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    STS Fit Chicks! - Mon, 2/2

    Just starting Hello! My name is Lynn, I'm married to an absolutely wonderful man, Tom (18 yrs),and home school 4 very fun boys, Garth (17), Ben (16), Ty (13),and Lee (6). We live on a small farm in Cohocton, NY with A Jersey, ckns, ducks, rabbits, 3 large dogs, and 7 cats. We will be...
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    Alpha Omega Check-In (2/1/09)

    Fireproof Howdy Ladies, I am sorry to hear that there is so much illness going around. It's so hard to be cooped up and have our children sick! Spring won't be coming soon enough! Because we heat with wood stoves, I often have to open the windows up and let fresh air in.... a little cool...
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    Why Aren't There More Success Story Postings?

    Bench lcobb2, WELL DONE!!!!!!!! :D
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    Why Aren't There More Success Story Postings?

    Pushups.... my nemisis Larks Mom, Years ago,(25) I loved pushups and was very proud that I could do many of them and have good form. Now, I can hardly eek out a few. I'm going to try and keep up with you! I don't even know what a realistic goal should be..... add one more a week? Two? Three...
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    Alpha Omega Check-In 1/17/09

    Linda, I don't know if this will help or not, but it sure did in our family. When our boys were young and it seemed like keeping toys organized and off the floor was an impossible task, we gathered up ALL the toys the fellas had and put them in a pile. We let each one pick out their absolute...
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    Alpha Omega Check In 1/15/09

    Back in the saddle again... Yesterday I took the day off. I think my body was badly in need of rest. Does cleaning the whole house and doing the laundry count as cardio? I wish! Today I did Muscle Endurance. I wish I could say that I was able to do every rep, but I can't. Maybe next...
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    Why Aren't There More Success Story Postings?

    In between a few dead bodies.......... I have been reading a great cozy mystery. Unfortunately, the heroin is also a chef. So, in between finding dead bodies here and there, she's fixing wonderful culinary treats (and all of the recipies are in the back of the book). My success for the day is...
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    Alpha-Omega Check-In, 1/14/09

    A good start... This morning I did the Firm's Pump, Jump & Jab. I could only do 1/2 pushups:o, but I finished the workout! Throughout the day I'm going to do as many full, good-form pushups that I can muster at a time.
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    How do the STS dvds compare with Gym Style Series?

    Thanks! Thanks, everyone! Your suggestions were very helpful. I think that I will splurge and get the Gym Style and the Drill Max if it's going to be a while longer for the STS. I am so weak, and although I could lift some weights on my own w/o the dvds, they are so much more inspiring and...
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    How do the STS dvds compare with Gym Style Series?

    gym style vs. muscle max? I'm trying not to spend too much money. I already have the Muscle Max and am waiting for the STS series. Are the Gym Style trio overkill (actually, all of these workouts are overkill for me:p)? I very much like to lift weights but don't want to buy unnecessarily. Lynn
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    Bad knees!!! Which videos?

    thanks Tami, thanks for the advice and dvd suggestions. I have tried doing some of the videos w/o the step, which is very helpful, but i still struggle with the twisting, quick motions.....a bit of a dilemma because I love Cathe's videos.... well, actually it's a love/hate relationship. I...
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    Bad knees!!! Which videos?

    I am trying to find workouts that save my knee from flaring up. It's not from an injury, just a knee on a 44 year old who ran stairs (a lot) for sports training in high school and college, and jumped into a long-jump pit for four years with hardly any sand in it! Now I have a hard time walking...
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    new date at collage video

    Anxious to get the STS dvds.... I know we are all anxious (or excited) to get the dvds, but we should all relax. All in good time we'll get them. As soon as we start working out with the first one, some of us will have wished for a little extra time to prepare!!!:D
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    How do the STS dvds compare with Gym Style Series?

    I just started working out again after a long time. I ordered the STS dvds but was wondering if, while waiting, I could or should order the Gym style series. Are they very similar? Thanks
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    Clean Eating?

    How does Lo-Carb compare with Clean Eating? Can anyone tell me how a lo-carb diet compares with clean eating? I've got two cookbooks from George Stella and he uses only natural, fresh foods except for some Splenda in a few recipies. I use only olive oil and coconut oil. Thanks, Lynn:)