow to opposite knee
Plank knee drops
cooldown stretch

Jolie, is the gun a massager gun with lots of accessories? My husband got me one from Amazon, but the percussion even at lowest really hurt my surgery shoulder. I have not tried it on anything else though or since I have healed most of the way. It felt like someone was pounding on a sore. I bet it will work nice for what you are wanting it for though. I should pull mine back out. I hope your husband is okay for working right away. We had a similar experience many years ago and it took months for my husband to get his health back after the 8 day hospital stay. Thought I was going to lose him. Nice work on the treadmill today. I get a lot of pain on the one side from back of shoulder up my neck and back of my head. I have to be so careful to not set it off.
Good Evening,

I did BeachBody Job1 WK1 D1 Start Strong Back,Glutes & Core I had to pause to go from standing to lying because I got dizzy it was 20 minute HR 111 maximum 135. The reason they are concerned is because I have these almost blackout spells that I never know when they are going to hit plus the dizziness and headaches. My family has a history of heart disease. I started a blood pressure medication tonight to try an raise it. Tomorrow is supposed to be HiiT but I will probably doing kickboxing instead.
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Checking in with Tracy Steen 50 min Cardio and Dumbbell Strength Complexes. That was a tough one, but fun and I did the whole damn thing. She alternated 3 Strength moves and then 3 cardio moves. She added on to each exercise in the circuit. Quite challenging.

Be careful exercising Roxie. I hope you aren't alone working out.

Good workouts everyone!
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I meant to come back and finish my earlier post. I went to fix an early dinner for my husband before work and I got off doing something else.

Roxie, I hope you are okay. Maybe tracking your blood pressure and noting how you are feeling when it is really low.

Belinda, nice work with Beast Mode.

Debbie, I am sorry that you already have that knot. I know when I am sitting at the computer, even leaning forward slightly can set off the pain. It is impossible to sit tall and straight for long periods of time. Hopefully standing more often can help you.

Cam, nice work with Tracy Steen cardio and Dumbbell Strength complexes.
This morning I walked on my treadmill again (joy) and then I did my upper body PT exercises that my PT lady gave me last year. I feel pretty good right now but I'm sure as the day goes on I will be in pain again. I am doing everything I can to sit up straight but it is impossible. And that seems to trigger pains elsewhere, like my mid back/lower back. WTF. Anyways, I plan to stand on and off today and take frequent breaks if time allows.

Treadmill workout was 40 minutes, burned 387 calories, went 2.04 miles on a 3% incline, did 4793 steps and HR was 145/188.

PT exercises took about 15 minutes.

I am in a bit of funk. I don't recognize the America we live in anymore. What they did to President Trump was totally political so he can't run in 2024. Scared much? I hope that if for some reason he can't run that someone else steps in to take the stand for us. I feel like crying right now. The world is literally falling apart and God only knows what will happen next.


Belinda - Grat job with your Beast workout. I think that's the one I tried. I do like her workouts but there is way too much leg workouts that she does. Wish I could do them, but I just can't. I bought an air fryer and made those egg rolls in it yesterday. Really good. I also made corn tortilla chips and had them with salsa and vegan cheese sauce. So good! Love that air fryer. Can't wait to try homemade potatoe Jo Jo's.

Jolie - I don't think boxing is causing it for me, it's definitely sitting in this chair for 8 hours a day. I was fine until I came back to work. I do stay away from boxing while I feel like this because it does irritate it, but I don't think it's the cause. I used my Body Buddy last night and then iced the area. I felt pretty good when I woke up but now that I'm sitting here again, it's getting all tight. Ridiculous. My husband gave me one of those gun things for Christmas and it just hurts to use. I only tried it once and didn't like it at all. Great job with your workout, hope you are feeling better today. So does your husband have Lyme Disease? I don't think you ever said and if you did I missed it. I hope he continues to feel better.

Diane - Yes, sitting is the silent killer, I swear. I hate this. I was fine all summer and now it starts all over again. :( Nice job with your workout yesterday!! Looks like a good workout.

Cam - Great job with your workout!

Roxie - Yes, that is concerning, your blood pressure is very low. I would keep an eye on your blood pressure and when you get dizzy maybe make sure you eat or drink something with sugar in it, like orange juice. Keep it on hand if you can. Sounds like the blood sugar is dropping but a low HR could definitely do that as well.

Have a great day everyone.
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Good morning,

Walk outside and Best Mode Shoulder & Arms is done.

Debbie - I do like her leg workouts. Most of them are 30 min, not too bad. What is the name of the air fryer you bought? What is potatoe Jo Jo's? Sounds yummy.

Roxie - be careful.

Julie - hope your DH feels better soon.

Roselyn, Diane and Cam - great job.

My eyes are still bordering me. Sorry for being so short lately.

