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Chances are you have more time to exercise than you think. Let go of the idea that you can’t benefit from exercise sessions that are less than 20 minutes or you have to space them out a certain way. Take control of your time and take advantage of the minutes you have to do a short workout – and think about how good you’ll feel afterwards. With ICE we give numerous ways to to resistance train, including Upper Body and Lower Body, Total Body and Single Muscle Group Muscle Meltdowns. If your short on time our single body part option takes less than 20 mins. Though Muscle Meltdowns are short they have been designed to thoroughly work each muscle group!

Six of the ICE DVDs come with a bonus ICE Muscle Meltdown. Each ICE Muscle Meltdown features a single strength training body part that you can do at the end of your workout.

Since most ICE Muscle Meltdowns are only about 15 minutes they're perfect for days when you don't have time for a longer workout or when you want to mix a little strength training with your ICE cardio workout and still be done in less than hour.

ICE Muscle Meltdowns can be done by all fitness levels since the intensity is mainly controlled by the weight you select.

You might wonder whether you’re sacrificing strength gains when you only hit each muscle group once a week. A study published in British Journal of Sports Medicine involving older adults showed you CAN make significant strength gains training only once per week. As some fitness experts say, you may not need to train your muscles as often as you think you do.

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