Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for AUGUST 2022!!

Today I had a chance to get in a quick workout before heading to the hospital. I did Les Mills Body Combat #87 45 minutes using 1# gloves and boy did I work up a sweat. Workout was 50 minutes, I added on some extra stretching at the end, and I burned 489 calories. If this does not get me into good shape and lean, I don't know what will! My heart rate got up there during the cardio drills and I had to pause a few times to catch my breath. I am so happy that I signed up for the year, I needed more cardio in my workout regime.

My husband called this morning and he sounded fantastic! They are working on getting his blood pressure up and also waiting on the MRI results. I will call my dad and have him talk with the doctor over the phone once I get there. My mom had the same problem for days and my dad figured it out for them as well. I am thinking it is low sodium.

I did not go to the wedding; it was 5 weeks ago in MA when my husband went out of town. It was in grass underneath the trees since it was so hot outside. Thank goodness that I stayed home, and why? I told my husband I did not want to get sick and I was right!

Great job on the workouts everyone. I am hoping my husband comes home by the end of the weekend. Fingers crossed.
Today I did Fit Split legs and glutes timesaver from Bootcamp legs and glutes. This was 44 minutes, 164 calories, heartrate 110/133, 1,797 steps. I also did Raw Stretch Finisher because Cathe's stretch was not much at all. This was 7 minutes, 14 calories. That is it for today. I woke up late and was going to get started cleaning and painting the shutters, but too hot and late in the day. Maybe tomorrow. Good thing that I chose a dvd as the cable company guy was in my back yard repairing the cable line because the builders dug a big hole and broke the line on the other side of the fence. My neighbor came over to see if our cable was working yesterday because his has been out for two days. Ours went out for a little while yesterday. Obviously on now, but the cable guy said he was just finishing. I told him that I did not hear the doorbell and he is lucky my dog did not come out to check him out. Seriously, he did not ring the doorbell as my phone has been with me all day and it rings on my phone.
Legs and Glutes
warm up kickboxing moves
non weighted gliding disc moves
Deadlifts 20# dbs 12 reps
squats 20# dbs 16 reps
rear lunge off step 10# dbs 8 reps
forward diagonal lunge 12# dbs 16 reps
push dips off step 10# dbs 15,7 pulses 3x, 15 reps
deadlift 20# dbs 12 reps
cross back lunge gliding discs 15# db
slide side lunge 15# db
elevated lunge 12# dbs (has lots of pulses and I did not count)
single leg deadlift 20# db
I watched a youtube discussion between David Asprey(bulletproof) and Dr. Gundry (Plant Paradox) two nights ago. It was interesting. I have been sort of following Dr Gundry's energy food list from Plant Paradox. He has recently wrote a Keto book. Not exactly Keto though. Mostly he gets rid of lectins and gluten and adds polyphenols.

Debbie, I wanted to do that glute finisher today, but there was not enough time to add it to the lower body workout that I did. I don't understand my lower burns. I have done everything that I have read to do. I still get readings and steps, sleep etc seems okay. They say it does better tracking if you wear it to bed. I clean it off. Any way I am eating around 1600 calories a day and not gaining weight. Although I check and if I am significantly low in calories at the end of the day, I find a snack. I am not wanting to lose weight so I guess if I was, I would be more worried about it.

Jolie, nice job on getting a workout in. I am glad that your husband is doing much better. Why do you think your parents need more sodium? My daughter was worried when I told her I try to keep my sodium below 1000mg because of the sjogrens. It affects my sleep. I did recently add Himalayan pink salt to some of my food lately as I do feel very fatigued a lot.
Hi everyone,

I walked this morning. It was a rest day from Fuel. Got my hair done today.

Debbie - I started eating a little meat here and there. I went 100% vegan for over a year to see if it would help RP. It didn't help. Like you, I do prefer vegan. I think it's all good in moderations. Dillon and Reebs are funny. They have some good recipes. I found the cheese sauce. Looks interesting. I will make it this weekend.

Jolie - glad your husband is doing better.

Good job everyone else on your workouts.
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Today no workout, I got home late with my husband, and I have to help him this morning. He is weak and tired but is on his way to recovery. His MRI came out good yesterday of the brain so they let him come home but he has to go in for his blood work every two days until this parasite is completely gone from his body.

Great job on all of the workouts this week! I hope to workout over the weekend on both days if all goes as planned.
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This morning I did RAW Box & Pump 6. It was boxing and some compound movements. It was perfect for today because it wasn't a really hard workout. Kelly used a 33# barbell, I used a 20# barbell.

