Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for AUGUST 2022!!


Good morning,

Got my workout in early today. Fuel D26 LB is done. I will go for a walk, it's nice and cool outside

Roselyn - congratulations!

I will be back later.
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Sorry I have been MIA, I have had a real issue on my hands. My husband was misdiagnosed with the Mono and is in the hospital the last two days. He is on the infectious disease floor and they are fighting to see what is wrong with him, he is really struggling to survive. I called his sister in MA to tell her and she is very sick. Come to find out she got bit by a very unpopular tick that does a lot of damage at the wedding last month. She told me everything about it and the meds she is on and I told my husbands doctor. We are now changing gears and going that route, Lyme Disease with other tick related diseases. My mom got out of the hospital and is doing well but needs me to come and help her shower ect and I cannot get out there due to my husband's issues. My husband is so much worse than Covid, this went on too long before I demanded them to hospitalize him and figure out what the hell was going on. He had lost is motor skills and could not talk. I swear these doctors sometimes get it very wrong. Thank God I figured it out for them!!! He was told that he might be there for at least 3 more days. Please pray for him, he needs all the prayers that he can get right now. I have not had a workout the last 2 days and I doubt I will in the next couple of days. i cannot focus, I am too stressed out.
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Well I'm back. My husband and I had a great vacation. We went to Silver Lakes, MI and had a wonderful time. That place is so nice and there are never many people there. We rode on the sand dunes and just walked all over. I got 10K+ steps in every day last week. We climbed the sand dunes as well, I was a bit worried about my knee but it did ok. I had to be really careful but no issues and it feels really good today. I hope it stays that way. I ate a lot of stuff I don't normally eat and was really afraid I gained a few pounds. I didn't feel like I did, but I thought I had to with the crap I was eating. I got on my scale yesterday and I actually lost a pound from the last time I weighed myself. LOL! I was very happy to see that. So I'm 128 and I'm happy with anything under 130.

My mom turned 85 on Saturday and we had a nice day with her. I had our priest at our church give her a special blessing and it was really nice. She has done a lot for that church since we were kids and everyone clapped for her and came up to her afterwards and wished her a happy birthday. It was awesome!

This morning I did RAW Box & Pump 2 and had an excellent workout. I love this workout, I wish she'd do more of these with only upper body work. Most of the others all have lower body or total body work. Once this knee is 100% I will go back to those. For now, I'll stay with what I've been doing.

I used my 1# sand weights for the boxing parts.

Boxing Drill
: 15's - 16 reps
Run Rows: 8's - lots of reps

Boxing Drill
Overhead Press
: 10's - 16 reps
Connected Front/Side Raise: 5's

Boxing Drill
Overhead Triceps Extension
: 15# - 16 reps
Run Kickbacks: 5's - lots of reps

Boxing Drill
Chest Flies
: 15's - 16 slow reps
Run Press: 10's - lots of reps
Ab work: 5's
Hammer Curls: 15's - 16 reps
Run Curls: 8's - lots of reps.

Workout was 46 minutes, burned 362 calories and did 3218 steps. HR was 134/168. Love this workout!

Jolie - OMG, I am so sorry to hear all your are going through!! I'm glad to see your parents are getting better, I hope your mom continues to improve. I was surprised to hear your parents got the vaccine, I didn't think your dad - especially - would get it. But I'm glad they are doing better. Holy cow on your husband. How can they diagnose him totally wrong like that? That is scary. I am praying for him and hope he recovers. Lyme disease is very dangerous. I worry about ticks every summer here, we have quite a few in our trees. I also hope his sister gets better, too. Scary!

Roselyn - Congratulations!! How exciting!!

Great job on your workouts everyone. I was reading and keeping up with all you have been doing. Kicking butt!!

I have a busy today and only 3 days left until I go back to work. Thursday is my first day back. Not very excited about it, I can't believe how fast this summer went by, doesn't seem right. I have an echocardiogram scheduled tomorrow to check on my bicuspid issue.

