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  • Hi Cookie,
    It was great meeting you too!! I had such a blast on the road trip and I already can't wait until the next one. It's such an awesome experience; I was trying to explain it to my friends and family but you really can't put it into words. The ride home was actually good! It took me about 2.5 hrs to get home and yes, I was extremely exhausted. I am still sore today ;) I will definitely check out the check in group!! :)
    Talk to you soon!
    Hi Cookie57,

    Jodelle and I got home around 12:00 last night. I just chilled today. It was so fun having breakfast with you Sunday! Stay in touch and I'll let you know of any yoga stuff you need to know.
    Thanks so much, Amelia, for this! It really brought a smile. That is a fun one. Chris Freitag has a fun personality.
    I couldn't sleep this morning, so I'm trying to catch up on what I've missed with my friends and in Catheland. I was just reading your recent post re your DH's job. Very sorry to hear it. It must be so hard on both of you. My guy would get so depressed. How are you both doing?
    You are such an inspiration to me. Seriously! Your health is such a success story, and now I've been on a major decluttering binge, so I really appreciated your comments on how to do it. My family can't stand it, and claim I'm ruthless, but oh well. Put four bags in my car last night for me to drop off at Salvation Army. It makes me feel so good - almost like the weight of the goods is freed from me. Plus, I do love to look at Sal's. I've found such great deals there and at another consignment shop. My daughter and I often enjoy going there on a Saturday afternoon. Don't laugh but this year for Christmas, I made her up a fake gift card for "Sally's." She loved it - got a sweater, blouse, skirt, and Tshirt and still had a little left over. Plus, I like how they use the funds to help others in need. When I was little, there were a year where things were extremely tight, and they provided a lot of support. How did I get on this?
    The coffee's down and I'm going to get a cup then workout. Think I'm going to do B&G Leg Blast premix. Heard it is a tough one.
    Take care,
    HEY COOKIE!!!! Im just popping in to say Hey & thanks agian for the workouts you sent me a while back! I did the Prevention 3-2-1 circuit workout today and OMG,it was so much fun! Has anybody told you that YOU ROCK?:cool::cool::D

    I hope your having a great new year day!!!!

    hugs...see ya on the commit thread!
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