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  • I pop in here from time to time. I don't post much but I'm always checking our the RT threads when they get started. ;) I hear you about the computer. It's such a time sucker. Thanks for the open invitation.
    Hi Lisa! Just saw that you signed up for the Daytona RT. SO wish I was going to that one. It would have been great to meet IRL. I still think of you girls from the 40's check-in even though I've been in the 50's for a while now. ;) .Have a blast. I'll be looking for you in the pics. :)
    Looking good there. Like the pics. I don't mind entering foods if I have someone making the choices for me on what to eat all the time. I even have to choose the meals for my boyfriend. YUCK!
    Do you use the nutriton program/package with this site. I hate finding foods to eat and have a terrible time as to what to eat. I've taken to doing a protein drink everyday. Just to get to the 1200 cal a day
    Hi there, Lisa! Yes, I've been posting about the kettlebell stuff. Hope you didn't mind being enabled! ;-) I'd be glad to chat about KB stuff! I think you'll really like The KB Way when it gets there. What size KB did you start with? They really are so much fun to play with! :) Leanne
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