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  • beccie, did you ever get your answer on the over 40 social group? i just now joined and saw your post. don't know if i can help you. but, i'll try.
    Hi, Beccie! I just saw your post about no answering your questions.... So, I felt bad and thought I would at least stop and say HELLO!
    Thanks. I have been using my protein shakes for supper. By the time I get to evenings, I'm too tired to cook and eat. The shake fills me up so I'm not hungry at night and by the time 6 am rolls around, I am ready to eat my oatmeal or cream of wheat. I've found that I loos a pound for the weekend and gain it back on tuesday. pout. ttyl
    sorry its been a few days since I visited the site. No I havent used the nutrition site. I too drink a protein shake a few times a week but not daily. I may go against norm and do not have a big breakfast, I can't, just not that hungry in the morning. I dont follow any specific plan, I just try and eat a lot of protein and veggies. Now that it is getting nice out I will probably eat more fish and back off on steak and such. A good grade of Tuna steak is good on the grill which I will do more of in the summer. I still kind of eat what I want and just make sure I target my workouts around what I ate.
    Thanks. I haven't learned clean eating yet. My Marine is my son, josh, age 19. He just joined in August and is stationed in Ca.

    Hey! Congratulations! It's always a relief to get through with finals! Anything I learn, I will pass on! Right now, I'm trying to make a gradual transition to clean eating. I can't just throw all the food out and start over! Can't afford that! Even still, the pounds are falling off and I'm psyched! Take Care!

    P.S. Who's the handsome Marine in that photo in your album? My husband was in the USMC.
    The Cathe Nutrition will make recommendations, but I didn't use that feature much. I've found healthy options just reading through the posts on the boards. There are a lot of good ideas from people that I never would have thought of. I'm also one of those that tend to eat the same thing each day (except dinner time) so that makes it easy too. :)
    Hi! First, how were your finals? I hope they went well! Second, no I don't use the nutrition package at Cathe's site. I have an iPhone and use a free App for that. It seems to be working pretty well for me! So, I'm sorry I don't have any helpful info for you! Hope someone else can help!

    Hi, I signed up for 1 month with Cathe Nutrition. I liked it a lot and learned a lot about the foods I eat and it's easy to use, but after a month I was tired of entering my foods --- you may be different...it takes time. I'd encourage you to join our 40 and over checkin for some support in your weight loss....the current week's thread is here http://www.thecathenation.com/forum/showthread.php?p=1872719#post1872719

    As far as losing the belly....well, I"m at what I think is the lowest I can get to (and still be sane and enjoy my eating ) --- I'm 5'5" 138-140, and I still have a belly.....I'm accepting it, I'm healthy and it is what it is....I think it's just how I'm to be (my Mom had one and she was never overweight). HTH Oh and last I checked my body fat percentage was 23% and my BMR was 1600.

    I just posted some new pics in my photo albumn if you're interested.
    It being "Green Day" have an all natural meals today. Nothing processed or junk. I know boring and I am not a vegitarian. I am from South Dakota we eat Beef here. Just adding lots of natrual food to my diet seems to have helped me. :eek:)
    Thanks. Right now, this week is the last chapter's test and then finals are the 4th. I'll be so glad for that to be over. The good news this weekend was, I lost 3 lbs. The exercising must be working. ttyl
    Welcome! Don't worry about it! You will have no lack of support and help from this crowd! Just keep up with the forums and post anything you have a question about or are frustrated with and your successes! The Cathe Nation won't let you down!
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