Each exercise was 1 minute including the boxing:

Squats: BW and really shallow
Squats: BW and really shallow

Clean From the Hip: 20#
Clean From the Hip: 20#

Hang Clean to Knee to Press: 20#
Hang Clean to Knee to Press: 20#

Squat/Power Clean/Squat: 20# I did really shallow squats
Squat/Power Clean/Squat: 20#

Then I added RAW Boxing Finisher from 4DS and I used my 1# weights for it.

Total workout time was 42 minutes, burned 397 calories, HR was 143/169.

Jolie - Do you know if your DH has lyme disease yet? I'm to glad to hear he is home! That is awesome!! Still praying.

Belinda - I feel it's unrealistic to just eat vegan all the time. I mean, it can be done, but for people who have family that eats meat, it's hard. At least my DH doesn't care for steaks or pork, he mostly eats chicken and ground beef so that is good. I think we are all pretty mindful of what we put in our bodies. I'm sorry the vegan way didn't help with RP, I really thought it would.

Roselyn - Good job with Iron shoulders!

Diane - Good job with your workout. I usually eat around 1700 calories a day, sometime more, it depends on if I'm hungry. Sometimes after dinner I don't feel like I ate enough so I will make some nice cream or a healthy mug cake. Yummy!!

Have a great day everyone!!
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Fuel Day 29 TB is done.

Debbie - I agree, it's unrealistic just to eat vegan all the time. I also got tired of eating beans and tofu. I gave the FOK eating plan 100%. It didn't cure RP. It may help other health problems. Like you said, it's much easier eating chicken once in a while especially if I go out to eat which is rare.Great job on you workout today.

Jolie - glad your husband is home.

Waving hi to everyone that checks in after me.
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Today I did CDorner Step Aerobics that I started the other day when the internet went out. This was 52 minutes, heart rate 115/137, 223 calories, 4,172 steps. I then did CDorner quick upper body workout which is an older one, 25 minutes, 90 calories, 178 steps, heart rate 103/128. This one was no repeats, each exercise done for 60 seconds. She used 5 and 8 lb dumbbells and it was meant more for beginner exercisers as she pointed out form and suggestions. I did pick up 10's for some of it, but it was perfect for my second upper body work this week.
This was
warm up
alternating hammer curls 10# dbs
right arm triceps kickbacks 8#
side raise 5# dbs
twisting biceps curls 10# dbs, left arm kickbacks 8#
front raise 5# dbs
alternating iso curls 10# dbs
overhead triceps extension 8# dbs
side/front raise 5# dbs
side curls 8# dbs
twisting triceps press 8# dbs
overhead press 5# dbs

As far as eating, I have tried different diets and I really don't believe all of the wonderful things people say it does for them. They might help inflammation some, digestive issues etc. But, they do not cure as far as I can see. I was looking at low histamine diets and I have tried those before, but not 100% hoping to help my allergies and it did not. Including the supplements that are supposed to help lower histamine. I don't get it when people say they are cured.

Jolie, I am so glad your husband is able to go home and the mri was okay.

Debbie,, I have looked at the workout that you did today but was worried about the power cleans. Not sure I am ready for that yet.

Belinda, I really do wish the vegan diet had worked for you. You put so much into it.
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Today I managed a workout and it felt amazing to move since I have been sitting in a hospital a lot the last week. I started with a 30 minute uphill TM walk, traveled 1.6 miles and burned 247 calories. Next, I did Chest and Biceps in Giant Set fashion and repeated it 3 times. Total workout time was 1 hour 3 minutes and I burned 461 calories. I added 3 AB exercises at the end.

Chest Press- 20's x 12 reps (repeat Giant Set 2 more times)
Chest Flys- 12's x 12
Close Grip Chest Press- 15's x 12

Seated Biceps Curls with a twist- 15's x 12 (repeat Giant Set 2 more times)
Seated W Curls- 12's x 12
Seated Hammer Curls- 12's x 12

ABS- 3 exercises

Diane Sue, my parents took Sodium Chloride tablets because they were extremely dehydrated and it helps to bring up blood pressure. It is in all sports nutrition electrolyte products, it drives water into the cells.

Great workouts yesterday everyone. I will check back in later today, I am off to take my husband to the hospital for his blood work. Make it a great day.
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Diane - thank you. I wished it would helped me too. I agree with you on all the diets. Great job yesterday.
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Checking in with Michelle Briehler 40 min Full Body Hiit. That was a goodie. Very hot here today so my workout was more challenging. I liked that she worked all the muscles and liked her compound moves.

