Do You Remember Your 1st Cathe Workout?


I also found Cathe through FitTV...actually, I saw her on FitTV and bought a step package at Target that had two DVDs included about the same time. My first workout from FitTV was IMax 2:eek:!! I thought I was going to DIE!!! That is when I broke out the beginner workouts that came with the step package:eek:.



Step Works about 10 years ago. I ordered from Collage. I also ordered two other step workouts. Can't remember who they even were!



Sometime in 2003 on FitTv. KPC. It was love at first punch! Although I was so winded I thought I'd die! lol! I got onto and ordered KPC on VHS -it was on sale for $10!! About a week later I bought my step at Dick's Sporting Goods and it came with Basic Step & Cardio +Weights. I was officially "hooked" :) Last year, my VHS version of KPC broke and I upgraded to the DVD version.


All Step. I got it form eBay thinking that it would be an easy way to get back into step. A nice short 30-minute workout.:confused: I almost passed out the first time, and barely got through half of it! HA!!! It took me a year to get that thing down ! That's when I learned to ask questions on this forum and read reviews! (Oh, and I love All Step now!):D


Cathe's pyramid upper/lower:)

I'm back to doing the intensity series this week. I haven't had them out in about a year. I just finished Boot Camp.:cool: I can't wait to get the the pyramid u/l later this week:D


My first Cathe video was Mega Step Blast. I found Cathe through reading reviews on VF which intrigued me so much that I ordered all her available videos at the time from Collage which in addition to Mega Step Blast included Step Jam, Step Max, Power Max and Step Fit. I remember being scared of Power Max and putting off doing it for quite some time. I thought it would be too intense for me. Oh the memories...


Kick Max. I had been working out for about a year and thinking I was hot stuff doing a Janis Saffell/Guillermo Gomex kickbox workout that was intermediate. I thought I was ready for advanced. The warm up in KM was tougher than the other workout!! The kb part not so bad, the blasts about killed me, then the leg drills - owie!!! I hurt for days, then I was hooked. I had never done step before so I got the baby step at Walmart with Basic Step, to get the feel for step - the workout itself wasn't hard, but it took a minute to get the feel for step. Then I bought IMAX 3 bc it looked fun and I had heard intervals were "good for me" HA!!! Now KM is an "easier" Cathe and IMAX 3 is a fave. Many melted credit cards later, and here I still am.



I also found Cathe on Fit TV in October, 2005. Rhythmic Step was my first (and still my favorite Cathe step workout).



Pure Strength series on VHS. Boy oh boy - I used to think I was using weights when I used tiny pink weights prior to discovering Cathe. Cathe was such a S-H-O-C-K and the best one ever for my fitness. I am from India and back then, "real" weight training for women was unheard of.


I discovered Cathe on FitTV five years ago with PH. I remember the first time I tried IMAX2....I couldn't get the steps down to save my life. Now, it's one of my favorites! I started to tape EVERY one she had on FitTV and then my first purchase was MM. Five years later, I have just about every dvd she has out. And I got rid of all of my Firm tapes.:p


FitTv. I was enchanted by Rhythmic Step first. I bought the little pink step and started with the beginner's rotation though. I had started with step doing the old Reebok workouts. So, I really started with Basic Step and Body Fusion. They were so hard in the beginning! My second dvd was RS. I really was not up to doing that one so I bought Cardio Hits and worked that for a while too.


Anyone know what year MIS was released? I got it from collage and of course it was VHS, but I'm blanking on the actual year. Maybe late 90's? 1999?

If so, I didn't realize I had been doing Cathe workouts for 10 years! :eek:


I found Cathe on Fit TV but couldn't keep up. So my first Cathe was Basic Step, upper and lower body sculpt and stability ball abs, Body Fusion, Low Impact Step, and then Rhythmic Step.


Oh yeah

My first Cathe workout was Imax 3. After I finished I thought, oh yeah :eek: Cathe is the best. Than I bought all her DVD and I love all of them. :D
And now STS really showed me that she is the best. I can't wait for STS cardio. I know it is going to be my favorite because I like her cardio. :cool:



Oh boy, that's a tough one, I'll have to check my VHS's when I get home tonight and hopefully that'll jog my memory. I think it might have been Pure Strength, but after I did my first Cathe workout, I ordered many many more. Emptied my bank account, lol. I think I might have been responsible for CK Sales startup success:p

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