Have a great day everyone!!
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Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Just Lift, 36 minutes, 75 calories, heart rate 93/123, 490 steps. I then did Cathe Lite Cardio Party timesaver hi/lo with blasts and added the extended stretch, 43 minutes, 139 calories, heart rate 105/162, 2,700 steps. Total time was 79 minutes, 274 calories, 3,190 steps.
Just Lift all moves 3 sets of 8 reps uses dumbbells, a barbell, but can sub dbs, and a bench
warm up
bent over rows 20 # dbs / 3 sets
split squat 20# dbs 8 reps 3 sets both right and left (I used my high step for this)
shoulder start at a W to an iron cross 8# dbs 8 reps, 5# db's 8 reps 2 sets (Kelly uses 10's)
Goblet Squat heels elevated 25# dbs 8 reps 3 sets (Kelly uses a 30)
overhead triceps extension seated 20# db 8 reps 3 sets
supination curls 15# dbs 87 reps 3 sets
hip thrusts using bench and barbell I used 25# db 8 reps and one set on bench 2 sets on floor (hurts my upper back and neck)
bench press using bench wide and in 8# dbs 8 reps 3 sets (still not good with this, Kelly uses 15's and goes below the bench which I never do. I read before that that is not good. Who knows? not in it to injure.
sit ups with barbell holding feet in place 16 reps 3 sets

Jolie, my goodness, what a lot you have going on. That is scary about your husband's diagnosis and treatment. Praying for recovery soon. Lyme disease is dangerous. I hope your husband's sister gets better and your husband. I am sure you are pulled all directions right now. Prayers for you too.

Roselyn, congratulations grandbabies are so much fun.

Cam, nice work on CDorner Low Impact yesterday.

Debbie, I am glad you had such a nice vacation. That was such a sweet thing for your mother's 85th birthday. I bet she loved it too. Great workout today. It sounds like you got a lot of vacation steps in. Isn't it weird how sometimes we lose weight when we are sure we ate too much? My weekend eating was not so good. We went out two days in a row for mid -afternoon dinner. So, I have stuff to make up some healthy meals and I need to get started cooking before all of these veggies go bad on me.

Belinda, nice work on Fuel Day #26. Hope you have a nice walk today. It is a bit cooler here too. 90's! It is overcast and was still raining a bit when I got up this morning. I know your doctors want to get the right treatment down. They will do all they can I am sure of that.
Tonight I did LITE PHA 2. Love this one.

Jolie, sorry about your family's health. I wish your husband well.

Roselyn, congrats!

Debbie, glad you had a nice vacation. Wow! Back to school already? Do the kids start this week too? We start after Labor Day. Good workout!

Debbie & Belinda, good workouts today.

Good morning,

FUEL Series 30 Min TEMPO - Shoulders, Chest & Triceps Workout | Day 27 is done. No walk, it's already hot outside.

Jolie - sorry you going through so much. Praying for your family.

Have a wonderful day.
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This morning I started out with a 22 minute walk on my treadmill to warm up and then I did RAW Back & Front. I haven't done this workout since 2019 and it's a really good one. It's long, but it goes by quick. I skipped some of the exercises but for the most part, did the whole thing. My knees are feeling great lately.


Reverse Fly - 12's/10 reps
Alt. Step Back, Row - 15's/10 reps
Bulgarian Split Squats - SKIPPED
REPEAT - no rest

One Arm Kickbacks - 8#/10 reps
Standing Cross Body Ext (same arm) - 8#/10 reps
Suitcase Deadlifts - 15's/10 reps

Calf Raises - 15's/30 reps (toes in, out, forward)

Low Back:
Supermans on bench - SKIPPED
Frog Legs on bench - SKIPPED

Low Back:
Good Mornings - 15# - 10 reps
Plank Wipers - 10 reps
REPEAT - Did good mornings even though I feel they are dangerous. I went light.


Arnold Press - 12's/10 reps
Dumbbell Front Raise - 15#/10 reps
Sissy Squats - SKIPPED

Chest Flies - 15's/10 reps
Dumbbell Press - 15's/10 reps
Quad Presses - Many reps, worked the quads and they burned!

21's - 12's/7 low, 7 up, 7 full
Supinated Curls - 12's
Side Lunges - SKIPPED

Pulse Crunch - 10 reps
Reverse Curls - 18 reps

Workout was 50 minutes burned 397 calories, and HR was 130/159.

Treadmill workout was 22 minutes, burned 188 calories, went 1.08 miles, did 2626 steps and HR was 130/160.

Diane - Thanks for writing out the exercises in Just Lift workout. I wanted to do that one but it looks like there is a lot of leg work. Good job with your workouts! It sure does feel good to get back it, although I have to say, I didn't miss it much when I was on vacation. LOL!!

Cam - No, the kids don't start until the end of August or beginning of Sept. after Labor Day depending on the school district. I don't know why I have to go back so darn early, I have little to do until the teachers are back. I can get all my events organized, though, and start working on some of the early ones I have that happen before Christmas. Wish I had another 2 weeks off, though. :( God knows I shouldn't complain!