I am really seeing some strength gains in the past couple months. If it weren't for my nerve that affects my left tricep, I could go heavier with shoulder and tricep work, but I think I have come to a standstill with it. I just am not seeing that I am able to change it. And, I don't want to overwork those muscles either. I keep working at it but I can only do about 12-15 reps for tricep press with a 5 lb dumbbell, then I have to go down to 3 lbs. With my right, I can lift 8-10 lbs, but it feels weird doing that, so I often just work my right tricep. Other than that, for biceps, chest and back I have been lifting 15's, depending on the type of workout it is, or drop to 12's. With lower body, my shorts and pants have become tight in the legs and butt area. I don't think I look bigger and can see my legs are pretty toned. I have been the same weight and build for the past 25 years, so this bothers me a little. I think I will do more metabolic for lower body and see if that helps. I did so much lower body work after my surgery, I guess its paid off but I don't want to buy new pants. I just bought a few pair of jeans and shorts in the Spring. I am loving my newer approach to exercise but I don't need to increase the size of my butt and thighs. Ha! Even though there is very little flabbiness (doubt that's a word), I don't like the feel of tight pants anymore. I am over the skinny jeans era that I embarked on for awhile. Now I probably couldn't get them over my thighs. Ughh. Oh well.

Wow, sorry for the long ramble. But you guys get it.

A deer literally ran into the side of my husbands car on the expressway a couple weeks ago. Thankfully he is ok, but his audi was pretty much totalled. It's been a stressful week, but yesterday we bought a truck. Not a good time to buy a vehicle, but it had to be done. He's been wanting to replace his old truck that was a lemon anyway. I guess it worked out. It's a Tundra with low miles and the previous owner took really good care of it. We just had to drive 2 hours to the dealership to get it.

Diane, I don't take any vitamins. I eat healthy and watch my portions. I never deprive myself but maintain a good balance in my diet. Personally, I don't believe in vitamins and I tried a multi vitamin for awhile but they give me stomach ache. Thankfully I am rarely sick, and so far, I have avoided covid. I sleep pretty well too. The only pill I take is for my thyroid. I feel, most of the diet plans are gimmicky. Good workout with CDorner. You must live in more of a rural area with your internet issues. Though we get that briefly too.

Jolie, glad your husband is doing better. And, your parents too. Good workout!

Debbie & Belinda, good workouts yesterday.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
Today I did a high or low steady state cardio that CDorner did yesterday. I guess she was not feeling real well and she showed higher moves, but often did low impact. She ended it at 32 minutes. I got 136 calories and heart rate 115/145 doing more of the higher impact moves, and 3,744 steps. I had terrible pain in my left shoulder last night. It started before we painted the shutters and was really bad last night. I keep having some issues with that shoulder. Hoping it does not end up like the one I just had surgery on. I did a Tracey Steen mobility workout and the first portion and last portion of CDorner stretch I have been doing lately. I like the shoulder and neck stuff in that one. Tracy's was okay. She did some different moves in the stretches, but my body had a difficult time doing some of it. I couldn't get my right arm to stay against the wall as she had you leaning on the wall standing and arms sliding down and up. I think I need more of a couple of the PT moves or maybe I am just stuck that way. The stretching was 43 minutes, 67 calories and somehow 1,276 steps. I am sure most of that was Tracy's warm up.

Jolie, great workout today. I bet it felt good having your husband home and not having to go out. Hopefully things will settle down for you. I have some electrolyte products, but I just do not work out lately like I used to and our house is nice and cool inside, so I never feel I need them. I hope your parents are doing much better. I have had a chronic cough my whole life, so I carry water everywhere and drink lots of it. Still trying to get rid of it. Doctors don't help, allergy med do not help, supplements do not help. I had my children tell me they could find me in the store by my cough. Not a real compliment.

Cam, great work with Michelle Breihler today. I would imagine most of use would gain more muscle if we didn't do as much cardio. I know what you mean though as I have worked mostly legs for quite some time because of shoulder pain and then the surgery. I had several pair of skinny jeans and gave them to my youngest daughter. Right now I am looking for some that are maybe flares to give me more knee room when my knees swell. I could probably use an inch or so on my back side. Lower body weight lands on my thighs first. I am glad that your husband was not hurt when the deer hit his truck. Car lots are pretty low on vehicles here.
I quit taking multivitamins as maybe I do not need all of the items in them. I just take what I feel I am lacking according to blood work. I read up when I had surgery and picked up the things that helped joints and tendons repair. My surgeon said lots of protein and water so I try to do that. I eat pretty healthy, but sometimes get in a rut. I try to deal with the RA with supplements over taking prescriptions. The only prescription I have is hydroxychloraquine and I take half the dose. I told my doctor and he said that was okay if it works.
We do live on the outskirts of the city and new houses are going in all around us. They were digging, I guess for pipes or something for the house that is getting ready to go up behind us and broke the cable line. We even had a water outage one evening. That is a first for me. A line was broke.
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Hi everyone,

Today I did my last Fuel workout. FUEL Series Finale 30 Min NO REPEAT Dumbbell HIIT Workout | Day 30. Those 6 weeks went by fast. Can't wait what Caroline comes up next.

