Fitnessfreak's December '08 Rotation


I will be following this rotation in December and checking in each day in the Check-In Forum. Please join me with this rotation and check-in with me! I am making this rotation for mesomorphs, however, at the end of the rotation breakdown I will give a brief description of how Endomorphs and Ectomorphs can do this rotation and get results.


Dec. 1st: 4DS Back & Chest - Repeat each round twice (example: do Rnd 1 then repeat it but skip the warmup sets; do Rnd 2 and then repeat it; do Rnd 3 and then repeat it; etc.); BM2 Ab work
Dec. 2nd: Step Blast or 60 minutes cardio of choice
Dec. 3rd: 4DS Shoulders - Repeat twice as above except for Rnd. 3. Only do Rnd 3 once.
Dec. 4th: 4DS Legs & Legs & Glutes floor work; Calf work from 4DS Shoulder DVD
Dec. 5th: Kick, Punch & Crunch or 60 minutes of cardio & KP&C ab work
Dec. 6th: 4DS Biceps & Triceps - Repeat twice as stated above.
Dec. 7th: REST!

Dec. 8th: Gym Style Chest & Back - Do drop set pushups with feet up on high step using 2 risers and the topper (decline pushups) (***Do not do the close grip presses - do those on tricep day)
Dec. 9th: Low Max or 60 minutes cardio of choice
Dec. 10th: Gym Style Biceps - Do all the way through and then repeat; 4DS LIS Ab work
Dec. 11th: Gym Style Legs
Dec. 12th: Imax 2 or 60 minutes cardio of choice
Dec. 13th: Gym Style Triceps & Shoulders; SJ&P Ab work (start with close grip presses when doing tricep work)
Dec. 14th: REST!!

Dec. 15th: 4DS Back & Biceps premix #9 (LIS/HIS DVD) - Do all the way through and then repeat
Dec. 16th: Cardio Kicks or 45 minutes cardio of choice; C&W ab work
Dec. 17th: 4DS Chest, Shoulders & Triceps premix #10 (LIS/HIS DVD) - Do all the through and then repeat
Dec. 18th: 4DS Legs & Butts & Guts Floor work; Calf work from 4DS Shoulder DVD
Dec. 19th: 4DS Cardio Power premix #9 (KB & BC DVD) or 60 minutes cardio of choice; Muscle Max ab work
Dec. 20th: Gym Style Back & Biceps premix - Do all the way through and then repeat skipping warmup with the 2nd time
Dec. 21st: REST!!!

Dec. 22nd: Gym Style Chest & Triceps Superset premix - Do all the way through and then repeat; 4DS Kickbox ab work
Dec. 23rd: Drill Max Ultra Cardio Blast premix or 60 minutes cardio of choice
Dec. 24th: Gym Style Standing Legs only; Floorwork from Pyramid Lower Body
Dec. 25th: CHRISTMAS - REST!!
Dec. 26th: Gym Style Shoulders & Biceps; MM ab work; Add in 30 min. of carido if you need it.
Dec. 27th: Body Max 2 Cardio Blast premix or 60 minutes cardio of choice
Dec. 28th: REST!!!!

***As you can see, Week 4 is a bit different due to the holiday. But who wants to workout on Christmas, right?

If you want to continue this for 8 weeks, just repeat rotation after the 28th.

If you are an endo and want to lean out a bit, do this rotation but only do the weight training once where it specifies repeating it and then add in a half hour of cardio. However, on cardio days, limit it to 30-35 minutes only. Keep cardio to 4 to 5 days a week at 35-45 minutes so adjust as you see fit.

If you are an ecto, do this rotation as is but cut back on cardio to only 35-45 minute sessions. Lift as heavy as you can to see results.

Hope I see you posting on my check in thread. I will title it each day as:

Fitnessfreak's December Rotation for (date).

Just find the thread and join in!

