1. forum_admin

    About ICE Muscle Meltdowns

    Chances are you have more time to exercise than you think. Let go of the idea that you can’t benefit from exercise sessions that are less than 20 minutes or you have to space them out a certain way. Take control of your time and take advantage of the minutes you have to do a short workout – and...
  2. Cathe Friedrich

    Thanks For Coming!

    Another RoadTrip has come and gone and just like after every RoadTrip, I can't help but feel a bit saddened by the inevitable shift in energy and excitement once we get back home and settle into our daily routines. There simply is NO replacing the high you experience while on a Daytona...
  3. forum_admin

    About ICE Rock'm Sock'm Kickbox

    Cathe and Amanda in ICE Rock'm Sock'm Kickbox. This workout packs a punch! Cardio-based punching and kicking drills along with fun new kickbox blasts are sure to keep you sweating throughout this supercharged workout! This DVD includes Muscle Meltdown Triceps as well as a Blizzard Blast option...