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  • Thanks so much for the cute links Kristi!! It was very thoughtful of you to post them on my page.

    Have a great day :)


    (ps- congrats on your weight loss and being able to fit into your jeans! Keep on rockin' ;) )
    NSV alert: I can finally wear jeans, and I'm very close to wearing a pair of cargo pants. 2 that are NOT sweatpants. Can't remember the last time pants fit. All I had left 3 skirts and some pants for work that shrank in the dryer, so they are too short. Really didn't seem right to wear any of those, too cold for skirts today.
    So relieved and happy!:eek::p:D:cool:

    Dear Fat, pack your bags and get off!
    Having a bad day, just in a bad place mentally. Just feeling like everything I'm doing for the job interview is for nothing, because the hours they will probably want me to work just won't work. Also, I still don't know what I can wear to the interview tomorrow. I don't think any of my pants fit.
    Along with some other things that are just bringing me down emotionally. I tend to eat when I'm feeling depressed, so far doing fine, but if someone is reading this, send me a message if you have a minute.
    Hi everyone. I spent most of the day running up the stairs while cleaning the house. I'm trying to use my Fitday account again for logging how I'm doing. It's working out so far.(same account name) I love all the charts! I have a couple job interviews coming up, so I'm trying to prep for that. Made my first 1 rep max and youtube music playlist today. I can finally listen to the songs I want without tons of clicking. I can't believe how much energy I had today!
    ooh, yummy! i actually have almost all those ingredients. that never happens lol. i improvise alot. recipes are inspiration not a rule book, except in baking ratios.
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