And above all, have fun!:D
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Thanks for the rotation! I do have one's my understanding that Meso's build muscle easily, so why would a Meso need to repeat the weight sections twice? And for Endo's....I've been told build more muscle to burn more wouldnt an Endo benefit from repeating the weight segments twice instead of once?? I'm so confused....agghhh! And, by the way....HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I'm looking forward to the rotation!


This looks fantastic! I won't be able to join in the December rotation but I'm going to save it for next year.


This looks like a good mix -- do you know how long, on average, the workouts end up being?

I've just gotten into kettlebells -- I'm going to have to think hard on this -- really looks interesting!




This looks good and I'll be joining in but I'll be a few days behind as I'll start on Dec 3rd so that the rest day coincides with my Tuesday rest days.
I'm in!

I have a question though, overall I think I'm a meso. I'm quite short 4'9" and weigh less than 100 lbs. I am small boned, but not thin (I have curves). I carry any extra weight in my hips and thighs while my upper body leans out pretty easily. I'm newly 48 and these days it's extremely easy to for me to put on weight in my lower body and I've always had thigh issues. Should I go with the rotation as is, or make some adjustments?

Thanks so much for creating this rotation. I'm looking forward to giving it a try.

Roxie 1965

Thanks Debbie looks good.

Peaceful Rainbo- you sound like and endo I have the same problem and that is what debbie told me.


Nice..........I'll be starting Saturday ( to coincide with Friday rest days), so I'll be checking in with myself for two days...;)

I feel like I'm on Check-in/social group overload :eek: I can't seem to join


Debbie- thank you. This will be the first rotation that I ever follow! I'm looking forward to it. About how long will the weight raining take each day? I am an ecto and look forward to gaining some mucsle and working off this Thanksgiving week!!! :eek: Thanks again, Shana


Thanks Debbie! This looks like a lot of fun and will bust me out of my endurance / cardio rotation rut. I feel like I've hit a plateau lately and think I need to shake things up a bit!


Debbie - I don't post much, but wanted to thank you for taking the time to make/post this rotation. It looks great! I'm an ecto, and will be following your rotation with suggested modifications for my body type.


Wow, Debbie, thanks!! I think I am really going to enjoy this!! I think I am mostly a meso, and this should really keep me in shape during the month of December when I am eating every baked good in sight! And hopefully it will transition me right into STS!! I will see you all at the check in!!


This looks good and I'll think about joining you all doing the extra cardio so I can maybe "lean out" or at least not "puff up" quite so much during this holiday season...LOL!


Looks great Debbie!!

I've had gall bladder surgery and then a broken elbow and I'm ready to roll again!! This is my rotation starting today. Here's one question... when doing Day 1 4DS Back & Chest- Rounds 1 & 2 already repeat, do we repeat them again doing those exercises in those two rounds 4 times instead of 2??

I'm hoping this get me back on the Cathe Road.... I have about 10 pounds to loose but ALOT of tightening up to get back. This rotation looks great for me right now! Haven't posted in a couple years but this might get me back to posting which would keep me accountable. You've helped so many people on these boards... THANK YOU!!



Debbie, this rotation looks great. I'm going to be joining you on this one. Thanks for sharing it with us :D
Wow, I can't believe how much feedback I got on this rotation. I'm excited to get started.

I don't have time to answer every question right now but wanted to touch on a few that pertain to us getting started.

Each workout is an hour - maybe an hour and 5 minutes depending on how many breaks you take.

Those of you starting this rotation on a different day because of your rest day, please check in with us on the day I post the thread. I'd still love to have you check in and tell us what you did that day. I didn't think about rest days falling on different days. But I still think we can all check in just posting whatever workout was done

I will be back in here tomorrow to answer other questions. Hope to see you all in the check in!


Debbie thanks. It's looks great. I have 2 questions.

1. Where would an apple fall in the body type family?
2. What if you fall into the half category? Half endo Half meso.


Kathy G


Thanks so much for the great rotation, Debbie. I'll be joining you all tomorrow, looking forward to it! :)

Kathy G

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