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  • Such a great picture of Bella and her cousin! They look so happy - it's so cute and sweet. BB interview - he was stabbed in the face - OMG!
    Yes - Leaner Legs is on Cross Train Xpress.
    Later :)
    I just checked out your Bella/you pictures - great pictures, you both are beautiful!
    By the way, I'm trying to find you on Pinterest, I have your full name, but it only wants to find Facebook people (confused). Are you following Cathe on Pinterest? Maybe I can find you that way.
    Also, I keep getting a blank page when I go to the Push It post... guess I'll get in eventually!
    The Rainbow Bridge was sweet. I hope you are doing okay :)
    Hey girl,
    Nope - I guess birth dates aren't listed. Either way, maybe you can get it as a birthday present :)
    Hey Nat:

    you look wonderful in these photos and your little one is a chip off the old block, she has your face shape and everything. Isn't genetics wonderful?!! Clare
    I think you said your daughter is a foodie. She'll love this.
    Kid Craft – Kids Pocket Apron
    This is soo cute! The author lives in Canada too.

    Teddy Bear "Muff" for a little girl who loses her mittens...
    Your daughter is SO SWEET!!!!! I just love her little face; must make you smile all the time!
    Hi Natasha! Hope all is well. Just wanted to drop a line to say hello! My first night back on STS. I really enjoyed disc 13. Had a few rough days at work last week, and I was bummmed I couldn't lift. So glad I'm back on STS. Talk to you soon!
    Take care,
    Woo hoo, girl, you look fantastic!
    I can't believe you had 50lbs extra at one time.
    Bella is absolutely adorable; wish I could pick her up and swing her around :)
    Fun pictures - thanks for sharing!
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