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    I'm looking to get a tablet/e-reader. I want to mostly use it for reading and, of course, workouts! With all the youtube workouts, and more going download, I guess it's time to give in... I'll also use it to check the web and email when out, but not the most important things. should I get...
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    Best Smoothie Maker

    I have a blendtec... While I do love it, I think I could of gotten away with just a nutri-bullet at this point. All I use it for is my morning fruit smoothie.. I do really love being able to just press the smoothie or whole juice button and walk away, especially those mornings when every minute...
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    Help me cleanup my diet

    For chips, popcorn is doing the trick for me. I love chips.. they are like one of my binge foods, ha. I get the kernels and either pop them in a paper bag in the microwave or you can get an air popper for like $20 bucks, which more than pays for itself since popcorn kernels are pretty cheap...
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    turbo sts tower

    I FINALLY have a way to do half body pull ups and chin ups with a barre thing. I'm kind of excited I can finally do P90X and STS the way it was meant to be done (I know, I'm way late to the party.) I was wondering why Cathe doesn't do pullups anymore in her workouts? Are they going to be in...
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    I have 150 workout videos and still....

    Even Cathe can't fix a bad diet. It's just harder for some to give up favorite foods or downsize portions, so it's all about finding a way to eat that you can live with it and that works for you. Some can have small portions of their favorite foods, others a small portion will set off a binge...
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    For those using green drinks/powdered veggies/fruits, which brand would you reco

    Yes, I use a regular blender since I'm just blending up fruits and sometimes ice (and almond milk or water), and just blending in the green powders. I think $500 blenders are recommended since they can liquify fresh spinach and kale, etc... so this is kind of the cheap way of doing it for me...
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    For those using green drinks/powdered veggies/fruits, which brand would you reco

    I make my own, sorta, as well. I have some green powders- wheat grass, barley grass, nettle, oat grass, alfalfa, spirulina, chorella, kelp and bladderwack- and I'll use a combo of 2 or 3 of those and about 3-4 fruits and blend it up... you also don't need a $500 blender for this! It usually...
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    Does your hair fall out from your at home hair color?

    Depending on what color you are going for and how adventurous you are there is henna and herbal colors; Lush, Rainbow and Light Mountain come to mind of already premixed color brands... they have henna, cassia and indigo to achieve the colors and are good for you hair, add shine and strength.
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    I have people from hell living downstairs

    even living in a house you will most likely have to deal with neighbors. I have one neighbor that actually calls 911 or the cops when a cat goes on her lawn. I try my best to keep my cats in because I worry about her doing something to them or calling animal control to pick them up, but if you...
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    Barre workouts

    I like P57, both sets. Some people think the instructor is too chatty but I'm ok with her (and I usually don't like chatty instructors). I also like the Booty Barres. I noticed walmart . com is now selling the Pure Barres cheaper...I've been wanting to try them but haven't been sure which ones...
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    Upcoming new release: Insanity The Asylum Volume 2

    it was posted on VF that beachbody now has the coming soon page up. it lists only 3 workouts, Bikini Body, Higher & Tighter and Ipanema Booty. any info if this is all that's going to be released? Alot less workouts than the first line up. I assume the other workouts were filmed and possibly even...
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    Madonna's Addicted To Sweat DVD Series

    looks fun, but in reality I probably wouldn't be able to keep up or do the moves right. atleast it looks a little similar to Tracy Anderson (atleast her dance aerobics). Would of felt lied to if Madonna started doing a completely different style of workout and then claimed this is what keeps...
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    clarisonic mia

    going to just bump this thread up instead of starting a new one... I was wondering for the people that are fans of the clarisonic does anyone have any experience with it clearing up black heads? My face is pretty clear but I've always struggled with blackheads/little black dots on my nose and...
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    Favorite Smoothie Recipes

    for those of you who try to keep the calories low and don't mind some artificial flavoring I recently discovered Lorann candy oils and Flavor Fountains. It's just flavored extracts, but there's a ton of flavors to flavor your smoothies and protein shakes anyway you desire without adding...
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    Upcoming new release: Insanity The Asylum Volume 2

    so, I was hoping BBL2 would be released around summer... but I guess it's not happening. hmmm.. how about Christmas/New Years resolution time? The last I heard was they had to refilm the infomercial or get a new test group or something like that? How far along is that now?