Belinda - Great job with Fuel! Wow, Day 27 already. Where is the time going?

Jolie - Thinking about you and praying all is well with your family. Give us an update when you can.

Hi to everyone else! Have a great day everyone!!
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Today I got up very early so I could get in a workout to get some frustrations out of me and it helped. Stress just was building up in me and I have to workout otherwise I get more stressed. Today I started with an uphill walk on the TM, 45 minutes, traveled 2.5 miles and burned 398 calories. Next I did an upper body circuit, 2 times round and each set x 12 reps. Total workout time was 60 minutes and I burned 506 calories.

Chest Press- 20's x 12, x 12
Wide Grip Pull Downs- 50# x 12, x 12
Upright Rows- 12's x 12, x 12
BB Bicep Curls- 25# x 12, x 15
Close Grip Chest Press- 15's x 12, x 12

That's it, my husband called me, and I just never got to do the third round. My husband is still the same but more tired because they never let him get good sleep, they are constantly taking blood for more tests. Yesterday when I visited him, he was really looking good, he said because it was the first good night's sleep, he had had in weeks. Hopefully today we may have a diagnosis, it takes 3 days for a Lyme Disease diagnosis to come back from the lab. My parents are doing so much better, my mom is out of quarantine and going to the Chiro so that looks promising.

Debbie, my dad got vaxed because he had to get a hip replacement during Covid and it was the only way to get the operation, otherwise no surgery and he was in extreme pain.

Great job on the workouts everyone!
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Today I did CDorner Kickboxing, 42 minutes, 172 calories, heart rate 112/148, 3,360 steps. I really felt like with all of the jacks and stuff my heart rate would have been higher. I did the impact in this, but she shows low jacks and things. I then did CDorner Stretch and Flow mobility from today, 35 minutes, heart rate 81/102, 63 calories. I liked that this had foot and hand mobility, but there was too much push off on my hands with down dog and up. And also just staying in the down dog position. Not a favorite.
Total time was 77 minutes, 3,418 steps, 235 calories.

Cam, nice work on LITE PHA 2.

Belinda, great job on Fuel Tempo day 27 today.

Debbie, great workout. I always split that workout into two different days, front side one day and backside another.

Jolie, I am glad you got a workout in. Praying for you, your husband and his sister along with your parents. Your mother must be doing better. Fortunately for me when I had shoulder surgery I just had to go to the hospital and get tested for Covid so many hours before surgery so they could get the test results back.
Checking in with Tracy Steen 45 min Bodyweight Sculpting. It was so hot in my workout room I was soaked with sweat. I should have turned on the air but didn't think it would be so bad and I didn't want to waste time closing windows. That was a mistake. I was sliding all over my mat, but I powered through. No walk today.

Good workouts everyone!
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Good morning,

Walk and Fuel Day 28 LB is done.

Jolie - I feel so bad for you. Praying for you and your family.

Have a great day.
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This morning I just walked on my treadmill. I had a lot of pain in my left shoulder and trap area last night. I used a heat pad and that made it feel better. Something in the workout I did yesterday triggered it. Can't pinpoint what it was, maybe the reverse flyes? I feel better today and after my walk I worked on it with my foam roller. The left triceps hurts a lot as well.

Today is my last day off and I go back to work tomorrow. Can't wait to sit at a desk for 8 hours. Fun.

Anyways, my walk was 46 minutes, burned 476 calories (I can't believe that but I walked on a 5% incline), went 2.29 miles and did 5412 steps. HR was 156/185.

Been watching the preliminaries, seems a lot of Trump endorsed people won. Good to see!

Jolie - Praying for your husband. I hope he is getting better finally.

Diane - Great job with your workout. How has your neck been feeling lately? I feel like I have a pinched nerve but not sure. Heat helped last night but I was in some pain yesterday.

Cam - Good job with your workout! Sweating is good. I've become a pansy, once I feel a sweat going I fire up my A/C. LOL!!

Belinda - Great job with your workout this morning. Hey, I've been watching videos from Well Your World on Youtube. They are a husband/wife team who cook vegan and do a lot of good videos. They have interesting cheese sauces. They also make their own vegetable broth and I've started to save my veggie scraps to make my own. Can't wait to try it!! I want to start a cooking Youtube channel! That would be so fun!

Roselyn - Good job with your workout!

