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    another exercise ?

    another exercise? Hi. A seated front press is a shoulder press but with elbows/arms in front with palms facing in rather than a typical shoulder press with elbows/arms out to the sides with palms facing forward. I look at them as a dumbbell military press. Hope that helps.
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    Good shoes on carpet?

    Hi, Leanne. I'm a cardio kickboxing and Zumba instructor that teaches in a Group X room with carpet. I swear by Nike fitness dance shoes like the Ballo or MC. They have a pivot point in the ball of each foot and have saved my knees. Many of the participants in the classes swear by them too...
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    Stability ball push ups

    I started out wedging the ball in a corner of my workout room. Once that got "easy", I moved the ball to a step riser (55 cm ball...don't know if a larger one would work)in the middle of the floor. Maybe that will help. Glad you made it a goal. You'll reach it!! Keep on truckin'!
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    Hi! Here's my take on creatine- avoid it. I'm a figure competitor and tried it hoping to add some muscle. I visited my husband's worksite nurse who did some baseline bloodwork. I took less creatine than was suggested and took a form that did not require you to "load" and taper off. I drank...
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    buying multiple steps

    Music to my ears!! Thank you!!
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    buying multiple steps

    Cole, you are AWESOME!!! Thank you so much! I'm sure the gym owner will be able to justify new steps for $38.00 a piece! You are about to make some die-hard step aerobics attendees VERY HAPPY!
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    Anyone own gliding discs? If so, where'd you buy 'em?

    I teach cardio kickboxing and have used the gliding disc concept toward the end of different classes when we focuse on specific muscle group toning. I didn't buy legit gliding discs but used plastic plates (picnic style ones)instead. They worked really well on carpet. Just a thought if you...
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    buying multiple steps

    I was hoping some of you out there might be able to help me. I am the group exercise coordinator at a small gym looking to replace many worn out step aerobics boards due to overall warping and peeling no-slip tops. The gym owner has one catalog with steps in it, but the price is too steep...
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    Attention personal trainers!

    Hi, Mari. I recently convinced the gym owner I "work for" to treat me as an independent contractor thereby making it easier for him and much more profitable for me. I pay him "rent" every month-$75.00. The clients then pay me directly. Currently, all of my clients buy 9 sessions at a time...
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    Kick Boxing -

    Hi! I'm a kickboxing instructor and martial artist who has been at it for years. I do use weighted gloves at this point. Mine are made by Title. Each glove has a zippered pocket in it around the wrist that holds metal pins, so you can adjust the weight as you'd like it. If you do get the...
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    how the fitness models eat...

    I'm a figure competitor in training for my 5th competition on Sept. 22nd and 23rd. I've found since beginning this training that maintaining "good fats" in my diet is really important. I used to think that the less fat in my diet the better. That mentality wasn't working for my body type. So...
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    Question for the educated crowd

    I agree with everybody, but must add three words: PROTEIN, PROTEIN, PROTEIN!
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    Whey Powder

    Hi! Maybe you know this already, but since you are new to protein powder this might be good info. I have found and had it confirmed by many that the cheaper the protein powder the more bloated you will likely get. So, if you start to feel bloated, try a higher grade/cleaner form of protein...
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    heart rate

    Kim, From what I know, the whole "fat burning zone" is kind of a myth. My clients respond quickest to interval how Drill Max is arranged. The residual calorie burn throughout the hours following a workout like this is known to be the longest. Too much of anything won't...
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    advanced exercisers -suggestions?

    Just my two cents, but there is a lot to be said for interval training. Letting your heart rate come down for a short time before elevating it is quite beneficial. I know you feel like you are getting the most out of your work out by keeping your heart rate so elevated, but training in the...