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    Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2022

    I also need to figure out how to change my's almost 10 years old!o_O
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    Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2022

    Good Afternoon Ladies.... Really long time and no talk....I've been doing some catching up on you all for a few minutes now. :) Really hope you are all doing well!!! My New Year's goal is to get back in the game of checking in with you all... I have missed this. Iris
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    Who's in?

    Can't wait!! This is my 3rd Daytona RT (been to every one)...:)
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    Sports Bras

    This question has probably been asked a million times... :-/ Any suggestions on sports bra's that come in bra sizes? Which have the best support, etc..? I'm one of those where small, medium, or large just doesn't cut it. Thanks!! :)
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    Sign up today at 1pm

    I answered my own question...just got the email. :)
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    Sign up today at 1pm

    How did you know what number you were?? All I got was "payment received, you will get a mail confirmation". No number. :confused:
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    Best Workout Playlist

    My latest song on my playlist.... Earthquake by Labrinth. Love it.
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    Deal of the Day it turns out...I can open it through Chrome, but not through Internet Explorer!
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    Deal of the Day

    Hmmmm....I can't either.
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    Commit to get fit and lean for Wednesday 25, 2012

    Ladies!!! Good Morning! Dang, I've been gone far too long! :o:o I always keep meaning to check in....but ever since I've started my not so new anymore job,I've fallen into the I Never Check In routine. :confused: I hope everyone is well!!! I will hopefully get back and read the past...
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    Seat covers for Bike

    Hi all, I'm not a spinner, so I'm asking on behalf of someone else, but where can one find a seat cover to cushion the tushy that's reasonably priced ?? Honestly, I have no idea what they run for normally... :-/. Thanks!!
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    The plight of muscled Americans

    LOL!! Thanks for sharing that!
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    Commit to Get Fit and Lean - Monday, September 12th

    Well not to put a damper on the thread here....but it's been a rough couple of days. I had to put my cat to sleep late Saturday night. :( 8 years with my baby, and it all happened so fast. I brought her into emergency care, I noticed for a couple of days that she was off sleeping all the...
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    Commit to Get Fit and Lean - Monday, September 12th

    Good Morning Ladies
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    Commit to Get Fit and Lean- Saturday, September 10th

    Trish- Do you normally get up that early?? :eek: I thought I was an early riser! lol. Nice leg work yesterday! My mom is doing well....:D She's staying steady, which is a great thing! Melissa- Nice leg work for you too!! Dang I might do what one of you guys did for my leg workout...