Have a great day and workout everyone.
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Roselyn, I just checked out the 12 week program which starts 22 Aug. Looks pretty good to me. I am going to see what Caroline comes up with next. 2lazy4gym is also a member on here. Enjoy your vacation.
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No workout today. I just got home from a fun morning with my ladies' group.

Debbie, I know for sure sitting too long at the computer or looking down at papers or even books can trigger the neck and shoulder pain. Some exercises may cause it and I am kind of aware of which ones, but still try to work those areas as I don't want to be out of balance and cause more problems. Yeah, the massage gun hurt when I tried it. Even on low it felt like it was smacking the knot really hard and kind of wanted to bounce off and hit bone. Maybe it takes practice and how much pressure? I have only tried a couple of times. It definitely did not feel good on the surgery area. I have thought maybe hips or something with more padding might be okay with it. But, that is not my hurting area.
I know what you mean with feeling low. What our leaders are doing is rotten. They are ruining our country. I think a lot of people are angry. I want it to stop. I woke up yesterday feeling so terribly discouraged.

Belinda, nice work with Beast mode shoulder and arms. I hope your eyes get better.

Roselyn, nice work with Carolyn Girvin. I have checked out to lazy for the gym's site before. Not in quite a while though.

Jolie, I hope that you are having a good day.
Sorry I am checking in late today, the day just got away from me! It is very hot here and my gym room was too hot to workout in, so I went for a walk outside. Bad idea, too humid and I was dripping wet by the time I got back home, thank goodness I had enough water with me. I walked for 1 hour 21 minutes, traveled 4 miles and burned 658 calories. My shoulder, chest and neck area are better today because I broke up the fascia last night but now, I have a big bump from the inflammation. I am going to ice it now; I should have done that last night but oh well. I have DMSO, maybe that will help.

Debbie, yes, my husband has Lyme's disease and the Babesiosis. What a nightmare! Great job on the walk and stretching today. I feel the exact same way about our world right now as you do. We are thinking of selling our house in a year or so and moving to either Idaho or Montana, Red states that love guns, God and the rule of law!!!

Diane Sue, yes, I purchased the gun like you described and cannot wait to try it out. I can handle a lot of pain so I think this will do the job for me and my boys.

Belinda, great job on Beast Mode Arms and Shoulders.

Roselyn, I look forward to hearing what you think of the rotation that you are going to start when you get back from vacation.

Roxie, nice job on the workout!

Make it a great day.
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Today I did a walk on the TM, 40 minutes, traveled 2.2 miles and burned 352 calories. Next, I did a Shoulder workout, even though my shoulder is bothering me. I used the Thera Gun and it did a lot for my fascia pain. I use it on the highest setting, and it really doesn't even hurt much only where the fascia is. Total workout time was 64 minutes and I burned 501 calories.

Seated Alt. Shoulder Press- 15# x 12, x 10, x 8
Upright Rows- 12's x 12, x 10, x 8
Seated Front Raise to Rear Raise- 8's x 12, x 10, x 8
Standing Alt. Lateral Raise- 8# x 12, x 10, x 8

Off to get a Mammogram, next time I am getting the Thermography if I can find it around this area.

I hope you all have great workouts today. I will BBL to read the posts for the day.
This morning I just walked on my treadmill again and did PT exercises for my upper back. Feel better today.

Walk was 35 minutes, burned 302 calories, went 1.8 miles and did 4207 steps. HR was 132/161.

Busy at work so no time for personals. Have a great day everyone!!
Today I did CDorner Tabata Fun Cardio, 33 minutes, heart rate 116/146, 150 ca, 1,895 steps. The music on this was fun and she started the warm up with Xanadu. I then did Raw Strength #1 (cardio acceleration for cardio instead of 1 minute rest) 36 minutes, heart rate 111/141, 141 calories, 928 steps. I finished off with CDorner latest mobility workout, 31 minutes, heart rate 97/112, 86 calories, 52 steps. Total time was 97 minutes, 377 calories, 2,875 steps.
Raw Strength #1 (fun music)
warm up
Back 1 arm row followed by cardio rest 12 reps 25# db left and right
Back 1 arm row followed by cardio rest 12 reps 20# db

squat followed by cardio rest 20# dbs 12 reps
squat followed by cardio rest 20# dbs 12 reps

bench press followed by cardio rest 10# dbs 12 reps
bench press followed by cardio rest 10# dbs 12 reps

Hammer Curl with twist followed by cardio rest 15# dbs 12 reps
Hammer Curl with twist follwed by cardio rest 12# dbs 12 reps

suitcase deadlifts followed by cardio rest 20# dbs 12 reps
suitcase deadlifts followed by cardio rest 20# dbs 12 reps

lateral raise followed by cardio rest 8# dbs 12 reps
lateral raise followed by cardio rest 8# dbs 12 reps

skull crusher followed by cardio rest 10# dbs 12 reps
skull crusher followed by cardio rest 10# dbs 12 reps

final two sets are seated knee in outs for 60 seconds
Today was a 2 mile walk at lunchtime and after work I did a Penny 30 min. Lower & Upper Body Strength Splits. I liked this one. 4 circuits, 2 upper/2 lower alternating/12 reps each /completed 3x. This was one of her older ones, Pre Covid. I like her older workouts better than her current offerings.

