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    Anyone Still Here From Early 2000's?

    I remember those spirited debates.....that was a girl named Carola....she died of breast cancer a few years ago...I happened to see it while lurking and scrolling through posts.......Made me very heavy hearted - shows the effect even lurking on a forum can have ....
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    Bob harpers skinny rules dvd

    I traded them - the dread factor was bang out the workouts in 20 minutes, but even with great form, the injury potential is huge....I burned the same amount of calories as a 30 minute turbofire and Cathe is still my go a couple of his dvds - not sure if the skinny rules...
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    Flu shots...mandatory at work!!!

    Aw folks, the "toxins" in the flu shot are so not toxic - the drug companies can be sued and I know scientists and they are meticulous and peer much so that the outlier results are questionable....take a look at supplements like echinacea (for pesticide level) - oh that's right...
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    Bob Harper New DVDs - Skinny Rules Workout DVDs

    Up date.....ugh....the snatch moves and quick paced weights - and I'm sure I went too heavy - wonked elbow (which had tendonitis and cortisone several months ago)......Did his Inside out Cardio and it was tough....and hurt...but I didn't burn any more calories than I do with Cathe's Cross Low...
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    menopause schlump

    I'm not in menopause yet (every month, who needs it! Back in my 20's and 30's I had maybe 4-5 cycles a year)...but the changes are there...the impact and injury come on me with a vengeance - from decades of wear and tear - its more age than menopause...the good news is we'll live to be 155 with...
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    Joannie Greggains?!

    I remember her - I had her album! One of her quotes stayed with me and wacky as it sounds, kept me from my binging/starving tendencies, she said, "you are in control...YOU Miss Owner!" Go figure something so inane, stayed with me!
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    Lifting Heavy

    Phyto B? Just added it to my amazon cart. I am almost 52, can still do 2 Cathe's back to back - but have the joints to prove it too....dead lift 300?!!! Uh...don't think so! But for 15 days of the month (who needs this monthly thing anymore?!!!When will it start slowing down?!!) I have...
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    for those of you who do a lot of high impact

    I relate - and the old "listen to your body" doesn't apply,because I for one didn't have any pain....until it abruptly started. From 13 on doing the most dangerous gymnastics training, to dance theatre in HEELS,to step in the 80s on multiple risers, well, I'm pushing 52, and get looks on the...
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    Any Forty-Somethings out there who are struggling?

    I work 40 some hours in ICU, and in my mid 40s was also teaching exercise 10 hours a week (turbokick,bodypump and all the practice that goes with them) and was holding at 136 or so on 5'5...not overweight,but solid...... I dismayed of losing this middle age weight which came on me at around...
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    Can anyone recomend a good fiber supplement

    Well, my new hubby,great on fitness,typeA with the associated IBS, started mixing psyllium husks(and I mixed in about 30 percent ground flax) in water and chugging it each morning, which fixed his IBS entirely! I use a heaping spoonful of psyllium/flax and another one of chia in my...
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    fillers for upper eyelid lift

    I don't know about fillers, but the women in my family had such eyelid issues that by their late 60s/early 70's they were having vision issues, infections and insurance paid for, I did it this year, upper and lower....easy recovery and I look 15 years younger and as good as...
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    Anyone watching "Dexter".

    HOW APALLING - Dexter,TrueBlood,6FeetUnder,BigLove...likely you reprobates like the Tudors and Confessions of London Call Girl too.....Twisted, warped,manipulative,lurid.....oh how I love them all!!!!! Rumors are Michael C.Hall has Hodgekins? I remember when that was 90 percent dead in a...
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    Midlife Crisis?

    I am a Christian - but to tell a diabetic to let Jesus cure her diabetes is insane and stupid.... distress of the human spirit - responsible for addiction, marriages being ruined,lives being less than they should be -is no less of a disease than diabetes....plenty of folks try to pray out...
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    Protein Powder:to use or not to use???

    Gotta admit,I used it and would only use the den-natured purest whey - like Beyond Whey or Biochem...but truthfully,the bodybuilders kind of filled people with hype- and it adds calories to your diet,and its not regulated -if melamine was found in formula, I can't imagine what's in these powders...
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    Timex Heart Rate Monitor - Calorie Burn

    I found it pretty accurate - when I woke up,my post sleep heart rate was only 43entered that and my max for age, weight,etc..and when compared to the ekg (it was quiet at work,so I hooked myself up) correllated - I think it gives an excellent idea for how you're working and intensity...