Thanks For Coming!

Cathe Friedrich


Another RoadTrip has come and gone and just like after every RoadTrip, I can't help but feel a bit saddened by the inevitable shift in energy and excitement once we get back home and settle into our daily routines.

There simply is NO replacing the high you experience while on a Daytona RoadTrip. Let's face it, where else will you be surrounded by a group of Cathletes who leap, bound and burpee (one handed no less) effortlessly on land or sand with a huge smile during every rep? Where else could you spend a beach bound fitness weekend breaking a sweat all day while refueling with healthy, hearty, oceanside meals (complete with a double rainbow too!) by evening. Where else could you sit around a warm fire pit amongst your Cathlete friends asking your most "gotta know" questions about Cathe & Cathedotcom? Who else would know how to fill in the blank: "what you do to one side, you ...........!!!!" Yes, without a doubt each and every one of you brought the best of what a Cathlete represents... strength, energy, community and a whole lot of heart!

A special welcome to our first time trippers this round! There were so many new faces, which our photographer Steve captured at their fiercest during each and every high energy workout! We also had a handful of men join us on this trip who proved they are true Cathletes at heart. They never missed a move and brought their A-game to each and every workout. You guys were GREAT!

Speaking of moves - I loved getting to share some of the new ICE Series exercises with you! A little taste of what's to come now that these DVDs are filmed and will soon be in your own hands! I’d also like to shout out a huge thanks to those of you have joined us a second (or even third or more) time on our RoadTrips. It makes me so happy to see you come back, make more friends and build a stronger Cathlete community each year.

Yes indeed, this RoadTrip (as with every RoadTrip) had unique moments which all added up to create a very memorable experience. Well beyond the calories burned and the muscles earned are the friends and bonds we build during workouts, free moments and meals (oh and during those meals...yes that was me you saw sampling ALL those desserts, ha).

In closing I hope that each of you had as great a time as I did! Special thanks to my CATHE team. They work so hard before, during & after the RoadTrip to make the magic happen. I could never do it without them. A BIG GROUP HUG TO ALL OF THE DAYTONA ROAD TRIP CATHLETES!!!! Thank you for coming and for your continued support! See you next RoadTrip!

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