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    Ryka Transpires

    Thanks for the info. I need to order a new pair ASAP!!!:D
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    Step without the step?

    I am a cancer survivor and after 28 cycles of chemo ( in 3 years), my stamina has gone done the tubes. I love Cathe's workouts so much that I would rather do her step routines without a step than go to a beginner-type dvd with another instructor. So, I have been doing her step dvds for a few...
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    What are your favorite "Cathe-isms"

    "Quit staring at me at home"--Circuit Max, "Oh, but it's a friendly burn"--Muscle Endurance, "You did so much work today. Don't you feel so accomplished?"--Bootcamp, "I hear some gruntin and groanin back there. Getting on everyone's hate list"--LBP, " No time for down time."--UBP, "Whatever...
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    For those who celebrate Christmas...

    My boys are now in their 20's, but I remember the first Christmas when they were teenagers and they slept late instead of the usual getting up at 6am to run to see what Santa had brought. It was sad to have them sleep late and see them outgrow the early morning Christmas thing. There are so...
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    My Idea To Support Those You Love Who Have Cancer

    Julie~ Thank you for your kind message on my Caring Bridge site. I do plan to fight and win the battle against cancer and pray that your sister-in-law will do the same. Now, the original Boot Camp....that is a tough one. But, then aren't all of Cathe's workouts?!?!:eek:
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    My Idea To Support Those You Love Who Have Cancer

    Julie, You sound like a very caring and loving sister in law and no doubt she is touched by your "snip snap and send" idea. I pray that her treatment goes well and that she will very soon be cancer free. I have been battling ovarian cancer off and on (mostly on) for almost 3 years with...
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    Countdown! - For you Jean!

    46 days to go....WOO HOO! Cannot wait!!:eek:
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    Two Pit Bulls Just Killed My Cat

    I am so sorry for your loss. Your story brought tears to my eyes. The same thing happened to my sweet Welsh Corgi last year. The next door neighbor's pit bulls got out of their yard because my neighbor had not replaced the battery on her invisible fence. I can't even look at those dogs after...
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    Where do I find Ryka Assist XT shoes?

    Thank you Jenn, Deb and Sprosmom! I will check into all those suggestions today!! Gin:)
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    Where do I find Ryka Assist XT shoes?

    I am trying to replace my Ryka Assist XT shoes and cannot find my size anywhere (10.5). Any suggestions? In store or on line. TIA, Gin
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    Let's chat at 2pm eastern today

    Hi Cathe!! I am able to say hi to you today because I am taking the day off...yeah! So excited about the new series! Can't wait! Also can't wait until the NJ RT!:eek: I ran with fellow Cathletes Jean, Pennie and Shana on Saturday in Houston at the ovarian cancer fun!! No qustions...
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    Cathletes Represent at Sprint For Life Race

    Jean, Pennie and Shana, It meant the world to me to have you sweet girls there at the race Saturday. I absolutely loved seeing you all and having the opportunity to visit after the race.:) xoxo
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    Congrats!! Who's in for NJ RT 2011???

    I got a spot......WOO HOO! RT #5 for me. So excited to see familiar faces and to meet new friends!:D
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    Share today's workout/meal with us!!!

    This morning I did an oldie, but goodie.....Pure Strength Chest, Shoulders and Triceps. I had steel cut oats with blueberries, flax seed, walnuts and brown rice protein powder for breakfast. Lunch was portobello mushrooms, red bell peppers, onions, sun dried tomatoes with whole wheat pasta and...
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    In loving memory of Chris Clarke

    I was so sad to hear about Chris. He will certainly be missed by all those who knew him. (((((Hugs))))) to you Laura.