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  • Your new avatar picture is lovely and I was very impressed with your 'crow'pose lol. I enjoy reading your comments on here and the videofitness forum. You seem very knowledgeable on fitness and yoga issues.
    I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your posts. You aways have a positive outlook, and are able to express things in a very kind manner (often on subjects that I have a hard time keeping a cool head about and not getting angry at other posters about).

    We've never met, but I consider you a friend.
    Hi Vee. I'm glad you are enjoying your travels and I'm like you. I have not done a real Cathe workout in over a month because I'm moving to another state. Packing is so hard but I think that I'm done with the packing.
    You seem to be very informed about STS and I am hoping, if you have time, you can answer a few questions. I am still on the fence, like a lot pf people, mainly because of the price. Cathe's workouts have challenged me in ways I never thought possible. I LOVE to exercise and she made me want to be the best I can be, physically. I am definitely up to the STS challenge, but I am confused as to what happens after the program is completed. What do you do to "maintain" this muscle you have created? Can you repeat the series, or is this a one time deal? I am running out of time to preorder and I still don't know what to do. I will only be saving $40, and I guess I could sell on ebay if I really don't like. I am so confused!!!!
    Hi Vee
    Just popping in to say thanks for the information on sTs. how are you doing with the 1RM tests?
    Hi Vee,
    I posted this question in the open discussion. Someone suggested you knew the answers to my question but couldn't find the link. Here was my post as I am not sure if you will see it.

    I have a couple of questions re: ipods.

    I would like to make copies of Cathe’s workout DVD’s to add to an ipod (which is another question) so that I can take them to the gym. However I think I have to convert my DVD’s to MP4. Does anyone know how to do that? What do I need to buy? I do see many free downloads however I do not want to inadvertently download some spy ware onto my computer. Does anyone know how to do this safely?

    I am basically very new to ipods too. What ipod is the best to purchase for this purpose (to take workouts to the gym)? I like to be informed on everything I need before I buy.

    Thank you,

    Hi Vee!

    Thanks for your response regarding canceling STS. Yep! I'm still on the fence. Thanks for your pros and cons! I guess I could sell the set if I'm really not able to work with it at home and get STS Gym. Or I could tape the audio of STS and then take that to the gym - I have a little fanny pack to put a little tape recorder in - I still haven't figured out how to rip the audio from a dvd to MP3 - I have no idea about software to do this. Or I could just wait for STS Gym. I'm thinking I may not get heavier dumbbells. My heaviest is 20lbs. And I'm a little nervous about lifting heavier on my ceramic tile floor in my family room. Oops! I could accidently drop a heavy weight just because it is heavy! OH! WHY CAN'T I JUST LET GO OF STS!?!?

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