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  • Hey Iris, i just checked out your Daytona pics and wow,looks like you guys had a blast down there!!! BTW, you look HOT girlfriend... Glad to hear you had a good time!!!
    Hey Iris,

    Long time no speak:) Hope all is well. Just wondering if you were attending Cathe's 6/25 event in NY. I'm going to the 4:30 workout. Hope to see you there!

    Btw, hasn't this weather been the worst???

    Hey girl! I hope your doing good!!! We miss you checking in. Im sure your still kicking butt with great workouts....Take care!!!
    Hey there! It's been a while since I've seen you post. Just dropping by to say "Hello" :) We miss you!

    Beautiful wedding pictures:D
    Hey Iris....Just wanted to send you a look AWESOME!~great muscle tone girl...keep up the good work!

    I just started using Cathe's videos and have everything I need except barbells. I don't even know where to start looking or what to consider. Is there some "set" I can purchase that will give me the bar and the weights? What length bar do I need (I'm 5'3")?
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