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    Calorie totals not correct on home page totals

    Seeing the same thing I am seeing the same thing. My calories always say 0 even when I put in a daily calories consumed total.
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    WM 3.0 says GAIN instead of gain/loss

    Same here I am seeing the same issue.
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    SNM-Where is Workout Manager 3.0?

    SNM, We received an email earlier in the week stating the new WM 3.0 would be rolling out but I still don't see it. Is it still on track to roll out this week? Thanks
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    New DVDs don't show on FB?

    Can you tell us when the WM 3.0 will be released?
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    Will the new Workout Manager roll out with new DVD's?

    Hey, I know back in late summer SNM said that the new Workout Manager would roll out soon. Is it going to rollout with the release of this new series? If not does anyone know when? Thanks!
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    The Ultimate Challenge for Women

    Interesting Thanks. Both very interesting articles.
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    STSStrength/STSShockCardio Rotation -Now in Workout Manager

    Just saw the official rotation in available in the Workout Manager for those waiting for it.
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    STS Cardio/Weight Rotation now in Workout Manager

    I just noticed the official Shock Cardio/STS Weights rotation is available in the Workout Manager. Yeah!!!!
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    STS Strength and STS Shock Cardio Rotation…(three month rotation)

    Thanks Thanks...will be SHOCKING in 2010!!!
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    Well Wishes For A-Jock

    Hugs My sympathy is with you and your family. Remember...weeping endures for a night but joy does come in the morning. Stay strong.
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    cathe??? sts cardio & strength rotiations?

    Want to know I would like to know as well. Thanks,
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    Do you workout in the am or pm?

    Stokes I found this link for the StOks. May have to try these.
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    New Workouts in Workout Manager!

    Found Them!! Thanks Autumn. I found them! Yeah!!! Sooooo Excited. Previewing my DVD's now and they look awesome!! I am getting tired just watching them!!
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    Shipping Update - We're Done!

    Got Mine Got Mine. I live in Atlanta and received via UPS. Thanks everyone!
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    New Workouts in Workout Manager!

    Where are they Where are they? I looked but do not see them. Maybe I just do not know where to look. I was looking under rotations but do not see them there.