Have a great day everyone!
Debbie - I discovered Well Your World from Chef AJ (she has a ton of recipes on her channel). Dylan offered cooking classes too. He has a ton of free recipes on his website and a cook book. I haven't made anything from him yet. I have to check out his cheese sauce. Do you still eat some meat here and there? That is such a great idea you wanting to start a cooking YT channel. Sign me up!
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I just got back from the hospital and met with the Infectious Disease Doctor, and I swear, you can't make this shit up. His parasite panel came back positive, so I thought it was for the Lyme Disease. No, that should come back today sometime. He tested positive for the Babesiosis and this is caused by a tick bite, it is the cousin to Malaria!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell! He goes to his nieces wedding and gets a form of Malaria! Mother of the Bride has it too. He looks better and his speech is better but now they are doing an MRI on his brain just to make sure everything is ok and an ultrasound on his liver. This is a day to day thing so I guess I will see what tomorrow holds for him. Please pray for him. This is the first person this hospital has seen with this parasite. No workout today, I got up and went straight to the hospital to meet with the doctor.
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Checking in with Vera 45 min Full Body Strength No Repeat. A few segments I opted out and did a cardio drill instead. But still a great workout. The air is on today for sure. Its gross out.

Jolie, so sorry about your husband. That really sucks! I hope he comes out of it ok. I'm sure they will figure this out and give him the right treatments.

Debbie, it see s like you just got done with school. I can't believe how fast summer is going.

Belinda & Roselyn, good workouts today!
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Today I got 2 minutes into CDorner step when the internet went out, so I did Cathe Step Boss I Max 4,46 minutes, heart rate 126/152, 240 calories, 3,776 step. The internet came back on and I did CDorner Full Body Relaxing Stretch, 32 minutes, 48 calories, heart rate 79/99, 196 steps. Total time was 78 minutes, 288 calories, 3,972 steps. I woke up early with a bad headache and neck pain. The neck had started bother yesterday along with the front of my shoulders and I think this was from the Just Lift workout as I did up some weight, do some overhead triceps and the W/iron cross thing was tough and that is why I dropped to 5's. It is still bothering tonight, but better. My calorie burns seem really low lately and I am trying not to let it bother me. Heart rate was decent for cardio though.

Debbie, I hope your left shoulder and trap area improves. I still have that happen quite a bit and oddly it seems to be on my left side where my neck hurts the worst. Sometime the neck hurts and stings and I am sure because of the limited space when inflammation hits, I have pressure on a nerve. I try to keep the traps rolled out and stretched. Still, they hurt. The left side almost feels and looks puffy, compared to the right where I can feel bones and see the muscle. Both shoulders hurt on the front though, so I know it was not just the surgery side on the right. I am pretty sure it was that weight move.
I am really careful as well with the good mornings and do not go down as far as I used to with deadlifts. You really have to concentrate on those moves to hit the right muscles.

Jolie, wow on the diagnosis they gave. Did they have that wedding outside? What state was the wedding in? I think I would avoid going there without plenty of repellant. When it is something rare like that it takes some time for hospitals to get a diagnosis. It is a good thing you found out about his sister having the bite so they could get in the right direction. Sending prayers out for him.

Belinda, good job on your walk and Fuel day 28 LB.

Cam, it is miserable working out and sweating like that. I have the air on and a fan when I am working out. Nice workouts yesterday and today.

Roselyn, good work on Iron unilateral training.
Back at work, seems the summer didn't even happen. :( Crazy that it went by so fast.

This morning I walked on my treadmill and then did RAW Glute Finisher. Wow is that a burner of a workout. I used my medium cloth band. I love it.

Treadmill workout was 25 minutes, burned 199 calories, went 1.25 miles and did 3039 steps. HR was 123/151.

Glutes workout was 27 minutes, burned 216 calories, did 1048 steps and HR was 131/156.

Jolie - How odd that so many people got bit by ticks there. Was it near a lot of trees? i hope your husband is feeling better, how scary for him and you!! Were you at that wedding too? I hope he can come home soon.

Diane - My left rotator cuff has been bugging me. I know I did something to it some odd years ago and certain things irritate it. I'm wondering if that is what is causing the flare ups I have. I have a hug knot in my back again. Ridiculous. I hope your pain is easing, I'm starting to wonder what types of workout I should be doing. It seems everything irritates things anymore. I wonder why you aren't burning more calories? That is really weird.

Belinda - Yes, I still eat chicken here and there. Not much though. I prefer vegan for sure. Sometimes it's just easier for me to eat a bit of chicken when I make something with chicken in it for dinner for my husband. Otherwise, it's all vegan. Love Dillon on Well Your World. He and his wife Reebs are funny.

Cam - Great workout. Yes, I cannot believe the summer is almost over. :(

Have a great day everyone!!

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