Debbie, do you have a standing desk at work? I use mine a lot and it sure helps with my neck, shoulders and back.

Good workouts everyone!
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I am feeling a lot better today and the knot is slowly going away. I've been sitting at work with two therapy balls right above my hip bones and they help me sit up straight, plus they help the tight muscles in that area. Why do I have such tight muscles everywhere? Crazy. I've also been standing up at my desk periodically and that helps relieve the pressure of sitting. When I'm at home I've been icing the area plus doing the PT exercises I have. Hopefully I'll be good to go by next week.

So I had an echocardiogram a couple weeks back, not sure I mentioned that on here. I read the results, which didn't look horrible, and the test shows I do have a trileaflet arotic valve, not a bicuspid one which I had been told I have for more than 10 years. That is good news but my aortic valve is still regurgitating a bit and now my doctor wants me to go see a cardiologist. I will see the doctor who read my echo and my appointment is in September. I hope everything is ok, this heart stuff scares me.My brother is currently having aortic valve issues as well. If it's not one thing it's another. Sigh...

I walked on my treadmill again and then did my PT exercises. Walk was 41 minutes, burned 385 calories, went 2 miles and did 4837 steps. HR was 141/168.

Weird thing, my HR was at 156 when I got off my treadmill and exited the workout mode on my Garmin. I looked at the watch after I exited the program and display I see all the time said my HR was 68. Do these things detect the HR differently when you are working out? Doesn't make any sense to me.

Belinda - Jo Jo's are just large fries. Kiki has a recipe or two for them but they aren't called Jo Jo's in her book. The air fryer I bought is called Cosori Pro Air Fryer Oven Combo, I ordered it from Amazon. Great job with your workouts! Sorry your eyes are still bothering you. That is not good, I hope they get better soon. Hugs.

Jolie - How scary about the lyme disease. I hope your husband is doing better. That can be a life-long thing he will have to deal with. I hope not. Glad the gun helped you, maybe I should try it again on the knot I have. I'm just afraid it will put me in more pain. How long did you use it on the knot?

Diane - How cool that the workout you did had the song, Xanadu in it. I was so sad to hear Olivia Newton-John passed away. She certainly was an icon from my childhood. She will be missed. Great job on your workout!!

Cam, Roselyn and Roxie - Great job with your workouts!! Kicking!!

Have a great day everyone!!
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Today I woke up feeling much better from all of the work that I did on my knots in my shoulders, traps, chest and behind the left shoulder. I slept better too, so I was raring to go this morning. I still have issues but now I know how to deal with them. Today I did not want to aggravate my upper body too much, so I did a 45-minute uphill walk on the TM, traveled 2.3 miles and burned 355 calories. Next, I did seated Bicep work with lighter weights and did well with it. Total workout time was 62 minutes and I burned 489 calories.

Seated Bicep Curls- 12's x 16, x 14, x 12 (same rep count for each exercise)
Seated Hammer Curls- 12's
Seated Bicep curls with a twist- 12's
Standing BB curls- 25#
Standing BB 21 curls- 25#

Debbie, WOW on the heart information. I am sure your doctors will address it properly and you will be fine. I am glad that you are feeling better in the upper body as well, being in pain sucks! I use the gun on my knot till I feel it releasing. If it doesn't release, I just keep working at it and each day it is getting better.

Roxie, great job on the workout yesterday.

Roselyn, nice job with the Iron workout.

Diane Sue, I cannot believe how heavy you are lifting now after surgery. You amaze me!!!

Belinda, I hope you have a great workout today and how are you feeling?

Make it a wonderful day. I think we lost Doreen for a while but since it is back to school time, maybe she is just too busy to post at the moment.

I got antibodies this morning. I had to stay for an hour to make sure I don't have side effects. I am fine. I did take the opportunity to get some shopping done afterwards.

Debbie - thanks. I once bought an air fryer, I didn't like it. Thanks for the name. I like that you can see inside. The one I bought I couldn't, it wasn't big enough for us too. Cosori Pro Air Fryer Oven Combo looks like a nice one. I looked at some at Costco, they didn't had any combo. I don't want just a air fryer. Thank you about my eye. I have another appointment the end of this month. Sorry you and your brother having heart problems. I will be praying for a good outcome.

Jolie - glad you feeling better and modified your workouts. Great job! I am ok. Pain in my ears/noise is getting less. Hopefully it's a good sign. I heard MTX takes a few month to get some benefits. I have some ways to go. How are your parents doing? Thanks for asking.

Diane - impressive weights. Great job yesterday. How are you feeling?

Roselyn - fantatic job Iron. I love Iron

Roxie - great job with your workout.

Cam - great job yesterday.

Good night.

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