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  • Dear Gin...

    It is me who is honored to be in the pic with you!!!! I am expecting a new pic for my avatar in 2010!!!!

    Luv ya,

    Hey Gin,

    Read your journal update this evening. Thanks for keeping us posted. We love wearing YOUR teal wristbands and are inspired by you every workout...I've got an photo album on my page dedicated to you so You and Wally can come by and check it out :p

    Stay Strong,
    ♪ Cynthia ♪
    Hi Gin! I can't wait to have you back chatting with us all at cathedotcom. My thoughts & prayers are with you as you go thru this recovery stage. BIG HUGS to you!
    Hi, Gin. What race were you running in your new avatar? Last weekend I ran 10 miles. Wow. I've had some serious IT band tension afterwards, but it is loosening up. Also, my Great Dane just had her puppies. There's one picture on my page. I'll post more when the puppies have their eyes open and are running around.
    Hi, Gin. I did 8 miles for the first time on December 27. I was supposed to do 10 last weekend on Jan 3 but had a cold. So I'm shooting for 10 this weekend. Training is certainly challenging. I think I'd be glad for a partner who wanted to walk part of the way, too! But I'm going to shoot for running the whole way. So far DH and one other male co-worker are signed up to do it with me. And one of the gals is going to do a 5K. But I've yet to sign up a long-distance female running buddy. Need to find me one!
    Gin--My official 1/2 marathon training starts tomorrow. Just wanted to let you know. :)
    Hi TXGin, Just dropping by to say HI! I love the avatar picture of you with Cathe. I have yet to meet her. I did take a trip years ago to the Firm and worked out with quite a few of their instructors but I think it would be so neat to work out with Cathe 'live' instead of on DVD.

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