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  • Sorry it's taken me so long to respond! I am still in awe of your amazing results! You must be flying on a cloud! No, it was not TMI....I love hearing people's success stories and EVERY detail of how they got there. I have Tosca's book. I guess I need to dig it out and read it! Ha! I am also trying to lose some body fat. I find that running helps the most with that for me. (along with STS) We live in Ohio, so as soon as our weather permits, I am out there! I find I get better results from outdoor jogging compared to my treadmill. I LOVE STS and don't know how my hubby & I would survive w/o it...matter of fact, I am hoping Cathe comes out with some new weight workouts in the very near future as I can't get Dave to do anything else! Guess that is not a huge problem cuz at least he's doing them! Again Tricia, keep working it and wishing you continued success on your goals!!!!
    Tricia, I see you have lost 30+ pounds!!! Awesome! How did you do it? Isn't STS AMAZING? Congrats on your success and keep working it!
    Thanks, my finals went well. a,b, and three c's. But you can help with my nutrition and others. Just pass the info as things you have tried. It might help others with what to eat. LOL
    Thanks. I usually get on here everyday, I'm getting ready for finals and hopefully won't forget exercising too.
    Well, I'm a newbie to The Cathe Nation! Picked up a couple of workout dvds about a month ago now (time flies!) and am hooked! I have always struggled with my weight and am finding that at 47 it's much more difficult to get the weight back off! Here I go!
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