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  • Hi Dawn!
    I'm sorry that I'm just now responding to your msg to me. The RT was great!! I was able to go last year and again this year. It is a lot of fun to do a live class with Cathe. She is incredible! I did the Firm workouts for years starting with the very 1st one in 1986. I had several, but when I found Cathe on FitTV 4 years ago, there was no turning back! Did you enjoy doing the live Firm class..in Columbia, SC, right?

    Take care,
    Hi Dawn, thanks for complimenting my Izzy. We got her from the shelter so we don't know what her mix is...we think she may be Golden/Lab or Golden/Collie or maybe all 3! If we didn't have so many animals already (cats) I'd get her a doggie friend. Now she just has to wait for the weekend to play with her "cousins".

    Your two are lucky to have each other. Hopefully they get along! I hope you post some pictures of them soon, I'd love to see them. Have a great day!

    I'm not sure how I set up my goals??? I'll have to go take a look at them. I don't even remember setting up a goal...HA!
    Your updated profile looks the same as it did when I first looked at it. Did you change anything?? I still haven't worked on mine yet.
    Just checking out your page :))) I need to update mine when I have more time but I'm glad some of the bugs have been worked out. I haven't been to Cathe's for a couple days. I have to find an avatar too!!!!!
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