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    Puzzle mats: stable base for Cathe workouts?

    Do y'all have issues using slide & glide discs on your puzzle mats?
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    Hip Flexors!!! HELP ME!!!

    2 words: foam roller :eek: You'll hate it, but your hip flexors (mine too, along with my IT bands) eventually love it. It HURTS a LOT, though. A lot. But I swear, nothing has been as effective for me. HTH:)
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    Water carbonating systems

    :):):)Thanks, Donna!
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    Water carbonating systems

    Ok... I thought I just posted this, but it didn't show up. Apologies if there's a double post somewhere! So then this applies to waters like Perrier, San Pellegrino and the like? I drink "still" water when I work out, but tend to drink mineral water through the day. (I'm more likely to meet...
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    Feet going numb on elliptical

    Yep, I agree with CiciFifi. I recently had some running shoes specially fitted for me, my foot, my walking/running style. He said, "do your feet go numb when you do the elliptical?" I was like: :eek: Anyway, it's some nerve somethingorother he said... totally "cured" by the loosening of the...
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    Housewives Fans...

    Hilarious! DH and I caught a few moments of this one - don't know the woman's name (not sure if it's the one to which you refer), but she was sipping coffee or something and licked her lips/rubbed them together. Her top lip came sproing-oing-oing-oing out of her mouth! We had to rewind it a...
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    lets talk apps

    Another vote for Plants vs Zombies!!!! (not fitness at all, but it does get my HR up a little :D)
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    Is it just me?

    This is brilliance. A friend suggested this blog to me, and I found this quite timely, actually...
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    Is it just me?

    I can't stand the "u" for "you"... I absolutely refuse to use most of the "text speak" when communicating, regardless of modality. Maybe I'm old-fashioned. It just annoys me. I agree that some of it is useful and saves time. But honestly (like Kathryn said), does typing "u" instead of "you"...
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    If you ever want to lose weight......

    I was sort of told not to chew gum, either... but I found it to be really helpful in a variety of ways. Not only did it help give some of the pressure I would seek after getting them adjusted (you just sort of want to bite down HARD on stuff), but it helped after meals to clear everything out...
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    If you ever want to lose weight......

    It absolutely DOES get easier. For me, the most painful parts of the treatment were the initial placement and the first time you get your rubber bands (if that's part of your treatment - I got braces to fix a bite issue). Each adjustment isn't too bad... you'll be sore for a few days, but...
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    How to brew a good cup o joe?

    I wholeheartedly agree with everything lrayburn said. I could have written that post verbatim! The only thing I can add is that with the Keurig machine you can buy little filters that allow you to use your own coffee or tea leaves in them.
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    workout dvd that burns lots of calories

    Does it have to be Cathe? If not, all the Insanity workouts are under 60 minutes and can be calorie incinerators!!!
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    What is the Ab work like on Tracey Staehle's Kickboxing Challenge?

    Sorry to squeeze in on your ab question thread here... but I have another question regarding this workout! :o I'm really interested in getting this workout, but I cannot stand Strike Zone - not because of Tracey, but because so much of it is OFF THE BEAT! GAHHHH! Just a little thing I have...
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    Shelley allwildgirl

    How did this go from weiners to (cinna)buns? heh heh