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    Which one..GS or Pyramid?

    I'm a fan of GS. I like the variety. The pyramid workouts get really boring, really fast. I always felt like I could take those exercises and do them on my own. That I didn't need the workout dvd to do that workout (if that makes sense). The variety of exercises in the GS series never made me...
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    Water For Elephants

    After I watched a show on elephants (how they remember things and how emotional they are), I will never go to to another circus. I didn't like this book at all. I didn't like the story, the writing, or the setting. Guess it just wasn't my genre. But I am always shocked at some books that get...
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    1 more week until PRESALE! Oh my gosh, I can't wait!

    I am also very excited about this new series. My left knee is also excited. I was trying to find out what the price for the package/series is. Does anyone know?
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    Here's the recipe. and
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    Getting turned off

    Wow....This is just ridiculous. I thought postage stamps were for MLK, Snoopy, M. Monroe... I won't say what else I was thinking because I don't want to get flamed.
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    Jay Robb's all natural whey protein powder

    Another fan of Jay Robb's protein powder. It is pretty much the only kind I can use without looking like someone aired me up. I put the vanilla in my oatmeal every morning.
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    rotation question

    Is it the undulating rotation? You can find one by going to the Workout Manager, then rotations.
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    Why so many negatives with this series?/Just starting them

    After completing MMA Kickboxing this morning in hopes of liking it, I can say that, once again, I was disappointed with it. The guy in the back (Rob, Greg... whatever) seriously needs some form pointers. He's always a 1/2 beat off from the others and it's VERY distracting (at least for me)...
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    Should I do 3 month or 6 month rotation?

    Loralie, I've done the 3 month rotation and am almost done with the 6 month rotation, and I have to say that I can't wait for this 6 month one to be over with. It's soooooo long, and I've found myself dreading the workouts, although I really like them. This didn't happen with the 3 month...
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    Crockpot Orange Chicken This is one great dish. I used chicken breasts, reduced sodium chicken broth, brown rice, and Simply Fruit orange marmalade to make it more healthy. I also cut down on the sauce when adding it to the rice since I don't like a lot...
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    Need Advice- Work

    Oh, that's a great quote!
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    Need Advice- Work

    Thanks for the link, Jenn. I'll check it out and see if it's possible for my school. Yeah, I agree with you on the working with women thing. What the heck is it about women? I def. don't consider myself a part of that crowd.
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    Need Advice- Work

    Thanks for all of the encouragement. I will check out that article you sent, Anne. I'm reading the book "Five Dysfunctions of a Team" right now. There are some good team building ideas in that book. I kinda feel like everything just needs to be in the open- kinda have a discussion over all...
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    Need Advice- Work

    I work at a school where mediocre is accepted. In my particular dept., the members don't welcome change, will stab you in the back and gossip about you if you don't participate in their negative way of thinking. When I first moved here, I tried to fit in- ate lunch with them, asked about their...