I will be back later to catch up on personals.
Checking in with Michelle Briehler 40 min. Yoga Inspired HIIT. She does my type of yoga. Fun and sweaty.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!
Good Evening,

No workouts to report. I had my yearly physical Thursday and my cholesterol is 275 which the doctor says she isn’t worried about and all my other labs are ok but she is worried because my blood pressure is always extremely low when I go to her like 98/62 and I have been having problems with my heart rate getting to high 96-120 just sitting or when I am in the heat but the EKG was normal so she is sending me to a cardiologist can’t get in until September but she doesn’t want me doi an workouts that get my HR to high. I looked back at some workouts and my HR can get up to 180. Now it’s my Apple Watch telling me my heart rate is high so but I know when it is I can feel it. My blood pressure has always been low she is the first doctor to be concerned and she isn’t recommending cholesterol medications.
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Nothing major today, just walked on my treadmill for a bit. My left upper back/shoulder is all knotted again - this just from two days of sitting at work!!! I was going to lift today but thought better about it. I'm going to start doing the exercises my PT gave me last year when I went to her about this problem, maybe it will help. I doubt it, but maybe. Sick of this shit, excuse my language. I can't help but wonder what is wrong with my body. Do I have some sort of muscle disease? Why am I always in pain or sore somewhere? What is my body lacking? I take potassium, magnesium, supplements to help muscle recovery. Not sure what else I'm supposed to do? I will be standing more during the day at work and maybe that will help a bit. Very frustrated with this whole thing.

Workout was 27 minutes, buned 219 calories, went 1.38 miles and did 3297 steps. HR was128/158.

I also did CDorner's 20 minutes Neck/Shoulder stretch that I do here and there.

Roxie - My HR is always low, when I don't workout my HR ranges are 46/91 - that was yesterday. I rarely get my HR above 100 when I'm not working out. If my doctor saw those numbers she'd probably admit me into the cardiac hospital. I'm not tired during the day at all and I have all kinds of energy, so I think this is normal for me. If your HR has always been like that, it is probably just the way your HR is. I'd still go for the tests, but just don't panic. I think you are fine.

Great job with your workouts everyone, I don't have time for personals. Have a great day!!
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Good morning,

Walk outside and BEASTMODE LEG DAY - Intense Leg Workout with Dumbbells | Day 1 is done.

Have a great day, everyone,
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Today I woke up with a Myofascial issue in my left shoulder and my right hip. I am getting this shoulder tightness because of sleeping on my side. I think the issue with my hip is from the kickboxing I have been doing lately. I bought a Myofascial gun on Amazon this morning and it will arrive tomorrow. Let's hope it helps, my son is dying to use it too. Today's workout was an uphill walk on the TM, 45 minutes, traveled 2.5 miles and burned 401 calories. Next, I worked Triceps and did a nice stretch. Workout was 1 hour and 5 minutes and I burned 524 calories.

Close Grip Chest Press- 15's x 12 (3 rounds of the Giant Set)
Lying Triceps Ext.- 12's x 12
Cross Body Lying Ext.- 12# x 12

My husband went to work today but he is not feeling great. I believe that this illness takes a long time to get over, and I told him to go and do what he can and hopefully each day he gets better and has more energy. My parents are doing great thank the Lord Jesus!

Debbie, I have a same issue with my shoulder and I am so sick of this shit too! Nice job on the walk today. Do you think it is the boxing that causes it? I think that kickboxing is causing some issues but I am going to work on the issues and not give up on working out certain ways.

Diane Sue, nice workout on Saturday and be careful with the other shoulder!!!! Mine is killing me, it pulls from the back of my head down to the shoulder, across the chest and also down to the back of my shoulder. I can barely lift my shirt over my head the last few days. I took a muscle relaxer last night and it felt good when I woke up but my hip is no better. I am sure I have a fascia issue that needs attention.

Belinda, way to go on the workout today! Are you starting Body Beast?

Cam, sorry to hear about your husbands Audi. My husband sells trucks for a living and it is very difficult to buy a vehicle at the moment due to our glorious Presidents dumb ass trade policies with other countries. Nice job on the workouts and that is great news about the muscle gains, I am surely trying myself to get some gains back. My life has been a shit show lately and I want some normality back so I can get a good workout routine in again.

Roxie, my heartrate is always high and so is my pulse. I am spastic though so maybe that is why:)

Make it a great day.
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Jolie - sorry your husband isn't feeling great. I am sure it took a lot out of him. Praying for him! I am doing Caroline G. 2 week rotation. I like her workouts. Great job today.
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